The 5 Best Casein Protein Powders Of 2022, According To Customer Reviews

Every workout addict dreams about having a defined bodily and muscle structure. Each fitness professional follows some kind of diet for improving the health and system of the body. Are you one of them? Can you ever imagine that you will make a perfect muscle appearance while enjoying the best tastes?

Well, fellow health addicts, all of that is possible with the best casein protein supplements, which will increase your muscle mass and decrease the risk of unhealthy living. We were entirely dedicated to providing you with the most effective casein alternatives, and for that reason, we’ve made a list with the top 5 recommendations for you.

Give your best attention, and focus on the following article and make the most productive choice in the future. Keep reading!

Our Top Picks Of The Best Casein Protein Powder

  1. Bulk Supplements – Overall Best Casein Protein Powder, Editor’s Choice 
  2. Promix – Best Quality Casein Protein Powder Brand
  3. Kaged Muscle – Highly Recommended Protein Powder For Muscle Building
  4. Optimum Nutrition – Most Popular Casein Powder With Amino Acids
  5. Dymatize – Highly Certified Gliten-Free Protein Powder Brand

#1. Bulk Supplements – Overall Best Casein Protein Powder, Editor’s Choice 


About the brand

When talking about the best companies in the health industry, we must mention this significant brand, where you can find diverse alternatives for your health improvement. We’re about to present you with the American company dedicated to providing people across the space with the most potent and secure supplements. Bulk Supplements is a name of transparency, trust, and quality with extensive experience in the wellness world.

This company is headquartered in Nevada, and supplies more than 500 nutritional products to people across the space. Bulk Supplements has been a name of the quality brand since 2011, improving the health of thousands of people worldwide. This company is a top recommendation for you if you want to find quality products with the lowest prices on the market.

If you’re a person who wants to use only tested and safe products, then we must admit that this company is the top solution for you. We can say that all supplements from this company are under the approval of the FDA.

Bulk Supplements is not an ordinary company. This brand is a professional in selling the most potent vitamins, minerals, and the purest organic supplements. If you wish to find the purest organic casein powders, we recommend you stay concentrated because we’re about to present to you the most potent ones.

Product description

We can say that Bulk Supplements provide the most potent alternatives to casein powders, and we are honored to say a few words about them. On this page, you can find the most powerful formula of casein. This protein contains BCAAs and it may assist in muscle recovery after physical activities. This vitamin is slow digesting, and we can say that the best time to take it is before resting or sleeping.

Casein protein powders from Bulk Supplements may have a crucial impact on your muscles and joints, and it’s the best recommendation for fitness addicts or workout professionals. Casein protein powder has a slow absorption rate, helps with muscle recovery, and is loaded with essential amino acids. It also has benefits in contributing to muscle growth and maintaining a healthy weight. This protein supplement is free from gluten, yeast, added sugar, and additives. Casein protein powders are the very best companion if you want to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Price and shipping

If you’re a person who is interested in having this product right in your hands, you should know that it has an affordable price of $12.96, and the shipping is only available for American citizens. A good thing to mention here is that Bulk Supplements offers a free shipment on all orders above $49.

Support and refund policy

Bulk Supplements is a trustworthy company with the most potent and secure products on the market. Their professional team is dedicated to maintaining an excellent reputation by having you as a satisfied customer. If for any reason you’re not happy with the results, you can have a refund policy of 30 days and a chance to return them.

Customer support is a strong side of this company, so you can have the option to contact them by email or mobile phone. They are available throughout the whole day and kindly answer all of your questions.


  • Casein protein powder is loaded with amino acids
  • It helps with muscle recovery
  • It contributes to muscle growth
  • It helps to maintain a healthy weight
  • The refund policy is active for 30 days
  • For additional information, customer support is available by mobile or email


  • The products from Bulk Supplements are only meant for the USA wellness market


About these casein powders, we must mention the 90% of positive reviews over the internet. That’s quite a perfect indicator of the quality and the effectiveness of this product. People also liked the customer support and fast results after consumption.

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#2. Promix – Best Quality Casein Protein Powder Brand


About the brand

If you’re a person who turns from whey or pea to casein proteins, our most profound concern is to help you with the proper recommendations. On our delicate list of the best casein protein products, we put the Promix nutrition company.  This reputable brand works to protect all of its customers without inserting artificial colors or ingredients in its products.

By Promix company, you will find the cleanest and potent supplements on the wellness market. It is also crucial to know that this company stands by transparency, honesty, quality, reliability, and the highest standards in the wellness space. Unlike the other companies, Promix makes products from the highest quality ingredients for better performance.

It‘s crucial to know that Promix is selling batch-tested healthy supplements from GMP-certified facilities. We can also say that an essential thing to be aware of this company is that all of their ingredients are sourced from North America with high safety and potency.

If you stand for having the most potent formula of casein, then you’re on the right page. Promix is promoting the best casein alternatives in two products. Follow our lead and find out what we are talking about.

Product description

Promix has its most significant achievement while producing casein alternatives. These protein powders are best for a slow and sustained recovery in your body. If you’re a person who wants to consume supplements without flavors, Promix is presenting you with two different casein powders. You can choose from unflavoured and the chocolate variant.

We can have a timeless discussion over the benefits of these supplements. Still, the most significant thing that we can tell is that these supplements are made without gluten, GMOs, fillers, antibiotics, or other artificial ingredients. You can always make the right step in choosing these powders because they’re the best option to insert cold-processed and acid-free bioactive casein.

These casein nutritions are the best option for every workout addict because they contain highly-batched alpha/beta/kappa proteins for a sustained release of amino acids. These products are excellent for removing lactose from every organism, and they are made from the milk of certified grass-fed cows. It is also crucial to know that the sunflower lecithin in these supplements improves the absorption and blending into your organism.

Price and shipping

Every person interested in having the most quality supplements can have the opportunity to purchase these powders for a price of $84.99. On the official website of Promix, you can find discounts with the possibility to subscribe on their website or order two or more packages.

It is good to know that if you purchase a product from this company, you will have it in your hands right the same day. Promix is a reputable company that offers the best conditions for shipping to all of its US customers across America.

Support and refund policy

A good thing about this company is that if you’re not satisfied with the product, you have the alternative to have a full refund policy. You should react in 30 days and have the money back in your pocket.

Another crucial thing to mention about this company is the customer service. They are available by filling an online form on their official website, or you can contact them on your mobile phone.


  • The company is highly ranked and reputable
  • All casein products are safe and potent
  • These supplements do not consist of artificial ingredients
  • The company is selling GMP certified supplements
  • It offers a refund policy of 30 days
  • Customer support is available by phone and email address


  • These casein powders are at a higher price than others
  • All of these supplements are meant only for US customers


We can claim that Promix supplements are worth every penny you give. We can say that because of the 90% of positive feedback across the USA people loved the great taste and the most natural ingredients within these supplements. They also claim that these casein powders are the best companion for every fitness addict.

#3. Kaged Muscle – Highly Recommended Protein Powder For Muscle Building


About the brand

Don’t lose your concentration – we’re not finished yet! The best is yet to come. We are delighted to provide you with another important name in the wellness market with the best alternatives for leading a healthier lifestyle. Kaged Muscle is a place where you can find the best casein protein alternatives on the wellness market.

We can say that the foundation of Kaged Muscle is created under third-party assurance practices, and this company is a reputable name when it comes to honesty, transparency, and commitment. Kaged Muscle is a brand that produces scientifically backed supplements, affordable and available to thousands of people across the nutritional space. We must mention that this company provides the purest and the most organic supplements, utilizing the latest and advanced technology.

The professional team of Kaged Muscle has only one aim – to keep the customers’ safety at the highest level ever possible. This brand produces supplements, vitamins, and minerals with the most organic and natural ingredients.

Suppose you’re a person who wants to improve the level of proteins in the body, and you want to try the best casein alternatives. In that case, choosing this company is the best solution for finding the most quality casein powders.

Product description

Not all casein powders are the same. Some of them are better than you could ever imagine. We’re about to present you with The Kaged Muscle Kasein, the slow-digesting and release protein.

Kaged Muscle’s Kasein is an ultra-premium, cold-processed casein, carefully manufactured from an innovative microfiltration process. This filtration method preserves a particular protein’s structural integrity, ensuring that the final product has the same natural structure as it is found in milk. Kaged Muscle’s Kasein is a protein you can’t ignore if you are dedicated to adding size and strength.

This casein powder slowly and continuously feeds your muscles a steady supply of amino acid for the next several hours. This casein plays a significant role in maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and long-term anabolic state for avoiding muscle protein breakdown. You can have this nutrition piece in vanilla and chocolate flavor and a chance to make your favorite drinks and shakes.

Kasein is the best nutritional alternative for maintaining good muscle health and having healthy workouts. All the ingredients in this powder are third-party tested and give you the highest level of potency and safety. This product is rich in micellar casein isolate, with 1gr lactose per serving, GMO, soy, and gluten-free. Kaged Muscle’s Kasein is a great anti-catabolic supplement and the best wellness companion for improving muscle recovery and maximizing muscle gains.

Price and shipping

You have the opportunity to purchase this casein powder on the official page of Kaged Muscle, enjoying many other alternatives for discounts and special offers. This powder is available for $34.99 + additional costs for shipment, but you can still have free shipping on all orders above $50. A crucial thing to know here is that Kaged Muscle is selling products only inside the borders of the USA.

Support and refund policy

If you ever have concerns about these supplements, you can kindly contact customer support by mobile or email. According to the product returns, this company offers you an available refund policy of 30 days from the day of delivery.


  • This company sells third-party tested products
  • It has an available refund policy of 30 days from the delivery
  • The customer service is reachable and available by email and phone
  • The supplements are affordable and accessible for almost every customer
  • On the official website, you can find discounts and special offers


  • The shipping is only for the USA circle


When you see the positive feedback of a product you wish to buy, it can be the most significant indicator of quality and effectiveness. Looking around the internet, we are entirely sure that Kaged Muscle’s Kasein is one of the best formulas for leading a healthy lifestyle. Kaged Muscle’s Kasein helped people even with the first doses.

#4. Optimum Nutrition – Most Popular Casein Powder With Amino Acids


About the brand

Well, our job is to provide you with the best casein protein alternatives. For that purpose, we will mention the unique brand in the wellness industry. Welcome to Optimum Nutrition, a company that gained the trust of millions of people worldwide. Fellow nutrition addicts, we must admit that you will make the right choice if selecting this one.

For over 30 years, Optimum Nutrition has been in the world of workouts and fitness activities, helping people reach their most important goals ever. This team of professionals believes that all of you get out what you have already put in your body. For that reason, this company is offering you one of the most potent and organic supplements on the market.

With Optimum Nutrition, you will make your wellness journey more fantastic than ever, with the most outstanding results ever seen before. If you’re a fitness addict or a workout professional who wants to improve muscle mass and health by using the most incredible casein proteins, then we can say you’re in the right place.

Product description

It can seem perfect to have a supplement like this one on your buying list. Gold standard casein is the most significant piece of nutrition found in our recommendations for you. It is a naturally flavored product with 100% of casein within. Gold standard 100% casein is a slower absorbing and digesting protein than other whey proteins but stands for the best muscle protection and recovery in only several hours.

Optimum Nutrition, using premium micellar casein with high standards and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, has created the unique formula of natural ingredients. This casein powder has naturally occurring glutamic acid, and it’s ideal for use between meals or before sleep. By having these organic ingredients within, we can guarantee you a better workout and protection for your muscle health.

If you’re a person who wants to enjoy different flavors, this supplement is a top recommendation by offering you the same potent formula available in French vanilla and chocolate flavor. Despite this powerful casein formula, on the official website of Optimum Nutrition, you can also find gold standard whey supplements in different flavors.

Price and shipping

Optimum Nutrition, despite the quality supplements, offers the most affordable prices on the wellness market. You can purchase gold standard casein for an accessible price of $41.99. On this site, you can find discounts and free shipping on every order above $40. Compared to other American companies that only provide customers with the internal shipment, this brand offers international shipping to all nutrition products and supplements.

Support and refund policy

If you ever change your mind after ordering these supplements, you can always return them within 30 days of delivery. When discussing customer service, we must say that this company is dedicated to providing customers with support in the most advanced ways. You can reach them on Instagram, Facebook, email, or mobile.


  • Optimum Nutrition is a brand that has gained international trust
  • It’s a company with 30 years of experience
  • The products are organic and potent
  • The products are available in several natural colors
  • The company has a refund policy of 30 days
  • It offers fast and international shipping
  • Customer support by Instagram, Facebook, email, or mobile


  • These supplements are recommended only between meals and before sleep


People always want to be part of a company that follows the latest innovations on the market. We are entirely sure that Optimum Nutrition is one of those companies.

People liked the transparency and honesty of this company, and they claim that the supplements work in the best way, such as they’re promoted. Following the most positive comments from people regarding tastes and quality, we can say that these supplements can always be your very best companion.

#5. Dymatize – Highly Certified Gliten-Free Protein Powder Brand


About the brand

Here we are, at the final step in suggesting the best casein protein supplements on the wellness market. We can’t finish our recommendation list without presenting one of the best companies for organic supplements. Dymatize is our latest name on the list, with high ratings and top recommendations from fitness professionals.

Dymatize is an American company founded in 1994 in the USA. We can claim that this brand proves that perfection is achievable. For meeting that challenge, the professional team is dedicated to producing athletic nutrition products formulated and created with only the highest quality ingredients.

We can say that all Dymatize supplements are potent and with the highest level of safety. All nutritional products are tested for banned substances by world-class sports labs. This feature means that those supplements are entirely safe and recommended in the world of athletes. If you’re seeking the best casein protein alternatives, we want you to be sure that you will find them in this place.

Product description

The most outstanding feature here is that this company offers casein powders with many flavor alternatives on the wellness market. You can choose from banana, rich chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, coconut, and cookie flavors.

The protein powders from this company are one of the most potent and organic, with ingredients like whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, thickeners, and natural sweeteners. They are suitable and easy for the digestive system, and you can use them pre-workouts, post-workouts, and every time you want to have a portion of good energy and a tasty drink.

This effective supplement will support your muscle growth every time you finish a hard workout. The whey protein is highly absorbable in the body and builds and maintains the muscle structure. This supplement is low in sugar and artificial ingredients, and it’s a perfect companion for every fitness addict who takes care of their nutritional intake. It is also essential to know that this product is suitable for every vegan and vegetarian.

Price and shipping

Elite casein powder is available for every individual for a price of $28.99 for 2lb and $61.87 for 5lb. Dymatize company offers fast and low international shipping, and you can also subscribe to their website to follow the latest offers and discounts on their market.

Support and refund policy

Dymatize is a trusted brand and wants to keep its reputation and transparency, caring about its customers worldwide. For that purpose, this brand offers a refund policy of 30 days on all unopened orders.

For any other further information and questions, you can always contact them by sending an email. Their team is entirely dedicated to giving you an answer to all of your questions.


  • Dymatize appears to be one of the most reputable nutritional companies on the market
  • It is a brand with more than twenty years of experience in the wellness world
  • World-class sports labs test the ingredients of the supplements
  • This company is producing one of the most easy-digestive and potent casein supplements
  • All of the supplements are available in diverse flavors
  • It offers a refund policy of 30 days on all unopened products
  • The customer service is fast and responsive by sending an email


  • This company does not offer customer support by phone or live chat


Dymatize appears to be a brand with one of the highest rankings and recommendations from fitness addicts worldwide. We can say that people are delighted with the supplements, easy digestion, the lowest prices on the market, honesty, and transparency.

Customers across the wellness space say that these supplements improve their muscle health, and they are an excellent company pre and post-workouts. According to them, Dymatize produces the most natural and organic supplements available in diverse flavors.

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Benefits Of Using Casein Protein Powder 

Before choosing a particular drink or food to be your daily companion, you should know all the benefits that come with it. It is always wise to know how an ingredient can impact your health and helps you achieve some positive results. In this informative article, we were talking about casein, the main protein found in milk. You should know that this nutrition piece is highly beneficial for your muscles and general health., and here’s why.

Casein compromises over 80% of the protein found in milk, while whey protein has the rest of 20%. We can say that casein is made from skim milk so that whey is drained away, and the remaining milk curds are washed, drained, dried, and ground into a protein powder.

The micellar casein is the most common casein supplement containing over 80% of protein by weight. Casein appears to be the predominant protein found in milk, which is typically isolated for producing the best casein protein supplements on the wellness market. This protein contains several bioactive peptides, highly beneficial for your immune and digestive system. The slow-digesting properties of this protein provide people with several benefits.

Muscle growth 

Casein protein can be an excellent option if you have the intention to maintain health and grow muscle mass. Despite its slow process of digestion and absorption, this perfect protein has similar effects for muscle building to those of whey protein. We can also say that this protein can be the best nighttime snack for building muscles while you’re asleep.

Hunger regulator

Dairy proteins, especially casein powders, reduce your appetite by increasing the feeling of fullness and delaying hunger. Adding casein protein to your diet plan can be the perfect reason for weight loss and maintaining the proper weight.

Casein is high in beneficial nutrients

Casein protein powders appear to be an excellent source of calcium, and they support the main bodily functions related to muscle, bones, and vascular health. These casein powders also contain bioactive elements for lowering blood pressure in the same way medications do.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying Casein Protein Powders

We can claim that selecting the best casein protein supplements can be tricky because today, we can find many companies producing and selling them on the wellness market. As a future user of these supplements, you must know several factors that must be considered before choosing the right casein powders.


You should always consider the quality of the ingredients which are contained in a particular casein powder. These supplements must contain fewer organic and natural ingredients without artificial flavors, tastes, and other harmful elements.

Reason of taking 

Before you choose a casein supplement, you must think of why you want to take it. Some people have it for losing weight, while others want to take it to build muscle mass. If you wish to create muscle mass, you should go after supplements with a higher dose of calories.

Customer reviews

Well, yes. The customer reviews may be the primary indicator to show you if a particular product is good or not. The feedback for every casein powder will tell you about its quality and effectiveness.


Flavors can be essential too. Before choosing a particular powder, you should look at the available tastes and flavors of that product. In that way, you will select your favorite taste and enjoy it while maintaining your muscle health.

FAQs Related To Casein Protein Powder

How long before sleep should I take Casein powder?

According to customers’ testimonials, the best time to take casein varies between 10 to 30 minutes before going to sleep. Casein is a protein that is slowly digested, and for that reason, the best time to take it is at nighttime.

How long does Casein stay in my body?

We must say that your body breaks down the proteins into amino acids, which stay in your blood system as long as they’re absorbed. If you’re a person who consumes casein, these amino acids’ levels remain in your bloodstream for 4-5 hours.

How much casein daily is enough for me?

On every casein powder, there is a recommended daily dosage per servings. We should inform you that the best daily dosage of casein is between 0.8 and 2.2 g per kg of your body weight each day.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Brand For Casein Protein Powder?

That’s all from us. We hope you enjoy it. We are pretty sure that after reading this informative piece of article, you will make the right choice for selecting the best casein protein powders. You will also know the benefits of this helpful protein, and you will have the correct answers to all of your concerns and questions.

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