Best Couches In Canada To Light Up Your Apartment In 2022

Every homeowner makes a commitment when purchasing their first-ever sofa set or couch for their new home or apartment. A couch is the item you buy once and then forget about it for a long time. Hence it is essential to take your time to choose the best couches for your home.

You should consider how many people it can accommodate, if you have kids or pets, and if it fits in your space. When you bring your sofa into the house, they get used to all kinds of activities, from long gaming sessions to watching movies with the squad or someone special.

We researched the best types of sofas and looked into expert interior designers’ suggestions on the best all-rounded couch. A lot of them had common recommendations.

These recommendations helped us immensely in compiling a great list for you. If you have a decent budget for purchasing a sofa, we should be able to find you the perfect sofa that will keep you cozy and comfortable.

Our Top Picks For The Best Couches On The Market In Canada: 

We made a list of six of the best couches you can buy for your home. These cover almost every category and style of sofa you need to fit your needs and budget. Here is a quick rundown on the best couches and why they made it to our list.

  1. Homary Beige Curved Sofa – Overall Best Full-sized Sofa, Editor’s Pick
  2. Lady Yard Black Faux Leather Sofa – Best For Being Durable And Small
  3. Lady Yard Modern Mid-Century Sofa – Most Popular For Style And Longevity

#1. Homary Beige Curved Sofa – Overall Best Full-sized Sofa, Editor’s Pick

Homary is the go-to spot for many homeowners to turn their house into the ideal living space. They provide some of the best furniture like desks, TV stands, beds, sofas and much more. They have a massive reputation for having the best prices. Homary also provides free shipping, so you only pay the same price as their website shows without extra fees. For that same price, you can have any of their products at your home in no time.

Homary is one of the few furniture and home decor brands that do not forget about their customers when they buy their products. Instead, Homary has excellent customer service you can rely on.

Homary’s sofas, couches, and loveseats are some of the best in the market at their price. They use the highest-end materials without diving into exotic materials. In our list, we have chosen to look at their beige curved microfiber leather sofa. This color is an excellent choice for all themes. The style keeps your back straight and makes you sit upright. It has incredible comfort and high-quality materials, and everything else makes this sofa an excellent choice for you.


Size: The beige curved sofa from Homary is the widest on our list, and it comes in at a width of 88.6 inches. It is listed as a three-seater sofa, but it can easily fit even four people comfortably for short periods. This couch is very eye catchy thanks to its substantial size. The beige curved couch can quickly become the centerpiece of your setup.

Upholstery: The couch is upholstered by microfiber leather, currently the latest synthetic leather. The seat cushions are also upholstered using the same material. The sofa’s beige makes it look homey and comfy while still being neutral enough to fit most setups and themes.

Construction: The frame of the couch is made of solid wood. This characteristic is almost a necessity because of the large size of the sofa. The armrests are rolled to make them more comfortable and look more appealing. Homary uses stainless steel legs to improve the overall stability of the couch.

Assembly: The couch comes pre-assembled; hence you can enjoy the comfort of this fantastic couch the moment it arrives at your house. A matching toss pillow also comes included with the sofa. The seat cushion filling is also kept simple with the use of foam. It keeps the seats very comfortable and firm at the same time.

Maintenance: This couch is exceptionally straightforward to maintain. You can wipe it with a clean cloth and even use a mild soap if needed.

Cost: Even though this is the widest sofa on our list, it is still affordable and substantially less expensive compared to other items on our list. This value for money makes it our favorite pick for the best couch for your setup.


  • Large size
  • Microfiber leather upholstering
  • Environment friendly
  • No assembly required
  • Three years of residential warranty


  • Too wide for some setups

=> Click here to visit the official website of Homary

#2. Lady Yard Black Faux Leather Sofa – Best For Being Durable And Small

Lady Yard is another place where you can buy all your home decor items and furniture. Not only that, but Lady Yard also provides the best spot to purchase other household items like dinner sets, lamps, and even faucets.

They have various furniture ranging from blankets to bunk bed sleeper sofas. Their collection is so vast that if you can imagine a sofa design, it probably already exists in some shape or form at Lady Yard. This extensive collection to choose from is the reason why we have three products from Lady Yard on our list. They all easily fit our criteria for being the best couch for your setup.

Now let us look at why the contemporary faux leather sofa fits the bill for the best small and durable three-seater sofa.


Size: This sofa from Lady Yard is one of the smallest three-seater couches that are also durable and good-looking. The total width of the black leather sofa is 78.7 inches. Where most three-seater sofas come at around 84 to 86 inches. This option from Lady Yard manages to fit the same sitting space in less than 80 inches. This difference in width can make that slight difference. Moreover, you need to make your couch fit into your room. With a height of only 31.5 inches, this couch does take all the attention away from the rest of the room. It fits perfectly into smaller spaces and looks fantastic with that excellent upholstery material.

Upholstery: Lady Yard chooses to use faux leather on some of its sofas. These days faux leather can be stronger than genuine leather in some use cases. The color choice is also very neutral, and the black leather can complement almost every room theme. The upholstery material is durable and can withstand prolonged exposure to UV. This characteristic allows you to place your sofa right next to the window in the sunlight.

Maintenance: This couch is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. All you need to do is wipe with a clean cloth every once in a while. You can use a mild soap if required for slightly more resistant stains.

Construction: The frame and legs are both made of wood. The legs have a traditional design that looks amazing with the black color of the couch. The wooden frame allows the sofa to be reasonably heavy and durable.

Filling: The filling material is entirely foam, but the couch cushions are removable, so you can position them the way you like or turn them upside down if needed.


  • Durable materials
  • Free delivery
  • Compact size
  • Removable seat cushion
  • Easy to maintain


  • Shipping usually takes longer than listed

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lady yard

#3. Lady Yard Modern Mid-Century Sofa – Most Popular For Style And Longevity

The next couch we have on our list is another one from Lady Yard. It is slightly more expensive than the black leather couch we discussed earlier. But for that extra price, you get one of the best mid-century modern sofas. Let us look at what makes this the best-looking sofa on our list.


Construction: This sofa is made of a super sturdy birch frame. The birch frame gives it a good weight and a lot of durabilities. The legs are made of stainless steel. They are straight and minimal and give the couch a lot of personality and style without compromising its durability or longevity of the sofa.

Neutral Colors: The colors are also very neutral, and the backrests are gray-white. This color helps it fit into most themes and catches some attention, thanks to the golden accents around the couch. These construction elements contribute not only to the strength but also to the looks of this couch.

Size: This mid-century modern couch is also a three-seater couch. Like the faux leather sofa, it also has a width of 78.7 inches. However, the couch’s overall design makes it look much more substantial compared to the faux leather couch.

Upholstery: Using linen as the upholstery fabric gives this sofa a premium look and feel. However, linen also makes the couch harder to clean and care for. The backrests are designed with microfiber leather. Microfiber is currently the latest and highest quality synthetic leather.

Filling: The seat fill is entirely foam, as in most other couches from Lady Yard. This foam makes the seats comfortable but still firm enough to not give you back issues as fast as a feather fill. Moreover, it is easier to replace over the lifetime of your comfortable couch.

Maintenance: Taking care of this couch is slightly more extensive compared to the faux leather couch. The linen needs to be dusted with a soft dry cloth. You cannot really clean it if you spill a drink over the couch without taking the covers off the seat cushions. Hence, it is best to invest in some water-resistant cushion covers. You also need to keep this couch away from intense heat. So putting it next to a fireplace might damage the sofa.


  • Modern design
  • Smart size
  • Premium and sturdy construction
  • Neutral color
  • Premium linen upholstery
  • Toss pillow included


  • Slightly cumbersome maintenance

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lady Yard

#4. Lady Yard Zado Vintage Sofa – Best Office Space Sofa

The last item from Lady Yard on our list is the Zado vintage sofa. Thanks to the visible nail heads and rounded arms, it is definitely an attention grabber. Further, it is also the smallest three-seat couch on our list. The brown color makes it fit into most themes while also standing out and looking like a work of art in other home settings. Now let us see why the Zado vintage sofa is the best choice for you.


Size: The Zado vintage sofa is the smallest three-seater on our list. It is only 72.6 inches wide. Even at this size, it is still a three-seater sofa and would be an excellent addition to any home or office space with a limited area. With a height of 31.5 inches, this sofa has enough height to seat you upright comfortably. While the overall width is 72.6 inches, the seat width is 66.9 inches. Lady Yard has used minimal width for the armrests, which is only possible through their smart use of construction materials.

Construction: This couch enjoys a solid wood frame, giving it a durable basic structure. The legs are made of aluminum which makes them slim and sturdy. This use of aluminum in the sides of the couch is how Lady Yard manages to keep the width of this sofa so minimal. The nailhead trim on the couch’s side is also very aesthetic and appealing.

Upholstery: This is the most different upholstery material out of all the others on our list. The Zado vintage sofa has PU leather upholstery. PU is a special kind of synthetic leather, and it contains the fibrous part of animal hides. This part is usually leftover after the hide turns into real leather. Hence, manufacturers reuse that waste and treat it to polyurethane to make it feel like leather. The seat cushion is also upholstered using the same material. This material will last you a long time since it is also stain-resistant and will not lose color over time, unlike bonded leather.

Style: The industrial and vintage design of the Zado vintage sofa gives it a special place in our list simply because of how different it looks. The vertical grain pattern on the seat cushion and the backrest give it a unique look that only this couch manages to pull off. This couch can fit into any office space and look like it definitely belongs there. It would also leave a good impression on any visitors.

Fill: The filling in both the seat cushions and the back is foam. This filling makes it comfortable while also being firm enough to hold its shape over time.

Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining this sofa is effortless. Since the upholstery material is stain resistant, you will not need to clean it as often as other couches. You would only ever need to wipe it with a clean cloth or use some small amount of soap.


  • Small three-seater sofa (only 72.6 inches)
  • PU leather upholstery
  • Aesthetic armrests with visible nailheads
  • Foam filling
  • Easy maintenance


  • It might not be a good fit for minimalistic home setups

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lady Yard

#5. Geekbuying Single Seat Sofa – Best Single Seater

Geekbuying is another fantastic brand that delivers what they say and provides great customer support to resolve any issues that may arise. It has a large variety of furniture items, appliances, and even phone accessories for your everyday needs and home decoration. Their prices are sometimes even compared to Aliexpress by some customers. With all the variety and price they offer, Geekbuying can become your one-stop shop to buy all the items you need.

The furniture at Geekbuying is especially good thanks to the quality of materials and their customer support and warranty. Even though all their couches and sofas are very decent, the one that caught our attention is the single-seater PU leather sofa. All the features that make this sofa the best single-seater are listed below.


Size: Being a single-seater sofa, it is pretty substantial in size. It looks especially wide thanks to the decorated luxury armrests. The overall width of this sofa is 41.34 inches, almost as wide as some two-seater sofas.

Construction: The frame is made of wood, whereas the feet are made of oak. Oak feet prevent the sofa from scratching your floor when you move it. The feet are also crack-proof, making the couch stable and durable.

Style: This sofa has the most eye-catching design out of all the couches on our list. It has a very unique and stylish buckle design. The armrest is also decorated with neatly arranged brass rivets. These rivets liven up the entire structure of the sofa. The design of the feet is also very stylish and adds a bit of flair to the overall appeal of the couch.

Filling: The seat is very spacious and can seat overweight individuals without worries. The soft cushions are filled with highly elastic foam. This foam allows the sofa to maintain its shape for a very long time. The back rest is also filled with foam and has an amazing cushion style on it as well.

Upholstery: This sofa is mainly upholstered with PU leather with a slight twist. All the parts that come into contact with the person seated on the sofa are made from real leather. It is the most efficient way to use real leather on a sofa. The back and soft cushions are also upholstered using the same mix of real and PU leather.

Durability: Since the most common spot a sofa gets ruined is the seat or back cushions, the use of real leather in those areas tremendously increases the overall durability of this couch

Maintenance: Maintaining natural or synthetic leather couches is really easy. They are mostly stain-resistant; you can wipe them with a clean cloth or occasionally use soap when required.


  • Spacious single seat
  • Real leather for the sitting area
  • Stylish decoration on armrest and backrest
  • Easy to clean
  • Good quality elastic foam filling


  • Slightly expensive for a single-seater sofa

=> Click here to visit the official website of Geekbuying

#6. Costway Convertible Sofa – Best Tv Lounge Sofa Bed

Costway is the final brand that makes our list. It is also one of the largest sellers of items like furniture, sports equipment, cutlery, electrical appliances, and even home decoration. The best things about Costway are the sales of most of their products. These sales are occasional and pretty substantial as well, sometimes even reaching half the product’s original price. Costway also offers free shipping on a lot of its products. They also deliver their products within five to ten days, which is the fastest shipping time out of any other brand we listed.

Costway has a lot of variety in the furniture, especially the sofas and couch category. We chose their most functional TV lounge, which is the most affordable couch on our list. Here is why the convertible folding sofa is the best for your setup.


Size: This convertible sofa from Costway is unique and can not directly compare to anything else on our list because of its size. It is only 66 inches wide. While the cup holders are down, it only has seating room for two people. But you can easily fit three with the cup holder folded back up.

Features: This couch becomes especially appealing when you take a look at all the features it offers. It is a three-in-one design. The first is a normal seating couch with removable armrests and a cup holder. The second is a recliner three-seater with an angle of 150 degrees. And lastly, the sofa turns into a bed, completely flat so you can rest properly. You can place the second wrist rest next to the first to make one long comfortable pillow.

Construction: The frame of the couch is made of pine wood, which is lighter than even the lightest type of oak. However, that does not mean the frame is not durable. The use of pine wood makes the frame light but still highly durable. The tapered legs are made of metal, making the couch very stable overall.

Upholstery: The upholstery fabric used on this couch is PU which is very stain-resistant and easy to maintain and clean.

Filling: The filling material is high-density foam and sinuous springs. It makes the couch cushion very comfortable, and the springs allow it to hold shape indefinitely.

Price: Thanks to all the sales on Costway, this is the best option for anyone on a budget who wants nothing but the best for their home. They can buy this cost-efficient sofa with their hard-earned money without skimping on quality.


  • Extremely functional
  • Filled with features
  • Durable and stylish build
  • Great value for money
  • It fits perfectly into offices and home theater setups


  • It might be too bland for some themed setups

=> Click here to visit the official website of Costway

How We Made This List

Comfort and style are not the only things we considered while choosing the best couches for our list. We looked at everything from upholstering material to leg material and the thickness of the cushions. Moreover, we also looked at the styling of the sofa to help you choose the best one for your home setup.

Sofa sets should not mess up the ergonomics of your lounge or room. That is why choosing the right size and style plays a significant role in our list. With all these factors in mind, let us take a detailed look at each of them to see how they play a part in our choice of the best couches for you.

What We Looked For

  • Size: Larger couches may appeal more to you, but they can get costly. Most of the bigger ones are even harder to get into your house. That is why planning the entire look of your living room is essential before getting a big sofa. Here we stick to the basics and go with medium-sized ones that can easily fit most setups and be just as functional as the big ones. We also include some smaller ones that can fit into small spaces.
  • Style: There are a lot of different sofa styles to choose from. However, the best sofa style for you is the one that satisfies your needs and fits your aesthetic. A sleeper or mid-century modern sofa would look the best for a TV lounge setup. At the same time, a traditional sofa set would look better for a living room with a cozy fireplace and a center coffee table. However, many homeowners love the functionality and look of sleeper sofas.
  • Sitting Position: We all love sitting back and relaxing on reclining sofas. But that is definitely not the optimal sitting position for a healthy lifestyle. We recommend couches that allow you to sit upright. Hence, sofas with firm but comfortable seat cushions that do not bend that far down when you sit are included in our list.
  • Stuffing: The seat cushions and throw pillows’ filling are the most important factors that improve the comfort of your sofa. A good mix of foam and feathers should be the ideal fill for all of the cushions and pillows. However, all-foam cushions are decent and will be very comfortable to sit on.
  • Upholstery: Manufacturers use a wide variety of upholstery fabrics to make their couches feel softer and comfier. However, some materials are not as durable or soft compared to others. The most popular upholstery material is leather. Cotton or linen is the best choice for people who prefer a minimal and tame theme. People also love the feel and softness of velvet, but some velvet materials are not as long-lasting as other upholstery fabrics.
  • Durability: The most crucial factor in what makes a couch, the best couch, is its longevity. Many manufacturers cut corners when choosing the materials for the sofas to keep their costs low. We have put extra attention on this factor to help you choose the best couches and sofas for your setup. These include leather upholstering, stainless steel legs, wooden frames, and more.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Quality Couches

There are a couple of factors you should consider while buying a couch. Couches are expensive, and if you choose the wrong one, you have to put up with it for a long time or until you have extra money to buy a new one. So, we put together a list of factors to help you find the best couches.

  • Space

You do not want a couch that will not fit inside your room or have trouble passing it through the door. So, the first thing you should check for is your room space and door size. Take the precise measurements, write them down, and take them as you purchase a couch. You can also get help from the shopkeeper for good sofa suggestions based on the measurements you have. Moreover, since most houses have average-sized doors, professionals at the shop would know which couch is better.

  • Style

There are way too many styles of sofas to consider when looking for a new one. In general, sleeper sofas or sofa beds are the most functional, thanks to their ability to convert into a bed. The chaise lounge sofas are the most elegant looking, thanks to their asymmetrical design. A black leather sofa would be best for most office environments, whereas a light-colored linen one would look best in a lounge at home. While modern couches are also elegant and decent, traditional multi-unit sofa sets are usually made with the highest quality and sometimes even exotic material. It might be best to consult an interior designer before you make the final decision on what style of couch you want in your home setup.

  • Materials

After the space, the next thing to check is the materials inside the couch. It depends on how frequently you will use the sofa as you want strong, robust material if you use it daily and soft, delicate material if you want to place it inside the guest room. While in the shop, check its foam, and see if it comes back to the original shape if you press it. Check if the foam covering is tight enough so it will not mess up when you sit on it. Also, put some weight on it and see if the wood will not make any noise.

  • Size

Although most three-seater couches generally fit the range of 80 to 88 inches if they have fancier armrests, it is also possible to find ones under 75 inches. It all depends on how well you understand your room and requirements. Make sure to measure and plan so you can make a better purchase.

  • Features

A lot of couches available in the market are only good at doing one specific thing. So before you purchase your couch, it is crucial to make sure that the one you are thinking of buying does what you need it to. Some great offerings by the brands we have listed above are convertible, removable cushions, and much more.

  • Maintenance

The variety of materials used for the upholstery of a couch makes it harder to have a generalized maintenance plan for all couches. If you prefer easy-to-clean and low-maintenance sofas over spectacular luxury ones, go for leather or other synthetic leather upholstered couches. If you want the smoothest, most comfortable texture, go for linen or velvet as the upholstery material.

FAQs About Best Couches 

  1. How often should I change my couch? 

Often is not a word that you should use here since a quality couch can survive for 10 to 15 years. If you do not use it daily, it can survive for an even longer time. It also depends on how you treat the couch. Do you have children playing on them, or are you using couches for gaming? The more roughly you use them, the faster they will tear, and you might need to change them within two to three years. On the other hand, you can always repair the couch and use a new covering or foam instead of getting a new one. Repairing cost is much lower than getting a new couch.

  1. How should I take care of my couch? 

The best way is to use it as delicately as possible. Do not jump on it, do not let too many people sit on one couch. If you have pets at home, do not let them near the couches as they will scratch them. You can also train your pets not to scratch your sofas if you let them roam around.

Kids can also cause a lot of damage, so let them play on the old couches while the new ones should stay somewhere safe. Kids understand basic rules so tell them not to jump on the couches or play roughly on them.

Keep your couch dry. Avoid eating or drinking near the couch, especially if it is made of non-waterproof material. Moreover, you can grab a pair of old couches, put them in the TV or game lounge, and keep the new ones in your living or guest room. Moreover, you can cover them with plastic sheets or tight olefin fiber weave to protect them from dust and any tears or accidents.

  1. How many sofas are too many sofas?

That depends on how big your room is. If it can easily accommodate four to five sofas, you can easily adjust them to your liking without the room feeling cluttered. However, the design of your room also plays an important role. Putting sofas on all four sides will make a huge space look stuffed. You can get ideas from the internet and see what sofa design suits your room the best and where you should place your specific sofa. On average, having one king-sized sofa is enough, but you can always fit two small-sized sofas easily inside a room. You can always choose a chaise lounge or a reclining sofa if you want style and have no problem spending money.

  1. Will the color of my couch fade over time?

Like any other cloth, your couch will lose its original color over time, but you can prolong it. If you spill food and water on it and keep it in a humid, warm room, the couch will lose its color faster. Keep it covered, keep the room closed, and do not eat or drink while sitting on your sofa.

It also depends on the material of the sofa. If the couch cover is cheap, it will start showing fading signs in no time. If you want the couch to last for years, be ready to spend some money or choose from the options above.

  1. Are reversible cushions any good?

If you want decor and will not use cushions frequently, reversible pillows are the best option for you. They are not expensive, are available in many different designs, and have a lot of versatility. You can even use them as regular pillows since most reversible cushions are washable. However, if you want to use them daily, you might consider getting something that will not get dirty quickly and is water-resistant.

Conclusion: Which Should Be Your Choice?

Finding a quality couch is not difficult if you know what you want. We share the six best couches in our article, all with the best features and reasonable prices. Go through each review and see which one suits you the best. If you are unsure, it is better to ask for help from a professional to guide you so you will not waste your money.

Check for the crucial factors before buying a couch, which should include how often you want to change it. Do not opt for an expensive one right away if you have the tendency to change your room’s look frequently.

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