3 Best Online Christian Counseling Services For Faith Based Guidance In 2022

Most Christians would like to use platforms managed by people who respect their opinion. With a large number of online counseling platforms, most people now have an opportunity to relate with therapists who share the same belief. As a result, many platforms have created tailored therapist services allowing them to share their challenges with Christian professionals. Today, we have hundreds of Christian counseling platforms that have become a solace for most Christians worldwide.

In addition, Christian counseling combines professional health support with spiritual elements. If you need help with your mental health challenges or want someone to talk to you professionally, you can consult some of these counseling platforms online. However, not all platforms can suit you as a Christian. As a result, you need platforms that have licensed and professional Christian therapists who can help you.

Meanwhile, therapists who attend to you may be Christians with unique beliefs, but they still respect your doctrines. Hence, they make you feel comfortable when they counsel you. Some of the key features that you would experience include incorporating science-based techniques, faith, and Christian values in your therapy.

We reviewed the top online therapy platforms and picked those that respect your belief and treat you without prejudice. Therefore, we considered platforms that help their clients not minding their religious background.

3 Best Christian Counseling Platforms With Expert Christian Therapists: 

  1. Calmerry: Best Christian Counseling Platform For Virtual Therapy From Christian Psychologists
  2. Online-Therapy.com: Most Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Christians
  3. TalkSpace: Popular Christian Telepsychiatry Website With Best Counseling Programs

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Calmerry – Best Christian Counseling Platform For Virtual Therapy From Christian Psychologists

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Alex Vitchenko discovered that most people need therapy sessions. However, the lockdown kept them back and left many of these people vulnerable to mental health issues. As a result, he started Calmerry to help people who need counseling remotely. As a Christian, you don’t have to search for a long time to understand why many people use this platform.

Whether you want to talk to someone about your life or overcome addiction, Calmerry has customized subscription plans for you. With its experienced therapists, you can quickly overcome some of your challenges. The affordability and accessibility associated with this platform have made it popular around Europe. Furthermore, you can access an app and easy-to-use website to communicate with your therapist.

On the official website, Calmerry used colorful illustrations to help you navigate around the site. You can easily find the subscription packages, valuable features, and customer reviews to help you decide whether it is the best option for you. The good thing about the platform is that it has a comprehensive FAQs section where you can find answers to some of your questions.

Also, they send a verification code to you when you sign up with the platform. It is essential to have this code because it allows you to use the platform. In addition, you have to complete a questionnaire that can help the platform’s managers and algorithm match you with a therapist and recommend the most suitable therapy plan. You will know your therapist within 48 hours after your registration.


Client Privacy: Calmerry ensures that it offers the highest level of security to protect its clients when it comes to their financial and personal information. The chat room eliminates third-party eavesdropping, and you can decide to stay anonymous during your therapy session on the platform.

Licensed Professionals: The platform hires only licensed therapists who have experience in the required areas and must have worked up to 2500 hours. Before the brand hires a therapist, the platform runs a background check on the person. As a result, you can find licensed clinical social workers, licensed christian counselors, clinical psychologists, and marriage and family therapists. Everyone partnering with the platform must have a master’s or doctorate academic certificate.

 Easy Subscription Cancelation: You can cancel your subscription whenever you feel you don’t need their services again. Since the platform does not offer clients a free trial, it allows you to stop your therapy session without hassle. However, rescheduling or canceling your session is not clearly explained on the platform.

Human Managed Matching Process: While most platforms use algorithms to match patients to therapists, the platform uses humans to match their therapists. As a result, you have the most qualified expert who respects your Christian faith.

Affordability: People who use Calmerry enjoy affordable counseling packages that help them save more and get the support they need to heal quickly. When we compare the features in each of its packages with most platforms, Calmerry has a fair price.


  • Discounts for new users
  • Humans match therapists to patients
  • Flexible therapy sessions
  • Licensed therapists
  • Great customer support
  • Numerous subscription plans
  • A variety of communication methods


  • Lacks psychiatrist/medication support
  • No free trials

=> Click here to visit the official website of Calmerry

#2. Online-Therapy.com: Most Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Christians

In 2009, Carl Nordstrom launched the platform called online-Therapy.com to support people in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia with counseling and mental support. While we have many Christian counseling platforms online, this platform utilizes remote cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). As a result, Christians with mental health issues get the most comprehensive solutions from experienced therapists.

Meanwhile, the platform goes the extra mile to ensure that your healing and recovery are long-term by offering you instructional videos, worksheets, and journals. In addition, you can use its supplementary yoga and meditation guidebook to improve yourself.

You can find all these features on your dashboard, making it practical for treatment and therapy. For instance, you can get instructions on preventing anxiety, unhealthy thoughts, and mental health issues using the worksheets. However, many people have little time to use these instructional materials during their sessions.

People who need medication or suffering from severe mental health issues cannot use this platform. Moreover, the platform does not accept clients in need of psychiatrists because it lacks such support. Therefore, you should search for an alternative counseling platform when you have chronic pain, addiction, PTSD, or severe anxiety. Also, on the platform, the system allows you to request coverage from insurance firms.

In the case of emergency help for people with psychotic disorders, history of psychosis, or suicidal thoughts, the platform does not have solutions for them. Nevertheless, groups, families, individuals, and couples are welcome on the therapist platform.


Self-assessment Feature: You can use the self-assessment programs or homework to support your recovery process. The feature may come in the form of worksheets or instructional videos.

Flexible Matching System: While the platform offers you an ideal therapist according to your information, you can decide to change the therapist. You do not have to spend time filling out more forms online to make this change. With the tabs on the official website, you can change your therapist without talking to the customer care team.

Ease-to-use Subscription System: You can decide to upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel your subscription. However, the platform does not offer you a refund on your remaining session.

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy: With cognitive behavioral therapy options, clients get a fast solution to their issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety. The treatment helps you master how to guard your thoughts and stay positive.


  • View therapist’s work experience
  • Huge discount for users
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Excellent communication channels
  • Interactive website
  • Licensed professionals


  • No insurance
  • No psychiatrist/medication management

=> Click here to visit the official website of Online Therapy

#3. TalkSpace: Popular Christian Telepsychiatry Website With Best Counseling Programs

Oren and Roni Frank started TalkSpace in 2012 to support Christians who desire unbiased online mental health services. The New York-based platform is a few of the online counseling platforms with a significant focus on mental health issues. You can easily use video chat or text messaging to communicate with your psychiatrist.

With its customized counseling support, you can have a specific time during your sessions. In addition, you can create appointments in the comfort of your home. When it comes to endorsement, celebrities like Demi Lovato and Michael Phelps have approved this platform for its exceptional services.

Therefore, you have the luxury of convenience when you use TalkSpace. The affordability and ease of use are some of the benefits associated with the platform. Meanwhile, the ultimate therapy plan offers clients at least four counseling times with therapists. Hence, you can spend at least 30 minutes with a therapist. However, the time you spend in your session is based on the therapist’s availability. Moreover, the response time varies and may last for four hours.


Interactive Website: You don’t have to struggle to move around the website’s different sections. You can download the app for seamless interaction with your therapists and customer care support.

Straightforward Procedure: During your sign-up, the platform only needs basic information like nickname, password, and email address. You can have a short interview with Al bots or mental health professionals to help you with the most suitable psychiatrist. Nevertheless, the interviews only have to deal with your age, location, and a few other things to serve you better.

Switch Subscription Options: You can switch your initial subscription if you don’t like it. Some people realize that their subscriptions are not serving them better, and hence, they either downgrade, upgrade or cancel their subscriptions without difficulty.

Health Insurance Support: TalkSpace supports health insurance coverage for its clients. As a result, most people prefer using it since some of their sessions might cost them more. For instance, you can use your health savings account or another spending account to make your payments. Unlike most online counseling platforms, TalkSpace makes it easier to enjoy your sessions without money issues.


  • Couples and teenagers’ therapy
  • Secure and trusted site
  • Experienced and licensed therapists
  • Confidential services
  • Different subscription options
  • Best communication channels
  • Psychiatric/medication services


  • Therapists’ response time varies
  • No group therapy

=> Click here to visit the official website of TalkSpace

How We Made The List Of Onlinetherapy Platforms For Christians: 

Since we want you to feel comfortable during your therapy sessions, our team of mental health experts considered some factors that would help you. We have highlighted some of the factors in this section, and we picked only platforms that provide fair service in terms of social impact, business practices, affordability, and medical credibility.

. What We Looked For

  • Online Security: We first consider clients’ safety when using online counseling platforms. We eliminated platforms with poor online security measures to protect their dealings with clients, especially during payment and conversations with therapists.
  • Therapists’ Availability: You don’t want to spend hours waiting for a professional to attend to you. You can only enjoy better benefits if you have professional therapists. Most people who use remote therapy support have little time to waste. Some are sick or disabled and cannot physically visit the therapist’s offices. And when they register on a platform, they want the best services. Therefore, we checked the ratio of therapists to patients. Since we have some platforms that present fake numbers representing their therapists. Also, we studied the therapist’s background and credibility.
  • Communication Channels: The counseling platforms that made our list use some of the best communication channels online. While we have numerous communication channels, we only consider platforms with the most affordable and secure communication channels. At the same time, many patients who use online therapy want a platform with easy-to-use communication systems. For instance, an 80-year-old woman who has no interest in technology may not want to use a complex communication method online. Therefore, we looked at the services offering different therapy packages to make our list.
  • Accessible Support: Although many platforms offer you the opportunity to talk to numerous therapists, the big deal is the ability to provide you with the best service when you need it. We looked at platforms that can offer you quick help when you have an emergency schedule. For example, we picked providers that have on-demand counseling or same-day appointment features.
  • Multiple Languages: While English is considered the official language for many businesses worldwide, it does not make English a language everyone speaks. Furthermore, people in foreign who want to use online therapy may have difficulty with the language. As a result, many platforms have hired therapists from different parts of the world to handle such situations. We considered platforms with a sizable number of English and non-English speaking therapists. We highlighted some popular languages, including Spanish, French, African American Vernacular English (AAVE), Hindi, Mandarin, etc.
  • Licensed Christian Therapists: Since our focus is Christians who need therapy, we looked for online services with licensed Christian therapists. We check the organizations that licensed these therapists, including their years of experience, degrees, etc.
  • Cost of Therapy: No matter how desperate you want to have a therapy session, it boils down to your budget. Although online therapy services are affordable, it does not make them cheap. Depending on the package you picked, you may have to pay weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or even yearly. We considered the competitive cost of using the different therapy packages. Some of the affordable online counseling services you should consider include Online-therapy.com, Calmerry, and Talkspace. However, the amount you pay depends on the therapy package you selected.
  • Patient to Therapist Matching: Some platforms use algorithms to match patients to professional therapists. However, this might backfire if you end up with the wrong therapist. As a result, we checked the matching processes on these platforms, including the flexibility of swapping a therapist without difficulty.

How To Choose Top Online Christian Counseling Session By Best Christian Counselor? 

  • Scheduling/ Rescheduling Options

With your mobile device, you can schedule when you want to have a therapy session with any Christian counseling platform. You must consider the ease of scheduling or rescheduling your appointment with a therapist. As a result, you don’t have to waste your time waiting for approval of your rescheduled session. Before you use a platform, consider its response time to messages. Moreover, therapists’ availability plays a significant role in this aspect.

  • Vet Credentials

You must not base your judgment on assumptions when you want to pick a Christian counseling platform online. While these platforms have written licensed therapists on their websites, you have to vent the credibility of these professionals. Check if they are clinically trained with experience to help you. Lastly, vent the platform’s reputation by checking its license and what customers have said about them.

  • Assess Communications Support System

While we opt for remote counseling platforms lies in their numerous communication channels. A significant criterion for most online counseling platforms is a fast internet connection and an excellent mobile device. Therefore, before you consider a platform, you should check its mode of communication.

  • Insurance Coverage

You may want to save some money during your therapy sessions by using your insurance firm’s benefit. Today, many online counseling providers support insurance coverage. Therefore, you must check if the platform accepts insurance from third-party firms. If the platform does not offer such support, check other means of reducing the cost of your treatment.

  • Assess Platform’s Specialty Services

Every platform has its specialization in terms of treating and counseling clients. Therefore, you should use a platform that attends to people who have similar issues to you. For example, you may not want to use a platform that deals only with couples and relationships while you want help for your insomnia or anxiety.

Therefore, we recommend using platforms that have similar health care packages. In addition, consider platforms with cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement and desensitization reprocessing, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, faith-based counseling, and more. You can find these platforms on therapist directory pages, blogs, websites, or therapists’ bios.

  • Assess Transparency

A Christian counseling platform should be transparent in its dealings with clients. You can check for the level of transparency on the official websites of these platforms, where you can find policies, therapists’ bios, subscription plans, and other information. Reputable platforms understand that clients need details in every aspect of their sessions, and most offer you the information you require. Also, check the location of the source of license for the platform.

  • Security & Confidentiality

If you must use a counseling platform online, read the privacy policy that binds clients. You don’t want a platform to sell your private or sensitive information to a third-party organization. Therefore, you must learn about what happens when you fill out the questionnaire or form online. Aside from this, you should check the website’s security, including the chat room. Some platforms offer an anonymous feature to keep you masked from everything on their websites.

  • Check Customer Reviews

If you have difficulty accessing the information on a platform, you can read customer reviews to understand more about the platform. Moreover, you cannot stop old clients from sharing their experiences with any therapy platform. Hence, customer reviews have become the most reliable place for information about a therapy platform. You can read up on your preferred platform’s benefits, downsides, and features.

  • Check the Rates

You don’t expect any online Christian counseling to come free, even though some christian counselors may offer volunteer services. However, if you don’t have the opportunity of enjoying the free counseling sessions, you have to pay. Depending on your treatment, some platforms can cost you weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

  • Your Preferences

Last on this list is what you want from a platform. Many Christians choose their christian therapist based on community, race, sex, belief, or age. Therefore, check if the service has such an offer if you have specific preferences.

FAQs Regarding Christian Counseling Platforms Online

  1. How does an online Christian counseling service function?

Christian online counseling works virtually for people who want to handle their mental health issues with biblical principles and faith. As a result, platforms hire licensed Christian therapists to support people of similar beliefs online with spiritual guidance, prayer, and faith-based resources during therapy sessions.

While results vary among clients, many people still find solace and support during their sessions. Some of the common issues handled by therapists include psychological counseling, eating disorder, addiction, depression, and anxiety.

  1. Is online therapy effective?

The process of using Christian online counseling is straightforward. Therefore, people find it easier to use than the traditional counseling sessions that need your presence. You connect to a chat room with your mobile device and have your session without fear of someone eavesdropping on your conversations. Most people feel comfortable and trusting when they stay in their comfort zones to talk with therapists. As a result, you can find help faster with this type of therapy.

  1. Do clients gain benefits when using Christian counseling services online?

Faith-based counseling support has numerous benefits, especially for people who share a similar belief. Since the clients believe that they can share their problems and get solutions with principles, healing comes faster for them.

Furthermore, Christians boost their faith during their sessions and find it easier to let go of addictions or things that make them think unhealthily. Also, people use the platforms for their family or marriage counseling.

  1. Are online Christian counseling platforms expensive?

Although online therapy sessions are affordable, they do not come cheap. Therefore, you should consider the cost of the therapy package you want to use before signing up for any subscription. The top online counseling platforms offer clients competitive fees for their different sessions. Factors that affect the amount you pay for your treatment include the number of sessions, communication channels, and psychiatric or medication management.

  1. How can I select the ideal communication option for my therapy session?

Every therapy plan comes with its programs and features, depending on the type of issues it can manage. Before you pick your communication channels, you should read about the features in the therapy plan you desire. If you need to have a heart-to-heart session with a therapist, you can consider a video conferencing option.

While texting is excellent for your therapy, video conferencing has become the most effective means of communication. However, some people prefer using informal communication channels like email or texting. However, your therapist can read your body language and give you better practical support for your issues with video conferencing. Meanwhile, you can consider the text messaging option if you want to check-in. Sometimes, a therapist may want to put across a phone call when the need to make a quick clarification comes up. Finally, you decide the most comfortable means of communication during your sessions.

  1. How do I pick the right online Christian counseling platform?

Many first-time users of online therapy platforms often suffer from choice issues. Most of them become distracted by the number of services offering them similar packages. However, we have stated that not every online counseling platform can help you. To avoid getting confused when you want to pick a service for your mental health, you can consider the highlighted platforms in this article.

Some platforms use live text chat, text messaging, and phone calls, including different channels. Meanwhile, you should consider the cost of the therapy package you want to use and the communication channels. Moreover, you should review the therapists’ bios, the license of the platform, and the user experiences.

  1. Will a customer care team help me make the correct therapy decision?

Sometimes, people have no idea what they want regarding the right therapy package for their needs. Most reputable services have professional mental health therapists working in their customer care units, and they can help you make the right decision. Top Christian counseling remote platforms create first-class customer care units to help clients with their inquiries.

Sometimes, people may have to stop their therapy sessions halfway or initially for many reasons. In such cases, a customer care unit should provide you with the best professional medical advice according to the platform’s policies. Often, they demand refunds or information on what to do next.

To save yourself from difficulties, you should read the platform’s policies before signing up for any subscription. Since platforms have varying policies concerning how people exit and refund policies, you should know what to expect at every point in time.

  1. How can I qualify to use a Christian online therapy?

Whether or not you are a Christian, most online counseling platforms have restrictions when admitting clients. Most of the common cases these platforms handle include anxiety, depression, addictions, insomnia, and counseling. Therefore, only a few can accept hallucination, suicidal thoughts, delusions, disorganized thoughts, or borderline personality disorder. We recommend that people with these problems use traditional therapy sessions or seek help from professionals.

Meanwhile, you can easily use any remote therapy platform with mild mental health issues. However, it would help if you had a stable internet connection to access these platforms, and most reputable services would not accept clients with poor internet support.

  1. Can I use my insurance coverage to pay for online counseling?

While most online counseling platforms have not implemented insurance coverage in their packages, a few have made it possible to depend on insurance. Currently, we have seen several insurance companies offering remote therapy coverage. Therefore, you must consult with your insurance company and the online therapy platforms for such offers.

  1. How do I safeguard my data when using remote therapy platforms?

Most people do not play with their financial and personal information when filling out forms online. Also, no one wants to have a leaked conversation when they talk to their therapists. Therefore, reputable platforms provide their clients with the most secure apps and websites. In addition, they tell you what happens to your data with them. Some platforms allow you to go on a ghost mode or stay anonymous when talking to your therapist.

  1.  Can non-Christians use Christian counseling platforms?

The Christian online counseling platforms admit everyone who needs counseling without bias. Also, you don’t have difficulty using their services because they maintain high professionalism in their therapy. Whether you want faith-based treatment or not, you have an assurance of getting fast relief from your issues.

Concluding – Professional Christian Therapists To Help You With Faithful Counseling

The Christian counseling online platforms have become significant support for millions of people suffering from mental health issues and other counseling-related needs. While we have specific platforms that offer such services to Christians, we have some platforms that provide you with the same solution you need.

As a result, many platforms have created friendly features for people with diverse beliefs. We listed three platforms that can accommodate both Christians and non-Christians in their sessions. Whether you want family counseling, life coaching, marriage counseling, and support for your mental health, you can use any of these Christian counseling online platforms.

Finally, the online counseling platforms above can help you with your mental health-related issues.

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