15 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites (Working In 2022)

free sports streaming sites

Cable and satellite television providers offer access to live sports streaming, but sometimes you simply cannot find your favorite match on any live TV channel. If you don’t want to end up being frustrated before the big game, or even worse, miss the first few minutes that end up being the most important part of the match, you should bookmark some free sports streaming sites.

That way, you’ll always be prepared for the slightest chance that your favorite team’s big game isn’t streamed on live TV, or perhaps when you need to watch a part of the game while stuck in traffic.

But finding a reliable sports streaming site isn’t quite simple, especially if you’re in a rush. That’s why we already listed a couple of the best sports streaming sites where you can watch live games for free. So take a look at them, and make sure you bookmark a couple so you’ll be prepared the next time you need to watch a match online.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites – Quick List

  1. Stream2Watch
  2. BuffStreams
  3. CrackStreams
  4. SportRAR TV
  5. Bosscast
  6. SportSurge
  7. Facebook Watch
  8. Worldcup Football
  9. VIPRow Sports
  10. Fox Sports
  11. Live Soccer TV
  12. SonyLIV
  13. Batmanstream
  14. Cricfree
  15. Laola1

Top 15 Sports Streaming Sites [Reviewed]

  • Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is one of the best online services for watching live sports events for free. The free streaming platform offers worldwide coverage of all professional sports leagues. On the site, you can watch basketball, boxing, combat sports, soccer, hockey, NFL, baseball, tennis, golf, and many other sports games and events.

As an added plus, the service also streams many popular USA, Canadian, UK, Portuguese, German, and even Serbian TV channels.


  • Reliable streaming of international sports
  • Multiple streaming options for every event
  • Unlimited access to live sports


Stream2Watch is an excellent choice if you’re in a hurry before the big game starts. It shares several streaming links, but the sites you’re redirected to contain many ads.

  • BuffStreams

BuffStreams is a free sports streaming platform, offering LiveTV and live scores along with its streaming service. The streaming site allows you to watch sporting events from all across the world, on any device of your choice.

Current sporting events are neatly organized in an updated schedule that allows you to keep up with the big games ahead. You get to choose between a variety of sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball, NBA, tennis, cricket, NHL, golf, boxing, motorsports, and many other options.

Buffstream shares third-party streams from other sites and platforms, but instead of redirecting you to various websites, all the streams are hosted directly on the platform.


  • An extensive schedule of available sporting events
  • No need for jumping across different platforms


BuffStream is a sports streaming site that allows you to watch the most popular games online. The platform is available on all smart devices, but if you cannot watch the big game at the moment, you can stay posted through the live scores.

  • CrackStreams

CrackStreams is a live streaming service that allows you to watch NFL, NBA, UFC, NHL, and boxing streams for free. On the platform, you can go through the schedules for upcoming games and matches, which are neatly organized. Links take you to a new window where you can watch the game directly on the CrackStreams platform. The service also offers a live-chat option, where you can communicate with other sports fans during the match.

CrackStreams is oriented towards boxing and similar sports like MMA and UFC, so if you were looking to watch sports like football and soccer, you should look elsewhere.


  • Updated schedules of sports events
  • A vast range of boxing games


CrackStreams is a free streaming platform that will help you watch your favorite boxing matches. It streams live boxing, MMA, UFC, XFL, and CFB events. With a premium account, you can also get 4K streams.

  • SportRAR TV

SportRAR TV is another live sports streaming site that accumulates live sports streams from various sources, allowing you to follow almost every match in a single place. The platform collects streaming links from live broadcasts, making them easily available in its user-friendly interface.

On SportRAR TV, you can watch your favorite football, tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, handball, ice hockey, and many other sports games. The platform allows you to filter different games. There’s also a scoreboard where you can keep up to date with the results of any matches you might have missed.


  • Simple user interface
  • An excellent game event schedule that adjusts to your time zone


SportRAR TV is pretty simple to use and offers a variety of different sports for any sports fan. The only downsides are the intrusive pop-ups. Some videos are stacked with nagging pop up, which may workaround your ad blocker.

  • Bosscast

Bosscast is a free sports streaming platform that many football and basketball fans will love. The free streaming site offers an excellent range of available sports games, so you shouldn’t have a hard time keeping up with your favorite team’s important games on the platform. However, you should expect a lot of pop-ups, so we suggest you install an ad-blocker if you haven’t already.

If Covid has got you craving to chat with your sports budding while watching the big game, Bosscast also offers a live chat option where you can comment your thoughts about the game’s highlights.


  • Online chat and an extensive Twitter community help you socialize while watching the big game
  • An excellent selection of sports and games


Bosscast is a great sports streaming service, offering multiple sources for every game, so you have better chances of catching the game on time. The platform offers an incredible social aspect, allowing you to communicate with other like-minded individuals while watching live events.

  • SportSurge

SportSurge is a free live streaming platform for watching popular sports online. The streaming service offers access to major popular sports events for sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, formula, MMA, football, boxing, cricket, rugby, and even NCAA and CFB. Or, in other words, almost every sport you can think of.

The platform features a detailed event schedule that will allow you to browse between past, current, and future events.


  • HD video format
  • Updated sports event schedule
  • Extensive range of available sports


SportSurge is one of the top-rated free sports streaming sites. It offers an abundance of free content without bothering you with intrusive ads. The event availability, along with the few ads and HD quality, makes an incredible streaming experience.

  • Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is another free streaming platform that will help you replay your favorite highlights of sports and other events on Facebook. The social network features an incredible streaming service where you can watch content for free. You can connect with other watchers and even share and comment on posted videos.

Though it may not be ideal for watching live games, Facebook Watch is an excellent source of sports-related content and other entertaining videos.


  • Browse between a vast range of videos from across the world
  • Live streams of shows
  • Sports highlights and other pre-recorded videos


The free social media streaming platform will allow you to watch sports highlights and other interesting content. The video-sharing site is pretty similar to YouTube with a few limited features.

  • Worldcup Football

Though the name suggests otherwise, Worldcup Football is a free site offering links to various sports games. It features everything between MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, UFC, boxing, and world cup football, but there are also available streams for less popular college football and basketball games.

The platform offers an expansive content library, meaning that you can watch all major sports and games on the site. The content is optimized for different resolutions, so you get an incredible viewing experience regardless of your device or the connectivity speed.


  • Available on smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and laptops
  • Compatible with TV streaming platforms like Chromecast
  • A neat chat box feature is also available


Apart from the annoying pop-ups and banner ads, which are an inevitable part of most free sports streaming sites, Worldcup Football offers a pretty good viewing experience. There’s a lot of content to browse through, so the chances of finding a reliable link for the next big game are pretty favorable. The interface is pretty simple and well-designed, suitable for a sports streaming platform.

  • VIPRow Sports

VIPRow is a free streaming site that offers HD quality without needing a subscription. The live sports streaming site offers a vast range of different sports, including football, combat sports, tennis, golf, American football, baseball, ice hockey, and a lot more. The streaming service is free of charge, and there’s no need to sign up, so you can start watching right away.

You can search sports games by different categories and even teams, as the library of live games is pretty comprehensive.


  • Sports on demand
  • Live sports streaming
  • VIP box games


VIPRow Sports lets you watch almost every sport online. The only downside is that the platform is full of ads that keep popping up whenever you click on a link.

  • Fox Sports

Fox Sports is a free streaming platform available on all smart devices. The premium streaming site will grant you access to sporting events, whether you’re watching on your home smart TV or your mobile device at the office. The streaming website keeps up an updated schedule of events and allows you to bookmark favorite shows, teams, players, etc.

The site offers some extra features, like odds, stories, and sports news, providing you with all the latest updates in a single place.


  • Live streams for various sports games and events
  • Sports schedules and scores


Although Fox Sports is a good streaming site, it might not be the perfect choice for all occasions. The video streams aren’t optimized, so you’ll need an ultra-fast connectivity speed if you want to watch live sports on the site.

  • Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is an excellent way to stream different sports online for free. It currently offers live streaming of soccer, rugby, and cricket events. The service also keeps up an accurate event schedule with upcoming games and events you can watch online.

Along with live streaming, Live Soccer TV also delivers a lot of other content, including the latest sports news, information about athletes and sports teams, and so much more. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices.


  • 24/7 updated match schedule
  • Live streams of popular sports games


Watching live games on Live Soccer TV is free, and you won’t need to set up an account. All you need to do is find the game you want to watch and start streaming.

  • SonyLIV

SonyLIV is a streaming service that allows you to watch sports, movies, and TV shows from all across the world with a free or paid subscription. On the site, you can watch sports games, including live cricket, football, WWE, and UFC.

Apart from the live stream, you can also find exciting highlights and fun moments from past sports games.


  • Live sports games and events
  • English and Indian TV shows
  • Movies on demand


SonyLIV offers a fantastic collection of popular sporting events, TV shows, and movies. You can choose between a free or a $19 a year subscription, but the free access doesn’t unlock too much content.

  • Batmanstream

Batsmanstream is an excellent streaming service for major sports in the US, Europe, and Asia. The service doesn’t stream the games – it supplies links to various streaming sites where you can watch the big game. There are always a couple of different links available, so even if one doesn’t work, you can always watch the game on another one.

To help you catch the big game on time, Batmanstream features an event schedule on its homepage.


  • Active and reliable streaming links
  • Simple use with a user-friendly interface


Batmanstream is a free streaming service that will help you catch your favorite game on time. It offers an incredible range of sports games and events, but many of its clients are repelled by the nagging advertising redirects.

  • Cricfree

Circfree is a free sports streaming platform that works best on desktop and laptop computers. The streaming website grants free access to major sports games, including football, rugby, boxing, tennis, hockey, moto GP, etc.

The platform keeps up an updated schedule, which allows you immediate access to the streaming link for a specific game. It also features a live chat to help you exchange opinions and forecasts with other sports lovers.


  • A vast range of sports to stream
  • Neat and updated game schedule


Circfree offers incredible service without charging for it, but the number of intrusive ads can be pretty annoying. You’ll have to struggle with several ads until you finally land on the streaming site.

  • Laola1

Laola1 is another excellent choice from some of the best free sports streaming sites. The platform allows you to watch live games directly in your browser, so watching the next game won’t take up too much time. It offers live stream links for many sports, with handball, hockey, and basketball as the most popular options. Even if you’re looking for a specific match of EuroVolley or the Davis Cup, you can find it on Laola1.


  • Reliable links from over 15 reputable sports streaming sites
  • A variety of different sports to choose from


Even though Laola1’s streaming services are discontinued, you can still catch all the big games on its partner platforms. They will supply incredible live streams of the most popular sports event anytime.

Free Sports Streaming Sites FAQ

Q: What is live streaming?

Streaming is the method of data transmission used to watch videos online. With streaming, a video file is transmitted bit by bit, most usually from a remote storage location. By transmitting parts of the file over the internet, clients don’t have to download the entire video before they start watching.

Live streaming is similar to streaming videos, but here, the streaming video is shared over the internet in real-time, without being pre-recorded and stored. With the advancement of technology, TV broadcasts, video game streams, and even social media videos are available for live streaming.

The difference between regular and live streaming is that for regular streaming, the content is created beforehand, then stored and relayed to the audience. In contrast, live streaming delivers the content to the audience as soon as it is made.

Q: Is streaming live sports games illegal?

Streaming copyrighted material without purchasing the copyrights is illegal. Recent laws increased criminal penalties for people who “willingly and for commercial advantage or private financial gain illegally stream copyrighted material”. A couple of years ago, illegal streaming of copyrighted material was a misdemeanor. With the new law, the Department of Justice can press felony charges against service providers that offer such unlawful services.

While recent laws criminalize the illegal streaming of copyrighted content, watching a stream of unlicensed movies or sporting events isn’t mentioned in the PLSA (protecting lawful streaming act). Even if the live stream isn’t authorized by the copyright holder, watching it doesn’t technically violate the Copyright Act of 1976. Though there are a lot of different interpretations about how the copyright law was adapted to the internet, watching unlicensed content is still considered legal.

The new PLSA law doesn’t affect the activities of internet users nor criminalizes non-commercial activities. Though there are many disagreements on the subject, most experts claim that watching a stream shouldn’t incur any copyright liability from the act of watching alone.

Q: Is it illegal to watch unauthorized streams of sporting events online?

There is a big difference between watching a stream and hosting a party using an unauthorized stream. The watching party can be considered a public performance, meaning you’re creating a criminal liability. On the other hand, a private viewing cannot be regarded as a public performance and isn’t charged as a felony.

The Copyright Act of 1976 also distinguishes streaming and downloading the content. Streaming or merely watching the content isn’t a violation of the act, but if you download the content, you’re knowingly creating a copy of copyrighted content. The Copyright Act clearly states that copying and distributing these streams is a criminal violation, while courts have stated that simple private viewing is not equal to creating a copy, and thus, it is not a violation.

With that said, watching unauthorized streams of sporting events isn’t illegal, but if you decide to stream a party or download the content, you should be prepared to pay a fine ranging between $750 and $10.000.

Q: Can I watch live football on my smart TV?

Yes, watching live streams on smart TV is possible and relatively simple. Thousands of live stream sites offer live streams of sports events, and smart TV devices, as well as any other smart devices, will allow you to watch the live stream.

First, you’ll need a stable internet connection that will allow you to watch the big game without interruptions. With that checked out, you’ll then need to find a good streaming service. You can use a free sports streaming site or subscribe to streaming services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, or any other streaming services. After finding the right streaming service, you can start watching live football games on your smart TV or another smart device.

If you don’t own a smart TV, you can purchase a streaming box that is plugged into your regular TV, allowing you to watch live sports events and any other shows, similar to what you can do on a smart TV.

Q: What is needed to watch a live sports stream?

To watch the next game online, you’ll only need a couple of things. A fast and stable internet connection, a reliable streaming service, and a supported device that can display the content from the streaming service.

Different streaming services may have additional requirements, like a browser that supports HTML5 Media Source Extensions or some other necessities that will allow your device to play the streamed content.

Conclusion: Sports Streaming Sites Lets You Watch Sports For Free?

Finding a reliable sports streaming service can be time-consuming, and if you’re in a rush, you probably cannot afford to waste any more time. That’s why we made sure to introduce some of the best free sports streaming sites to you. Some offer entirely free service, while others work with affordable subscriptions.

Based on your preferences, the sports you’re interested in, and the information we laid out for you, you can now make a proper decision and find the best streaming service to help you watch the next big game without wandering across redirecting websites.

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