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Kremer’s Corner: Challenges give pols chance to show courage

Long Island has faced many challenges in recent years. Sandy hit our seashore communities hard and to this day, we

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Kremer’s Corner: Trump voters should admit their mistake

A good friend of mine once bought a new car that had the worst color purple I have ever seen.

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Kremer’s Corner: The LIRR’s ride to hell and back

Over the years, the transportation system that serves the five boroughs and the suburbs has had its share of problems.

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Kremer’s Corner: Many elephants needed to tame Trump

In the next few weeks, the famous Ringling Bros. circus will cease to exist, ending a history that dates back

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Kremer’s Corner: Nothing in life, including ‘free tuition,’ is free

For the past six months, college-bound students have been going through the agonizing experience of finding the college that meets

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Kremer’s Corner: Time for some free love during air travel

Many years ago, movie viewers were greatly touched by the movie “Love Story.” It’s most memorable line was “love means

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Kremer’s Corner: The gang that couldn’t shoot straight

Recently one of the country’s best satirical writers, Jimmy Breslin passed away after a great career in journalism. His many

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Kremer’s Corner: Politics today as told by movie titles

Every time I turn on the television and watch the developments in Washington, D.C., it reminds me of some movie

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Kremer’s Corner: Trump fooled many people, bigly

One of the reasons that a substantial number of voters chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton was their belief that

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Kremer’s Corner: ‘The Candidate’ for president, part 2

My favorite political movie is “The Candidate,” starring Robert Redford. After a bruising campaign, Redford finds himself a winner and

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Kremer’s Corner: Cuba seen through a different lens

Everyone has or should have a bucket list. There are many places I would love to visit, but time and

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Kremer’s Corner: The burdens facing President Trump

On Jan. 5, 1966 I walked into a tiny Albany office in the state capitol, ready to take on the

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Kremer’s Corner: Carnage rises, but NRA unchanged

By any standard, we are living in unique times.  The Republican and Democratic parties are under stress. The economy is

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Kremer’s Corner: Two parties, the same dilemma

It is no secret that the national Republican Party is in deep trouble.  Saddled with a presidential candidate who they

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Kremer’s Corner: Media bears responsibility for Trump’s rise

It is painful for me to remind our readers that there are just over five months left until Election Day.

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