Best Online Depression Counseling Services: Relieve Your Psychological Stress [2022]

Depression has become a serious issue in recent times. A large number of people suffer from major depressive disorder, and it is the most common mental illness among all. Everyday stress, family problems, or excessive workload, if not addressed, can lead to severe major depression problems. With rising percentages, depression has become one of the most common mental ailments. Young adults and women are worse affected as compared to men. Since depression affects our lives adversely in multiple ways, treating it is also a daunting task. This becomes hard for people with busy schedules and less money. However, online therapy depression counseling has made it possible to get treatment in the comfort of your home.

Online counseling helps people connect with reliable therapists through text or calls. In turn, they offer you multiple resources alongside interactive and guided programs. These activities help enhance your coping skills. They also help manage the symptoms of depression and other mental issues.

In addition, web therapy has evolved dramatically during the pandemic. Unlike in the past, you can now get all treatment that was only available at the doctor’s office. It also helps eliminate the common stigma of visiting a therapist in person.

However, finding the best therapist is challenging, especially with unlimited choices. All providers are different from each other in offering various options. These include plans, costs, and the counseling type. Depending on your needs, you may find one platform more convenient than the other. To help you find the right therapy, we researched the best online depression counseling available on the market today.

Top 3 Best Online Services For Depression In 2022:

Here is a list of our top picks for the best web therapy services in 2022.

  1. Calmerry – Overall Best Affordable Online Therapy For Depression Symptoms
  2. OnlineTherapy – Best Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Platform For Peer Counselling
  3. TalkSpace – Best Extensive Psychiatry Service For Mental Health

#1. Calmery – Overall Best Affordable Online Therapy For Depression Symptoms

Despite being relatively new, Calmerry ranks among the best online therapy platforms. A group of European and American businessmen founded the company during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 and social distancing greatly affected people’s mental health. Also, lockdowns and other factors forced people to stay home. Soon in-person therapy became a luxury and not a priority. Thus, the owners of Calmerry chose to offer their services via an online platform.

Calmerry tries to give users an easy and affordable treatment for depression. The platform is versatile and offers access to a great variety of therapists. All the team members of Calmerry are helpful. There is someone always ready to guide and support you emotionally. In addition, Calmerry employs only licensed and certified experts. The therapist connects with users through text, audio, or video sessions. Hence, Calmerry may assist you in overcoming your mental challenges and easing depression.


Therapy Options: Calmerry offers a great range of therapeutic approaches for different mental illnesses. These include cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, response-based therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, etc.

Simple Platform: Calmerry is simple and easily accessible to everyone. From your portal, you can manage everything for your therapy. It includes your messages and details of your subscriptions, schedules, and performances. Its easy navigation allows you to contact your therapist. You can even schedule a video session as per your subscription plan.

Moreover, people who want to try a different therapist can request one through a personal portal. They can also take help from customer support. The switching process is simple and does not require a long waiting time.

Sign-Up Process: The portal is convenient and is available for mobile, P.C., or laptop. It only needs an email and a passcode to access. After this, you can set up your account and complete the process. Further, the platform takes your interview to match you with a relevant therapist. U.S. citizens also get a therapist from their state.

Privacy: Calmerry is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The platform carefully protects your data and session information.

Plans: Calmerry offers unique subscription plans. It includes an initial weeklong plan and three monthly plans for individual therapy. Currently, the company is offering a promotional discount for the first month of therapy sessions. Calmerry lists its prices weekly and charges you per month.

Furthermore, it also recommends users start using the “Therapy Journey Start” plan and follow up accordingly. Apart from this, Calmerry also offers couples therapy counseling.


  • Affordable plans
  • Various communication methods
  • Great customer support
  • Compliant with HIPAA
  • Ability to easily switch counselors
  • Professional, certified, and experienced therapists


  • Does not cover insurance

=> Click here to visit the official website of Calmerry

#2. OnlineTherapy – Best Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Platform For Peer Counselling is an excellent platform for CBT sessions. Investment financier Carl Nordstrom built this company from the ground up. After discovering that the benefits of cognitive-behavioral theory are similar to in-person counseling, he decided to create a platform accessible to everyone. The panel of experts at is professional and has helped many clients. Moreover, the platform diverges further by offering training for yoga and meditation. lets you share your depression and anxiety stories. You can easily connect with a therapist and get counseling through an 8-part package. The package has everything, including video games, journals, live sessions, and daily feedback. Further, the therapist helps and guides you with your issues. Therapists use interactive online books and worksheets in live sessions for better interaction.

In addition, has excellent customer assistance. You can get help from their FAQ section or contact their support team. Their customer support is active 24/7 and is ready to solve your issues.


Privacy Policies: The platform is pretty vigilant about client safety. They follow multiple steps to secure your data and personal information. is HIPAA compliant. That means it uses layers of encryption to protect information. All sessions are end-to-end encrypted with 256-bit encryption. In addition, you need to go through a three-layered online application to view personal health data.

Moreover, the platform also lets you adopt a nickname. You can use this while talking to your therapist for privacy. Although, you still need to have an emergency contact for any eventuality.

Areas of Treatment: The company focuses on providing a wide range of treatments for depression and other mental issues. While signing up, you can select multiple conditions from the list of treatments. These include panic attacks, depression, stress, CBT therapy, Bipolar disorder, phobias, etc.

CBT Therapy: prides itself on its CBT therapy approach. Through this approach, the company assists you in learning and recognizing various thinking and behavior patterns. Thus, it helps you overcome your depression and other mental issues.

The platform breaks the CBT approach into eight parts to help you learn how it works. All materials are engaging, interactive, and simple. Also, every section has multiple exercises, worksheets, and journals. They aid you in getting hands-on experience. Plus, your therapist will guide you throughout the treatment.

Interactive videos: The platform also offers interactive meditation and yoga videos. It is perfect for helping you deal with depression or stress while allowing you to relax. Their shorter or longer videos help you relax while providing mental ease and peace.


  • Outstanding range of licensed therapists
  • Friendly plans
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Yoga and meditation videos
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great range of treatments
  • HIPAA compliant platform


  • Therapists are unavailable all week round
  • No prescription by the therapist

=> Click here to visit the official website of

#3. TalkSpace – Best Extensive Psychiatry Service For Mental Health

Talkspace is among the first companies to enter the web therapy industry. The company’s focus is to provide an accessible and convenient way of mental health treatment. Hence, the platform provides users with an easy way to communicate with their therapist. Talkspace lets you choose the therapist of your choice. Moreover, it offers a suitable medium to connect via live videos or messaging. The company also provides a range of multiple subscription packages with layered pricing. This makes the service available to more people by letting them choose the subscription of their choice.

The company treats clients with cognitive behavioral therapy, among other methods. Over the years, the company has begun offering other services as well. These include psychiatric services, teen and couples therapy, and medication management. Moreover, therapists at Talkspace are licensed and certified doctors. They are experts in tackling many mental issues using the psychotherapy and psychiatry approach.

Signing up at Talkspace is simple. You need to fill out a short assessment form determining your preferences for a therapist. It also contains information on treatment and some personal data for the process.


Clinical Progress Tracking: Talkspace allows you to track your progress. Its therapy progress tracker lets you focus on growth by keeping you motivated for each new step.

After beginning your sessions with the therapists, you can track your progress in the ”client journey” timeline. This timeline helps determine your state of mind at the start of the treatment. Thus, letting your therapist become more familiar with you.

Security: Talkspace utilizes top privacy and safety standards. They ensure your data, and personal information is safe. For this, they use HIPAA-compliant technology. This ensures that every therapy session is confidential and safe. Only encrypted data is kept at Talkspace’s servers. In addition, clients enter a password every time they log in.

Accepts Insurance: Talkspace also accepts insurance. It works with multiple employers, educational institutes, EAP (employee assistance programs), and health plans to offer affordable therapy services. However, check with your health plans or employers to see if they cover Talkspace in your insurance or not.

Psychiatry Services: Another great aspect of Talkspace is that it offers psychiatric services for people seeking drugs. Thus, it makes the platform a one-stop shop for all mental health problems. Besides, it is illegal to prescribe medicines like Ritalin and Adderall at Talkspace.


  • Accepts different insurance plans
  • Provides psychiatric and medication management services
  • Online therapy U.S. and Canada
  • Easy-to-navigate app and website


  • Long matching process
  • Every therapist does not offer live sessions

=> Click here to visit the official website of TalkSpace

How We Made the List of Online Depression Counseling Platforms?

We carried out extensive research to provide you with the best platforms. While making our list, our focus was on companies with expertise, low-cost plans, and top customer service. Besides, we also made sure these services were accessible to everyone, including older people. Below are some primary factors we considered while compiling our list.

What We Looked For

  • Communication Methods: Web therapy has several perks, including comfort and convenience. These online services allow you to schedule your sessions whenever you want. Therefore, we focused on platforms that provide users with different means of communication. Our list includes live chats, text messaging, video and audio calls, and email.
  • Available Therapists: Finding the right therapist is the most crucial factor of web therapy services. We prioritize platforms that offer a large range of therapists with special training. Also, we ensured that platforms at least have licensed therapists, family counselors, and clinical social workers. Furthermore, we considered the matching process of therapists with clients. Thus, all platforms in this list allow users to select the therapist of their choice.
  • Cost: The cost of web therapy varies a lot. We picked services that offer a wide range of costs for different plans. We prefer counseling services that provide at least one or two budget plans.
  • Accessible Care: Convenience is key for online therapy services. You don’t have to wait long hours for an appointment. Thus, we added companies that allow users to make quick appointments. Moreover, we were keen on platforms offering on-demand services. Such as the ability to message the therapist during counseling sessions.
  • Ease of Registration: The platforms on our list offer you easy and simple registration procedures. Also, they focus on giving the user maximum control. Such services ideally include clear and simple applications. They provide users the flexibility to select their therapist and schedule sessions.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Another point of consideration is customer satisfaction. We read through countless reviews on major online therapy sites such as Trustpilot and BBB to ensure each service’s credibility. We recorded all details, including how quickly the companies responded to user complaints. Also, we compared whether there was a timely resolution of the client’s query.

Buying Guide- What to Consider About an Online Depression Therapist Near Me?

Although there is a massive range of benefits via online therapy, finding the best service for your mental health is optimal. Not every web-therapy service provider is ideal. Hence focusing on factors necessary to determine the platform’s effectiveness should be your priority. Here are a few key aspects you must seek information on before signing up.

  • Type of Therapy:

Different types of cognitive treatments for depression are available on counseling platforms. Consider such companies that provide different modes of treatment. This includes CBT, IPT, psychoanalysis, and other therapies to cope with severe depression.

  • Flexibility: 

The best thing about e-therapy is that it offers multiple tools to experience. Opting for platforms that offer various communication methods is essential. Such therapy platforms allow you to determine the worthiness of exploring a combination of video, audio, and messages. Hence you can pick the method that is best for you. For instance, if you are stressed out from working long hours and do not have the potential to communicate through screens, audio messaging may help in this case.

  • Session Limits

Focusing on session limits while selecting the online therapy service is a good idea. Sometimes these services restrict the user to communicate with the therapist only through text messaging or a limited number of counseling sessions every month. Researching such limitations will let you learn whether the service is optimal according to your preference. If you want to seek consistent counseling sessions, ensure that the service providers do not follow such criteria before applying for a subscription.

  • Licensed Therapist:  

Another important aspect is to opt for services that possess licensed therapists and experts. It is vital because anyone can claim to be a therapist virtually and may offer services that are of no help. Also, verifying whether you are getting evidence-based treatment or not is quite challenging.

Furthermore, all therapists must be licensed by the state where they offer services. These laws ensure user safety by allowing only qualified and well-trained health experts to practice. Hence, before signing up for online depression counseling, verify whether they have licensed therapists or not. Refer to the online directory of specialists licensed in your state for this.

  • Customer Service 

Exceptional customer experience allows you to learn about the insides of platforms such as web therapy. Try emailing or calling the relevant service to verify their response speed. Also, read through honest user reviews across various trusted platforms before picking any online therapy.

  • Security:  

Virtual depression counseling works out through various sessions. Therapists do this to ensure you have a safe, calm, and private area to share your emotions and stories that help in beneficial treatments. Therefore, using services that utilize HIPAA guidelines. And have the potential to verify the identity of both therapist and patient must be your priority.

  • Cost 

Although web therapy offers an easy way of depression counseling, it may be costly for some people. The Internet is filled with the most affordable, convenient, and expensive options. Every platform is unique in its services and methodology. However, platforms mentioned on our list possess both budget and high-end plans with maximum benefits. People who have insurance should opt for platforms that accept it. This will help them avail better and more affordable treatment.

FAQs Regarding Best Therapists & Psychologists

  1. What is online therapy?

Online therapy refers to the treatment of mental health counseling. You can receive treatment from the comfort of your home by using your laptop, P.C., or even smartphone.

This therapy is also known as internet therapy or e-therapy. It is best for individuals seeking help to get convenient, reliable, and budget-friendly counseling sessions. It is also beneficial for people who live far away from therapists or have commuting problems. However, people in the middle of a mental health emergency or who require quick treatment should refer to a therapist.

  1. How does online therapy for depression work?

Online depression counseling generally includes a virtual meeting with a therapist through your most convenient communication method. This includes discussing a suitable treatment plan via video calls, audio or text messaging. For example, you may try to boost managing and tracking your mood behaviors. Doing this helps in identifying the symptoms on your own. You will need to follow the same techniques as in regular in-person therapy. However, you get to do it in the comfort of your home or any other location of your choice.

  1. How do they determine what treatment I require?

Generally, when you lodge your application for online therapy, you have to take a short quiz. This quiz allows the therapist to learn about what type of problems you have. Further, it also helps match you with a therapist who specializes in your problem.

On the other hand, online therapy for children will require the parent to answer questions instead of the kid before sending a counseling invitation.

  1. Who should opt for online depression counseling?

Online counseling is ideal for people who prefer communicating via different platforms. And are comfortable with the use of technology to share their personal information. Teletherapy is also essential for people who lack transportation access, live in remote areas, or have a busy schedule. The only must-haves are a good internet connection and a calm and quiet space.

Usually, online therapy aids in treating mild symptoms of various mental ailments. This includes depression, stress, anxiety, and OCD. Furthermore, it may help cure panic depressive disorders, PTSD, and other chronic pains. In contrast, it is not best for people with suicidal intentions.

  1. How much does online depression counseling cost?

The cost of online depression counseling varies greatly among different service providers. Many services in this regard accept insurance. This allows per session cost to be reduced to some extent. Besides, many therapist companies also accept (FSA) flexible spending accounts and (HSA) health savings accounts. And offer reduced costs for their services.

  1. Is online help for depression right for me?

Getting online therapy for depression may be helpful for you in many ways. Depression is a serious mental illness and can overwhelm your life. Thus, decreasing travel and high costs can offer you a better experience. Many platforms offer flexible schedules for optimal services. They also allow you to communicate with the therapist through text. You can avail this if you are interested in learning about the online therapy platform before applying for virtual counseling sessions.

In addition, if you are experiencing chronic depression, require help with medication, or suffer from a recent loss, a lot of online therapy services can aid in coping with all of this. These platforms possess professional and experienced therapists to deal with chronic depression. They help you in learning managing skills to cope with various mental illnesses, including depression.

  1. Is it important to visit a specialized therapist?

Yes, it is. It is best to refer to a therapist specializing in mental health concerns you want to cure. Also, it will allow you to receive better care. For instance, referring to a counselor specializing in treating depression or anxiety is best if you struggle with such problems. This is vital because online therapy platforms possess different types of therapists they can match you up with. Hence, it is worth noting to carry out research beforehand. This allows you to learn what type of therapist platform may connect you with that is best according to your requirement.

  1. Does insurance cover online therapy?

Many insurance companies have started to cover online therapy companies after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, your insurance plan, state regulations, and the therapist you select affect the insurance coverage.

  1. How can depression counseling aid in mental health?

Online therapy for depression works similarly to in-person therapy sessions. And is highly effective in benefitting your overall mental health. It helps you in dealing with everyday issues. It provides effective tools that help in reducing the impact of depression. However, people suffering from chronic depression who cannot manage it through virtual therapy or medication may require to visit a mental health care center to receive better treatment. Bipolar depression is an example of such a case that is treated well via in-person communication.

  1. Is online depression counseling secure and confidential?

Well, no platform is secure unless it is reliable and offers transparent services. When you visit the therapist, sharing all your secret feelings and thoughts is quite natural. Plus, It demands strict security measures.

In addition, various companies are offering online depression counseling today, but few are the legit ones. Trustworthy platforms offer clear information on their data collection and its uses. They focus precisely on patient anonymity and do not disclose your personal data. To identify whether your chosen service is secure or not, visit their online portal. It will let you learn about how they protect patient information. Online therapy for CBT can also be used for other mental health conditions.

Plus, it allows you to ensure your data is safe and not be shared with third parties. Similarly, if you prefer to hide your identity even from your therapist, look for platforms that offer patient anonymity services.

Apart from this, services mentioned in this guide follow the federal guidelines. They encrypt your data and information following the HIPPA law ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ). Services are entitled to encrypt all messaging systems and prohibit video recording.

Conclusion- Is Online Help for Depression Right for You?

Any form of mental stress, whether depression, trauma, or others, affects your life adversely. You may feel exhausted and tired, with little to no urge to carry out daily tasks, whether at home or work. As a result, opting to share your emotions and thoughts with someone emotionally available to suppress the symptoms is a blessing. Though communicating with family is not bad, getting treated by mental health professionals has always offered significant results, especially via web therapy platforms. Also, you can find a better online therapy platform that’s more affordable out of pocket.

The best online therapy services will also have psychiatrists and/or psychologists available. These services let you connect with the therapist through an online medium. Hence, it is easier, more convenient, and time-saving than traditional in-person therapy. In addition, online therapy is an ideal choice for many users due to its multiple ways of communication. Unlike many other online mental health services, Calmery can connect people with licensed psychiatrists. Virtual face-to-face sessions allow you to convey all your thoughts more comfortably. However, if you do not prefer video sessions, you can get therapy via text messages. Thus, it gives you an ease to communicate with a mental health expert to manage your coping skills.

In addition, many legitimate services work with a massive range of qualified and licensed therapists. All platforms mentioned on our list are trustworthy and offer reliable services according to your needs. Hence, pick the depression counseling service that best fits you to help manage mental stress.

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