The 5 Best Live TV Streaming Services In 2022

Now more than ever, people are dumping cable and satellite TV for streaming. And the reasons are legit. Live TV streaming services are gaining dominance for their impeccable diversity of channel options and many great features that cannot be compromised with the low price of the cable. 

If you are sick and tired of the regular channels offering the same content, then it’s time to switch to live TV streams. You can get a tailored selection of networks to your specific needs choosing from over 700+ channels with unique content. 

However, the awesomeness doesn’t end here. With just a push of a button, you can get entertainment for hours with ultimate convenience, without ads, and the opportunity to record your favorite content and store them in your collections for up to a year. 

In this article, we will give you a list of the top 5 best live streaming service options so you don’t have to walk around wasting your money on something that won’t satisfy your needs. Let’s take a look!

Top 5 Live TV Streaming Services

  • Youtube TV
  • Sling TV Blue 
  • Hulu Plus Live TV
  • DirecTV Stream
  • Philo

 Best Live TV Streaming Services ( Reviewed )

Youtube TV

Slowly but surely, Youtube TV is replacing cable services. With the impressive selection of entertainment, sports, and add-on channels, it’s hailed all over the world.

Its familiar interface comes with superior performance and is straightforward. Google’s Youtube TV costs $64.99 per month and includes access to over 85 live TV channels, including the local CBS, NBC, Fox stations, ABC, and more. 

Coming from the generous channel lineup, it might not be the most affordable option on our list, but it’s surely worth it. 

Best features 

Unlimited cloud DVR storage

Did we mention superior features? Youtube TV allows completely unlimited cloud DVR storage that keeps your favorite recorded shows up for nine months. Thanks to the Google integration, its search function is robust and among the best in the live TV streaming domain. 

Unique channel selection 

Youtube TV stands strong for being the only live TV streaming service that offers PBS and PBS kids, along with 15 premium add-on channels. 

If you are a sports fanatic, we have awesome news for you since the service offers broadcast to the “big three” sports league games, including individual leagues streaming packages like NBA League Pass and NFL Game Pass.

Mainstream channels included

You don’t have to wave goodbye to the old well-known Discovery Network, VIacomCBD, and others in this category, as Youtube TV offers them all. However, it includes all the popular news channels like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. 

4K stream with excellent strength

Youtube TV is one of the few platforms that stream TV in 4k with incomparable strength, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies on high-end resolution. 


  • Over 85 channels, including the local options 
  • Unlimited cloud DVR
  • 4K live streams 
  • Unlimited number of streams 
  • Free 14-day trial 
  • Excellent for live sports 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Allows six accounts per household 
  • Three simultaneous streams 


  • It has adds
  • Pricier than other services 

Sling TV Blue

Sling TV Blue will give you what you wish for from a live TV streaming service and not for the cost of an arm and a leg. This is more than enough to convince you that you won’t get disappointed with Sling’s channel lineup. 

It has 43 channels by default and allows three simultaneous devices to stream content. It’s ridiculously inexpensive and will save you much money compared to a cable. It starts at just $35 per month, and you don’t have to sign any contracts, rent equipment and pay unnecessary fees. 

Best features

“Out of the box” DVR functionality

Sling Blue DVR stands strong for offering 50 hours of cloud storage. You can upgrade up to 200 hours per with for an additional $5. You can record content and sort it into different sections. It’s easy and seamless, and you can access this feature right from the user dashboard.

Favorite channels through à la carte experience 

Sling Blue’s live TV streaming service allows you to customize your own channel lineup to match your needs. It’s a good mixture of entertainment, sports, and lifestyle content. It also comes with the most popular cable networks, including ESPN. 

Enhance your base subscription with add ons

Sling Blue TV offers premium channels, including Comedy Dynamix, Epix, DOx or CuriosityStream, and Hallmark Movies, for an extra fee. If you are after some specific category of channels, you can tailor the package to suit your preferences. 

Also, if you want to watch sports without cable, Sling TV offers the best live sports streaming services for an additional $20 per month. 


  • Most economic live TV streaming service
  • Flexible subscription choices
  • Easy-to-use platform 
  • Option to rent movies 
  • Parental control feature 
  • Customizable add-ons
  • 3 streams at once
  • Free trial


  • Limited local channel selection

Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu Plus Live TV brings the live TV streaming experience, on the whole, to another level. Think of everything you might want to watch, romantic quantum, time travel comedies, dystopian dramas, and next-day broadcast releases; you name it. It’s one of the best streamers with a fairly great price. 

Hulu Plus offers you more than 75 live channels, including national, local, and sports channels, with 50 hours of cloud DVR storage for the price of $69.99 per month.

Best features 

Great original content selection

Hulu Plus Live hosts exclusive titles that you cannot find in any other live TV streaming service, including on-demand shows and movies like The Handmaid’s Tale and Nomadland. In addition to the original shows, Hulu offers a selection of offbeat movies and a surprising amount of classic anime series. 

Solid entertainment for both sports fans and families alike 

Given the massive content catalog, Hulu Plus Live includes access to a curated selection of live sports content. It includes the national and local channels like NBC, FOX, and ABC that frequently aren’t included in the competing live TV streaming services. Recently, Hulu added Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for no additional costs. 

Subscription plan with extra features

If the standard feature of 50 hours of DVR isn’t enough, you can boost up to 200 hours for an extra $15 per month. Moreover, you can get an unlimited screening in your home for the same price. The add-on premium feature includes Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and HBO Max.


  • Full-on-demand experience
  • Wide range of live TV channels 
  • Original shows and movies update as soon as their air 
  • High-quality performance 
  • Disney+ and ESPN+ included for no additional cost 
  • Large selection of channels 
  • 50 hours of DVR space with no extra charge
  • Affordable price for the content it offers 


  • Confusing gallery interface

DirecTV Stream

With a live TV streaming service like DirecTV, cutting the cord is worth it. Regarding the number of channels and price, DirecTV is in the top echelon of the competition. 

Some of the most remarkable features that make it a leg up on its rivals are the unlimited cloud DVR and extraordinary selection of over 117 channels. Moreover, it comes with four plans so there is no chance you won’t get full entertainment for your whole family. 

This streaming service allows you to sample the first episodes of premium network shows, fast forward and rewind your favorite content, and stream movies and TV shows on demand. 

Best features

Four plans for every customer’s preferences 

DirecTV Stream offers four plans. The Entertainment plan is the most affordable, coming for $64.99 per month, offering more than 160 channels and a variety of free premium content. 

The Choice plan includes more than 185 channels, including new sports tours for the price of $69.99 per month. And the unrivaled Ultimate plan offers a catalog of more than 250 live changes and 55.000 on-demand titles for $89.99 per month. 

Strong channel selection with all the essentials 

DirecTV starts strong right with the cheapest plan. The services include all the essentials for guaranteed entertainment, offering the major networks like ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC, big-time sports networks like FS1 and ESPN, and the news networks like FOX News and CNN. 

On top of that, DirecTV includes a healthy selection of on-demand content, including movies and TV shows airing on networks like AMC and FX. 

Strong device support 

DirecTV can be tested on any service, including iOS, Android, Chrome, and Chromecast. It also works on Samsung Smart TVs. 


  • Huge channel selection 
  • Impressive sports coverage, including the regional sports networks 
  • Unlimited cloud storage for an extra fee 
  • Stream on up to 20 devices 
  • DVR with no ad-skipping restrictions 
  • Compatible with all devices 
  • Premium add-ons available 


  • Pricier plans than the competitors


If you are short of cash and you aren’t interested in sports, then Philo is the service you are looking for. With the price of $25 per month, you can get outstanding 65 channels plus exceptional DVR capabilities. 

The network also includes original content of its own and an excellent movie channel selection for only about $6-$9 per month. You can watch three different streams at the same time. Moreover, if you live in an area with a lot over the air stations, you can pull them with an antenna. 

Best features

Most popular cable channels for a low price

Philo brings you the old good cable channels like Food Network, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, TLC, and much more for a fairly competitive price. The add-on package features on-demand movie channels like Starz and Epix and picks up the local channels like CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and more. 

Unlimited recording for a full year

With Philo, you can record and hoard your favorite shoes using the unlimited DVR for a full year. This is three months longer than what Youtube TV brings to the table. You can also fast forward your way tight to your saved shows. 

Great functionality for a fair price

If you are willing to compromise on the sports aspect, Philo’s functionality is unmatched. Philo is accessible through multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV Box, Windows, Mac PCS, Amazon Fire TV sticks, and TVs. 


  • Half of the price compared to other services 
  • Straightforward and easy to use 
  • No viewing restriction on three simultaneous streams 
  • Great selection of channels 
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage 
  • An account with up to 10 profiles
  • The highest subscription tier offers all major sports networks 
  • Channels that aren’t provided by other services 


  • Only one year to watch the shows from the unlimited DVR storage 

How to Choose the Best Live TV Streaming Service

Choosing live TV streaming services is a brainer; you just have to pick the one that meets your sense of entertainment; at the end of the day, pick which one offers the most content you are interested in watching. Most importantly, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one; you can pick several services according to your budget. 

If you are still indecisive and you are thinking about multiple options, we are going to give you a few simple tips that might help you make the right decision. 

Choose the one with a diversity of content 

Having the opportunity to find something new and exciting to watch is surely a factor that you should keep in mind. Most probably that you aren’t going to use the live TV streaming service just for you, so take into consideration the other household members’ interests and choose the service that offers a diverse array of content. 

Set e budget

Even though it might not be your top concern, it’s one of the more important factors you need to pay attention to. You need to calculate the total cost of the service package by diving into how many channels it contains. 

The specific value of the individual channels matters the most as you might be paying a high price for a service that lacks the most popular ones. 

Is the price worth the deal?

Almost every live streaming service offers a collection of channels according to the pricing plan. The lower-priced package has the basic channels included, which is much more similar to the basic cable, while the higher price options offer a variety comparable to the premium cable or satellite TV. 

Maybe you aren’t interested in the local channels that much; however, they usually stream the most popular TV shows that you probably like to watch, and if their live TV streaming service doesn’t offer those channels, it might not be worth the price. 

Device and app compatibility

Setting up an online TV service is easy; all you have to do is download the app, but is that app available on your mobile device or set-top box? Most of these services are available on smart TV apps; however, you need to check whether you have the necessary stability and performance on your device and whether they are fully compatible. 

Free trial 

Free trials are always welcomed. Most streaming services provide from a few days up to a one-month free trial to encourage new subscribers. It’s always a great option to be able to test the platform since this is the best way to find out whether you want to explore their other content offerings before you decide whether it’s worth the full package. 

Extra features

If you have been using cable TV until now, you might be used to some additional features that come with this service option, so when you are choosing a live TV streaming service, you need to consider whether they offer them too. 

Check whether they have an option to record programs or watch multiple TVs at the same time, which is something that’s not necessarily present with all the live TV streaming services. 

Also, check whether the service offers the ability to set up multiple profiles per account and doesn’t contain cloud DVR. 

Frequently Asked Questions :  Live Tv Streaming Service 


Q: What’s a live TV streaming service?

Live TV streaming is a service that delivers television programs via the internet instead of traditional cable TV lines or satellite TV signals. Most of the time, live TV streaming works the same as cable or satellite; however, it can come with fewer channels. 

Q: Are live TV streaming services legal?

There is no concrete answer to these questions since it depends on how you are watching TV on the internet – one of the most obvious ways to determine if you are watching TV without commercials or sponsorship. Usually, the producers can not afford to release their content without sponsors, so in this case, it’s illegal. 

If you are wondering where you can watch live TV streams legally, well, you have already landed in the right place since all the platforms on our list are entirely legal. Some of these sites offer the services for free but with limited content; on the other hand, you can access all the features by subscribing or paying small fees. 

Q: How much data do live TV streaming services use?

The amount of data the live TV streaming services use largely depends on many factors, including the strength of your internet connection and the video quality you are streaming. The internet speed for streaming standard definition videos is 3 Mbps. 

On the other hand, video definition with 4K requires as much as 25 Mbps. Generally speaking, you can expect to consume around 10GB of data per hour when you are streaming live TV; however, you should consider that this calculator varies from one service to another. 

Q: What can I do if the site is not working?

If you cannot access the site or it’s restricted in your area, the best solution is to use a VPN or Proxy site to load the content. These services bypass the network limitations and restrictions to allow you to pass to any site and content. 

If you are unfamiliar with these sites, we are going to give you a little information and how you can use them to access the sites we have recommended. VPN hides your data by sending your web usage to another location. To provide end-to-end protection, they form a secure tunnel so the ISP won’t get notified about your actions. 

More precisely explained, these sites send your data to a third-party country, preventing the provider from determining the location of the user. Also, these services allow you to access country-restricted websites. 

Q: Are live TV streaming services a more affordable option than cable?

It depends on the cable provider and the services it offers. In some cases, live TV streaming services might be more expensive than the basic cable since they come with multiple features and far greater channel variety. 

If you are considering multiple live TV streaming services, then it’s more than certain that you will pay much more than a single cable package. This is why you need to compare the options and choose the option which service corresponds to your budget and viewing needs. 

Q: What are the additional options for live TV streaming services? 

The truth is, “cutting the cord” and switching to a live TV streaming service can cost you almost as much as the cable subscription, but with the advantage of having no contract. If you are looking to lower the monthly bill, you might want to explore some other alternatives for the TV live streams. 

One of the most affordable options is the Over the air antennas. The price range is typically anywhere from $10 to $40 and will pick up the local affiliates of the national network in high definition for free. This is a great alternative if you aren’t looking for anything specific besides keeping up with the news. 

If you are after movies and binging shows, then you might want to consider other services like Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Netflix, or HBO Max. 

Conclusion – What Is The Best Live Tv Streaming Service?

A lazy day in your home without a binge-watching content platform is boring. With all this digital shift the world is going through, it’s not unusual why the cable networks and movie theaters are dying out. 

So if you are looking to gear yourself up right now, check out our selection of the best live TV streaming service options and prepare you and your family for entertainment at its finest.

All the services we have reviewed offer free trial plans, so you can safely choose the option that will suit your requirements. Make sure to check them all out.

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