Best Folding Picnic Table In 2022: High-Quality Folding Tables

If we have to pick a product that we have tried or regularly use and later review it, folding tables is definitely one of our favorites. These tables represent everything we can’t have these days – a joyful picnic, our family gathered together, friends baking barbecue. Perfection!

Over the last few years, we made countless picnics. Therefore, we needed numerous folding tables and bought several. Since some of them left us a bit disappointed, we decided to write a detailed review of the market’s best portable picnic tables.

Just like with flags, the same rule applies to these tables – you got to know how to hold them, you got to know how to fold them! However, you’ll come to that only if you find a quality and stable folding table.

Read our reviews, buy a folding picnic table, and start planning your next journey. It still counts if it is in your backyard, at least until Covid goes away.

Top Picks For Folding Picnic Tables:

#1. Office Star Products Overall Best Folding Picnic Table

Or, widely known as OSP! These guys work like bees. Anything you need for your office, you can find at the Office Star Store. Don’t get confused. The OS Store is an authorized dealer of all OSP items.

This excellent manufacturer can turn water into wine, making second to none furniture that can fit everywhere. We like this company because it uses quality materials and high-standard working practices to obtain simple yet functional office furniture.

Moreover, it creates home items suitable for houses, condos, apartments, garages, and many more places where you can live or collect stuff.

Besides the excellent products, OSP offers numerous customer services that make this company the No.1 choice to millions of Americans.


Each product that OSP creates undergoes testing for safety and durability. Thus, all items are BIFMA-certified. The company works with resin, wood, leather, vinyl fabric material, and many more high-quality fabrics and materials.

Portable Picnic Tables

Office Star offers 16 foldable tables of excellent quality. Since the company started its job primarily as an office furniture manufacturer, its folding tables can be multi-purposed. Therefore, you can place the item in your garage, backyard, home, or office because it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The tables that belong to the company’s resin collection are made from sturdy HDPE blow-molded plastic. They have a resin surface meaning that they’re waterproof and easy to clean.

These products have durable and steady construction, but they’re very lightweight, so you can easily carry them whenever you want. Moreover, they have a strong carry handle for transportation.

Furthermore, the company creates folding tables with a wood surface. The features are the same, with stable construction. The only difference is that their cover is made from quality waterproof wood.

Resin portable picnic and table set

Since Office Star has numerous folding items, we’ll give you some details about this resin set.

This package contains a 3-piece set that includes one table and two benches. The exact specifications we mentioned before apply to this set. The table and the benches are made from a lightweight material and are foldable. They have gray powder-coated steel tube frames, which provide stability and durability.

As in all resin products, these too have waterproof, stain, and scratch-resistant surfaces. You can use them indoor or outdoor according to your needs.

Furthermore, this set has a simple design and can fit in every surrounding. The table weighs 350 pounds, while one bench weighs 200 pounds.

  • Customer service and policies

If you have any questions or issues regarding the products, you can quickly contact customer service and ask for assistance. The team is available by phone and email. You can also chat with the representatives during working hours.

Furthermore, Office Star Store is an authorized dealer on every OSPs. They have an excellent shipping policy for the continental US. The processing period is approximately 1-3 business days, and they offer free shipping on all orders.

Moreover, if you sign up for their newsletter, you can get a 10% coupon and use it while shopping.

In addition, you can find Office Star Products in numerous other vendors. Thus, they’re available on Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, Staples, HomeDepot, etc.


  • Excellent quality and reputable manufacturer
  • BIFMA-certificate
  • Numerous multi-purpose folding tables
  • Strong materials
  • Excellent table-bench set
  • Waterproof
  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Free shipping


  • Some customers reported that they received an item from Office Star with a scratch.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Office Star Products

#2. Cosco Most Popular Folding Tables

Here’s a company with nearly a century of experience. Cosco started to work before WWII. After the war, the company produced its first line of metal household stools, entering the business of home furniture manufacturing. The rest is history.

Over the years, Cosco created numerous items and products, including chairs, tables, stools, step stools, folding chairs, and metal office furniture.

Now, the company makes and sells numerous high-quality products. It collaborates with several vendors so that you can order items from the official website or from some of its partners,


Cosco covers multiple furniture fields. On its website, you can purchase items for each occasion or need. Besides its folding products, Cosco creates climbing items, such as ladders and step stools.

Furthermore, you can buy moving and organization aids, including hand trucks, carts, and workbenches. In addition, the company provides high-quality outdoor furniture for dining and seating, umbrellas, swings, fire pits, carts, and storage.

Cosco uses industry-standard materials of high quality and resistance.

Portable Picnic Table

Cosco has a folding table for any occasion. You can buy these items whether you’re throwing a party, wedding, for holiday gatherings, or simply to use around the house. The company’s tables are solid, practical, easy to use and assemble.

The folding section includes several excellent products. Therefore, you can buy:

  • Card table
  • Folding laptop tray
  • Personal activity table
  • Banquet table
  • Adjustable height table
  • Kids vinyl table
  • Utility table

Of course, the brand creates various foldable chairs for indoor and outdoor use. But we’ll stick to the tables this time.

Furthermore, you can buy a single item or purchase one of those sets. The collections are available in several forms. You can buy a 5-piece, Kid’s activity, or 7-piece juvenile set.

Deluxe – Lifetime Folding Picnic Table

The Deluxe table top is an excellent item for both indoor and outdoor usage. You can fold the table in half and use the security lock to keep it closed when you carry it. Furthermore, the table has non-marring leg tips, meaning your floor will be protected from scratches. Also, because of the high quality material used, it is a very sturdy table best for camping trips.

The Deluxe Tables series comes in two dimensions. You can buy a 6-foot x 30-inch or 8-foot x 30-inch product. When you’re done using the table, simply fold it in half and store it. The 8-foot weighs 37lbs, while the 6-foot 25lbs. Both have a 300lbs capacity.

Furthermore, you can buy these items in black or white. Either way, both have waterproof and weather-resistant surfaces, so you won’t need to worry about leaving them in your backyard.

Customer service and policies

With so many years on the market, Cosco already has gained experience when it comes to paying attention to its customers and providing helpful customer service.

You can easily contact the company’s customer support if you have any questions. Its team is available via email, or you can make a call. Also, you can chat with the team directly on its website.

Cosco collaborates with several sellers, including Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, Target, Overstock, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. You can visit any of these vendors if you want to buy Cosco products.

Furthermore, you should know that this company often arranges promotions. Customers can get coupons that will reduce the price when they’re shopping. Also, the brand has frequent sales.


  • A well-established and reputable manufacturer
  • A vast assortment of furniture and household aid items
  • Quality products
  • Adjustable table legs
  • Several folding sets with tables and chairs
  • Stable, quality, and affordable fold-in-half tables
  • Frequent sales and promotions


  • You can order items only from Cosco partners

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cosco

#3. Lifetime High-Quality Epoxy Table

Here’s a family story that grew into a world-class manufacturing company. Before Lifetime started working, a father wanted to build a basketball hoop. Since the market didn’t offer a durable and easily-adjusting hoop, the founder wanted to design something simple but solid.

So, the idea was born. What has started as simple portable basketball hoop production has grown as a company with high industry standards and numerous products. Lifetime products range from utility and camping table, chairs, garden aids, and playgrounds to water sports.

The secret to this brand’s success lies in its quality working practices and its goal to create life-lasting products.


As we mentioned, you can buy countless items from this manufacturer. Since we’re here to find the perfect picnic table, we’ll place our focus on the offered Lifetime products from this area.

However, we really have to mention at least some of the Lifetime goods. The company creates at least 10 types of tables starting from wooden picnic table, metal frames to table tops for every occasion. Furthermore, you can attach patio umbrella, drink holders and a carrying handle only for picnic use. You can combine these products with chairs since Lifetime creates 6 categories of seats.

Once you’ve done using your backyard, you can buy one of the Lifetime storage sheds and store your goods. Speaking of backyards, you can also purchase garden and patio products from this company.

Lastly, Lifetime creates a comprehensive range of playground and sports equipment. You can even buy kayaks and paddleboards.

Portable Folding Picnic tables

When it comes to picnic tables, Lifetime offers rectangular, round, and kids tables with extra space for at least four adults. One can even customize according to their personal taste and are an excellent choice for your garden, patio, or backyard.

They’re strong, completely waterproof, and rust-resistant. Also, they will not crack, chip, or peel. Even though they’re durable, an adult person can easily carry them because they’re lightweight. Moreover, they’re foldable.

Speaking of good picnic table, Lifetime creates several other items that you can use whenever you need. You can find:

  • Rectangular tables
  • Utility table top
  • Round tables
  • Miscellaneous tables
  • Adjustable height tables
  • Fold-in-half tables
  • Table carts dollies trucks
  • Square tables
  • Kids tables
  • Table-chair sets

Commercial height adjustable folding table

We’ll tell you a bit more about this foldable type because we want to present you with more options. So far in the reviews, we introduced the Office Star table set and Cosco’s 8-foot table.

This product is suitable if you need a smaller portable table. It’s much easier to store because of its size and can serve you as an additional picnic shelf or as a kid’s dinner table. Of course, you can use this product in multiple ways, mainly because it’s solid and stable.

The most interesting characteristic of the table is its adjustable legs. You can easily manage the height of the table, which is rare among other manufacturers. Since it doesn’t fold in half like some others, it’s more secure for using and avoiding pinching fingers.

In addition, you can purchase a 6-foot version of the same table if you’re looking for something bigger. Moreover, the 4-foot version is also available with a fold-in-half mechanism.

Customer service and policies

Lifetime customer service is available by phone or email. Its representatives are kind, efficient, and helpful, so they will certainly help you with any question you have.

Furthermore, the company offers free shipping on all orders. However, this policy applies only to orders sent to the continental US.

Additionally, Lifetime offers a return policy. You can return your item within 15 days of receiving it, and the company will refund your purchase. However, you can return only unused and unassembled products.


  • You can equip the whole house from only one company
  • Lifetime uses solid and durable materials
  • Reliable company with high reputation
  • One of the most comprehensive selections of tables
  • Numerous high-quality foldable tables
  • Huge size variety
  • Excellent shipping and return policies


  • It doesn’t offer a refund policy

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lifetime

#4. Outsunny – Compact Camping Foldable Table

Outsunny is a brand of Aosom. For over a decade, Aosom has provided services such as outdoor living, sporting goods, and home decor products to millions of customers.

Aosom’s brand Outsunny creates unique and quality outdoor items that allow customers to transform their backyard or take their home with them while traveling. So far, Outsunny has changed and improved more than 16 million homes, making them more practical and fashionable.

The first things you’ll see on the official website are greenhouses and tents. However, we found out that Outsunny also creates unique folding tables. And for affordable prices too!


While we were searching for picnic tables, we must say, we were really amazed by the options. It’s true to say that maybe you’ll need hours to go through each type of table presented at the online store.

But, before we proceed with the foldable picnic tables, we’ll enlist some of the products created by Outsunny. These items are exceptional and are made from high-quality materials. Outsunny already has millions of customers, so whatever product you pick, you’ll not make a mistake.

As we said, the company produces tents, canopies, and gazebos of multiple sizes. You can even find a gazebo with mosquito-net screen walls. The company also offers numerous portable barbecues, patio umbrellas, hammocks, loveseats, and swings.

As for the outdoor furniture, at Aosom, you can buy sofas, dining sets, bar sets, loungers, benches, chairs, gliders, and rocking chairs.

Picnic tables

Outsunny creates several picnic tables for various purposes. You can find standard foldable tables for coffee or dining. But, you can also find portable folding tables with faucets and water basins. The company combines its items with or without benches. However, you can make your own set with chairs or stools, depending on your preference.

The company uses different materials to create its tables. Therefore, there are resin, aluminum, wood, ABS plastic products, etc. Besides the fold-in-half classical tables, you can find:

  • Portable table with faucet and water basin
  • Folding 4-person wooden table with an umbrella hole
  • Coffee table with a lift-top surface
  • Portable camping kitchen table
  • Folding fish filet cleaning table with sink
  • Portable table with storage organizer

Portable folding aluminum table

We think that Outsunny’s 4-seat portable table is one of the best choices on the market if you’re interested in a limited seating item. The table has a robust aluminum construction and a significant weight capacity. Still, it’s lightweight, and when you fold it, you can fit it in your car trunk.

Unlike many other products of this type that you have to construct on your own, the Outsunny 4-person foldable it’s a one-piece design. Therefore, you won’t need to assemble.

This item is sturdy and stable, wear-resistant, and easy to clean and a perfect picnic set. The connected seats are reinforced for better stability and have non-slip feet best suited for family gatherings. Moreover, it has an umbrella hole with dimensions suitable for almost every sunshade and is fully assembled by the company staff. This foldable comes in a gray, green, blue, or silver color.

Customer service and policies

Aosom has very responsive and efficient customer support. The staff is customer-friendly and will help you with any issue you have. You can contact the service by sending a form on the company’s website or calling its agents during business hours. Moreover, the site has a live chat option.

When it comes to customer policies, Aosom offers numerous services that can be beneficial for buyers. The company provides free shipping on all orders. This policy applies only to the US.

Furthermore, Aosom offers a return, refund, and warranty policy. Each of these services has different conditions, so you should read the terms carefully. Moreover, the company has a loyalty program, where regular customers obtain numerous benefits and rewards. All these factors bring great value for the company.

Additionally, Aosom offers 8%-discount for customers who download its mobile app. The company also regularly arranges discounts, giveaways, sales, bonuses, and promotions.


  • Well-known company with millions of satisfied customers
  • Unmatching product range
  • Second to none picnic foldable tables
  • Solid and lightweight tables with an umbrella hole
  • Excellent customer policies
  • Countless sales and discounts


  • It doesn’t ship internationally

=> Click here to visit the official website of Outsunny

#5. Impact Canopy Foldable Work Bench

Impact Canopy truly is American pride. Even though the brand started to work in Canada years ago, now it’s one of the most popular canopy manufacturers that represent the US quality. All custom products created by Impact came from the US, and this brand is the only North American custom instant canopy manufacturer.

We assume that if you haven’t heard of this brand yet (far-fetched, but possible), you may be surprised about how canopy manufacturers make the best portable picnic tables. Well, this manufacturer creates portable tables, and millions of customers are delighted with their quality and durability.

Moreover, you’ll undoubtedly want to buy from a company that supplies Puma, Honda, Adidas, Kawasaki, and many more world-class brands with its products. That’s just a quality trademark.


Impact Canopy has approximately 2600 products. Its products are made with high-standard and durable materials. Since its main products are canopies, the company has to be extremely careful regarding the creation methods.

Therefore, the final products are fire-retardant, stable, and with robust construction frames. Furthermore, Impact creates water-resistant and UV-retardant canopies.

The company uses numerous quality materials, including steel, PE fabric, plastic, aluminum, polyester, mesh, etc. It produces items for various purposes, such as:

  • Canopy foodservice sidewalls
  • Portable carports
  • Outdoor party shelters
  • Portable garages
  • Storage sheds
  • Roller bags
  • Gazebo
  • Carnival canopies
  • Portable photo booths
  • Tables, chairs, and umbrellas
  • Wagons

Presentation folding table – A Work Bench

The product from Impact may be the most easy-to-set table on the market. The item has a powder-coated steel frame and aluminum assembly tube. You can purchase this table only in one size, which is 68“ x 34“ x 34“.

Furthermore, unlike many other picnic tables, this product has a solid wood surface as a tabletop. This characteristic makes Impact’s foldable table unique and more fashionable. Additionally, the table comes in a rolling carry bag, a feature that’s uncommon among Impact’s competition.

When the item is folded, you can fit it in a standard trunk, meaning that it’s super compact. Plus, the rolling carry bag can save you from lifting. You’ll just have to roll it to the wanted spot.

Lastly, this table is exceptionally easy to set, and it will take you just a few minutes. Moreover, you won’t need any tools.

Customer Service and Policies

Impact Canopy customer service works each business day from 6 AM to 5 PM. If you have any technical issues, need assistance, or want to ask something about the products, you can contact the representatives on their phone number or via email. On the brand’s website, there’s also a request form available.

Furthermore, Impact Canopy offers one of the fastest delivery services on the market. After the processing period, your order will be shipped within one business day after payment is confirmed.

Moreover, the brand provides its customer with a return, refund, and exchange policy. All policies have a 30-day period, meaning that you’ll have to request a return, refund, or exchange within 30 days from the delivery date. However, you should know that the policies apply only to unused and unopened items that are in their original condition.

Additionally, Impact Canopy offers numerous and frequent discounts, sales, and coupons. You can subscribe to the company’s newsletter and receive promo codes, discounts, and keep up with the latest news.


  • The most popular North American canopy brand
  • A vast product assortment
  • Top-notch quality
  • Makes custom products
  • Excellent folding table with a solid-wood surface
  • A rolling carry bag for more convenient transport
  • Easy to assemble. No tools needed
  • Excellent customer policies


  • Only one folding table is available.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Impact Canopy

Factors to Consider When Buying Folding Picnic Table

Buying foldable tables usually is a last-minute process we make. Around 3-4 hours before the party, meeting, or dinner starts, we start to panic about where we’re going to seat all those people or where we’re going to place the dishes and glasses for the upcoming event.

Therefore, we go to the closest store and buy the first table we see. Enters chaos! Some of us even have a picture of the mess from the barbeque or someone falling on the floor because the folding bench didn’t hold their weight.

Well, that is the result of buying wobbly, poorly-made tables and chairs. If you don’t want to experience those moments again, we recommend you buy some of the products we reviewed earlier in our article on the best folding picnic table.

However, we included another helpful section to discuss the most critical factors you should consider when buying a foldable table.


We think that you should first consider the materials used in the product. Each manufacturer is obligated to include specifics regarding the item’s composition.

We recommend you purchase a table that is weather-resistant and waterproof. Further, it’s more convenient to buy an item that can cover scratches and is resistant to spills. All these features depend on the material that’s used in the table.

Here are some of the mainly-used materials in foldable tables.


Metal tables are usually made from steel or aluminum.

  • Aluminum tables are easy to carry, both for you and the manufacturers.

This metal is convenient and easy to maintain, and it won’t rot, arp, or split when in contact with sunlight or moisture. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean, durable, and you’ll probably use the table for a long time.

  • Steel tables can last a bit longer and resist more harsh weather.

Furthermore, if you get a table with a coating, it will be more protected from the sun. Many manufacturers add a dry plastic powder to provide additional protection or liquefied plastic against rust and corrosion. However, we must admit that these tables weigh more than aluminum ones.


Wood foldable tables are an excellent choice if you want to be fancy and good-looking. Here are some important facts:

  • They’re good-looking

We surely don’t need to explain a lot regarding this fact. Wood items can fit in nature surroundings. If you want the perfect picnic, a wooden table will add much to the atmosphere.

  • They’re excellent indoor furniture

Because of their look, you can pack your table from the backyard and place it in your living room. Even so, you can use it as a working desk on weekdays and as a shelf on the weekend party.

  • They’re easy to protect

If you buy a wood color, you can change the look on your table and protect it from weather conditions. Thus, you can have a new table each time you throw on a party.


Many companies use recycled plastic to create picnic tables. Therefore, if you purchase a plastic table, you’ll help our planet and obtain a lightweight item for you to carry.

  • Plastic tables are durable

The technology behind processing recycled plastic allows the final product to be sturdy against tear and wear. So, they can resist weather, insects, mold, and mildew.

  • They’re easy to maintain

Plastic is straightforward to use and maintain. All you’ll need is a little soap and warm water, and you’re good to go. Moreover, you can place your table in your house and use it as a shelf in your bathroom or laundry room.

Design and Capacity

We’re not going to talk about personal preferences regarding the table’s design, pattern, or color. But, we’ll discuss the product’s shape since it’s closely related to the seating capacity.

When it comes to sizes, each company writes the exact dimensions of the products. Thus, you can calculate your space and see if that table will fit in. Moreover, companies give the dimensions of the items when they’re folded and even the size of the suitcases if they have any.

After you calculate the dimensions, you should consider the design of the table you want to buy. This is important because the shape of the table can impact its seating capacity. Thus, even if you buy a big table, you still wouldn’t be able to accommodate more people.

Table Shapes

You can choose from several shapes of tables.

  • Square

This shape is excellent for a more intimate atmosphere because it can fit four persons. Of course, if you buy a big square table, you’ll be able to accommodate more people. This type can be used for numerous other purposes.

  • Round

Round tables can be classy and fancy. They can also fit into a smaller area. However, be aware that these tables don’t have edges, so sometimes they look like they fit more people than they can actually accommodate.

  • Rectangular

These shapes are most commonly used for picnic tables. They have the biggest seating capacity, and they’re practical. Also, you can put them in the corner if you need to use them as stands.

These are the most common shapes on the market. Still, if you’re interested in something unique, you can also find some exciting products. E.g., there are octagonal and oval picnic tables too.

Single table or table/chair/ picnic set

Another essential factor you’ll have to consider is whether you need a single table or a whole set. Many companies create excellent, durable, and comfortable table sets that include chairs or benches.

If you already have benches, chairs, or stools, then buying a single table is a logical thing to do. However, if you’re not prepared for the upcoming event, sitting on the floor isn’t a good option. Neither is standing on your feet all the time.

If that’s the case, we recommend you select a table set. You should buy a product depending on how many people you want to accommodate and, of course, the product’s stability.

Tables with connected benches or chairs

These sets are excellent if you don’t want to waste time connecting the benches on your own and if you have limited space.

Chairs separated from the table

This option is suitable if you have more space. Also, people will have more space around them.

With or without umbrella holes

There’s not much to discuss here. However, if you place your table in a space full of trees, you won’t need umbrellas at all. So, we suggest you consider where you’ll put the table and make an order accordingly.

How We Made the List of The Best Folding Picnic Table

After our reviews and hopefully helpful buying guide, we’ll tell you how we found the best folding picnic tables on the market. You may freely use some of these tips when buying tables yourself.


We considered everything we wrote in our previous section when we were looking for the best folding picnic table. We paid attention to the materials, shapes, capacity, durability, weight, and whether the tables are easy to assemble.

We wanted to find tables created by following high industry standards. So, to get that quality, we went to reputable manufacturers that have long ago established and proved their professionalism in the field of outdoor furniture.

We have to say that years of experience in the business had an impact on our decision. However, we admit that there are many newbies on the market with solid quality products.


Everyone has a different budget when it comes to buying foldable tables. Many people think that they shouldn’t invest too much money in foldable tables and chairs. The same people suffer falling from their seats because they have bought unsafe products in the first place.

On the other hand, we don’t think that people should buy ridiculously expensive picnic tables to get quality products. Therefore, we considered prices when we made our list.

These brands have very affordable products. Moreover, they have excellent sales, promotions, coupons, gift codes, and discounts.

Customer reviews

Our list isn’t based only on our opinions and experiences. When we searched for the best foldable tables, we read countless customer reviews.

Many people share their experiences with these products. We read whether they’re satisfied or not. Also, we found numerous customer videos where they record while setting their tables, showing how easy-assembled they are.

FAQs About Folding Tables

How to clean a picnic table?

It depends on the table material. There are different types of soaps, washers, and detergents suitable for various materials. First, see from which material your table is made.

E.g., if you have an aluminum table (standard type), you won’t need some special ingredients or tools. You can clean your aluminum table with a solution of dish soap and warm water.

We recommend you dry it thoughtfully after rinsing the solution. Also, you shouldn’t use any strong cleansers or bleach products.

What is a picnic table made of?

Well, the well-known picture from a park or big backyard usually contains a picnic table from wood. However, even though the wooden tables are nice, they have a shorter life compared to metal or plastic tables.

These days, it’s more convenient to take advantage of the new technologies that recycle and convert waste plastics into usable products. Plastic folding tables are easy to clean, assemble, and transport. They’re lightweight and usually last approximately 15 years. If you take proper care of them, they will definitely last much more than 15 years.

Furthermore, you can buy a table from metal. Usually, companies use steel or aluminum.

Can a picnic table fit a family of 8 people?

Yes, it can. However, keep in mind that we’re talking about a rectangular picnic table of a standard size. There are also oval and round tables that have a capacity of up to 12 people.

It all depends on the size of the table you want to purchase. However, remember that the shape can impact the capacity too. Usually, the most commonly bought shape is rectangular since it can hold more people than some other forms.

Conclusion: Which Folding Table Should You Choose?

Well, we have said everything. There’s no need to repeat the same things all over again since we think that you undoubtedly get the point.

These are the best outdoor furniture brands, and under these you’ll find the best folding picnic tables. We wrote a whole article to prove this statement, and we really hope that we did a good job.

Now, you have all the necessary information. The only thing you need to do is to visit Office Star, Cosco, Lifetime, Aosom, or Impact Canopy, make an order, and enjoy your favorite folding picnic table with your family and friends.

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