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Our Town: Who’s watching the Winter Olympics?

In case you didn’t notice, they are holding the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Oh, what is that you say? You

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Our Town: No pain, no gain en route to success

“No pain, no gain” is an often-quoted idiom. What that means is you had better be ready to deal with

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Our Town: Repetition dooms many to relive their mistakes

Have you noticed that your life has a way of repeating itself? Freud called this the Repetition Compulsion and there

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Our Town: Family humor is no joke

I am in the arduous process of writing a book entitled “Unpicking Depth Sport Psychology: Case Studies in the Unconscious.”

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Our Town: 2021 was the year of solitude

The year started out in chaos on Jan. 6 when we tuned in to see an angry, pro-Trump mob storming

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Our Town: Little goals, big goals or no goals at all

Little goals, big goals or no goals at all January 3, 2022 (Photo with caption “The architect, Jared Mandel is

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Our Town: Video games will direct your life

I am willing to bet that you did not buy a single board game for your children this Christmas. Monopoly,

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Our Town: Christmas celebrated in an Age of Miracles

Christmas has a way of reminding us of what we want and what we lack. This yearning is couched in

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Our Town: Great talent thrives on love

What does it take for prodigious talent to succeed? Is it genetics or ambition? Maybe you need an early start

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Our Town: Michael Jordan and the fame monster

Few will deny the attraction of fame and it’s nearly impossible to walk away from it after it’s tasted your

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Our Town: The artist, the muse and the work of art

The word "music" is derived from the word muse, referring to the nine muses of Greek mythology who were deities

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Our Town: The power of perception

Perception is defined as the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses. Perception is something

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Our Town: Cross fertilization can enhance your talents

Our environment influences us more than we care to realize. We are a part of where we live and that’s

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Our Town: Your first job is only the opening round

As a teen we stumble through school in a state of lassitude and laxity. That is until we get our

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Our Town: Wolfe had an Appalachian story to tell

France needed Victor Hugo to write “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” for the world to fall in love with Paris.

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