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Readers Write: Trump Jerusalem announcement undercuts peace efforts

Full disclosure here: As a young congressional aide in the 1980’s, I supported my boss’s signature on the constant, inevitable

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Readers Write: A false equivalency in judging sexual harrassment

This letter raises the question as to whether what Roy Moore, Donald Trump and Al Franken have done are morally

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Readers Write: Beware of technology and consultants

Tough to swallow, even harder to digest were statements made by New York Civil Liberties Union (Nassau County Chapter) director,

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Readers Write: Critics ignore strong economy under Trump

I have been reading so many letters to the editor criticizing President Trump so I felt I wanted to put

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Readers Write: DeRiggi-Whitton thanks voters for support

I am so honored and proud to have been re-elected to serve as Nassau County Legislator of the 11th District

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Endorsement: Nassau County Legislature, Ninth District

“Nassau County Legislator Richard Nicolello, who is also the Deputy Presiding Officer of the Legislature, has served since the county

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Editorial: The hidden costs of bad county government

Forget, for the moment, the embarrassment of the state Senate majority leader being convicted, the county executive being indicted and

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Readers Write: Opposition to LED lights not supported by science

In the past few weeks there had been discussions and issues raised by residents of the Village involving the proposed

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Readers Write: China: the United States’ competition for the future

I love the expression BFF — Best Friends Forever. I a few years. BFF will apply to America and

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Readers Write: On the path to World War III

For quite some time I have been voicing my criticisms of Donald Trump.  This time I will withhold my personal

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Editorial: Return one person, one vote to Nassau County

In November 2015, Democratic candidates for the 19 county Legislature seats received about 47 percent of the vote. Based on

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Readers Write: G.N. mayors bully to silence residents

Bullying must not be tolerated from our Great Neck mayors with respect to Board of Trustee meetings.   As 2017 comes

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6 Mineola students picked for honor choir

Six student-musicians from Mineola High School have been accepted to the American Choral Directors Association Eastern Division Honor Choir. The

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Readers Write: Don’t count on those tax cuts

I hope that all of you low-income and middle-income readers aren’t rushing out to spend the tax savings that Donald

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Letter: Pressing the case for women’s equality

A new study has revealed that the Trump administration is on track to be the most male-dominated administration in nearly

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