Best Personal Background Check Services Of 2022: Top 4 Sites For You

Best Personal Background Check Services Of 2022: Top 4 Sites For You

Nowadays, gathering all the info is essential before selecting a person for a job, as a tenant, or just as a caretaker to take care of your granny. It can help you choose the right person and save yourself from predatory ones. You can even conduct background checks on yourself.

Running an individual background check is an excellent way to ensure that your record is correct and accurate. Knowing nothing to worry about in your records will give you the confidence to apply for your dream job or get that much-needed loan.

In the past, conducting personal record checks on anyone was complicated and could only be done manually or through government resources. It would take days for the process resulting in additional fees. Today, several websites can help you conduct a detailed background search on someone else or yourself. As many such sites exist, choosing an authentic background check site can become difficult.

To help you find the best one, we conducted an in-depth search of every website available. We then came up with the top four background check sites where you can efficiently conduct background screening.

Best Personal Background Check Services

Here are our top four best background check sites:

  1. TruthFinder– Best Overall Background Check Service, Editor’s Pick
  2. Intelius– Highly Reputed For Self Background Check
  3. Instant Checkmate– Best Site For Social Media Checks
  4. US Search– Popular For Reverse Email Checks

#1. TruthFinder– Best Overall Background Check Service, Editor’s Pick

TruthFinder was founded in 2015 in San Diego. Since then, it has been working as one of the best background check services that collect data from multiple authentic sources. Most renowned publications like the Huffington Post and CNET highly recommend this service. TruthFinder aggregates information from both private and public databases.

TruthFinder goes beyond the essential screening services to provide in-depth researched information to its users. This company offers multiple records like criminal, social media, credit, court, consumer information, past military service, educational and employment verification, professional licenses, assets, and many more.

Moreover, you can get old and up-to-date information about your phone numbers, residential addresses, contacts, bank accounts, and social media profiles that you had used before. Apart from that, TruthFinder also provides you with vital records such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, separation agreements, and death certificates.


  • Accessible on mobile phone
  • Wide variety of browsing filters and parameters
  • Provides guidance on understanding the information they provide
  • Unlimited amount of checks on a paid subscription
  • Toll-free customer support service
  • Instant results of personal checks


  • Doesn’t let you buy a single check report
  • No free trials

The Most Exceptional Aspect of TruthFinder

TruthFinder goes one step further in ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the available data. This site has added a unique feature called Dark Web Monitoring, presumably going further into research than the deep web. Dark web scans the deep depths of the internet to check if cybercriminals are illegally taking advantage of your data.

A dark web search may include information about relatives and associates, birth records such as date of birth, phone history, location history, driving records, property assets, and other possessions. This service provides you with the necessary information and protects you from identity theft.

One of the best things about the company is that it offers unlimited searches with a paid subscription. However, if you only want to carry out a single background check, the service may not be suitable as you will have to pay the full subscription.


The best thing about TruthFinder is its fast service. Their databases are also actively updated. It only takes five to ten minutes to get an accurate report. Moreover, the site is easy to use because of its simple interface.

The company also offers handy self-monitoring tools that allow you to browse yourself on the dark web and check if you have ever faced a data breach. You can choose what specific information you want to show or hide on your profile. This freedom to control your profile and record checks makes TruthFinder one of the best background check services available. This site’s mobile app is available on Android and IOS devices, which is advantageous for mobile searches. You can use their service on any device if you buy their paid subscription.

Customer Friendliness

If you ever face any issue regarding their services or have any queries, you can call on their toll-free number at any time. The company has a very user-friendly behavior when it comes to customer support.

TruthFinder provides customer support services seven days a week through email and toll-free numbers. Moreover, you can ask to cancel your subscription anytime by calling on their number or visiting your online portal.

Moreover, their website offers an easy-to-use interface that is simple to use. You can also compile and download PDF copies of your reports. The site allows you to modify the search results using different browsing filters.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Truthfinder

#2. Intelius – Highly Reputed for Personal Background Check

Intelius is one of the most reputed online data check engines available on the internet. It is widely popular for its excellent service of background checks. The company was established in 2003 and has grown tremendously since then.

Intelius’s reports are comprehensive. They include detailed information about phone numbers, email accounts, social media presence, criminal history, marriages, court judgments, credit history, civil records, bankruptcies, and other legal information. It comprehensively covers all the areas you require for most of the searches.

The company has an excellent reputation due to its ability to obtain data and conduct accurate background inspections. This site is best for first-time users to conduct a background check on themselves or another person. Moreover, it has a reverse lookup option to check previous phone call records of your phone number or find the owner of any other number.


  • Access to more than 20 billion records
  • Single report subscription option
  • Detailed and comprehensive reports
  • Budget-friendly subscription plans
  • 50% off on premium plus plans to first-time members
  • Protects your personal information
  • Provides guaranteed confidential search options


  • Some customers have reported complaints regarding inaccurate results
  • Customer service might be slow and only available during business hours

The Most Exceptional Aspect of Intelius

One of the most compelling advantages of Intelius is its identity protection service. This company offers its service of identity protection to all types of subscriptions. This way, the company protects you from information breaches or identity theft.

Moreover, this website does not share your personal information with other members and sites. You can peacefully run a personal check knowing that all the personal information you provided to the site and obtained through research is secure. This site is perfectly safe if you want to conduct a background check on your roommate, online date, new neighbor, or your class fellow, as it does send any notification to the person you browse for.


Besides its website, Intelius also has a mobile app on Android and iOS devices. It has high ratings on the Google Play Store and App Store. The app offers the same user-friendly features as its online platform. Users can quickly check for the unknown callers’ identities through this app’s reverse phone lookup option.

Intelius also allows users to choose and purchase single reports or subscribe to its premium membership for unlimited searches. Moreover, the company automatically renews your subscriptions after payment. You cancel your subscription at any time without paying any penalties.

Once you get the paid monthly subscription, the company grants you access to unlimited monthly searches. You also get the privilege of protecting your identity and data privacy through their highly encrypted and secure data services.

Customer Friendliness

Intelius’s customer support service is available through a direct phone call or email. The company does not have a 24/7 customer facilitation service. Instead, the service only operates during business days. Unfortunately, this site does not contain a separate section of FAQs to address your most common questions. However, this website is simple to operate, which can be a plus point for first-time users.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Intelius

#3. Instant Checkmate– Best Site for Social Media Checks

Instant Checkmate is an excellent option if you are primarily looking to conduct a social media check. The company claims it has made over 1.4 billion searches, and the numbers are increasing. This public records search service obtains various kinds of data like criminal records, contact information, phone numbers, location history, media profiles, and assets.

If you want to look at your social media background check, this San Diego-based company can give you that in a small amount of time. This service looks mainly at public records, so there is no information available on the internet that this service cannot provide.

It is pertinent to mention that Instant Checkmate is not officially compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). So, you cannot use its background reports for rental or employment applications.


  • Vast network of sources to collect information
  • 5-day trial for 1$
  • Does not require a lot of information to proceed with a background check.
  • Highly encrypted connection to ensure data privacy
  • Unlimited searches through its monthly paid subscription
  • User-friendly mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices


  • No single check reports
  • Sometimes loading check reports can be slow and annoying

The Most Exceptional Aspect of Instant Checkmate

The most significant feature of Instant Checkmate is its straightforward search service. By using this service, you can run a background check of any person by just entering their name, age, address, phone number, or whatever basic information you have.

Similarly, you can use its feature of reverse phone lookup to check call history, contact information, and linked contacts. You can use this method with just one click. Conducting your background check on this site is also very easy and effective. Another noteworthy feature is the trial which costs as low as $1. Using this feature, you can enjoy the service for five days.


Instant Checkmate has several different sources to aggregate the data. It often provides extra information in background check reports about properties, residential addresses, phone numbers, family members, number of vehicles, and credit scores.

This platform also conducts a criminal background check. The checks determine if the person is a sex offender or has an arrest or traffic violation history. The company has a reputation for its accurate criminal background check.

Instant Checkmate uses a high encryption method to secure your data. The website is secured through Norton Symantec. All payments are also encrypted by 256-bit encryption. The site uses a secured SSL connection with private and safe 128-bit encryption.

Customer Friendliness

Using Instant Checkmate is comparatively easy due to its simple and fewer requirements to run a background check. Moreover, the company uses understandable language to formalize its search results. It arranges the data in a segregated sequence to make a visible difference in the data.

Luckily, they have a dedicated online help center to help users. There is also a separate FAQ section to help first-timers understand the website and the whole process of background inspection. Their support is via email and phone. However, it is only available during business hours from Monday to Friday.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Instant Checkmate

#4. US Search– Popular for Reverse Email Checks

US Search is undoubtedly the oldest background check service available as it has worked in this field from the very first day of its launch in 1993 and now has gained experience of more than 25 years. This excellent service is simple yet effective in providing the required information about anyone by just putting their name, address, or phone number in the search bar.

This service is a quick and well-organized way to access the criminal records, property records, residential history, phone data history, education verification, previous employment history, or driving records of your or your acquaintances. Employers specifically seek driving records when driving is part of the job. Driving records include your driver’s license status, any past parking or traffic tickets, etc.

This platform collects information from local databases, Nationwide bases, and State registries to give you the most accurate data. You should remember that this website is not compliant with FCRA and thus cannot be used for official and legal purposes like renting a house or employment. However, this site is still beneficial for finding old friends or searching about your online date or neighbors.


  • Offers trial at low price
  • You can perform searches using email addresses only and conduct reverse email checks.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Suitable for quick social media checks
  • Reports include some extra contact information about the subject
  • Oldest screening company with 25 years of experience


  • Does not provide data about marriages
  • Some users have reported inaccurate search results

The Most Exceptional Aspect of US Search

Not many companies offer a background screening using a person’s email address. However, it has gone beyond this and allows you to browse someone using their email address. This service is also beneficial and user-friendly in conducting personal online background checks.

US Search offers you the old and most up-to-date data about your search subject. Moreover, you can also conduct your standard background check using a US Search. It does not require much time to process personal checks.


US Search is a very convenient tool to pull the information from available public records. This site gathers data from publicly available databases. This website’s most user-friendly feature is that it combines many different records into a single report.

The US Search is convenient for finding old friends or long-lost relatives. This site gives you basic information about the person you browse for. The information includes their date of birth, phone numbers, social media handles, rental history, or current home addresses. These reports also contain information like the properties owned, criminal records, and driving history. In some cases, you can also get the names of other family members.

This platform is famous for its fast service. It only takes three to five minutes to get the search results. Also, this site does not contain a lot of ads and popups, which is also a good point in making it quick and easy to use.

Customer Friendliness

Unfortunately, US Search does not have a very responsive customer support service. Moreover, the site does not contain a dedicated customer support page. It also lacks a dedicated FAQs section to help users with common questions. We also could not find a support portal or chat option on this website.

However, they have an official email address to answer queries. They also have a toll-free number to assist customer calls. These customer support services are available from Monday to Friday during working hours.

=> Click here to visit the official website of US Search

How to Perform a Personal Background Check?

When you apply for a job, the employer can ask you for written permission to run a personal background check on you. Once the checking process is complete, you can ask the employer or screening agency to provide you with your report. This way, You can review and understand the information provided in the check results. However, you can perform a self-check on yourself to review and verify your information before applying for any job.

There are several methods to perform a check on yourself. Most sites, like those mentioned in our list, require you to pay a subscription fee to get their services. However, other methods are available to run a personal background check for free. If you are willing to perform a background check on yourself, you can use the following methods to complete this process effectively.

Manual Methods

Here is a list of manual methods to run an individual background check.

Google Yourself

Google can be your best friend in finding information if you know how to use it properly. It can provide you with information about yourself and other people without any fees. It is commonly connected with social media accounts and contains information on institutional websites. Its search engine includes most of the information available on the internet.

Finding specific information on Google can be tricky and require you to filter through hundreds of results. If you wish to perform a proper check using Google, it might take a lot of time to get the right results. Follow these steps to run information checks on Google effectively.

  1. First, you should begin by putting your name on Google to start searching for the information available about you on the internet. Make sure to write your full name. This should be the same name you use in documents and on social media. To get the most filtered results, you can also write “background check” with your name in the search box.
  2. Next, look for the information given about you on any given website. There is often some misleading and wrong information on other websites with your name. Such information can be confusing and harmful to your personal and professional life.
  3. Don’t forget to check Google images and videos. There may be some images or videos linked to you. You should also check thoroughly to make sure there are no edited or fabricated images or videos of you uploaded on any website.
  4. You should also search in Google news to check if you have ever been in any news report or article. If you find your name mentioned in any news article, make sure to read that thoroughly and check if the information is correct or not.

Review Your Social Media Accounts

In this era of social media, it is necessary to be careful while engaging with other people through social sites. Companies may also check your social media presence to understand better your social personality and morals of engaging with people.

Review your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check if you have uploaded anything harmful or illegal. Your social profiles should not contain evidence of any unlawful activities or messages promoting violence. Make sure your social profiles do not contain any statements of bullying or harassment. These rules apply to written and visual content displayed or posted on your profiles.

Keep in mind that your social media profiles should reflect who you are and how to interact with other people across the world. None of your past posts should be racial, ethnic, unlawful, or alarming. Make sure to visit your profiles and make necessary changes if required.

Check for a Criminal Record

It can appear in your criminal background check report if you’ve ever been convicted and have a criminal history. Having a bad rap sheet can be a big hurdle in the way of getting a job.

Imagine having a crime of your own without ever getting involved in any crime or going to jail. This can happen to you if there is incorrect information in criminal record databases and sex offender registries. You can review your criminal history and apply for suitable corrections in court or the corrections department.

Generally, criminal background check reports include warrants, imprisonment history, criminal convictions, parole records, arrest records, probation history, and records of pending criminal cases. You can submit your request to the concerned authorities to get a description of your rap sheet. This procedure usually takes two to four weeks, and you can get your crime sheet. Once you get your reports, review them properly to check if there is any mistake in the record. If you find any error, request the authorities to correct that.

Check Your Credit Report

Credit reports greatly matter regarding your background, professional, and financial checks. They play a significant role in determining your economic and moral sense of responsibility.

Your credit report may include the number of accounts you have opened or applied for, your payment history, total loans you received, outstanding account balances, and bankruptcy information.

The USA has three major national credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. You can easily apply and get one free credit report annually from any of these bureaus. You can check your credit history from the detailed report and file a complaint in case of any mistake found in your records.

Check Your Social Security Information

Your social security information includes your complete name, date of birth, family information, aliases, and addresses. Concerned authorities issue a social security number (SSN) to verify your identity. Every citizen has a unique social security number. Moreover, you can submit an online request for your identity history summary check at the official website of the FBI. For this purpose, you’ll have to send your fingerprint card by courier.

Using the social security administration’s website, you can effortlessly check your social security information. Using their service, you can run a social security number trace on yourself. This way, you can ensure that the administration’s information about you is correct and accurate.

Are Personal Background Checks Legit and Effective?

Yes! Investigating self background is 100% legitimate and has numerous advantages. The information you get through running a background check on yourself is related to you. Therefore, you have the absolute right over it to check and use.

A clean and accurate record has become essential in America. Employment decisions, house renting, credit decisions, and other legal and official decisions depend upon reports of previous records. A legit background report delivers correct and accurate information without compromising privacy and personal security.

Personal history checks are highly effective, having multiple benefits. These records are easy to ensure that your recorded information is correct and accurate. Once you know nothing to worry about in your records, you can stay tension-free and confident about yourself. Positive check reports can boost your confidence and motivate you to stay on the right track.

You have a legal right over your information. Therefore, it is legal to conduct a record check on yourself to get your information. You can get your records following the methods explained in this article.

Are Background Checks Legal?

Yes! Background checks are entirely legal. These checks are conducted mainly by employers and industry experts during pre-employment to ensure they hire the right person from the long list of job seekers. Employers conduct thorough research with the official consent of job candidates.

Various laws define the legality of these checks and the legitimate ways to conduct them. These laws allow only licensed Consumer Reporting Agencies to perform and issue reports. These agencies collect, provide and curate accurate information for consumers.

It is imperative to choose a legitimate company while performing record checks, and FCRA compliance is especially necessary in this regard. According to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the legitimate and registered companies responsibly disclose the searches, get written authorization, and follow all the required procedures while performing a background screening.

How We Made Our List

The internet offers hundreds of websites that claim to provide background checks. Due to plenty of different websites and the rising demand for background checks, we had to be extra careful while compiling our list. Many websites that claim to be the best background check platforms can turn out to be outright scams.

Finding the best background check companies is crucial for obtaining accurate personal data. Therefore, we had to come up with a well-defined criterion to help us pick the best.

To make our list, we begin by examining many different companies providing record check services. After countless hours of extensive research, we identified the most important aspects of background check websites. We then checked all the websites we had against these factors. Ultimately, we remained with a list of the top four companies providing background check services.

What We Looked For

The following are the factors we looked for while compiling our final list:

  • Types of Checks: Websites offer many different kinds of background surveys. Therefore, we looked for companies providing many types of background checks.
  • Accuracy: Reports are only good if the information included in them is accurate and verified. Thus, we checked for the sources through which these companies get information. We also looked at how effective their methods are. In the end, we only retained websites that offer accurate information.
  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews provide a quick way to look at a company’s reputation. We selected those companies with higher positive reviews. We only added reputable brands and eliminated those with shady practices. Moreover, we looked for companies with many communication methods to help users.
  • Accreditation: Accreditation is an essential element in the legitimacy of a company. We took an extra step to check the accreditation of the companies on this list. We checked with concerned authorities like the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Only legal brands made it to the top.
  • Turnaround Time: Fast service delivery makes life easy. We also checked for the turnaround time. This is the time that companies take to deliver you the required information. Companies included in our list usually take two to five days to conduct a background check.

FAQs About Personal Background Check Services

  1. What are the benefits of conducting a self-background check?

Conducting your record check can provide many benefits, like understanding your records. It can also help in correcting mistakes and verifying your personal information. Knowing your data can help you find a new job, rent a house, or get a bank loan.

Getting your background record can help you anticipate and address different questions in a job interview. It also allows you to correct the errors and inaccuracies in your financial, legal, and criminal records.

  1. What information can I get from running personal background checks?

Your personal information compiled in background checks is yours. Therefore, you have the right to see them. People can also ask for corrections if there are any inaccuracies in your record. You can apply for personal record reports from any of the sites mentioned above.

You can get your credit history and determine your financial situation through these checks. Your credit history plays a significant role in getting loans or applying for financial aid.

Running an information check on yourself also provides you with your address history and driving record. A background check identifies the addresses linked with your name and social security number. They obtain records of your last seven year’s residence. Moreover, you can also get a copy of your previous 25 years’ driving record from your state department of motor vehicles.

These record checks also provide you with your rap sheet to check if it’s correct or not. You can also get verified information about your educational and employment history.

  1. Can I run a background check on other people?

Yes, you can conduct a background check on other people. Performing a background check on the person can provide peace of mind. It can assure you that the person you are dealing with is not a liar, sex offender, or someone with a criminal record.

Fortunately, you can perform a record check on your online date, new roommate, or neighbor to know more about them. Most websites perform anonymous searches. This means that the person on which you are conducting a check cannot know about the search you made.

  1. What exactly is FCRA?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a national law legislated in 1970. It protects citizens’ information and ensures reasonable privacy and accuracy. FCRA specifies the information that can be covered in background checks. It also determines your rights to use that information.

It is necessary to choose the FCRA-compliant company to perform a background check. The legitimate FCRA-compliant companies disclose the searches, get written authorization, and follow all the required procedures during the inspection of a background.

The FCRA also defines excluding certain information from background checks. For example, an arrest that does not lead to a conviction should be exempted from your rap sheet after seven years. Credit bureaus should also exclude bankruptcies and civil judgments from your credit report after seven to ten years.

  1. Can a background check see my private social media profiles?

Screening companies cannot access your private social media profiles without your consent. Similarly, you cannot get information from someone else’s private social profiles. In addition, you cannot ask companies to provide you with the related information.

Remember that you can still find the information on the internet uploaded before the profile was made private. For example, the old tweets indexed by google are still available online. Beware that companies claiming to provide you with personal social media account data may not be legit. Moreover, they are not compliant with FCRA.

If you’re running an information check on yourself, you can access all the data on your private social media accounts. If the accounts belong to you, then the security and privacy also belong to you. As such, you can access your information anytime.

Conclusion : What Is Your Best Choice?

Whether you’re an employer looking for people to hire, you’re looking for a babysitter for your kid, or you need to get an idea of where you stand when applying for a job, a background checking website can do the job!

Background checking websites can help you find the best applicant for a job. They provide you with comprehensive reports containing their education, state records, past employment, and court records. With all this information available, you can make an informed decision on the selection of candidates.

Employers today conduct a pre-employment screening process. Therefore, conducting a check on your own record can help you prepare for questions that might arise in an interview. In turn, this can leave a good impression on your potential employer. It can also help you look for discrepancies in your legal or financial records.

The opinions expressed in this article are not our own. Instead, they are based on the factual information available on the internet. The websites we’ve chosen for you are considered the best background check sites that can help you run background checks. They also make sure that your information remains safe and secured. The database of these websites is often updated, making them have updated data. Our top pick for background checking is TruthFinder, as it provides quick services. It also allows you to browse for yourself on the dark web.

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