A Note to Our Neighbors

Illustrative rendering of the enhanced landscaping plan offered to the Village of Garden City. (Photo courtesy of The LIRR Expansion Project Team)

Dear Neighbor:

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation during the recent Willis Avenue underpass installations and weekend switch improvements. The LIRR Expansion Project is still more than a year away from completion, but the adjacent communities have already begun to realize the benefits—quieter neighborhoods (thanks to the removal of noisy crossing gates and bells), improved traffic flow on local roadways, and more reliable rail service. We’ve successfully eliminated 8 of 8 grade crossings and completed 6 out of the 7 bridges. Station renovations are underway at Mineola, Westbury, New Hyde Park, and Merillon Avenue. New elevators and ADA ramps recently opened at Carle Place and Floral Park. The Westbury North and Mineola Harrison parking facilities are nearing completion. Modernized substations have been built, and the third track itself is now being installed.

Unfortunately, one project element is behind schedule. The Denton Avenue Bridge Replacement is on hold. Why? We are waiting for the Village of Garden City to issue the permits needed to begin this critical infrastructure upgrade. Some of you have been following this story in the news and are aware of a lawsuit brought by the Village against the MTA. That case was summarily dismissed by a State Supreme Court judge. While that lawsuit pertained to a separate issue, we are optimistic that its dismissal will facilitate approval of these delayed permits.

We’ve worked with communities throughout the Main Line to advance this transformative project—an investment in the future of Long Island—while making local improvements for community betterment. Our conversations with the Villages and Towns have not always been easy but they have always ended in compromise and collaboration. The project’s prior collaboration with Garden City led to a host of improvements—including but not limited to a stunningly renovated Stewart Manor Station; MTA funding to repave the Nassau Boulevard Station parking lot; elimination of the New Hyde Park Road grade crossing; a community-driven reconfiguration of the Clinch Avenue intersection; replacement of Nassau Boulevard Bridge; sound attenuation walls with architectural finishes selected by the Village; renovation of the Merillon Avenue Station and ADA upgrades; a customized pedestrian underpass at Nassau Boulevard; taller sound attenuation walls along Greenridge Avenue; and so much more. Plus future plans to preserve a broad LIRR-owned greenspace along Main Avenue for residents’ enjoyment, and partnering with the Village on use of a generous Community Benefit Fund.

In the spirit of that collaboration, 3TC recently developed an outstanding enhanced landscaping plan (shown above), which the Village of Garden City declined.

3TC intends to carry on and finish the job we were hired to do. We remain on time and on budget and are determined to keep it that way. The MTA has informed us they are moving forward with the legal remedies necessary to enable us to begin the Denton Avenue Bridge Replacement. It hasn’t always been easy to have us in your neighborhood, and we’re grateful for your commitment, understanding, and patience.

The LIRR Expansion Project Team

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