3 Best Antivirus Software & Virus Protection Apps Of 2022

With the rise of technology, everyone spends time on their computer working, internet surfing, watching videos and doing other activities. By doing so, our personal information is on the computer, and if a virus breaks through or someone hacks you, then you can be in a very unpleasant situation. Unfortunately, many people have been affected by computer viruses that then lead to identity or money theft, which you definitely want to avoid.

However, finding out which antivirus software is strong enough to protect you from various viruses and cybercriminals is a challenging task to complete. With that being said, you don’t have to worry as you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss our recommendations for the best antivirus programs that you can get, based on the features they provide, how safe they are, and other significant factors.

Top 3 Picks For Best Antivirus Software:

  1. Malwarebytes – Overall Best Antivirus Software, Editor’s Choice
  2. Avast: Best Antivirus App For Multiple Devices 
  3. Antivirus Deals Inc.: Affordable Virus & Malware Protection

#1. Malwarebytes : Overall Best Antivirus Software, Editor’s Choice

About Malwarebytes

Even if you are fully aware of the dangers that can affect your computer, you can’t always be entirely safe. Therefore, going for antivirus software that can protect you from numerous viruses and cyberattacks is the right way to go. One of our top choices when it comes to providing protection from sophisticated attacks and malware is  Malwarebytes Security. What we found intriguing about this company is that each letter of their name represents what they stand for.

In other words, they want to help both individuals and organizations from online threats, educate everyone on how dangerous such threats can be, use innovative technology for better protection and make everyone feel safer when they are surfing online. Additionally, this company wants to drive everyone further, allow the humans to take part and listen to the computer issues and then diagnose the problem.


Antivirus details

Malwarebytes is high-quality anti-malware software that works on Windows, macOS, and Android, meaning that it works with any device that you have. It has multiple features for the best protection possible, including a Firewall, advanced packet inspection, automatic software update, and malware scanning. What is more, this antivirus software has a modern engine that protects you even from recent malware, which is also very significant.

  • Firewall

When you are visiting different sites on the internet, a Firewall is essential. The reason for this is because such a feature examines and filters all of the information that comes from online sites, so it works as a defense against malicious malware and protects your internet connection. What is great about  Malwarebytes Security is that it allows you to filter which specific program to permit and set rules for some specific network ports.

  • Malware scanning

Another thing we were impressed by was how quick, and effective  Malwarebytes’s malware scanning option was. It also offers multiple scan options based on what you would like to check, such as quick scan, full scan, system scan, hard drive scan, and others.

Moreover, it can detect many different forms of malware files such as trojans, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and others. You can also schedule a scan to be performed, which is a feature that you can’t often see from antivirus programs.

  • Deep Packet Inspection and X-Ploit Resilience

Deep Packet Inspection is another vital feature this antivirus software has, which checks every single piece of data that goes through your network. While doing so, this feature looks for any suspicious activity and analyzes DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, and others.

Many hackers take advantage of outdated software and programs and see them as a security vulnerability, so the X-ploit resilience is another beneficial feature that you get from buying  Malwarebytes Security antivirus. The X-ploit resilience flags any outdated software that you have and automatically updates all programs, so they are updated and secure.

  • Gaming mode

For video game enthusiasts, this is an excellent feature. What this gaming mode does is stop any antivirus scans and notifications from interrupting your gaming. During your play, the software won’t run any scans that can interrupt your activity and lag your computer, but it still has a real-time protection activity, which means that you will still be safe, which we really like.

  • Pricing plan

Malwarebytes Security offers two antivirus plans for home users that provide different features. The threat prevention business program is available for purchase for $40.99 per device/year, while the advanced threat prevention and malware remediation for small to medium businesses options are available for $52.49. There is also a  Malwarebytes premium antivirus plan that costs $39.99. Furthermore, the company offers enterprise security plans that come at affordable prices.


  • Malwarebytes constantly monitors for all malware and ransomware, protecting your systems and network from being attacked.
  • Malwarebytes runs silently and does not create a bunch of overhead, dragging your system resources down. It is efficient and effective.
  • Malwarebytes has been one of the best values with reasonable subscription costs
  • Stops drive-by malware attacks/infections.
  • Blocks potentially hazardous website.
  • Its deep scanning finds things we had no idea were on a system, then fixes it.


  • Auto updates fail at times
  • More layperson explanations of threats detected
  • Yearly subscription costs–it isn’t free.

=> Click here to visit the official website of  Malwarebytes Security

#2. Avast:  Best Antivirus App For Multiple Devices 


About Avast

If you have been searching for the best antivirus online, then you have probably come across Avast, or you have probably heard about it. Avast is one of the most well-known and longest-running antivirus softwares, with its origins dating from the distant 1988. Since then, Avast has used innovation and technology to provide the best protection possible for all users and has more than 400 million active users, which is very impressive. Avast believes in digital freedom, and they want to protect all of its users from online threats and cyberattacks so they can be free to browse freely and control what they share online. Avast offers completely free antivirus software along with two paid antivirus software packages under both the Avast and AVG brands. It could also contain a password manager, secure online backup, identity theft protection, a VPN, parental control, camera protection, phishing and malicious website protection, and other useful tools for keeping your data safe and protecting your privacy.


  • Antivirus details

For those who want to scan their device from viruses, Avast offers a free plan that has all of the features and functions that you expect from high-quality antivirus software. The scan is quick and easy, and it is suitable for detecting viruses, malware, and other online threats.

Also, the antivirus shows you if there are any issues, and you can resolve them by only clicking on the provided button. Avast is one of the best that can be determined by the fact that even the basic scans are more than many others. The scan doesn’t only look for viruses and malware but also for out-of-date software, weak passwords, sensitive documents, network issues, and others. However, if you have advanced issues and want to fix them, you will need to upgrade to the Premium plan for even better protection.

  • Malware protection

Avast malware protection feature is definitely worth having if you want to feel secure when using your PC. It blocks any type of threats as they come and offers real-time protection. Furthermore, it has malware detection, which refrains you from sharing infected files and performs in-depth scans to find even hidden malware. Moreover, this feature allows you to scan external drives such as USB sticks and CDs and gives you an option to implement custom or schedule scans, among providing other useful features.

  • Email security

Another great thing about Avast is that it is compatible with devices that work using Windows macOS Android and iOS operating systems. It doesn’t only protect your computer, or another device from viruses and malware but also provides email security. This way, you will be alerted if you visit any unsafe websites, and Avast will block any suspicious downloads and protect you from web tracking.

  • Premium features

Even though this free plan has very great features that will protect you from malicious threats, you can upgrade to the premium version for even more essential features. These features will make a significant difference regarding your online safety, so they are worth buying. Aside from Wi-Fi protection, Avast offers real-time security alerts that notify you of any potential threats if there are any on your network.

Additionally, this antivirus plan will guard you against ransomware attacks and secure your photos and files from such cyberattacks. With this plan, you also get an Avast Secureline VPN that gives you access to certain libraries and sites, protects your location, and gives you good download speed. Moreover, the plan comes with a password leak checker that will tell you if your email has been compromised.

  • Business Features

Given all of these points, there is no doubt that Avast is unmatched when it comes to online safety and virus protection. It is not only a great option for home users, but it is also suitable for business owners that like to protect their data and give their employees security. There are two options for business usage: a Small Office plan and Business Plan.

The Small Office plan is suitable for up to 10 devices, and it comes with operative system support, ransomware protection, remote access shield, customizable firewall, web, email, file, and sensitive data protection, etc. On the other hand, the Business plan is intended for up to 1,000 employees and comes with cloud backup, secure web gateway, malware protection, and other features.

  • Secure browser and pricing

Avast does a great job protecting you while you are browsing on the internet, but if you want to be even more protected, you can use the Avast Secure Browser. This browser comes with useful features like ad-free browsing, built-in privacy, protection from malicious web and downloads.

Additionally, it blocks online tracking, protects your identity, and ensures that your password isn’t leaked. The price for an Avast Premium package is $69.48 for one year, while Avast One is $50.28. Correspondingly, the Small Office package will cost you $139.99, and the Business plan’s price depends on the number of devices and the OS used.


  • Effective protection against different types of viruses and malware
  • The software is very easy to use and it is very fast
  • Plenty of features for home and business users
  • Years of experience and a large customer base
  • Free version with many useful features
  • Mobile Security and Game Mode features


  • The free package doesn’t have a firewall
  • The business plans are more costly

=> Click here to visit the official website of Avast

#3. Antivirus Deals Inc. : Affordable Virus & Malware Protection


About Antivirus Deals Inc. 

Antivirus deals inc.  has been running for over many years and has provided protection for millions of home and business users. This efficient antivirus protects the user from any type of malware, ransomware, as well as cyberattacks. It also offers parental controls, school time/remote learning controls, VPNs for all devices, and webcam protections.

We all know what damage online threats can cause if we are not protected, and antivirus deals inc. understands that. With that being said, once you purchase this antivirus software, you will be protected from viruses, hacker attacks, and also identity theft. This award-winning antivirus has some of the best features that will make you stress-free when using your computer or browsing on the internet.


  • Antivirus details

Antivirus deals inc. has three different plans for all the users based on the type of protection they need. You can opt for Antivirus deals, Antivirus + Firewall, or get Extreme Security. Each of these plans comes with features and has a different price, but you can also download some of the features separately, which we especially like.

The main goal of the antivirus is to provide you with real-time protection from any malicious threats no matter what you do on your computer. You can perform a full scan and go through your entire system or do a quick scan to check specific folders. What is more, you can also schedule a scan at a specific time.

  • Firewall and Identity protection

The Firewall also plays a major role in your device’s overall security, so it is necessary to be effective. Antivirus’s firewall monitors your network traffic, blocks hackers from accessing your computer, and protects you from identity theft. Moreover, if they still somehow manage to access your PC, then it will stop them from getting and leaving with your data.

This Firewall also has early boot protection and wifi protection which are very useful features to have. Unfortunately, identity theft happens very often, and it can lead to very serious consequences, so antivirus deals inc. also has an Identity protection feature. This way, both your personal and banking information will be secure, and it will also alert you if there is any suspicious activity.

  • Safe Search and Safe Document Download

If you want to browse the internet freely and safely, then you can get the Safe Search extension on Chrome which antivirus deals & offers. This search engine will save you from any risky sites that you visit, block any malicious malware that you download unintentionally, and protect you from phishing attacks. It is known that the most common way of getting viruses and other dangerous threats is by downloading files, so antivirus deals inc. also has a safe document download option that goes through your documents and removes only the malicious code without deleting the document.

  • Other useful features

For complete protection, the buyers can also take advantage of some other useful features that antivirus deals inc. has. For instance, there is a keylogger protector that prevents keyloggers from detecting your username and password and compromising your personal data. There is also an online backup option for which you get an additional 5 GB to store any essential data. Additionally, antivirus deals inc. provides ransomware protection in case you get this type of cyberattack that is getting more common.

If by any chance your laptop with very significant data gets stolen, there is a find my laptop option suitable for both home users and business corporations. Threat emulation is also a vital feature to have, especially for zero-day protection. If the program is not sure whether a particular file is saved, it will open it into a virtual machine to check it before you open it on your device.

  • Pricing

Antivirus deals inc. doesn’t disappoint when it comes to pricing, which is another reason among many others that we like about this antivirus. The antivirus itself is free to download, which is very convenient, and you can use it without any limits and hidden fees. Moreover, you can also download a free firewall version for better protection.

The ProAntivirus + Firewall package’s price depends on the number of devices and whether you would like to get it for 1 or 2 years. For one device and 1 year, it will cost you $24.95, for five devices $35.95, and for fifty devices $259.95. On the other hand, the extreme security package for one device for the whole year is $34.95, for five devices $44.95, and for 50 devices $357.95. If you want to view the prices for other devices for two years, you can visit antivirus deals inc. website.


  • Excellent antivirus and zero-day attack protection
  • Plenty of essential features for malware, ransomware, identity theft and other protection
  • Three different packages and free antivirus and Firewall
  • It also offers anti-phishing protection and keylogging protection
  • This antivirus is available on Windows, iOS and Android
  • Active customer support if there are any issues and requests


  • There is no password manager feature

=> Click here to visit the official website of Antivirus deals inc

Important Factors to Take Into Consideration When Looking for the Best Antivirus

There are so many antivirus providers online offering the best protection for their users. With that being said, finding the best option for you is not the easiest task. In continuation, we present you with some factors that you need to consider before you place an order.

Malware and spyware scans

The main goal of getting antivirus software is to be protected from viruses, so the software that you choose should do exactly that. However, great antivirus software should not only protect you from various viruses but also keep an eye on malware and spyware.

The reason for this is that such threats can compromise your personal and banking information, and you can get them without knowing while just browsing on the internet. Therefore, we suggest looking for an antivirus that is very effective against such online dangers.

Real-time protection

Aside from regular scans for viruses and malware, having real-time protection is also necessary. This feature is especially useful for people who are browsing on the internet, working online, visiting sites and making downloads, etc.

This way, the antivirus will alert you if there are any suspicious sites that you should avoid and protect you from malicious downloads that can put your data at risk. If there is also email scanning, then it is definitely a bonus as a high percentage of attacks come from spam emails.


Even though this feature is often overlooked, we believe that it is very significant. Some antivirus software are working on different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, IOS and Android, while others work only on a specific one.

Therefore, whichever device you are using, you need to make sure that the software is compatible. Otherwise, you will spend your money on software that can’t protect your device. Equally important is for the software to be easy to use and understand so that you don’t have issues finding all of the features and figuring out how they work.

Customer reviews

The reviews from other users can tell you a lot about how well the antivirus software performs, and it will help you make the right decision much more easily. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you purchase from a reliable antivirus provider that has an excellent reputation and has experience in providing online protection. However, you need to read reviews from reliable sources and hear as many opinions as possible to know what to expect.

Pricing and free trial

Even though the customer reviews can give you a good insight into the particular antivirus software if you want to try it yourself, look for a free trial. Also, not everyone’s needs and preferences are the same, so even if the antivirus is highly-rated, it doesn’t mean that it will be the right one for you.

For that reason, you can look for a free trial that offers full functionality if possible. This way, you will be able to see if all of the features are suitable for your needs. Each of the antivirus software comes with different plans and for different plans, but the price needs to be reasonable and correspond to all of the features. Therefore, you need to stay away from very cheap pricing, but you also don’t need to go for the most expensive option.

How We Have Selected the Best Antivirus Softwares?

There are hundreds of options when it comes to antivirus software, so we set ourselves strict guidelines to follow in order to find only the best options for you. Each of our choices has met the requirements that we have set, so there is no doubt that they are among the greatest. Let’s take a closer look at some of the criteria that we gave followed:

  • We looked for antivirus software that is easy to use and navigate so that all of the users can run it without any issues.
  • The most significant thing that we have considered is whether the software provides effective protection against numerous viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and other online threats.
  • We also made sure to include antivirus providers that offer different types of features for protection, such as firewalls, webcam and microphone protection, internet security, VPN, password management and other tools.
  • All of the features that our selected antiviruses offer are suitable for home users, and there are also features for business users as well.
  • On our list, you can find antivirus software that is compatible with all OS, and their performance is very fast without slowing the device.
  • We included only highly-reputed antivirus companies whose antiviruses are loved by plenty of users.

FAQs On Antivirus Softwares

How to recognize if I have a virus on my computer?

Computer viruses are not always evident, and they can be hidden but very harmful. For that reason, having antivirus software is significant. However, there are some symptoms that you can detect that show that you might be dealing with some kind of virus or malware.

If your device is slower and it crashes often, that is a sign of a virus presence. Additionally, if your screen freezes or pop-up ads appear, then it can also be a sign of an online threat. Other signs of malicious presence may be emails and messages sent from your profile, changes in the homepage and passwords, or the appearance of unknown applications.

How does the antivirus actually work?

The way that the antivirus works is by performing a scan on your PC and looking for any type of malware, and comparing the programs to the known viruses. Other times, the antivirus checks how some programs behave and checks for suspicious activity. There are two types of scans – a real-time background scan and a full system scan. The first one checks all the programs and sites that you have currently opened.

On the other hand, the full system scan is intended to check every file that is on your hard drive. Some antiviruses also are customizable to look in certain folders and files, and they can also be scheduled.

What type of malware is there?

Malware is the main term that covers a range of malicious software that can damage your computer and compromise your personal data. There are different types of malware that you need to be aware of in order to stay protected. The term malware covers different types of viruses, trojan horses, spyware, worms, and others. All of these slow down the performance of your PC and attack certain data.

There is also ransomware that blocks the user from getting access to the device or the file, so the attackers ask for a ransom to free them. Another harmful type of malware is spyware that tracks information usage and can be of different variations, such as keyloggers, password stealers, information stealers, banking trojans, and others.

Aside from these, users can get adware that brands use to target advertisements. Other forms of online threats include phishing which is a form of email fraud, pharming that involves fake websites with malicious codes, spoofing, remote access attack, and others.

If I want to install a new antivirus program do I have to uninstall the previous one?

Yes, if you want to install a different antivirus program, it is necessary to uninstall the previous one. It is also advisable to reboot your PC before you install the new one, to ensure that everything will run smoothly.

Still, if your plan is only to upgrade your previous software, then you don’t have to uninstall it, but click for an update. In order to get the software that you need, we suggest checking all of the features that it provides before placing an order.

What steps to take in case your PC is infected?

If you work on your PC, and you suspect that it might be infected, the main thing to do is to turn off the network connection. This way, you will prevent your device from getting further infected and from spreading the viruses.

Then, you need to open the antivirus software and activate the scan. If you don’t have such software, we suggest checking the options that we have previously reviewed as only safety is a serious matter for consideration.

How do computer viruses spread?

Computer viruses can spread in different ways, but the most common one is through emails. Nevertheless, you can also get malware from downloading files and programs through a malicious link or which contains malicious code. For this reason, to prevent this from happening, installing antivirus software is inevitable.

The antivirus will check your emails for suspicious threats and block any sites and programs that contain such malicious code. You should also be aware of ads that often contain viruses and avoid visiting suspicious sites that are usually responsible for viruses and other malware.

What are some significant antivirus software extras?

Besides the main features that the antivirus software has, there are some extracts that can be very useful. For instance, the firewall can scan the entire network and protect you from many malicious threats. Some other features to look for are parental control if you are a parent or get a secure browser so that you can surf the internet freely. Having a VPN and password manager is also necessary.

If you want to improve your PC speed and performance, features such as cloud storage and system performance organization are needed. Features for identity protection are also a must so that both your personal and banking information doesn’t get compromised.

On which devices can I install an antivirus?

Generally, the antivirus software is limited to the number of devices that you install it on, so you need to make sure that you buy the package according to your needs. You can install such software on desktop and laptop computers but also on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices as well. For this reason, it is important to go for software that is compatible with different operating systems. Nowadays, there are even features that protect your household data traffic, such as cameras, smart TVs, consoles, and others from cyberattacks.

Best Free Antivirus: Final Thoughts

Viruses and malware can put you in a very challenging situation as they can damage your devices, steal personal information, and do other damage. These online threats can appear from browsing on the internet, downloading files, or using external drives, and they are not always easy to detect. Therefore, if you want to stay safe and have digital freedom, great antivirus software is necessary.

However, not all of the options that you can find online are reliable, so you don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t be protected. For this reason, we suggest checking all of the choices that we have reviewed in this article and going for the one that works ideally for your needs and preferences. As a result, Trend Micro Maximum Security is our recommendation for beginners. Following closely behind are the entry-level Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, the best value in antivirus software, and Norton 360 Deluxe, which includes a slew of extras such as unlimited VPN service and LifeLock identity protection. We are hoping this article is informative enough to give you the necessary information about computer viruses and guide you to find the best protection starting today.

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