3Chi Review: Is It A Good Delta-8 Brand Online? [Updated 2022]

D-8 has really been finding its rightful place in the cannabis lifestyle. The substance is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in minute quantities in cannabis flowers. Chemically, it only differs from THC by a handful of chemical bonds. But those differences are where the magic lies.

Delta 8 is legal (except in a few states), and online retailers like 3Chi, are springing up like weeds after a rainstorm. So, while it’s becoming easier to include Delta 8 into your lifestyle, it pays to be wide awake when selecting your source. This 3Chi Review contains more about the products this brand offers.

Delta 8 shares a whole bunch of therapeutic qualities with its big brother, Delta 9, but it also excludes some of the undesirable aspects. There’s no anxiety for a start. And no paranoia. And the “high” isn’t intoxicating.

In oil or capsule form, it’s wonderfully tranquil and sedating. Vaped, it can be highly energizing, giving a particular clarity of mind.

It gives a great natural high and stimulates appetite. It inhibits nausea and vomiting, helps tremendously with anxiety and panic attacks, and it’s excellent for pain relief.

Now, if you have already included Delta 8 into your lifestyle, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with 3Chi’s product basket. If not, read on because we’re about to review one of the most reputable online stores for this fantastic product.

3Chi Review: Brand Overview

3Chi’s D-8 products are ingeniously formulated. Their alchemy with cannabinoids and terpene blends produces targeted effects that hit the mark every time.

The pure and organically sourced hemp and their biochemically sound extraction practices come together when you’re looking for something specific, whether it be a feeling of happiness, focus, or being soothed. 

In each instance, it’s not only the biochemical balance between D-8 THC and D-9 THC that plays its part but also 3Chi’s ability to harness minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN to bring you your desired result.

Their entire product range echoes their commitment to the highest standards. Vapes have only their secret blend-specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles. 

MCT and Vit E are added to their tinctures, and the only additives in their gummy bears are sodium citrate, glucose, sugar, and fruit pectin.

Whichever 3Chi product you use, one is always left with a lasting impression of class, quality, and care. 

Pros and Cons of 3Chi:

Let’s go through some facts about 3Chi and its products below.


  • Everything is au naturel – organic, and as nature intended
  • Hemp is homegrown and locally sourced
  • It’s D-9 free
  • This is arguably the best D-8 product range in the industry
  • Shipping is fast and accurate
  • 3Chi is 100% transparent, as any reputable company in this industry should be
  • Their customer service is really great


  • Products are not guaranteed to be effective (we found their efficacy GREAT!)
  • Used products can’t be returned at all.
  • It would be great to have more info about the company’s history
  • More clarity needed on shipping 
  • No contact phone number. DAMN!

3Chi Delta 8 THC Products:

The 3Chi product range is comprehensive. It includes edibles, vape tinctures, concentrates and isolates, and accessories. Each of these is biochemically designed and produced to target specific effects by using particular cannabinoids, both major and minor.

Their product range is dynamic and ever-evolving.

In this review, we’ll specifically look at 3 items from the 3Chi store.

#1. Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge: Broad Spectrum Product

These are by far our favorite products from the 3Chi range. Across their selection, the magical alchemy of terpene blends mimics the effects of a variety of popular cannabis strains.

If you’re new to D-8, it could initially be a bit sharp on the back of the throat and in the airways. This is par for the course for most Delta-8 products. 

A few of us on the testing team has been using these products daily and universally report less anxiety, significant mood improvement without becoming high or distracted.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi Vape Cartridge

Product Overview:

The carts contain 900mg D-8 THC, 50 mg CBN and CBC, and 5% terpenes. 

Remember, it’s a highly concentrated product, but it’s federally compliant and safe across the board.

The cartridges are glass cells, with a mouthpiece and ceramic core. 3Chi pays great attention to detail in the production of their products. Similarly, they have designed their vapes for optimal user experience.

The variety is excellent. Indica and Sativa strains are well represented, with individual flavors, aromas and effects. In some, the terpenes come from cannabis, while others are derived from other botanicals. All the 3Chi vape cartridges are 100% natural.

If you’re unsure how to use them, you can always refer to the website’s product pages. Labels also have clear instructions.

The labels on each product will also give you a clear indication of what you can expect. Here’s what to expect:

Terpenes: 25mg or 50mg

Contains: D-8THC oil (no D-9) and terpenes

Flavors: 33 flavors and strains

Extract: The spectrum Is broad

Delta 8 weights: 475 mg or 950mg

But How Satisfied Are The Customers?

Consumers mention three factors above all others: service, quality, and the great variety of flavors. That’s the trifecta, isn’t it? (drops the mic …)

Then, to make it better, they rave about the effectiveness, regardless of the effect they were after.

Our Experience:

Firstly, when we compared the 3Chi product to carts from competitors, it was most definitely gentler on the throat. It never burnt, and the flavor never changed or got out of hand.

We liked the 1ml packaging but recommend half that for beginners.

In short, the product experience was SUPERB. We definitely include this product in the best delta 8 carts available out there.  And customer service? EXEMPLARY. Thanks, it made our job really easy!

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#2. Delta 8 THC Gummies: Customer’s Favorite

The 3Chi D-8 gummies are both yummy and potent, definitely being a customer’s favorite. They have maintained their flavour and reputation and are consistently working towards keeping their customers’ content. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi Gummies

Product Overview:

You can get them in 8s or 16s, and each one of these treats will supercharge you with 25mg of delicious D-8 THC. But it doesn’t end there…

They’re vegan – so there’s that. And they’re gluten-free.

And (we were really smiling when we tucked into these delights) they taste JUST like store-bought gummies. They’re sweet, and they’re soft, and they’re a fruity explosion on your mouth. We expected that distinct “hempy” flavor, but the 3Chi biochemists had clearly found a way to remove all that.

The 25mg dose in each 3Chi gummy means you can regulate your intake according to your desired result.

And use common sense, will ya!? The marijuana side effects are absent, but for Pete’s sake, stay away from heavy machinery when you’ve popped a few?

They’ll keep well, provided you keep them cool and dry.

Here’s what their chemistry’s all about:

Extract: Broad

Contains: Delta 8 THC oil, Distilled Water, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavors, Pectin, Natural Colors, Citric Acid, 

Flavors: Watermelon and raspberry

Weights: 8-pack or 16-pack. 25mg per treat

But How Satisfied Are The Customers?

Each micro-trip is a thrill. They kick into action in under an hour, so many reviewers mention taking them as a chewy treat with meals.

Stock is sometimes an issue with 3Chi – take note! Make sure you get enough when you order. (And to 3Chi – please up production!)

We found it a great reliever of general anxiety, and one of our team members who struggle with occasional bouts of depression swears by these little marvels to be best of all. However, there are several other brands that offer the best delta 8 gummies.

Like with any new thing, begin SLOWLY. Allow your body the opportunity to get used to the kick.

In short, reviewers RAVED about the gummy bears – without exception.

Our Experience:

It’s easy to leave these out in the heat. Don’t! We did that, and they become yucky. Also, we let them get wet – again, don’t. They become … well, you know … a gummy blob.

The refrigerator is their best friend.

We had them on a long lunch break during a midweek working day. There was absolutely no tiredness, no dullness, no grogginess. We didn’t take life all that seriously, to be sure, but we were 100% productive.

That said, be careful. Don’t do what we did if you work with chainsaws in a lumberyard. Or anything similar. You get the picture.

Without a doubt, they’re great for social occasions, and they have NONE of the nasties associated with weed.

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#3. Delta 8 THC Tincture: Best Calming Agent

Instructions are as simple as they come: measure how much you take according to how much you need, put the relevant drops under your tongue, and give your body time to adjust.

It’s easy to forget the potency of the D-8 experience, so we recommend a slow start, as with the gummy bears. Allow your body to get used to the product and its effects.

It’s important NEVER to use the tinctures in vaporizers, nor vapes! Not what they’re made for, Jack!

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi Tincture

Product Overview:

The ingredients of 3Chi’s D-8 tinctures are a magical blend of D-8 THC and terpenes. It’s a mouthful that really describes only two words: smooth and effective.

According to LA Weekly, 3Chi is one of the best Delta 8 THC tinctures as a high-quality & broad-spectrum oil. 

They are built around MCT oil as a base. (MCT is from coconut, btw.) The earthy flavor comes from the terpenes.

The tinted glass containers have child-proof dropper-caps and metered pipettes for comfort and ease of use. 

Here’s what they contain:

Extract: Broad

Contains:  Hemp Extract, D-8 THC, terpenes, Vit E

Flavors: Only natural

Size:  30 milliliters

Potency: 300, 600 and 1200 mg

But How Satisfied Are The Customers?

Man, but their customer service is excellent. We keep on saying that because we keep on experiencing that. The shipping is lightning fast. When you check out their review section, it’s clear that the majority of their reviewers are repeat customers. That’s always a sign of a healthy business with a deep respect for the service it provides. Kudos!

Rave reviews also include the quality of the extracts in the tinctures and the fantastic mood elevations they provide. Further comments are about improved appetites, reduced pain, vanishing inflammation, and solid sleeping patterns with continued use.

Important to remember – the effects are not as quick as they are with vaping products. So, START SLOW. WAIT A WHILE. INCREASE GRADUALLY!

Reviewers say 5mg to 15mg are more than ample to get desired results.

More than one customer names 3Chi, the top D-8 product supplier in the industry. We’ll leave it at that …

Our Experience:

We don’t read other reviews before we’ve done our own – so we didn’t read the comments on 3Chi’s website. We simply dove in and did our own assessment.

The effects and tastes, and variety of the 3Chi products had us pleasantly surprised, to say the least. I mean, we knew these guys were solid and that they had a great product, but we were still stomped.

The effects of a 10mg dose were REALLY chill without being overwhelming or overbearing. It was roughly a 6-hour float, and there were no nasties when the effects wore off. No sleepiness at all. We were simply inspired and filled with lively yet calm energy.

It would have been great if, with all of this magnificent biochemistry at their disposal, 3Chi could add some nice flavors to the tinctures. It would be a perfect touch of finesse to a great product.

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Delta 8 THC Products: The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide

Before buying any Delta 8 THC Product, you should once go through this guide which will help you decide the best based on your purpose:

  • Decide on a product that fits your lifestyle.

Variety is the name of the game, and you’re spoiled for choice. Vapes, Gummies, or Tinctures? You know your lifestyle. Decide which will work best for you. 

  • Decide on the D-8 potency before you order

How much do you weigh? And, how old are you? Think about these! This is all about tolerance and dosage control.

  • Make sure the product looks right.

D-8 THC products should always be transparent even if it comes in wax form. A slight yellow tint is fine. 

  • Know how you want to feel

D-8 THC gives most people a mild high. Make sure you’re okay with that.

  • Know the retailer you buy from

Brands are a dime a dozen now. And, as with any burgeoning industry, fly-by-nights abound, and it’s often difficult to separate the goodies from the baddies. Remember, extracting D-8 THC from hemp is a complicated, scientific, and expensive process. Do your research. Find reputable brands. That way, you will always get the experience you’re after.  

  • Always check the lab work.

Avoid ANY retailer that doesn’t publish their lab reports. Period.

  • Know the law

Federally, D-8 THC is legal. On a state level, it is a different story. The picture can be quite murky. Generally, good suppliers will inform you about your local laws when you order – they simply won’t dispatch shipments to territories where it’s not legal. In Utah, Rhode Island, Montana, Mississippi, Iowa, Idaho, Delaware, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, and Alaska, you’re plum out of luck, I’m afraid…

Why Should We Trust This Brand?

Well, firstly, 3Chi was the first crowd to bring pure, independently tested, and federally legal THC products to the market. They were pioneers, and they built on that.

But let’s rewind.

The father of 3Chi is a biochemist. He spent more than 15 years formulating and fine-tuning products. This scientific and personal experience with both CBD and THC was his inspiration for starting a company with research as its one main pillar and delivery as the other.

In 2019 (September, to be exact), 3Chi perfected a technique to extract D-8 THC in its purest possible form. This was ground-breaking since cannabis was illegal.

During the CBD Expo 2019, 3Chi was recognized as the number one CBD Tincture and the top CBD skincare brand. 

With all these accolades and scientific breakthroughs in such a short period, with its spirit of constant innovation and with its biochemistry foundation, it comes as no surprise that 3Chi is now recognized as the producer of some of the finest D-8 and CBD products in the country.

Here’s Why You Should Choose 3Chi And Its Products:

If a cannabis extract has 0.3% D-9 THC or less, it’s legal. More than that, it’s not. So, for manufacturers, it’s always a bit of a juggling act. 

Good manufacturers ensure the D-8 THC is as concentrated as it can be, but at the same time keep the D-9 THC below 0.3%. It’s chemistry, but it’s also an art.

3Chi has this down pat. And, it’s in the way they source their Hemp. The higher the quality, the easier the balance between the purest possible D-8 THC levels and the legal 0.3% D-9 THC. And the user experience is locked up in this artful tightrope act.

All 3Chi hemp is sourced from organic farms across the US. It’s local, lab-tested, verified to be GMO-free, and it’s only used in the 3Chi manufacturing processes if it passes the most stringent quality tests.

That’s the kind of attention to detail a product starts its life cycle with, and the end results are predictable.

Are 3Chi Production And Extraction Methods Above Board?

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are key factors 3Chi consider when it sources its farms. 

They use a carbon dioxide process to extract cannabinoids. 

All extracts are checked and double-checked, tested, and checked again for both their concentration of D-8 THC and the presence of D-9 THC.

The whole way 3Chi goes about their production and extraction processes is both laborious and precise – and the end result shows that commitment to quality and good biochemistry every time.

3Chi Independent Testing Procedure:

If you pay someone to do your product testing in your own in-house laboratory, your desired results are a part of that person’s job description. That’s simply a given.

Independent testing negates that – and it is for this reason that independently tested products and published results should be non-negotiable, wherever you source your D-8.

3Chi has every product in its stable biochemically checked and tested by outside laboratories to ensure both safety and quality. It’s part of their ethics and standards. 

Of course, with the legal implications of excessive D-9 THC levels (anything above 0.3%), they also ensure that all products in their catalogs are 100% compliant with federal laws.

3Chi also publishes all results from these independent tests by 3rd party laboratories in their online store. The whole process is completely transparent.

3Chi’s Brand Reputation:

Reviews are top indicators of what users expect from a brand and if they’re getting what they’re paying for and expecting. This, in turn, makes or breaks a brand’s reputation. 

3Chi fast became one of the most dependable brands on the market for both quality and service, and the combination of those two is hugely important.

It is a part of 3Chi’s core DNA to accept full responsibility for every product it manufactures, sells, and ships. And they also take it a step further. 

With an extensive knowledge base in the form of a blog and FAQs, they make sure customers are fully informed about the company, its products, developments in the broader industry, and the legal aspects of users’ purchases.

FAQs About 3Chi Products:

  • What Batteries Do These Vapes Take?

3Chi’s vapes come with batteries – no worries there!

  • Why Do 3Chi’s D-8 Tinctures Contain MCT?

It is a carrier medium, nothing more. It is safe, and it makes it easy for your body to absorb cannabinoids.

  • Can I Order D-8 If It’s Not Legal In My State?

Nope, ‘fraid not. Your order won’t be processed or shipped. You’ll simply get your money refunded.

  • Can I Get A Refund On My Vape Cart?

Again, sorry, but nope. This is not unique to 3Chi. As a rule, brands don’t give refunds or guarantees on vape products. You can, however, claim refunds on undamaged products.

  • Could The Vapes From A Cart Taste Bad?

It’s all about priming the vape correctly. Because the carts are shipped upside-down (this prevents leakage), oil settles. The cotton wick dries out. As soon as it heats up, the wick starts to put out that awful smell. The solution is simple. Before use, shake the cart. This allows oil to drench the coil. The burnt smell will disappear.

Conclusion: Are 3Chi Products Worth Your Money?

It’s quite simple, actually. These guys provide superior quality; they stick to the law. And your safety is their primary concern. And they’ve built a reputation across the USA as a top seller of D-8 products- Vape Carts, Gummies, and Tinctures being the most purchased ones. Need more?

Our entire experience with them bears this out.

3Chi was the first to sell once federal laws allowed, and their INCREDIBLY strong biochemical research and product development put them a cut above the rest.


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