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Readers Write: Release officers’ names in wrongful arrest

I am a resident of Valley Stream, a parent, and a teacher. I am also white, and I believe that black

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Readers Write: UN resolution hurts chances of peace in Israel

Karen Rubin (Dec. 30, 2016) says that the resolution in the Security Council that the Obama administration let be passed

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Readers Write: Assembly district owes thanks to Schimel

I wish to commend and add my voice to Eleanor and Chris Lange, Charlotte and David Sear on their inspiring letter

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Readers Write: Dems must oppose Trump at every turn

The days of wine and roses are gone and we are faced with a new reality. America must endure four

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Readers Write: Bible makes clear Israel’s right to Jerusalem

The world is over occupied with Jerusalem. The United Nations Security Council, addressing the Egyptian-proposed resolution 2334, which the Americans

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Readers Write: Public better served confronting bad ideas

Re “Trump, Soros and the news media” (Port Washington Times, Dec. 30): At the risk of giving further undeserved attention

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Readers Write: Globalism a threat to Western Civilization

I am writing this letter in response to the many letters of the past two weeks criticizing Mr. John O’Kelly. To

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Readers Write: Ills of globalism, Dem policies are real

I was made aware of a recent “hullabaloo” over a recent letter by one John O’Kelly by several people. This week,

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Our Views: Separate and unequal

Many studies have shown that Long Island is one of the most racially segregated areas in the country. State Education

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Our Views: Common sense and Common Core

In medio stat virtus: virtue stands in the middle.  Aristotle defined virtue as a balance point. That balance point is

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