5 Top Apps for Keeping Your Body Healthy During Quarantine

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The outbreak of coronavirus earlier this year has affected both our lifestyles and fitness routines, particularly since many gyms have been forced to temporarily close their doors. Luckily, there are a lot of apps out there to help us stay on top of our fitness game during this difficult time.

Daily Burn 

Daily Burn features a collection of workout videos for all fitness levels and at-home gyms. Start by inputting some basic details about your body type and fitness goals, and the app will come up with a workout and nutrition program specifically tailored to your requirements. Alternatively, look through the app’s extensive list of workouts—you can even sort them by style and type of equipment. 

Those who would rather exercise to audio than images on the screen, can select the app’s audio-only option. Some of the workouts on offer include tone and target, cardio strength, muscle building and yoga basics. 


Referred to as the “Netflix of fitness apps,” FIIT brings hundreds of different workouts right to the comfort of your home, including high-intensity training, combat, yoga and pilates. The engaging 10, 25 and 40-minute classes are all run by industry-leading personal trainers. 

“What makes this app stand out from the pack are the online group classes. These can add an extra element of motivation and accountability,” said fitness expert from Thegoodestate.com, adding that researchers have found that exercising in groups can reduce stress levels by 26 percent. 

After signing up for a membership you will receive a heart-monitoring chest strap, which connects to the app and lets you track your fitness progress. Some of the highlights include on-screen stats, performance metrics and personal goals. 

Interval Timer Pro

Tabata refers to a workout format where high-intensity exercise is followed by periods  of rest. For example, you can workout for 20 seconds, rest for 10, and then repeat the process 10 times. Interval Timer Pro lets you personalize your workout intervals and rest times. The app runs in the background, even when your screen locks. 

This app can also play your favorite music to make your workout sessions more fun. If you like to share your achievements, the app tracks your workouts and lets you post your results on Facebook and Twitter.

28 by Sam Wood

According to this app, all you need is this app and 28 minutes a day to achieve noticeable fitness goals. Run by an Australian personal trainer and former reality TV star, Sam Woods, the app gives you access to daily 28-minute workouts, a nutritious eating plan, complete with shopping lists and recipes, as well as motivation and support. 

The app offers five different level options, including low impact and pregnancy. Plus, it has a mindfulness component to help you along your fitness journey.

Down Dog 

If you are looking for a little variety in your yoga routine then this app is for you. Down Dog delivers more than 60,000 different yoga configurations to ensure a set of new yoga positions each time you hit the mat. The app is beginner-friendly, and offers a variety of practice types, including hatha, restorative, ashtanga, vinyasa and yin. 

It also offers you a choice of six different teacher voices, nine language choices and a boost feature that lets you focus on a particular area of your body. Even better, you can download the classes for use offline. 

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