Best Online Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy Platforms (2022)

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Couples therapy has become increasingly in demand in the US, but many people complain about access to these services. We attribute that to a scarcity of services, which is why we think online therapy for marriage counseling is a brilliant idea. All you need to do for professional marriage counseling is have a smartphone or computer connected to the internet.

Mental health therapies were once conducted face-to-face, but the rising demand for mental health services and modern technology has made online therapy a viable option for many people. You can use these services from any location, so a busy schedule is no longer an excuse.

Online marriage counseling therapy via video sessions has been examined in a few studies for their use in couples’ therapy, and research in this area has primarily been quantitative or theoretical.

Therefore, it is crucial to explore clients’ practical experiences. The best examples are couples who have participated in marriage counseling via video sessions. Couples’ experiences will provide insight into the therapeutic process and its outcomes.

As a part of our quest to select the best online marriage counseling programs, we checked out some of the top-rated platforms online. We discovered that licensed marriage and family counselors specifically manage many of these online marriage counseling services.

The team inquired about the most desired qualities a counseling service should have to get a rating structure.

It was also necessary to consider factors such as affordability, price, and insurance qualification. Our focus was on the most suitable services for couples at a particular stage of their relationship.

Top 3 Online Relationship Counseling Platforms 2022

  1. Calmerry– Overall Best Marriage Counseling Online, Editor’s Pick
  2.– Most Popular Marriage Counselors for Relationship Therapy
  3. TalkSpace– Trusted Relationship Counseling Services for Couples

#1. Calmerry– Overall Best Marriage Counseling Online, Editor’s Pick

Founded by two entrepreneurs from the US and Europe, Calmerry is fast becoming a reputable name in the online therapy market. They have established the platform to meet the demand for marriage counseling caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Its mission is to “make therapy affordable and accessible to everyone” They currently have an extensive network of therapists throughout the United States. Though this is a relatively new service, Calmerry has experienced considerable growth and has rapidly become one of America’s most extensive online marriage counseling and therapy platforms.


Couples Therapy: Most Calmerry therapists specialize in couples counseling. Couples will have the same therapist and can virtually attend sessions together or set up individual sessions.

The company offers couples counseling for various relationship problems. It provides plans for counseling couples on sexual health, infidelity, sexual orientation, fertility issues, work, and financial relations. They also include topics like children, parenting intimacy, communication, and addiction.

Specialties and Areas of Expertise: Many therapists on Calmerry’s platform have training in various therapy processes. The website reports that these therapists understand cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness, and more. You can also book a session for conditions such as gestalt therapy, stress reduction through mindfulness, and narrative therapy.

There is no definitive list of conditions treated by Calmerry therapists. However, the platform is helpful for concerns relating to depression, anxiety, and stress. They also handle low self-esteem, trauma, grief, eating disorders, family conflict, LGBTQ+ issues, anger management, emotional abuse, and career counseling.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Calmerry’s platform ensures client confidentiality by providing added security. Also, gaining access to an account requires entering a password you created. You may communicate with your therapist by using a nickname instead of your legal name to protect your identity.

According to the privacy policy, Calmerry may use certain information for research and analysis. Such information includes how visitors navigate the site, types of interactions, and general demographic characteristics.

Businesses usually use such information to improve the platform’s usefulness. We should state that they store all private information for analysis. Calmerry therapists must also abide by their state’s ethical codes and confidentiality laws.

Calmerry Counselor Qualifications: Calmerry’s therapists are also bound by ethical codes and confidentiality requirements that apply in their state. So your discussions with them are confidential. The company requires each therapist to have 2,500 hours of clinical experience and be fully licensed. They verify each therapist and run background checks before employing them.


  • Flexible incentives
  • Responsive support team and therapists
  • Switch therapists any time
  • Therapists specialize in CBT
  • Provides additional resources
  • Discount for the first month


  • Therapists can’t prescribe medication
  • They don’t accept insurance

=> Click here to visit the official website of Calmerry

#2. Online-Therapy. com– Most Popular Marriage Counselors for Relationship Therapy

Using, couples will have access to ongoing therapy and support from licensed professionals. The platform is available on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.

The company takes pride in being the best in offering an online support center for people seeking help to save their marriages. You will have 24/7 access to worksheets, tests, activity planners, yoga and meditation classes, and texting with your assigned therapist. Also, users can book 30-minute video or audio sessions with their assigned therapist twice a week, depending on their package.


Counselor Qualifications: Before joining, each therapist must have 2000 hours of clinical experience. They must have additional training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods, including training in administering CBT online. There are several counselors on the platform, ranging from newly licensed professional counselors to advanced-level clinical psychologists.

Chat Messaging: You can use the option of direct messaging to communicate with your therapist directly. This involves using your preferred browser on your mobile phone to access the app. You can also participate in direct messaging with your therapist via your worksheets. Using the messaging section of your toolbox, you can send text messages to your therapist at any time. Therapists generally reply to messages the same day, on weekdays, but they are not available on weekends or holidays.

Ease of Use: is easy to use and requires no technical experience. Just sign up on the site, and you’ll be able to access its features. There is also a live chat option at the bottom of the screen if you have questions about navigating the platform.

Activity Plan: Your activity plan allows you to add activities to your calendar with reminders. The tool is excellent for organizing new habits, routines, or activities that your therapist suggests as part of the solution to restoring your marriage. The weekly “to-do” list lets you track your progress as a couple. In addition, the journal feature allows you to create an online journal within your dashboard. In contrast to worksheets, your therapist cannot access your journal.


  • Message therapists anytime on weekdays
  • Sessions via live chat, voice, or video
  • CBT-trained counselors
  • Therapist-guided worksheets
  • Feedback provided


  • No mobile app
  • No couple counseling

=> Click here to visit the official website of Online Therapy

#3. TalkSpace– Trusted Relationship Counseling Services for Couples

The increase in online therapy platforms means more people have access to professional therapy. Can meetings with a therapist over the phone or computer fill the role of face-to-face sessions? We created this review to show how easy it was and how effective online marriage counseling is compared to in-person therapy sessions. Read on for the full review of one of the leading names in online therapy – TalkSpace.

TalkSpace offers a monthly subscription service that gives users access to licensed therapists on a smartphone or tablet. The company offers a range of therapy options, including individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, services for teens, and even consultations with psychiatrists for medication prescriptions. Couples can access their assigned therapist via texting, phone, or email.

Generally, therapists only reply once or twice a day and work five days a week. Depending on the subscription plan, users can also book up to four live 30-minute video sessions each month. While it’s not touted as the most intimate or personal of therapy options, it may be best for couples who don’t want to limit themselves to once-weekly or once-a-month sessions. Prices start at under $70 per week.


Easy Signup Process: To sign up for TalkSpace, you can use your computer or download the TalkSpace app. You’ll need a username, password, and email address. The process begins with an interview by either an AI bot or a licensed therapist. You can choose which one to use. The AI chat system allows you to conduct the signup process with similar but automated questions.

As you fill out the form, an agent will ask for basic information such as your name, age, and location and explain how TalkSpace works. They will also ask about your previous experience with therapy and the major problems that you face.

Finally, your agent will recommend a subscription plan that works best for you. If you do this, you can change your subscription at any time afterward.

Confidentiality and Privacy: The app requires you to enter using an account password you created for further protection. TalkSpace may collect additional personal information from users who access the site through their employers or insurance providers.

You can add additional privacy protection by communicating with your therapist using a nickname instead of your legal name.

Couples Therapy: TalkSpace features many therapists specializing in couple counseling, which can benefit some couples. Couples will share the same therapist and can either log on together for joint sessions or opt for individual ones TalkSpace offers couples counseling services for problems including sexual health, infidelity, fertility issues, work, and finances, parenting, intimacy, communication, and addiction.

Top-Level Counselor Qualifications: A distinctive feature of TalkSpace is that its therapists must hold a full license and have 3,000 hours of clinical experience. Before joining the platform, the therapists are verified and background-checked. Additionally, the therapists are offered additional training in specific approaches to therapy. Professional counselors range in their experience from newly licensed professional counselors to PhD-level clinical psychologists. As anticipated, there is enormous variation in both expertise and approaches to therapy. On the positive side, you can sift through matches until you find one that resonates with you.

Flexible Plans and Pricing: Individual therapy through TalkSpace is available in three subscription plans. Members pay a one-time fee to join and can change their plans at any time. If you plan to use TalkSpace for an extended period, there is a discount for paying in advance. Subscribers receive a 10% discount if they pay in advance for three months and a 20% discount if paying in advance for six months.


  • Unlimited counseling sessions
  • Licensed therapists
  • Confidential and anonymous
  • Professional standards
  • Allow immediate therapy sessions
  • Text messaging with therapists
  • Easy-to-use mobile app


  • Therapists respond at their convenience.

=> Click here to visit the official website of TalkSpace

How We Made The List of Marriage Counseling Platforms?

Our process of evaluating online therapy companies is comprehensive and data-driven. While intending to help couples navigate online marriage counseling platforms, we analyzed the key features that couples seek in an online therapist.

One method was by analyzing their services’ key features. We sent questionnaires to over 50 companies and interviewed their current customers to gather accurate and complete information about the best online therapy programs.

We did compare the services offered directly by collecting qualitative and quantitative data.

Also, to test each company, we evaluated the usability of their website. We also focused on the signup process, subscription packages, client privacy and protection systems, and how easy it is to schedule sessions with a therapist.

Besides, our team scrutinized therapists’ qualifications and the kinds of therapy they offer. The same is true with quality of care, how clients communicate with their therapists, and how they assign therapists to clients who sign up on the platform.

We then considered cost, value for money, and whether the companies accept clients with insurance. Overall, we assessed user satisfaction and whether customers would recommend them to others who need help.

What We Looked For in these Online Couples Therapy

  • Accessible Care: By choosing an online service with on-demand or same-day appointments, you can prevent significant interruptions to your everyday schedule. We looked at the company’s marriage counseling services, starting with detailed relationship assessments. Clients should receive online video sessions with a therapist as part of their assessment. As approved by our team, video sessions will include individual and joint interviews with partners. Subsequently, the therapist will provide feedback about the couple’s situation and whether they need therapy. We only selected online marriage platforms that followed this process.
  • Ease of Choosing the Right Therapist: In the same way as traditional in-person practices, online platforms employ a varying number of counselors and marriage support professionals. We needed to be sure the brands online had enough employees to offer services to their clients. This will reduce waiting times and help more people get the support they need to save their marriages quickly. Each professional, psychiatrist and counselor is trained to achieve various therapeutic goals and treatments, but understanding how they differ can be confusing. Psychiatrists go through four years of medical school and several years of specialized training. Although some psychiatrists include therapy in sessions, they typically focus on medications they can prescribe because of their certification as MDs. Psychologists have varying levels of education and training that qualify them to practice psychotherapy.
  • Communication Methods: It should be easy to meet with your counselor online. That’s why we chose services that offer a variety of interactive methods for online marriage counseling sessions, including video and phone chat, email, live chat, and text messaging. Their platform should load fast for easy access and time-saving. You can get support from anywhere without spending money traveling to see a marriage counselor. All you need is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Professionally Trained and Helpful Therapists: It’s essential to find a therapist you connect with as a couple, so we’ve listed several services that offer a long list of therapists, with their qualifications stated. And some sites allow you to choose your therapist. With online marriage counseling, a therapist with clinical experience helps you gain insight into your relationship as a couple. They’ll teach you how to handle conflict effectively and grow closer as a couple.
  • Counseling Combined with Somatic Therapy: On our list of recommended online marriage counselors, we have therapists who specialize in using talk therapy to help individuals deal with pain, protecting their physical health. Their counseling helps individuals with depression by teaching them how to cope with symptoms. When combined with a somatic approach, individuals can release tension and fears built up when discussing their trauma and illness.
  • Patient’s Feedback: Patients should value their experiences with online marriage counseling services because they discover details about their relationship dynamics. We used previous customer reviews to select the best brands that offer quality therapeutic support. The responses from verified patients show that the online marriage counseling sites on our list helped them resolve their issues. Most were able to adopt better communication practices that encourage intimacy instead of becoming too distant from each other.
  • In-platform Referrals: Access to medical doctors on the same platform is a bonus. If your therapist thinks your mood is related to a medical problem or needs medication, most therapists can’t prescribe it for you. However, you can book an appointment right there with another specialist. Not all online marriage counseling services offer this option, so we looked for those that had it among their services.

Factors to Consider Before Registering for Online Therapies & Virtual Counseling

  • The Counseling Process

A common observation of couples using video sessions is that they experience a perception of distance between themselves and the therapist. Further, they observed that the apparent distance gave them greater control over the sessions and a sense of responsibility. Furthermore, couples appreciate that this responsibility and involvement with the sessions significantly increased their focus and effort in making the sessions successful.

  • Confidentiality Arrangements

It is essential to look for practitioners using encrypted video software to be sure they meet your confidentiality and privacy standards. You may have to download the software they are using. It is a simple step but a significant one. It’s also a good idea to check whether your therapist is licensed in the state where you reside. If you are using health insurance, you may want to check if it covers video therapy. There’s a wide range of rates based on the practitioner’s experience and expertise.

  • Level of Professional Support 

In their reflections, couples may consider certain physical factors, including the physical location and technical aspects like video sessions. It may be necessary for your therapist to verify your identity in the first instance to address imposter concerns. They may ask for photo identification and consent for treatment.

  • Satisfaction Guarantees

Can I still experience ‘total therapy’ in a video session? Yes and no. The experience can be as fulfilling as sitting in an office, but it will be different. To make the experience as positive as possible, you might wish to prepare as if you were about to visit the therapist in person. Make sure you have a private space and not be disturbed. Turn off your phone, television, and music.

Ensure pets and children are with other family members. Consider other things that might distract you during your office visit, and remove them from the space you’ll be using for your appointment. Similarly, the therapist you will be working with should be doing the same. Since you can only see what’s in your frame, and likewise with the therapist, there is a measure of trust and professionalism.

  • Language for Communication

It is best to use platforms that use the English language on the site. The same is true with intake forms that are gender, race, and identity inclusive.

  • Online Security

Please go for a service that uses one or more third-party certifications to confirm that companies follow best practices to keep your information safe. URAC offers an accreditation program, and independent security companies like HyTrust provide audits.

  • Are Licensed Therapists Available on the Site?

The most basic requirement is that the service connects you to licensed therapists (states issue these licenses, confirming that providers have one of a variety of degrees that prepare them for this work). That means not a chat robot and not some kind of coach. Search for “therapy” in the iTunes App Store, and you’ll get a slew of options from legit medical providers to virtual coloring books. Of course, not all of these offerings claim to provide therapy, but sometimes they look suspiciously similar to those that do.

  • Service Guarantees

Remember that you are the consumer. You are buying a service. If you don’t want to schedule another appointment immediately, that is fine; if you need to contemplate this experience before making another appointment, please trust your gut. You don’t have to go with your counselor after one session. It is also okay to meet with a few therapists before selecting one. “Did I feel heard and respected? “What about the emotional connection?” What about the technical connection? Does this match my expectations of therapy, or am I supposed to adjust them from what I’ve expected of a traditional therapy experience? “Can I imagine myself continuing in therapy with this therapist?”

  • Cost

Traditional therapy can cost you a few dollars for a 45- to 60-minute session. Therapist fees depend on where you live, your health insurance, what your therapist has trained in, and their reputation. According to GoodTherapy and Psychology Today, both maintain searchable databases of mental health professionals. You can get cheaper care if you use a third-party service, especially if you pay upfront for a long-term membership. The cost of online therapy also varies depending on the service and level of support you choose.

  • Accessibility

A person might have difficulty attending an in-person appointment for various reasons, including social anxiety, chronic illness, physical disabilities, inability to work, difficulty finding childcare, or living far from the doctor. With online therapy, individuals can communicate with their therapist whenever they wish, from anywhere with an internet connection. Dr. Kala says, “I like the idea of counseling people at home. It makes them feel more at ease, and they’re likely to open up more when they feel comfortable.”

FAQs: Online Couples Therapy

What is online marriage counseling?

Marriage and family therapists are licensed mental health professionals specializing in helping couples. Some couples may need only a few sessions over a short time to weather a crisis. Others may need ongoing marriage counseling for several months, especially if their relationship has deteriorated. Most couples undergoing marriage counseling meet once a week, especially at the start.

What are the benefits of online marriage counseling?

It may be more affordable to find a marriage and family therapist online than in person, especially if a couple has limited or no insurance coverage. This form of counseling is more accessible to couples living in remote areas. Online marriage counseling provides a sense of privacy for couples worried about the social stigma attached to marriage counseling. Online marriage counseling can help some couples feel more at ease because they are at home to open up and talk more freely.

How much does online marriage counseling cost?

The cost of online marriage counseling varies depending on the platform. Some platforms charge a per-session fee based on the provider and the length of the session. A live video chat with a therapist can cost anywhere between $50 and $150. Other platforms follow a subscription-based pricing model that covers everything available. Many online marriage counseling services offer a sliding scale fee structure that takes income into account in addition to insurance coverage. However, many services do not accept insurance for online counseling but offer a sliding fee structure.

Is online marriage counseling effective?

There is growing evidence of the effectiveness of online therapy compared to in-person therapy. One study revealed that online therapy was effective in treating anxiety disorders. According to another survey, online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy in treating depression. Research also suggests that video and phone-based psychology services effectively treat adjustment disorder, anxiety, and depression. When it comes to online marriage counseling, the outcomes are similar. Many couples say that it creates a less intimidating and more comfortable environment for interaction. Many couples share that video conferencing is a very effective way of simulating face-to-face interaction

Is online therapy secure and confidential?

Most websites will allow you to communicate with your therapist using a nickname (although most will require you to provide an emergency contact’s name and phone number). All licensed mental health professionals must follow state laws and HIPAA regulations to ensure confidentiality and information safety.

Does insurance cover online therapy?

Insurance coverage may vary Some online therapy companies, such as TalkSpace, work with health insurance companies to participate in various health plans. Be sure to check your eligibility before signing up. You’ll pay less than the full out-of-pocket subscription or session fee.

How do I prepare for an online therapy session?

Organize the room space for your session. Attending therapy sessions from the comfort of your home has so many advantages. Write down all your symptoms beforehand. Write down all your questions. Make follow-up appointments as soon as possible.

Why is counseling necessary for couples?

Couples can benefit from counseling by taking time out of their busy lives to focus on themselves. The counselor acts as a mediator between the spouses and facilitates a healthy and effective communication process.

What do you talk about in couples therapy?

During the consultation, the therapist will want to understand the most pressing issues you face in your relationship (parenting conflicts, intimacy issues, or communication issues). The therapist may also discuss other types of relationship distress.

Conclusion: Is Online Couple Therapy Effective?

Couples have made positive remarks about their experiences during online marriage counseling sessions. At the beginning of the therapeutic process, couples reflected on their first impressions and expectations, comparing their video sessions experience to their previous therapies or general face-to-face interaction. It is apparent that online marriage counseling works best for many couples.

While couples described video sessions as something “different,” many couples felt the technology gave them a greater sense of control and comfort. In general, couples experienced a positive shift in expectations as their initial reservations were overcome by the ability to engage in the therapeutic process. Visit the companies we have reviewed to check out their services. We are sure you will have a wonderful experience.

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