6 Best Dog Beds Of 2022 For Amazing Luxury Beds For Your Furry Friend

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Back then, a dog bed consisted of a used sofa cushion placed on the floor or an old blanket. Presently, this canine companion has a preference just like human beings. Your canine friend also deserves to have a comfortable bed. Similar to cats, dogs also sleep a lot, and they can spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping. However, what is comfortable to one dog may not suit another. The reason is that dogs vary in size and weight. A bed may be suitable for a tiny toy poodle or chihuahua but unsuitable for a larger breed like the great mastiff or Dane.

The sleep time of a dog depends on the amount of exercise or activity the dog gets when awake. Quality sleep for dogs helps maintain their good health. Pups are territorial critters; hence they like having their selected places just for them.

The best dog bed offers the best place for them to relax and rest as a human being does. Moreover, some best dog beds are a platform only, while others come with cooling technology and cradling memory foam to make your pup as comfortable as possible. With a washable cover added to the dog’s bed, your dog will always have a clean place to rest.

Remember, some dogs like to curl up in their beds; others stretch out, while others do both curling and stretching. Moreover, when choosing the best dog bed, pet owners can also consider your style. Get the right dog bed that matches appropriately with your furnishings and decorations.

Our Top Picks Best Dog Beds For Medium & Large Dogs On The Market: 

  1. Villa Bagel Dog Bed: Overall Best Dog Beds, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Top Dog Orthopedic Bed: Top Rated & Comfiest Dog Beds 
  3. Infrared Dog Bed: Most Popular Luxury Beds For Dogs For Proper Sleep
  4. Paw Brands PupRug Dog Bed: Most Recommended Brand For Dog Beds 

#1. Villa Bagel Dog Bed: Overall Best Dog Beds, Editor’s Pick 

Majestic Pet Products is one of the leading manufacturers of the best quality pet products, including beds. Moreover, you can quickly get this quality elevated dog bed on sale at their online store. This is the 24” small bagel style bed. Its outside measures 24” in length by 19” in width and 7” in height. Its inside dimensions measure approximately 18” in length by 11” in width. Moreover, its bolster measures 7” in height by 4” in width. Above all, this pet bed comes with a cushion that has a depth of 6”, making it comfortable for your pup to rest. This is perfect for both smaller dogs and medium-sized dogs that weigh between 5 to 25 lbs.

This dog bed is from the USA and made using the best quality imported fabric. Thus, you’ll have a guarantee of getting the best-quality cushion bed for your pet. Besides, this bed has a strong base made using water-resistant 300/600 Denier. This will help in preventing any unwanted spills or accidents. The inside material is the best grade high loft polyester fill which is machine washable. Thus, cleaning it is easy and convenient. After cleaning, you can let the bed air dry. For proper washing, you need to place this best dog bed inside a washer plus dryer in a gentle sequence.

Villa Bagel Dog Bed offers spine support. The bolster on pet beds makes it easy for the dog to rest their head and straighten their spines comfortably. Nevertheless, the bed is available in various sizes, including 32” to hold dogs with a weight of between 25lbs to 40lbs, 40” to hold dogs weighing between 40lbs and 70lbs, and finally 52” suitable for larger breeds weighing between 70lbs to 110lbs.


Free Shipping: The online store, Over Half Sale, has been shipping everything for free since the year 2001. With Villa Bagel Dog Bed, you will have your package within two days at no shipping cost. In addition, the products shipping will be straight to you from more than eighty warehouses worldwide. However, if you have any queries concerning shipping, you should contact their friendly user support team before you make your order.

Comfort: Majestic Pet Products agrees that your dog’s comfort is a priority despite their age or size. Moreover, recovery after having a busy day is a very significant part of any dog to have good health and improve its longevity. With a super comfy round-shaped pet bed from Majestic Pet Products, accessible in four distinct sizes, you’ll achieve this.

Size: Villa Bagel Dog Bed is available in different sizes. These include small size, which measures 24 “L by 19 “W by 7 “H, and it’s suitable for dogs within 10lbs to 25lbs. Then there is a medium-sized bed which measures 32 “L by 23 “W by 8 “H, and it’s suitable for dogs between 25lbs and 40lbs. The large size measures 40 “L by 29 “W by 9 “H. The recommended dog weight for this bed size ranges between 40lbs and 70lbs. Lastly, we have an oversize bed that measures 52 “L by 36 “W by 14 “H, and it’s suitable for dogs within 70lbs to 110lbs.

Return Policy: If you are unsatisfied with the product, Over Half Sale allows return. To initiate the process, contact their user support team via email. Remember, the return policy is within 15 days after getting your order. After making contact, you will get a return label free of charge through your email. Every return label is for a specific return.


  • Offers free and fast shipping
  • Secure and safe shopping
  • Made using washable machine fabric
  • Features waterproof denier bottom
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • It has a high-quality cushion for comfort
  • Features bolster, which offers spine support


  • The material collects dog hair
  • Unsuitable for dogs that like to stretch

=> Click here to visit the official website of Villa Bagel Dog Beds

#2. Top Dog Orthopedic Bed: Top Rated & Comfiest Dog Beds 


Pet Support Systems brand is a pet product sub-branch from a parent brand known as Back Support Systems, Inc. The brand has been manufacturing top-quality pet products, which are already doing well in the market. In addition, the brand has been operational for more than 20 years; hence they know what consumers need. Moreover, Jeff Kalatsky started this brand back in 1989. Since its launch, the brand has been committed to making innovative, healing, and patented products that improve the quality of your pet’s life with the help of advanced memory foam. All their products’ manufacturing process takes place in California. Above all, products from this brand are non-toxic, tested by a third party to verify their purity, and LOW-VOC.

All Pet Support Systems have PURgreen certification and are safe for the environment. This means they meet all CSPC and EPA guidelines for being free from dangerous chemicals and hence safe. When making pet beds, they use the best quality memory foam, which offers extra comfort and convenience. Moreover, this pressure-relieving material is an innovation in sleep technology. In addition, all pets bed from this brand are orthopedic. Thus, they offer a soothing experience that is suitable for dogs, including older dogs.

This best orthopedic dog bed comes in different sizes, which include large, small, medium, X-large, and XX-large. The sizes suit all breeds hence suitable for both large-size dog breeds, average-size dog breeds, and small-size dog breeds. Felines also love this bed which makes it a standard pet bed. The bed has a thickness of 4.5″. Furthermore, you will have four different color options to choose from. The foam and the removable bed cover are all allergy free and naturally hypoallergenic. In addition, they have a medical-grade polyurethane foam that’s resistant to dust mites and anti-microbial.


Best Quality Memory Foam: Top Dog Orthopedic Bed uses the same medical-grade memory foam quality that’s put in pillows, mattresses, and other orthopedic products. This makes it five times denser compared to other dog beds, and it offers long-lasting comfort since it will not go flat after some time.

Supreme Comfort: Beds from Pet Support Systems give your dog some premium comfort. Their orthopedic dog bed helps by supporting bone posture and structure, and it helps in relieving pressure, joint inflammation, hip dysplasia problems, and reducing arthritis pain plus other ailments. Therefore, with this bed, your dog will have full body support making it healthier. Most importantly, the bed is resistant to heat changes; hence it will remain the same whether in cold or warm climates. Moreover, the Gel Memory Foam layer added helps in cooling your dog. The removable and washable cover is soft and comfortable, making it easier to clean the entire bed whenever there is a mess.

Shipping Policy: Pet Support Systems ships its products to any place around the world. The delivery dates depend on the accessibility of the ordered items and the shipping alternatives you choose. Moreover, remember the shipping rates for several products are weight-based. The brand allows the return of unopened products within 30 days to get a full refund. If the customer received a defective or incorrect item, the brand pays return shipping costs.

Available in All Sizes: Top Dog Orthopedic Bed comes in five different sizes, which include large, medium, small, X-large, and XX-large. These sizes suit every dog breed since they can accommodate giant dogs and small dogs. As said earlier, kittens also love this bed which makes it an available pet bed. Above all, the fabric cover used comes in various colors to match your desired needs.


  • Offers premium comfort
  • Made using the best quality memory foam
  • It comes with a removable and washable dog bed cover
  • Suitable for dogs of different sizes
  • It’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • The cover is resistant to dust mites and anti-microbial
  • Resistant to heat variations
  • Gel Memory Foam keeps the dog cool
  • Supports bone posture and structure
  • Offers refund


  • Limited color selection
  • A bit costly

=> Click here to visit the official website of Top Dog Orthopedic Bed

#3. Infrared Dog Bed: Most Popular Luxury Beds For Dogs For Proper Sleep


Bully Beds is another fantastic brand that makes the best quality pets bed. Bully Beds’ name was in honor of Bull, who had 150 pounds and was a wonderful and unique family member. Bull started to experience hip discomfort. The vet advised that the best dog’s bed will have a significant impact on his ability to rest and sleep comfortably. However, without sufficient support, the dog’s joints get into contact with a hard surface that is below the bed.

To make Bull comfortable, it needed an orthopedic dog bed or therapeutic bed design. Bull Beds brand was started with a mission of creating a beat quality and affordable dog bed that offers superb support and comfort that a considerable dog needs. Beds from this brand provide both therapeutic relief and luxurious relaxation. Moreover, the dog bed from this brand is waterproof, attractive in design, expertly made, and offers a long-lasting serving.

Bully Beds is a family-operated and owned business that is rising by leaps and bounds. Moreover, this Florida-based brand manufactures and vends dog beds that are suitable for all sized dogs and helps by improving their general health quality. Infrared Dog Bed from Bully Beds comes in different sizes to suit various dogs. The sizes available include large, X-large, and XX-large.

Infrared Dog Bed is the only dog bed that has certification as an FDA medical device. Moreover, Infrared Beds help in treating shoulder and joint stiffness, arthritis, muscle pain, and other similar conditions since it treats the entire body and not a specific state. You can use your dog’s body as a power source with the help of infrared ion improved ceramic coated fibers on Bully Beds. It reflects far infrared ray emissions emitted naturally by the body heat back to the skin.


Refund Policy: Bully Beds offers thirty days for trying if the bed serves the intended purpose. With a successful return process, you will get a complete refund in 5 to 8 business days. Shipping charges depend on the weight of the product ordered and the shipping method customer chooses.

Waterproof and Washable Bed Cover: While other brand manufacturers charge extra money for an internal waterproof cover, this brand will offer you a free surface. In addition, these covers are fully waterproof, and they will repel vomit, spit, urine, water, or any other kind of liquid. Furthermore, the bed has a liner that sits at the outer cover and fully wraps the entire bed. This offers protection on all sides. The cover comes with a zipper which makes it quick and easy to remove for simple cleaning.

Specialty Foam: Bully Beds consist of hypoallergenic and non-toxic fabric that’s safe for people and pets. Its bottom is of the premium orthopedic foam 2-pound available on the market. Furthermore, it’s then topped off with a luxurious memory foam 4.5-pound available in high-end mattresses. With all these improved functional materials, your dog will have a solid and ultra-soft resting surface. These orthopedic benefits are more beneficial to giant dogs since they will get gentle cradles on their joints.

Durable: Bully Beds products are durable because they use the best quality material. Moreover, the brand offers a guarantee of reliable use for 20 years. They use high-density fabric layered with a comfortable memory foam which is 7” high to keep your dog off the hard floor as it contours to and padding their body’s large frame. Moreover, Bully Beds’ mixture of materials is capable of holding about 300 pounds minus condensing or sinking, making it suitable for any dog size.


  • Comes with a soft microfiber cover
  • Features non-slip base
  • Has a washable and waterproof cover
  • Offers a refund
  • Uses Certipur-US safe memory foam
  • Gives maximum luxury, joint comfort, and stability
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • Offers free shipping
  • Available in different sizes to accommodate more dog sizes
  • Features non-hazardous foam
  • Helps in soothing pain and aiding recovery
  • Offers a 20-year warranty


  • It’s costly
  • Only two color varieties are available

=> Click here to visit the official website of Infrared Dog Bed

#4. Paw Brands PupRug Dog Bed: Most Recommended Brand For Dog Beds 

Paw Brands PupRug Dog Bed from Pet Pro Supply Co is an innovative memory foam that can act as a pet’s bed and as an eye-catching runner rug. Moreover, this pet bed offers our pets a comfortable place to relax. Furthermore, this dog bed blends seamlessly into more homes since it has a luxurious and modern design. Apart from having a dog’s bed, this brand carries more than eighty brands with top-quality pet equipment and supplies. The equipment is for pet professionals, including groomers, animal shelters, veterinarians, doggy daycares, etc.

Some of the vendors available include Adams, Advantage, Austin Air, AutoSlide, Andis, Aleko, B-Air, Benefab, Cadet, and others. Bed covers from Paw Brands are machine washable, which makes it easier and convenient when cleaning. To take out the memory foam bottom from its outer cover, you need to unzip the zipper linings. With PupLounge, always ensure you eliminate the bolster cushion from its cover. In addition, a damp cloth is suitable for use in removing stains from a cover together with dishwashing soap and warm water.

The memory foam isn’t machine washable. However, there are several methods of cleaning it, including the use of baking powder. When you need to clean the memory foam, sprinkle lightly baking powder on the foam to give it a fresh smell and allow it to sit for about thirty minutes. After that, you can vacuum pet hair together with the baking powder.

Paw Brands PupRug contains the soundest pressure-relieving orthopedic foam base, which has a guarantee of not flattening for 10 years. Moreover, this dog bed comes has a waterproof foam liner with an ultra-soft faux fur cover. Above all, the bed has a non-slip bottom hence suitable for those having slippery flooring.


Free Shipping: Pet Pro Supply Co brand offers free shipping on all orders above $499. The shipping time differs depending on your location.

Size: Paw Brands PupRug measures 72” in length by 28” in width. Moreover, the dog’s bed is also available in a rectangle of gray and curved white.

Additional Products and Services: Apart from vending pet beds, Pet Pro Supply Co has other extra products and services, including grooming, crates, veterinary, pet travel, etc. Grooming includes a bathtub, bathing system, air purifiers, clippers, dryers, grooming tables, scissors, etc. On veterinary, you will get scales, dog wheelchairs, thermometers, dentistry, tool sanitization, etc.

Comfort: This dog bed is made using human-grade memory foam, which helps in easing joint pain and offers maximum support to your dog. The premium, pressure-releasing orthopedic memory foam comes with a no-flattening guarantee of 10 years. It’s easier and quicker to clean the liners using a damp cloth and warm water, which will remove all the stains. This dog bed has a waterproof foam liner and features an ultra-soft faux fur cover that is removable and washable. Above all, the bed has a non-slip base making it suitable for those having slippery flooring.


  • Comes with a no-flattening guarantee of 10 years
  • Has a memory foam liner that’s waterproof
  • Features an orthopedic memory foam base offering pressure-relieving
  • Comes with an ultra-soft and washable faux fur cover
  • The bed has a non-slip bottom
  • Has a beautiful design that adds some decor to your home
  • Suitable as a dog bed and as an attractive rug


  • Free shipping is for orders above $499 only

=> Click here to visit the official website of Paw Brands

How We Made This List Of Best Dog Beds, Elevated & Comfiest?

Since there are various dog breeds available around the world, dogs come in different sizes, weights, shapes, and sleep behavior. Thus, another dog breed might need an additional bed type. This makes it difficult to get the best from the several pet bed styles available on the market. For us to come up with these best four dog beds, we had to follow a checklist of different features and specifications. We did market research online and listed several products. We checked users’ impressions to get the best pet bed brand.

What We Checked For?

  • Fabric and Frame 

From our list, we selected beds that have a strong frame that can comfortably hold the weight of an average dog. A metal frame is the best since it’s solid and durable. Besides, metal and other rigid materials are resistant to chewing; hence it won’t break due to teething or dog anxiety within a few weeks. Moreover, we choose those beds that come with a machine washable cover made using stain-resistant fabric. With this kind of cover, it will be simple to clean the surface making your dog’s bed clean and comfortable. In addition, the surface needs to be double-stitched to guarantee durability because, at times, dogs are messy.

  • Size 

We choose brands that make beds that scale to suit the bodies of several varieties of dogs. Moreover, we eliminated most brands that concentrated on just the large size only or small size only because dogs come in various sizes.

  • Comfort Features 

A good pet bed should be as comfortable as possible. We selected beds that are as comfortable as possible with the help of egg-crate textured foam, memory foams, bolsters, etc. In addition, the best dog bed designs come in different ranges, which include simple, stylish, flat, or plush. When choosing the best bed, your dog’s size, preferences, breed, coat, and age all play an essential role. The beds should fit the room and the dog. If possible, you should test them for comfort before handing them over to a pup. Check for the best shapes, materials, and structures for your dog to have a comfy sleep. Moreover, if the bed is for outdoor use, pet owners can choose one that has a waterproof cover.

  • Bed Types 

Dog beds comes in different hues, styles, and patterns. Thus, if you will place the pet bed inside your home, you will have several options to choose from that match correctly with your house furnishings or decor. Due to this, we select those brands that offer several varieties of beds, giving you a broad selection option. Some common types of dog beds include a bolster, memory foam, raised style, nest, and pillow style.

Best Dog Beds: Buying Guide

Your dog’s bed design is very significant, more so if you need your pet to have a comfortable rest and sleep. Since the market has several bed designs, it can be more confusing, mainly if you are a new buyer. You need to get your dog the most comfortable bed with an orthopedic memory foam dog bed. This bed offers pain relief therapy plus extra support for your joints and head. Below is what you should check out when buying the best dog bed.

  • Material Used

There are several varieties of materials used in making a dog’s bed to create optimum comfort. The most popular ones include faux fleece, cotton, and suede since they offer a smooth and comfortable touch. In addition, you can also get a bed with waterproof covers. Most dog beds utilize a mixture of various materials to guarantee a more comfortable use. For instance, there are those beds with a faux fleece layer at the bottom to offer comfort, plus a waterproof lining around their rim.

Always go for beds that have structural features, including triple-stitched seams, puncture-resistant cover, and dense stuffing. Moreover, choose a bed with non-toxic materials.

  • Size and Color

Dog beds are available in diverse sizes to suit other dog breeds. Always get the right bed size for your dog. From the brands we have on our listing, you will get small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large sizes. An XX-large-sized bed is a bed for breeds that grows big since it will offer them a comfortable resting place with extra space to move around. Moreover, go for varieties that have various neutral colors made to match typical home design hues. Remember that darker tones will retain their hues for long.

Small dogs will feel uncomfortable when on more extensive beds, while big dogs will be unable to spread out when on smaller beds. Always pick a bed that is roughly one and a half times the size of your dog. Several manufacturers offer handy sizing charts depending on weight. However, your dog should be able to stretch out comfortably in any direction.

  • Sleeping Pattern

Go for a bed that suits your dog’s sleeping manner. Mostly, a flatbed that has one or more high sides will work best for most dogs. Moreover, fully enclosed beds are suitable for anxious pups since your dog will feel safer when inside them.

  • Cost

Presently best quality beds are now affordable. However, the more you will spend, the stronger and more durable a bed is. One can check on the way their dog utilizes their bed to decide the amount they will pay. For instance, those dogs that like chewing beds require a high-quality firm bed. However, a bed that comes with a sturdy and removable cover can be pricier.

  • Comfort

This depends on the level of support and the kind of material used. Moreover, there are several factors to check out when it comes to selecting the right bed for your pet. If your pet has arthritis and other related conditions to older dogs, it’s always advisable to choose the best elevated dog bed with orthopedic support. For a healthy and young dog, a standard model is satisfactory.

  • Washability

Pets are adorable, especially cats and dogs. However, they can be messy at times. Therefore, a dog bed that comes with a washable and waterproof cover makes it simple to clean. However, you should always check the cover’s washing guidelines since some need to be line-dried more, especially if they come with a non-skid bottom.

  • Extra Features

Some beds have added features to make a dog as comfortable as possible. These include dog bunk beds, heated dog beds, and luxury dog beds. Moreover, the climate you experience in the area you live, your aesthetic, and your dog’s breed may need a bed having extra features. Some of the additional features to find out include reinforced corners, bolsters, covers with heavy-duty zippers, etc.

FAQs Regarding Dog Beds: 

Do dogs really need bed?

Several dogs require a comfortable bed to rest. Moreover, some dogs are picky, and others aren’t. Some need a raised bed or a simple cushion. Moreover, as a dog ages, it needs some support and cushioning to prevent pains and aches. In addition, a bed also offers a space that is just for the dog. Therefore, they will not go onto your bed or the sofa. It’s also easier to train a dog by offering them anything that’s theirs when there is a dog bed.

Dogs also deserve a comfortable place for resting. Moreover, they also need a comfortable bed to help them recover from a workout and ward off issues if they are senior dogs. Pet beds also help in reducing anxiety since they will have a place they feel like all they have to do is relax and rest.

How can one maintain their dog’s sleeping bed?

Washing is the primary way of maintaining a dog’s sleeping bed. You should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about washing. The best thing is setting a regular schedule depending on how clean your dog is. Moreover, if your pet remains indoors, their bed requires less frequent washing, unlike the bed for a dog that plays all day in the yard. A sniff test is recommended to prevent bed over-washing.

Vacuuming is another way to maintain your dog’s bed. Vacuuming between washes helps in keeping the dust and dog’s fur from accumulation. Moreover, dogs are also vulnerable to allergies and other skin conditions brought by dust. Therefore, keeping their bed clean helps greatly.

Sun drying will also help in maintaining the bed. The sun features some significant cleaning power. Placing a dog’s bed outside allows UV rays to clean and decrease any bacterial buildup. In addition, a warm day and fresh air also help in refreshing the foam and restoring the loft to the dog’s bed.

What is the best type of bed for a dog?

There are several varieties of dog beds available. The most common ones include donut and bolster, orthopedic dog bed, pillow cushion, heated, and cots.

Donut and bolster, as its name suggests, is a round-shaped bed that has walls on the sides like a cushion. This helps your pets to crutch their head and neck as they sleep on it. Moreover, some are adjustable; hence one can raise them to be an elevated dog bed. Ultimately, the donut and bolster bed type make your dog feel calm and safe. They are more suitable for small pups.

The orthopedic pattern is another dog bed type. This variety of pet cushion offers a crutch to elderly dogs that have issues that bring pain, including arthritis and other kinds of discomforts to their body. This bed type comes with an extra layer of a crutch, which helps in treating these conditions over time. Orthopedic pattern beds are best for both little and massive dogs.

A Pillow cushion dog’s bed is suitable for dogs that stretch more as they have a nap. This bed is cushion-like, and it appears like a pillow and cushion combination in a single body. Therefore, if your dog likes stretching a lot as it sleeps, this is the best bed to offer it.

The heated bed type has cushions that assist in treating dogs that have arthritis since it cures with time. The bed features a heated blanket. This bed type is also suitable for smaller pups, more so during the winter season.

Cot bed type is suitable for dogs that love being outside the house. The elevated dog bed has an elevated feature; hence it helps your dog rest and enjoys what the atmosphere has to offer, minus getting into contact with dirt or mud.

Which should I look for in a dog bed?

There are numerous varieties of dog beds, and they come in different fabrics. The standard material used includes suede, leather, cotton, and faux fleece. There are beds made to match your house decor easily. Moreover, when choosing a bed with the best fabric, always consider that which is simple to wash or vacuum. Go for those which are machine-washable or those with removable covers.

If you have a pet that sheds more fur, go for a more firm or tauter bed since they are simple to clean minus living hair. In addition, if your dog is older and susceptible to bed-wetting, you need to choose a waterproof bed. Beds that are non-washable and non-waterproof will have stains and stink, which forces you to get newer ones even before their time is up.

Dogs are sometimes messy. Hence you should get a bed cover that has seams that are double-stitched to guarantee durability. An elevated dog bed with a stain-resistant material is another great consideration.

For how long will an average dog’s bed cushion last?

Several cushions take one year to wear out. Moreover, with the best quality bed, the pillow will last for up to five years. However, this depends on how your pet uses the bed. For pets that love to scratch or tear, it’s more likely that the cushion will wear off fast. Moreover, heavier dogs will break the foam quickly, leaving a dog-shaped divot. Consistent laundering – though not very frequent, and plumping helps in keeping the dog’s bed and cover for long.

Do dogs like soft or hard beds?

This depends on the dog since various pets have different likings. Some dogs like a platform that keeps them above the ground, while others have delicate sensitivities that make them prefer a bed that’s comfy and soft. Soft beds for aging dogs can lead to more arthritis pain.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Brand For Dog Beds?  

Dogs need a comfortable rest and sleep to keep their body healthy. You will help them achieve this by giving them a good dog bed. Moreover, a dog bed should have non-toxic quality materials. The material used should be simple to clean and comfortable for your dog. All the dog beds in our review are available in different sizes; hence they are suitable for small dogs and large dogs. With either of the bed that you select, always ensure that you are offering a much-required haven for your pet. Apart from being a place for sleeping, it should also act like their den and make them feel safe.

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