Mark Grabowski

Mark Grabowski

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Professor’s Perspective: A constitutional right to social media?

Does Milo Yiannopoulos have a constitutional right to tweet? Most Americans know that they can speak their mind in the

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Professor’s Perspective: Gorsuch is a ‘pro-journalism’ judge

The president may not be a fan of the press. But his new Supreme Court pick sure seems to be.

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Professor’s Perspective: It’s time to update digital privacy laws

Thirty years ago, there was no World Wide Web, almost no one had a cell phone and finding information required

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Professor’s Perspective: E-ZPass lane for Cuban immigration

While U.S. politicians rancorously debate Syrian refugees, undocumented Mexican immigrants and Chinese “anchor babies,” a far more questionable immigration issue

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Professor’s Perspective: Public will be iPhone privacy battle losers

A moment of mass collective commentary ensued after Apple refused to help federal investigators break into the iPhone of one of

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Professor’s Perspective: Virginia controversay has familiar ring

A Virginia high school geography teacher’s controversial Arabic calligraphy writing assignment this month is the latest unfortunate example of ignorance in

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