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Kremer’s Corner: Political pygmies who love the NRA

“I want to express my condolences,” “My thoughts are with you at this terrible time,” “My condolences to all of

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Columns – Low poll results create disrespect

By Jerry Kremer People interested in politics tend to pay attention to opinion polls, most of which are accurate. When

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Column: The Nassau Coliseum dilemma

The Nassau Coliseum is now 45 years old but I am not sure we should hold a birthday celebration for

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2018 a good year to take a look at the Constitutiion

One of the benefits of being a columnist is the chance to treat the readers to some good old history.

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Column: The winners and losers of 2017

As we enjoy the holiday season it is appropriate to take a step back and observe the events of the

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Kremer’s Corner: Time for Trump supporters to take a 2nd look

The current state of American politics has gotten meaner and meaner and the months ahead could produce real tragedies of

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Column: Collusion or not, Russian meddled in our election

For the past 18 months, we have been barraged with daily stories about the possible connection between President Donald Trump

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Column: The rise and fall of food politics

The hottest news coming out of Washington these days is the continuous stream of announcements by members of the Congress

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Kremer’s Corner: Donald Trump the divider

Donald J. Trump has been President for the past nine months. He frequently refers to President Abraham Lincoln, compares his

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Bipartisan should not be a dirty word

There are all kinds of dirty words in the English language. That includes slang and other forms of expression that

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Kremer’s Corner: Trump stokes racists, GOP stands by

I always view the summer as a time to wind things down and  find some quality time somewhere, even if it’s

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Kremer’s Corner: Pence not much of an alternative

Each day we are witness to a President who is sinking lower in the poll ratings and trying to take

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Kremer’s Corner: Plan to dog whistle way to re-elex?

Some people are predicting that President Trump will be gone by 2020 and his unconventional career in politics will be

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Kremer’s Corner: Time for the Trump kids to go home

We are now in the seventh month of the roller-coaster presidency of Donald J. Trump. The daily news out of

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Kremer’s Corner: Election Day the time to fix L.I.’s brain drain

Once upon a time political news was confined to a key period of time, but that is no longer the

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