Best HHC Brands To Buy Hemp Products In 2022

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is the newest form of hemp extract. It has only been in the market for a few years, yet there is a lot of talk about its benefits as positive feedback attesting to its unique effects. Despite the rave, many people are still not familiar with HHC.

HHC is very similar to the delta-9 THC, but unlike the delta-9 THC, it has federal legal backings despite its high and other properties. This and more make the HHC one of the hemp derived cannabinoids considered worthwhile.

Understanding the entire concept of HHC at a go is a little bit difficult, especially when you consider the fact that it is still new in the market. Currently, only a few retail outlets sell it, and most of these outlets sell naturally occurring hemp cannabinoid in the form of HHC products. HHC has shown promises, so expect to hear more about the cannabinoid.

Now, it is worthy of note that there is an increase of hostility by state and federal agencies towards delta-9 THC; this has given room for HHC to serve as a more legal alternative for canna-enthusiasts. This is probably because HHC is not a THC compound. However, just like I stated earlier, we still need to know much about HHC.

HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC. It is a natural cannabis extract also considered semi-synthetic if chemically hydrogenated from THC.

Analyses show that it has approximately between 70-80% THC strength. This means that HHC is more potent than delta-8 and delta-10. Just a little consumption is enough to give a euphoric high like delta-9, but with a more soothing and relaxing quality like the delta-8.

One thing remains constant with most CBD products like THC and other cannabinoids; not all brands have the same excellent quality that you might want in a product. HHC is no exception. From the ingredients used to the formulas, all the manufacturing processes play a significant role in how the end product would turn out. That’s why we researched the best HHC brands and came up with what we consider the top three in the market.

Top 3 Brands To Buy HHC Products In 2022: 

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best HHC Brand On The Market
  2. Hollyweed – Top Choice of Hemp Product for Sale
  3. Delta Extrax – Strongest HHC Brand in the Hemp Market

#1. Exhale-Wellness: Overall Best HHC Brand On The Market

Exhale-Wellness is a relatively new brand in the HHC arena and has become one of the major players in the flourishing HHC industry. The brand has its headquarters in L.A, California. Exhale Wellness was established by experts who have decades of experience with hemp. They get their hemp from nothing short of the best farms in Colorado, with strict controls for growing and processing.

Exhale Wellness brand has not only come up with organic, vegan, and all-natural products but has also added certain superfoods to their cannabinoid offerings. The Exhale Wellness brand has a passion for quality. That’s why their HHC product is made from cannabis sourced from local farmers with a complete focus on all-natural ingredients. That’s how they manage to get maximum potency.

Exhale Wellness is fully committed to bringing up the best that HHC offers. Exhale Wellness passed a third-party lab-tested CBD to ensure high quality and potency.


At Exhale Wellness, their team comprises hemp farmers, researchers, and general cannabis enthusiasts. Many of them have been in the organic food industry for years. This expert team is one of the reasons why their HHC product is top-notch.

You would certainly be at ease knowing that Exhale Wellness ensures all its products are compliant with the Federal Farm Bill. That is, they have less than 0.3% THC. This makes Exhale Wellness’ HHC products legal in the United States, among other countries.

Exhale has a fairly straightforward philosophy. They are convinced that the key to wellness resides with nature. In addition, Exhale believes in the power of alternative medicine and its ability to balance the entire body. Exhale Wellness stands out for its commitment to research and dedication to quality.

Exhale Wellness makes their marijuana derived HHC potent and pure. They ensure these products give users a sensational experience while bringing balance to the body. All their products are created from locally sourced hemp, and the potency, purity, and quality of the products are unquestionable.

Finally, Exhale Wellness’ products have passed through lab tests at their Los Angeles unit to ensure they meet the required standard. They also use third-party labs to carry out tests.


  • Their products use premium quality Colorado hemp
  • No harmful chemical additives
  • Their products are cruelty-free and non-GMO
  • Wide range of products with excellent customer service
  • They offer free shipping and affordable prices
  • They offer a 20% discount for first-timers


  • Only available online

Customer Review 

From the reviews available online, it is clear that this HHC product stands up to the company’s claims and can be relied on 100 percent. Moreover, people seem to be satisfied with the product’s potency level. Over 80% of reviewers gave this HHC brand five stars.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Hollyweed: Top Choice of Hemp Product for Sale

Hollyweed HHC is one of the top brands for CBD-related products. It is run by a group of individuals who strive to create their products around the six pillars of Wellness — spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, and social. These pillars put together will facilitate wholeness in the individual.

Hollyweed is consistent and transparent in its products, including the HHC. These qualities are lacking in the CBD market. As such, Hollyweed having them in abundance certainly helped put it on our list. They are a quality product that you can trust.

Hollyweed is committed to providing the highest quality hemp products available. That’s why they source hemp from only the most premium Oregon hemp farms with the highest standard of care.

The entire process of manufacturing HHC is done utilizing the cleanest, most natural, and technically advanced processes available. They aim to maintain their brand reputation by producing the highest quality HHC products on the market.

The result of paying attention to detail is a product with the sort of quality that’s hard to come by in the industry.  It represents the excellence found in hemp when it is given the love and care it deserves.


Hollyweed offers exceptional, premium HHC made from hemp grown in Oregon. This HHC product is designed to provide you with the best experience. Each pack comes in a secure glass jar with a child-resistant cap to ensure the safety of children.

Another feature worth mentioning is that their products are Federal Farm Bill compliant. This shows the legality of the cannabinoid that they use. They abide by federal and state regulations, and their ingredients are obtained from licensed growers.

Hollyweed has built its reputation on efficiency, safety, customer service, a user-friendly website interface, and transparency.

Moreover, Hollyweed follows rigorous methods to test and rectify each product variant, and unbiased, third-party labs perform the tests to ensure product safety and authenticity.


  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • Third-party lab testing and certification
  • Transparency with online lab reports
  • Several popular options such as HHC gummies, HHC vape cartridges, pre-rolls
  • Extensive range of products


  • Only available online

Customer Review

Although Hollyweed HHC is still new in the market, there are already a lot of positive reviews surrounding it, with over 80% of reviewers giving the product 5 stars. This says a lot because it is still a new market. Hollyweed is one of the most prominent players in the HHC market.

Since there is still no available standardized testing structure, purity is one of the major concerns. Reviews of Hollyweed show that the product passed the purity testing standard. Although the effect of the product varies from person to person, there is currently no complaint.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

#3. Delta Extrax: Strongest HHC Brand in the Hemp Market

Delta Extrax (formerly Delta Effex) is an HHC-producing company that stands out for its efficiency. Delta Extrax has a long history in the Hemp and CBD industry. Delta Extrax prioritises innovation while also focusing on purity, quality, and safety.

This HHC brand is one that has managed to build a niche for itself in the hemp industry, despite the stiff competition that seems to be popping up nearly everyday, especially in the United States. This HHC brand is one of the few brands that has been identified as 100% reliable for a number of reasons. For starters, it has strict adherence to federal regulations. Secondly, it is one of the most talked-about HHC brands on forums and social media. Many users have reviewed their products positively and have given them high ratings.

Over the years, Delta Extrax has acquired a firm grip in the market, and this grip is only getting stronger as the compound is becoming more and more popular.


Delta Extrax is one of the top brands for making some of the most potent cannabinoid-related products. HHC from Delta Extrax is efficient and very safe for consumption.

When buying cannabis- or hemp-derived products, we must adhere to some standard practices; one of them is going for a reputable brand.

This HHC brand is entirely reliable. Most customers can attest to its safety and efficiency. One other factor that allows it to stand out is its strict adherence to federal regulations and safety requirements at every production stage.

Delta Extrax surpasses its competitors thanks to the few extra ingredients used in manufacturing it. This brand sources nothing less than the best delta-8 distillate and the purest terpenes to create its HHC. It infuses them into its products to bring you an experience that will not disappoint you.

This extract makes a great alternative to delta-9 THC. It provides the same benefits without unwanted side effects like increased anxiety or tension. Since HHC is not as potent as the delta-9 THC, it’s perfect for anyone that doesn’t like to take too much THC.

There is a third-party lab test to verify its quality. Third-party testing means that Delta Extrax sends its products to an independent laboratory to verify the in-house results. Industry leaders test for potency alongside contamination, heavy metals, and pesticides.


  • The products are gluten-free
  • Good breadth of products
  • A well-known brand that’s been around for a long time
  • Multiple positive customer reviews


  • Only available online.

Customer Review

The potency level makes it a little tricky not to attract a loyal fan base. There are a lot of reviews online that acknowledge its quality and affordability. This is not surprising since the manufacturer focuses on scientific research throughout its manufacturing process. This involvement has paid off, as seen from the broad customer base.

With regards to customer satisfaction, the brand has successfully retained buyers for the most part.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta Extrax

How Did We Select These Hemp-Derived HHC Products? 

Bringing together the top three HHC brands is an uphill task, from filtering through all the companies to finalizing the top three products that we can vouch for. Here are some of the factors we put into consideration:

What are people saying?

What people say about a product matters to a large extent. That is why we researched what people who were customers think about the products. We checked for reviews on the company’s website and other third-party reviewing platforms. This helped us understand what people are saying about the product.

Lab Testing Standards

Since there are currently no testing standards for HHC products, we had to pay extra attention to how transparent the company is about testing. We made sure all the brands on our list placed consumers’ health as their priority. As a result, we removed companies that did not meet the requirement.

Total Pricing 

Getting the value for your money goes far beyond simply buying cheap products. Because, to stand the competition, many companies sell their products affordably to woo customers.

Therefore, we took pricing a step further. That is, we painstakingly put the price of each brand’s product side by side with the value it was offering.

Ingredients Used

The next step was to look at all the ingredients used. We picked only cruelty-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and vegan products. We favored brands that provide additional certifications and documents that showed us what’s contained in the product as well as its efficacy.

Brand Policies

Another factor that we put into consideration is how the brand operates. We immediately crossed out companies that don’t offer return policies and flexible shipping. Besides, a product cannot be great if it is not easily accessible.

Things to Keep in Mind Before buying HHC

Do you want to try out HHC? If so, you must begin by understanding what your prospective brands have to offer. You cannot simply pick the first thing you see and jump right into it.  Once you have a good grasp of what each brand’s HHC entails, you are a step closer to getting the best product for you. Infact, with a good understanding of the product, practically everything else is going to be easy.

With that being said, HHC is new and legalized at both the federal and state levels. There are several brands in the market making different promises; you should be able to see through these promises and evaluate the products without bias. The following should also be on your checklist:

Should I give it a Try?: Before buying HHC, you should have already decided whether or not HHC is suitable for you. It would help if you had also come to terms with the effects of taking HHC and the best ways for you to utilize it for optimal results.

Check if it is a High-Quality Product: This is a significant factor you need to consider. Before buying an HHC product, you need to ensure that the dealer sells only high-quality products.

Find Out What The Product is Good For: HHC helps relieve daily stress, pains, and aches and improve endocannabinoid system functioning, which is responsible for enhancing stress relief, pain relief, sleep health, anti-inflammation, mood, lack of appetite, and cramps. Figure out what the product you want to buy is good for before you invest in it.

Can I Order Delta-8 THC In My State?: Before you order for an HHC, you must check your local state’s policies regarding HHC and other hemp products. While HHC has similar regulations with CBD oil and other hemp products, it is still essential that you check so that you won’t be on the wrong side of the law.

FAQs: Best HHC Brands

Q1. What is HHC?

HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is a chemical compound that occurs naturally and in tiny amounts in cannabis and hemp (marijuana) plants. It’s becoming increasingly popular and is available in some retail stores online.

People use HHC  for recreational and medical use. It is also great for individuals looking for pain relief. It also comes in handy for relaxation without the adverse side effects typically associated with THC consumption.

Q2. Is HHC safe for consumption?

From a medical standpoint, pure HHC is safe. HHC has no known side effects. They meet both state and federal regulations. HHC is also a safer choice than delta-9 products. Lab testing, accurate labeling, and childproof packaging of HHC products, as well as other basic safety assurances make HHC even safer.

Q3. How Does HHC Compare to Regular Marijuana (Delta-9-THC)?

To begin with, the chemical structure is similar to delta-9 THC’s structure. Both of them share the primary psychoactive element that marijuana contains.

The difference between both products is that HHC is not a form of THC while the delta-9 is. When THC pops up in conversations among people, they often mean the highly concentrated delta-9 in marijuana. Both, however, produce a fuzzy and euphoric feeling.

Q4. Does HHC contain quality Ingredients?

The answer to this question is not exactly a one-size-fits-all scenario. Different brands produce different levels of quality. However, all HHC brands on our list meet the required quality without any compromise. They are 100 percent natural and plant-based products.

Q5. Is HHC Reliable?

HHC has, over the years, attracted a lot of customers who seemed to have enjoyed HHC for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. For example, it can help with anxiety or sleep disorders, it works well for several conditions. The manner in which many users consistently use it for different purposes is a testament to its reliability.

Q6. Is HHC a natural substance or a synthetic?

The source of the HHC product, and production process will determine which category it belongs. That is why HHC is classified as both a natural and semi-synthetic cannabinoid.

HHC is, however small, is an extract of marijuana. When THC oxidizes into CBN over time, tiny quantities of HHC occur alongside delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC. CBN also cannabinoid, is a component of marijuana.

The conversion of THC to HHC is a straightforward procedure. THC is chemically saturated with hydrogen atoms, then exposed to a nickel or zinc catalyst, then converted into HHC.

Q7. Is HHC detectable on a drug test?

HHC may or may not show up in a drug test, depending on a number of factors.

THC-COOH forms in the body an individual consumes THC. Drug tests, in most cases, would detect THC-COOH.

HHC metabolizes into 8 alpha-hydroxy-HHC and 8 beta-hydroxy-HHC. Both of these compounds are identical to THC-COOH, according to an early investigation on animal test subjects.

It is worthy of note that there is no available research that indicates that drug tests can detect HHC metabolites or are responsible for false-positive results.

Moreover, there’s also the issue of leftover or residual THC in HHC products after chemical hydrogenation.

Conclusion: Which HHC Brand Should I Buy From?

HHC is one of the top-selling cannabinoids. As a result, many hemp enthusiasts are excited about its potential, but you shouldn’t just jump into buying any product. For starters, you have to make sure that you’re buying from an HHC brand that is transparent, and secondly, make sure that you can trust their quality.

Chemically hydrogenated semi-synthetic THC is used to make HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) products.

Finally, semi-synthetic cannabinoids aren’t inherently toxic or dangerous, but the process used for manufacturing can be. Because of inadequate production or hydrogenation procedures, your chosen HHC product may have more pollutants or impurities. We encourage buying from reputable and legitimate HHC sellers who have third-party tested products.

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