A ‘Smooth’ Business for Face, Skin Care

Inna Shalit’s journey into beauty and aesthetics started in 2005 when she began working at her mother’s spa, she said.

“Of all the things my parents were doing at the time, I took to skin care,” she said

Now, after many years working with her mother and at various spas around New York City, Shalit said she decided to launch her own skin rejuvenation business, Smooth Generation, at 577 Plandome Road.

The primary focus of launching Smooth Generation is to focus on facial and skin care for individuals dealing with aging and drying skin, said Shalit, 30.

Her background in skin care has led her to understand “a lot of the issues women and men have about their skin,” she said.

Shalit graduated from Pace University in 2008 with a degree in marketing and lives with her husband and two year old child in Great Neck.

Her background in marketing has helped her create a brand and business that is suitable for the area, she said.

“I felt like Manhasset doesn’t have a skin rejuvenation spa like the one that I have opened and I think they would appreciate it when they see what it’s about,” Shalit said. “That drove my passion in creating a brand I hope that one day grows into a business with multiple locations.”

Shalit said Smooth Generation offers conventional spa treatments done by hand like waxing, tinting, massages and facials but also offers treatments by machines, such as the Oxygeneo and hydrafacial machines.

Smooth Generation is one of “very few spas on Long Island” to use the Oxygeneo, a machine that targets pigmentation and dryness in the skin, Shalit said.

At 30 to 40 minutes, Shalit said, the Hydrafacial is shorter than the usual 60-minute treatment and is used for retexturizing sensitive skin and people who are prone to breaking out, she said.

Shalit said another competitive advantage for her business are the products she uses and customer service.

Smooth Generation has “top-notch” licensed massage therapists and uses products with “all natural ingredients” without synthetic preservatives, some of which have been shown to cause cancer, Shalit said.

She said consumers are becoming more conscious of the damage that synthetic chemicals can do to their skin. 

“Even skin care professionals are veering away from companies that use parabens (a type of synthetic chemical) in their products,” Shalit said.

Shalit said she wants her spa and brand to be focused on quality and customer experience. To accomplish that, she said, she was integral in the design of the space that the business currently occupies.

Shalit said she decided to use white granite tiles in the design of the interiors of the spa to “impress the clients” and “make them as comfortable as possible.”

Customers have liked the design so far, she said.

“When you’re dealing with skin care, you want it to be as clean as possible and you want to make it top-notch,” she said.

Costs of massages range from $85 to $175, Shalit said.

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