Best Online Premarital Counseling Programs In 2022

We all know that being in the right relationship can be the best thing that happens to you. But a relationship without conflicts doesn’t exist. Turning that relationship into something more, like a marriage, can be scary to the couple. And that is understandable.

After getting married, a whole new world opens up for you. You will have to deal with things you never even thought about before. And before you know it, you and your spouse are screaming out about who should’ve unloaded the dishwasher.

Managing your finances can be really challenging too. And it’s tough to figure everything out without someone who has more experience and knowledge than you. The wedding is the easy part, but living a successful and happy life is more complicated.

That’s why private premarital counseling exists. Now you can get it along with the comfort of your home.

4 Best Premarital Counseling Sessions Online (2022)

  • Talkspace: Overall Best Relationship Counseling Experts
  • Relationship Hero: Most Popular Site to Improve Relationship Skills
  • Growing Self: Offers Couples Therapist With Specialized Training and Experience
  • ReGain: Available With Most Certified Marriage Counselors

#1. Talkspace:  Overall Best Relationship Counseling Experts

Mental health is a priority above everything else. The solution for that is therapy. Therapy shouldn’t be something you hate doing; that feels really monotone and makes you angry. It’s something that should give you comfort, and you do it with love. Nowadays, you can get the ultimate therapy experience by attending it from your home.

Talkspace is one of the largest online therapy companies today, and they offer convenient and affordable couples therapy. Having existed for more than a decade, they have managed to provide online therapy services accessible to everyone. This company believes that taking therapies from home has many more advantages and can be helpful to people with anxiety, addiction, and depression, including people with relationship issues.

Although they offer consultations for many different mental health problems, their team consists of a series of licensed marriage and family therapists. Their expertise in family relationships, sex and desires, fears and anxiety about taking new steps, aligning expectations, and many others could help one couple better the relationship and grow stronger.


If you want to use the services from Talkspace, you can go to their website and make an account. Additionally, if you want to take the consultations on your phone, you can download and install their mobile application. It’s available both for Android and iOS devices.

The journey with Talkspace starts with a questionnaire, and you have to provide it with information related to your life goals, counseling reasons, and preferences for the therapist. After you complete it, an algorithm will try to find the best therapist based on your answers. However, you will be able to change the therapist at any time, even before starting with the consultations.

When you search for different therapists, you will be able to see every information about them: their personal experience, photo, availability, professional license number, specializations, and many more. You will have a chance to reach a professional therapist with over 3,000 hours of clinical experience in their area of expertise. Medication management from licensed prescribers is also available.

After you make a final choice for the therapist, you will enter a virtual therapy room and access the therapist there. The room will allow you to communicate with the therapist at any time. But, to clear things out, you can send texts whenever you want, and you’ll get appropriate help when your therapist is available.

  • Pricing

Talkspace offers three different subscription plans that will suit everybody’s needs: plus, premium, and ultimate. The first one is the most affordable, and it costs only $260 a month. It features unlimited messaging therapy through the chat room, where you can send text, audio, or video messages to the therapist for five business days.

The premium subscription has an additional feature: a single 30-minute live session per month. The price for this plan is $316 a month. Furthermore, if one video consultation isn’t enough for you, the ultimate subscription plan would be for you. It features four live sessions each week, and it costs $396 for the whole month.

As an add-on plan, you can also receive psychiatry services. They cost $199 for the initial psychiatric evaluation and an additional $125 for every next consultation.


  • Communication through text, audio, and video messages
  • Live video therapy sessions are available
  • Multiple subscription options
  • The consultations are done by a team of professional and licensed therapists
  • You can receive consultations from licensed prescribers and receive medications


  • The therapist is not likely to respond to your messages during weekends

=> Click here to visit the official website of TalkSpace

#2. Relationship Hero: Most Popular Site to Improve Relationship Skills

Everyone searches for reliable and positive people to talk to all the time. Sometimes you need professional advice instead of talking to a friend. Relationship Hero is something that provides that. Just subscribe, and you will get highly educated therapists that will deal with your emotional rollercoaster.

Relationship Hero is a company formed in 2016 by Lior Gotesman and Liron Shapira and is based in San Francisco. Being aware of almost everything switching through the internet, this company wanted to fulfill the demand for teletherapy in the world. They gathered some of the highest-rated relationship experts and made a team that would like to help anyone who struggles in the relationship and needs to talk to a professional to receive some advice.

Having the option to speak to a trained, open-minded, non-judgmental, egoless, optimistic, and self-aware person would most likely help your situation and make you feel better. But that’s not all. All of the therapists have some degree. Whether it’s a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D., they have additional experience in this field that would let them earn their license.


This platform uses an algorithm that will provide you with some questions right from the start. The information you’ll provide will help it better understand your situation, goals, and preferences and make your profile personalized. No matter if you use it at the same time with your partner or you want to take the consultations alone, Relationship Hero is going to help you either way.

Sometimes, reaching your goals in the relationship might look impossible. But, with the help of highly experienced and licensed counselors, you’ll be able to do so. Their so-called Strategy Sessions are going to connect you with the most suitable coach that will understand you, guide you through the difficulties in your relationship, and help you reach your goals.

A very beneficial feature that not many websites have is free initial consultations. That way, you’ll get to know how these services work and decide whether the chosen therapist is the right one for you.

Relationship problems tend to get very hard to solve, and the professionality of these therapists will make the process much easier. Dating, breakups, cheating, family problems, and many others might stand in your way of being a happy individual. You shouldn’t let that happen, and in many situations, choosing live coaching from experts is the only way to go.

  • Pricing

Relationship Hero is a reputable company, and with the improvement in the quality of its services, they become more expensive. In their starting years, the cheapest bundles could let you receive consultations for $1 per minute. However, they have raised their standards for consultations and provided one of the best telehealth professionals.

Today, an initial one-hour session costs $150. You can access these services by purchasing a subscription plan. There are many subscriptions available, and you should choose the one that would be the most fitting for you.

  • $180 per month for 360 credits,
  • $330 per month for 720 credits
  • $600 per month for 1440 credits
  • $1,125 per month for 2880 credits

Considering that every coach offers different pricing, we cannot determine how many hours you’ll have available for on-demand sessions. However, the average demand is about 180 credits per hour.


  • Online therapies specifically for inculcating relationship skills
  • Their services are free in the initial 10 minutes
  • Online chat room available at any time
  • Communication through text, audio, or video calls


  • They don’t offer mental health therapies

#3. Growing Self: Offers Couples Therapist With Specialized Experience

Relationships don’t just happen by themselves. They need a lot of involvement and building. We can’t expect a relationship to be perfect without us taking every step to make it better. It’s the same as wanting to be experienced in something but not wanting to practice it.

Smart couples invest in online premarital counseling. It’s the ideal way to build up your relationship. This way, you’re investing in your future. By contacting experts, you can take steps to prevent problems from happening in the future.

It’s also much easier to fix a problem when it’s smaller. Problems happen all the time, and we mustn’t ignore them and suppress our feelings. That’s why counselors exist who can determine what the problem is and the best solution.

And sometimes, if we try to solve the problem ourselves, we can turn it into an even bigger one. No price can compare to the happiness and trust in a relationship. But we have to work our way to a perfect relationship.

Even though this company isn’t that big compared to its competitors, it’s still a great one with highly trained and qualified therapists. And it grows more and more.

The company’s mission is to help couples live better life by finding peace, love, and happiness. They hire the best therapists, and some of them even have PhDs in the field.


Growing self is an online therapy website that is focused on relationships, self-healing, and recovering from past painful breakups. So if you’re interested in this kind of therapy, you might want to try out this company.

If you’re interested in the traditional way of therapy and want your home’s comfort, this is a great choice. By attending therapy from home, you have more privacy, and stress doesn’t build up from visiting the therapist’s office.

Flexibility is a crucial feature when it comes to online therapy. We are busy every day doing all kinds of tasks. Sometimes it can be hard to fit online therapy into your schedule. But Growing Self accommodates you and makes the appointments work with your schedule.

Their user-friendly website will allow your sign-up process to happen effortlessly. After answering a few questions, Growing Self will make sure that you will match with a therapist to your situation and preferences. Their team consists of many experienced and licensed therapists specializing in online premarital counseling.

A lot of users have reported that they could get a match with a therapist and start the therapy sessions within a couple of days. However, if you don’t happen to match with the therapist fully, you will get a few other recommendations to find another one. Also, some therapists will allow you to have a new consultation with them before paying any money to feel completely comfortable receiving the therapies.

  • Pricing

Their online premarital counseling class is not the most affordable service on the market, but we think it’s worth it considering the quality. We couldn’t compare their services to other websites since the prices vary. Unlike many other teletherapy websites, Growing Self will charge you differently depending on which therapist you choose.

Therapists that have recently joined usually don’t charge more than $100 per session. Some of them could even go as low as $65, which is sometimes determined depending on your case. The sliding scale for Master’s level therapists can vary from $75 to $115, and Ph.D. level therapists can charge up to $160 per session.

Other services usually have a subscription plan where you are allowed to communicate with the therapist frequently. But, Growing Self only offers communication during the therapy sessions. Besides the option for video chat, you can also take these consultations in-person or by phone call.


  • Unique online classes
  • The option to choose your therapist
  • More available sessions on the same or the next day
  • Having a session on the day of signing up


  • A little bit expensive

#4. ReGain: Available With Most Certified Marriage Counselors

Regain is a company founded in 2016 that focuses on online relationship therapies. Its parent company, Better help, is one of the most prominent telehealth therapy companies in the U.S. Over 8,000 therapists are involved in the company that has specialized training in many areas as well as high-level academic qualifications.

Being aware that it’s not easy to find a therapist nearby, especially one that will be the most suitable for you, they implemented their previous experience and made this relationship-based therapy website. The virtual sessions can be taken individually or as a couple. If you’re not sure whether you want to start with your partner initially, you can always invite them later in the sessions.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your therapist. Regain will recommend a therapist based on your preferences for gender, ethnicity, religion, and age. These options will allow you to get along and connect with the therapist much more effortlessly. Also, the consultations might be more efficient.


The therapists from ReGain are highly experienced and can help anyone with trouble in their relationship. No matter in which situation you are, the therapist will find an appropriate approach and will utilize a specific method.

Having a conflict with your partner, low communication skills, intimacy issues, setting boundaries, and many more factors could lead you to separate or make a divorce. Some therapists could use the Gottman method, which has three elements: assessment, framework, and intervention. That requires having you and your partner attend the consultations.

Other therapists might utilize solution-focused brief therapy, which might be a better approach for you. In some cases, focusing on problem-solving rather than solution-building might not be effective. However, that is an action that the counselor needs to choose and make the decision based on your situation.

The chat room will allow you to send messages to the therapist at any time. That means you can communicate with him outside of the sessions. Oftentimes, the therapist asks questions regarding the sessions and how the progress is going. So, if you have any other issues, you can address them later.

  • Pricing

ReGain offers only one subscription plan, and its costs depend on which therapist you choose and where you’re located. The all-inclusive plan features a shared chat room, with or without your partner, and also weekly live sessions through video or phone calls.

The monthly subscription will cost between $240 and $320. Unfortunately, you cannot receive any free initial consultations, so you won’t have a chance to meet the counselor face-to-face before making the payment.

Though, you can always change the counselor and find someone new. When you want to change the counselor, you can do it easily without having to pay any additional fees.


  • One of the most affordable online counseling services
  • ReGain is a company focused on online premarital counseling
  • This company is owned by Betterhelp, which is one of the biggest online counseling platforms
  • Chatting with the therapist 24/7 through a live chat room
  • Weekly scheduled video appointments


  • No free trial

How We Made the List of Online Premarital Counseling Programs

By spending hours on researching the best online premarital counseling, we came across a few unique websites against the competition. There are many factors to think about before choosing one.

Many websites provide the counseling you need, but their prices are incredibly high. With the pages we found, you will get the most value from the amount you pay. But either way, don’t expect anything really cheap. We all know therapy can get expensive.

But getting the life you dreamt of, without conflicts and full of love and support, is worth paying for. And let’s face it, only a small number of people can achieve that without someone paving the way for them.

Guide for Online Couples Counseling

Choosing the right services for resolving your relationship issues can be really challenging. But, our recommendation for the best online premarital counseling might save you some time and money. However, before choosing any of them, you have to know a few things first. This will help you if you’re having second thoughts.

What is Online Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling is a form of mental health counseling specific to couples in a relationship. It’s supposed to help people that want to identify their behavior and improve their mental health. People sometimes can’t recognize when they’re having a bad relationship with someone, and that could lead to more complications.

These types of services can focus on many things. Couples tend to have a difficult time creating a common vision about life and creating a plan that would work in favor of both of them. Reaching that point sometimes could feel impossible. At a glance, the quality of your relationship might look good. But, later on, some problems could rise up and cause major issues.

With proper assistance, you’ll have an opportunity to better your connection and understand each other more. The therapy sessions can happen individually or together with your partner. If you feel like you want to take consultations alone, you can do so. Later, the websites usually allow you to invite your partner and continue them together during the sessions.

It’s very common for couples to get into arguments, especially before getting married. Wedding planning can cause a lot of stress, financial management might become impossible, and many more problems. Also, other factors like intimacy, expectations, and personality differences can contribute to and worsen the situation.

Finding an Independent Therapist

If you require premarital counseling, searching for an independent therapist will be very hard. First, you will experience a lack of options since not many individual therapists offer online counseling. Choosing a therapist that would help you the most is very hard this way.

A platform that connects you to many other therapists is a much better option. It allows you to connect with a therapist of your preference in a concise period. This way, you could feel closer to the therapist, have more benefits from the sessions, and improve your relationship with your partner.

Would You Benefit from Online Marriage Counseling Services?

We think that every couple that experiences difficulty in their relationship should try premarital counseling services. If you have any past trauma with your partner that might cause harmful effects in your life, a licensed and experienced therapist might be able to help you.

It’s also important to note that premarital counseling prevents further complications in the marriage. If you don’t feel close enough with your partner and don’t have the trust you desire, many problems in the marriage might appear that could be a sign of a divorce.

And if you want none of that happening, these services are the key. These kinds of conflicts can’t be solved by yourself or by a friend or a family member. You need Experts to help you. By using these services, you won’t feel pressured, and you will feel comfortable. That’s what the best online premarital counselors provide.

Choosing the Best Online Premarital Counseling Website for You

After we give you some options, you have to choose one. We mentioned many things that were making the websites stand out from others. Hopefully, they will help you determine which websites you should choose. While you look at them, you have to consider a few factors that we will mention.

First, you have to ask yourself how much would you like to pay. Some websites offer a fixed price, and in some, the price is variable depending on which counselor you choose.

When you think about your budget, you should also remember that some relationship coaches are trained to listen, understand, and give you some advice. They usually charge much less than professionals with a high-degree education.

If your religion is very important, you should choose a counselor with the same religion so that you could have more things in common, and that would let you be more open to him. However, some websites don’t make criteria for counselors by their religion, and you might need to choose another one.

FAQs Regarding Marriage and Family Therapy

How Much Does Premarital Counseling Cost?

Most of the time, couples plan and pay for extreme weddings. But they fail to prioritize premarital counseling before their wedding. This is understandable, but sometimes it can lead to unwanted consequences years after the marriage.

It would be best to make your future your priority instead of your wedding. That’s why you need to do a great deal of research on this kind of counseling. There are a lot of different prices for these services, but you should choose the correct option. And we hope this article helped you.

We will take growing self as an example for their prices. This is what you can expect to pay by using this service. Because of the advancement of the therapists, you can expect around $125 for a 45minute session or $165 for a 60minute session. But there is also an option called a lifetime of love class.

By choosing this option, which is a great bargain, you pay $260 for the whole course. That means you pay that price for 6 sessions. And you save up to $700 by choosing this option.

Is Premarital Counseling Necessary?

No, premarital counseling isn’t a must when you’re planning a marriage. There are many other things to consider when you’re arranging a wedding aside from premarital counseling. The colors, theme, food, decorations, and outfits are all crucial considerations.

And let’s face it, you have a lot of bills to pay. The stylists, the party, and the honeymoon can cost a substantial amount. A great wedding can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and we agree that you deserve a great wedding.

But the part that often gets lost is the actual relationship. You care about everything at the wedding, but you forget that you two are left alone to figure things out later on when the wedding is over. And that’s where most people struggle.

You have to learn to be kind to each other and how to be civilized. You have to find a way to solve the problems that become problems after marriage. Respecting your spouse is essential even if they are wrong.

So even if premarital counseling isn’t necessary, it can be the most excellent investment you ever made, considering you get to live in a solid and healthy marriage.

What Are the Therapists’ Qualifications?

To be a therapist isn’t an easy thing. You have to know all the emotions and issues that people deal with. And to be part of big websites like these, you really need to be qualified. Their therapists have years of experience. They helped a significant number of couples to fix their relationship.

A lot of the therapists also have PhDs in their field. They are also trained really well and certified by their company. They give relationship coaching that is focused on achieving the best possible result so that the customers can live a happy and healthy marriage.

So don’t worry. You will be in the best possible hands. A crucial thing of online therapy is also telling the therapist everything and not lying. That way, the therapists can do their job and find you a solution. If you suppress feelings and lie, you waste your money on therapy.

Final Words: Online Couple Counseling Platform Are A Must For Healthy Relationships

When the term therapy is used, there are a lot of different public opinions about it. Some people may even consider you crazy if you attend therapy. But, having to go to therapy from your home is a big plus. You have all the comfort and privacy you need, and you don’t have to care about people’s opinions about you.

But as the internet grows every day, it can be hard to choose the right website. We hope that this article helped you choose the website that suits you most. You should really think about attending online premarital counseling because your future is an essential part of your life, and no couple is perfect.

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