Become Vigilant

Are you interested in becoming a Vigilant or curious as to what volunteer firefighters are tasked with when responding to an emergency call in our community? The Vigilant Fire Company is hosting an interactive recruitment event on Sunday, Oct. 6, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., to answer your questions and guide interested residents through a series of firefighting activities—showcasing the camaraderie and fulfillment of serving the community as a Vigilant.

“We welcome all Great Neck residents to attend this informative and engaging afternoon to get a true sense of the kinship, inclusiveness, and character of our Vigilant family,” said Vigilant Fire Company Chief Josh Charry. “Together, we form a group of dedicated community members who have each other’s backs—whether it be during training, running into dangerous situations or simply socializing together. We are a second family”

The event will include five stations intended to simulate the tasks of a firefighter during a fire emergency. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice their firehose target skills, race to put on Vigilant fire gear, enter a mobile trailer filled with smoke, drive in a firetruck simulator and help Vigilant members put out a car fire.

Interested residents will also be able to speak with Vigilant’s volunteer firefighters—many of whom have been members for decades—about their service to the community and the process to become a member. Informational pamphlets, giveaways, food, and refreshments will also be available.

“It’s about protecting your family, each other’s families and the community as a whole,” said Chief Charry “That is why I joined, and why I encourage anyone interested in serving our community to come out to our recruitment event. Nothing gives you more solace than knowing when your family is in need of help, your brothers and sisters of Vigilant will be answering the call.”

Vigilant Fire Company, with a volunteer base of nearly 100 members, provides fire protection to 1.3 square miles and responds to 400 fire-related calls a year. The Company’s headquarters is stationed at 83 Cuttermill Road and houses 2 ladder trucks, 4 fire engine vehicles, 1 Heavy rescue truck, and 3 ambulances.

“As one of the newest members of the Vigilant team, I can attest to the welcoming nature of the entire membership and the lengths each member goes to make you feel at home,” said Vigilant Fire Company member Clarence Kong. “Each step of the way—through training, my first emergency call—my Vigilant family was by my side just as we will be for the next class of volunteers.”

For more information on the Vigilant Fire Company visit or call us at 516-487-1086.

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