4 Best Recliners In Canada For Pain & Relaxation Of 2022

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Everyone needs to relax and feel comfy after a long day of hard and tiresome work. In that case, you can take a bath and read a book or meditate to let your body and mind relax. But the comfort of where you will sit and relax while reading or meditating matters a lot. It includes the sitting position, usually determined by the chair you sit on.

Most chairs do not offer maximum comfort due to their designs. They are not comfy and usually make the user experience back aches due to poor sitting position. Also, using such chairs is very uncomfortable since gravity and fatigue tend to take over once you use them for a long time. But thankfully, we now have recliner chairs.

However, in this article, we have reviewed the top four best recliners available in the market. So, keep reading to find the best deals that mimic everyone’s style and preferences. Also, you will find out some key features you must consider when selecting a recliner that best suits you.

Top 4 Brands To Buy Most Comfortable Recliners From In Canada Of 2022

After selecting the best recliners, we grouped them based on the best in each category. These categories  include:

  1. Costway Home Massage Gaming Recliner Chair – Overall Best Recliners, Editor’s Pick
  2. FastTech Type A Electric Lift Function Chair – Top Brand For Recliners Within Budget  
  3. Geekbuying Orisfur PU Leather Recliner – Most Recommended Brand For Chairs & Furniture
  4. TOMTOP Electric TV Armchair/Reclining Chair – Most Popular Brand For The Most Stylish Furniture 

#1. Costway Home Massage Gaming Recliner Chair – Overall Best Recliners, Editor’s Pick


Our number one pick on our list is the Costway home massage gaming recliner chair. This home massage gaming recliner is a go-to seat after a long day where you can relax comfortably. It has all the features you could ever find in the best recliner chair. The gaming chair features waterproof leather and overstuffed cushions that offer a comfortable resting experience.

With a large size, adjustable backrest, and retractable footrest, you can enjoy working, watching television, and studying without fatigue. Moreover, one can relax peacefully because the recliner has massage modes and back support. Further, the gaming chair is crafted in high-quality materials, thus making it more comfortable and sturdy.

In addition, this home massage recliner chair is designed with the newest gaming style. It is suited for different spaces such as gaming rooms, home theaters, formal living rooms, and offices. Further, it comes in attractive colors like gray and purple. Hence, you can choose the color that best fits your style.

If you need this modern and stylish power lift recliner, you can grab one from Costway. This brand is an online retailer that was established in 2014. Since then, the company has propelled over the years to become a leading furniture retailer in the industry. So, it’s worth considering this brand if you want to purchase comfortable recliners.

Besides, it’s good to know that Costway offers free shipping after purchasing the recliner. Moreover, they accept different methods of payments such as PayPal, bank cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and JCBCard, depending on your preference.


Adjustable Backrest and Footrest: The gaming chair is well equipped with an adjustable backrest as well as a footrest. So, it’s very easy to adjust the angle of the backrest in three positions from 90 to 160 degrees. It helps to keep you in the most comfortable and relaxing position. Also, the adjustable footrest is fully supported by a strong metal structure. It allows your legs to rest and stretch, bringing optimal comfort easily.

Massage Function: This reclining sofa features massage modes. The chair has two massage points where one can get maximum relaxation. Thus, the chair will continually bring a good relation to your body during game time. In addition, it will relieve stress and pain in your back and waist muscles, thus promoting a good gaming experience.

Premium Materials: The home massage gaming recliner chair is crafted using high-quality PU leather and PVC materials. The materials are not only skin-friendly and waterproof but also easy to clean. Apart from that, the chair is durable, soft, and smooth to touch. It has cushions filled with high-density thick and soft sponges that are highly resilient, thus bringing maximum relaxation.

User-Friendly Design: Another great feature is that the home massage gaming recliner chair comes in a fashionable style. It has attached pockets on its side where you can store your stuff like a phone, remote control, magazines, and books, among other items. Moreover, it has a cup holder where you can place your cup while drinking water or coffee.

Stable Structure: The reclining sofa is supported by a strong iron base hence more stable and safe. In addition, this swivel recliner can swivel up to 360 degrees. It helps you freely switch the seat directions while gaming or chatting with friends.

Additional Specs: This gaming chair comes in attractive colors such as gray and purple. Moreover, it has a net weight capacity of 61 lbs and a load capacity of 330 lbs; hence it can comfortably support the user’s weight.


  • Reasonable price
  • Incredible massage functions
  • Durable materials
  • Comfortable recliner
  • Stable structure
  • Waterproof material
  • Good swiveling motion
  • Convertible backrest
  • Comfortable curved arms


  • Few colors
  • Few have reported that it topples a lot
  • My sound creaky

=> Click here to visit the official website of Costway

#2. FastTech Type A Electric Lift Function Chair – Top Brand For Recliners Within Budget  


Are you looking for a comfortable recliner that will support your body in a relaxing style? Look no further because the type A electric lift function chair is a perfect choice. There is no other choice for people with sitting problems other than this power recliner. It gives you an upright position as it has a good swiveling motion.

Besides its elegant appearance, it has different comfort features such as heating functions. It also has a smooth rocking motion that brings ultimate relaxation. In addition, the chair comes in an attractive silver-white color and has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. It is strong and sturdy, made of a kiln-dried hardwood frame and an iron sponge spring. Moreover, all features in this recliner can be controlled by remote control.

In addition, the chair has massage modes like other modern recliners. In particular, this recliner is designed with multiple and different vibrating massage junctions for the back, thigh, legs, and lumbar. Also, being a modern, sleek and sophisticated recliner, you can place it in your sitting room, office, and other places.

The type A electric lift recliner is medium-sized; hence it can fit in a small space, thereby saving space in your room. Besides, it is easy to assemble, and all its accessories are included in its package. So, you can assemble the chair by yourself within 20 minutes.

If you plan to buy this chair, get it from FastTech since the company distributes the chair in the market. The company is reputable and trusted for quality home and office supplies; it was founded in 2012. They offer this type of recliner at a reasonable price. Also, the brand offers a 45 days return policy and free shipping when you purchase from their website.

Lastly, FastTech has devoted customer care. Their customer service has a superior understanding of the products offered by the company. So, if you have any questions concerning this electric lift recliner, the customer service experts will easily solve them.


Durable Fabric: This recliner chair is made of a green and environmentally friendly yarn-dyed soft fabric. The material has no formaldehyde that can irritate your body, so the chair is skin-friendly. Moreover, the material is strong, durable, and much easier to clean.

Dual Motor: This power recliner is different from the traditional recliners because it has two lifting motors. Thus, the backrest and the footrest can be easily adjusted independently. You can adjust to any position that you wish without hassles.

Durable Structure: FastTech type A electric lift function chair has a strong iron frame that is high quality and thus very durable. Besides, the structure is very strong and can withstand a large weight of up to 300 lbs.

Overstuffed Soft Cushions and Wide Armrest: The fabric recliner is jam-packed with cushions and a large armrest. Thereby, it gives you a comfortable sitting experience and a warm feeling.

Easy to Adjust: This modern recliner sofa can be adjusted using a manual switch. You can choose to relieve stress or decide to relax your body while taking a nap, watching TV, or reading a book. It will give you optimal comfort and body relaxation.

Free Shipping: Another great feature is that you can get the recliner through free shipping, where the seller guarantees safe and fast delivery. Moreover, the seller will reimburse the return shipping cost if the recliner was delivered in a bad state or is damaged.


  • No restocking fee
  • Dual strong motors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern design
  • Good swiveling motion
  • High mobility
  • Well padded
  • Massage functionality
  • Foam seating


  • Made of average fabric material
  • Few fabric options

=> Click here to visit the official website of FastTech 

#3. Geekbuying Orisfur PU Leather Recliner – Most Recommended Brand For Chairs & Furniture


Orisfur PU leather recliner chair is a good choice for people who need a stylish, durable leather recliner. This comfy chair can help you unwind comfortably after a hectic day. Moreover, the Orisfur PU leather recliner is comfortably padded with soft cushions that make it a comfortable chair. This model offers soft padding, good back support, and a full recline for people struggling with back pains.

In addition, the chair is made of high-quality, waterproof, and durable leather upholstery. Thus, it feels more luxurious and looks fashionable. Further, the leather material is easy to wash and maintain.

It is durable; thus, it can last very long without being worn out. Nonetheless, the material gives your home decor a brilliant and shiny appearance.

This PU leather recliner is also engineered using solid hardwood frames to provide stability and durability. It reclines up to 135 degrees allowing you to stretch perfectly and relax in an upright position. So, you can relax on this seat while watching TV, reading a book, or sleeping. In addition, the chair has an extending footrest and a reclining backrest that allows you to lay your back and cup holders on the sides.

Therefore, if you wish to purchase this PU leather recliner, you can get it from Geekbuying. It is an online retailer that supplies different home accessories founded in 2012. Since then, the company has gained a lot of experience in its field. It works tirelessly to ensure that they deliver your order as fast as possible wherever you are. So, you are guaranteed that after purchasing your recliner, you will get it faster and in a good state.

Further, Geekbuying has excellent customer services that are available 24/7. Its customer care team is there for you if you have any questions concerning this recliner. The brand offers the recliner at a reasonable price. This online retailer is worth your money and time; thus, you can confidently try out its products.


Reliable Recliner: Orisfur PU leather recliner is designed using the latest and improved recliner style. Moreover, it has extra features that are very beneficial to your health. It has superior reclining positions that are good for people with back pains. Further, this recliner can be a temporary solution for those who find it difficult to sleep on the bed. Besides, it consists of durable materials. Thus, it can save you the cost of making repairs after a breakdown.

Good Size: Another great feature of this recliner is that it comes in a good appealing size. It’s neither big nor small. So, if you have a small room, it can fit well, thereby saving some space in your room. In addition, the Orisfur PU leather recliner is also good for a tall person and has a good weight capacity.

Free Shipping and Fast Delivery: Geekbuying offers free shipping to all its products, including this leather recliner. On the other hand, it delivers your recliner chair within 24 hours, with no delays. It ensures that the items are in excellent condition until they reach the buyer.

Easy Shopping: You can purchase your recliner from Geekbuying with no hassles. The company accepts all credit and debit cards like Visa, American Express, HyperCard, MasterCard, and JCB. Therefore, this makes shopping much easier.

Money-Back Guarantee: If your recliner arrives damaged, you can return it within 12 months after placing an order on the Geekbuying website. It ensures that every customer who orders on Geekbuying has an excellent purchase experience.


  • Superior recliner
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best leather recliner
  • Good reclining motion
  • Modern materials
  • One year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Good size
  • Strong materials
  • Mobile


  • Pushback can be hard for some people
  • Topples alot

=> Click here to visit the official website of Geekbuying Orisfur

#4. TomTop Electric TV Armchair/Reclining Chair – Most Popular Brand For The Most Stylish Furniture 


The electric TV armchair/reclining chair is an ergonomic and aesthetically appealing recliner. The chair has a tilt function and an inbuilt stand-up aid. Thus, this is the right choice if you’re looking for a stylish and good-looking chair that adds aesthetic value to your interior.

Further, this recliner is comfortable as it has gorgeous soft padding, a high backrest, and an inviting armrest. It is user-friendly because the elderly and physically challenged persons can operate it easily using a remote. Also, the tilt and stand-up functions of the recliner provide firm support and maximum comfort to the users.

Since this recliner has a push-button, it can recline in various comfortable positions. In return, this provides relaxing sitting positions that minimize the pressure acting on the spinal cord. Also, the reclining ability of this chair enables moving from an upright or sitting posture to access the stand easily.

So, if you are interested in buying the electric TV armchair/reclining chair, you can place your order from TOMTOP. The brand is among the top furniture providers, established in 2004. It provides top-quality house accessories in wholesale and retail at affordable prices and with free coupons.

TOMTOP is currently offering 45% off the regular price of the electric TV armchair/reclining chair. Don’t waste time; go to the website and grab this recliner at a discounted price. Also, you will enjoy other deals such as discounts, free shipping, a refund for damaged items, and others when ordering from the site.


Material: The electric TV armchair/reclining chair is made of durable leather material. The material is 10% cotton, 30% polyester, and 60% polyurethane leather. You can enjoy using the chair for many years before you repair it or buy a new one.

Ideal Dimensions: The chair is made of dimensions to fit every user regardless of body size. It has 51cm depth, 48.5 cm width, and a total height of 142 cm, making it more accommodating to people of varying sizes.

Electric recliner: The electric TV armchair/reclining chair is remote-controlled. It has a push-button that enables moving it through upright and lying tilt angles of about 135 degrees. It enables the user to position the chair at the preferred angles that will not strain their muscles or struggle while seated.

Shipping: TOMTOP ships all its products worldwide without a minimum order threshold, including the recliners. The company offers various shipping methods, including airmail, EMS, and expedited shipping, which you can choose from. Although customers need to pay for shipping fees in some shipping options, TOMTOP tries to cover part of the charges, either a part or a whole depending on the option you choose.

Affordable: Value for money is one of the advantages that buyers like shopping in TOMTOP. The prices are discounted if you want to buy the electric TV armchair/reclining chair. Plus, you can purchase it using discount codes and free coupons. Also, you can use points and rewards collected, if any, to buy the chair at a reduced price.

Money-Back Guarantee: Don’t worry if you order your recliner and it doesn’t impress you. TOMTOP offers a refund policy covering 45 days in which you can return the order and get full or part of your money. Also, the refund policy covers orders that don’t reach the buyers. Hence your money is safe and secure when buying from the company.


  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • Secure supplier
  • Optimized shipping
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Hand side pockets
  • Tilt and stand-up functions


  • Slow shipping of orders

=> Click here to visit the official website of TomTop

How We Made This List Of Best Recliners?

All our selected recliners have a 100% user satisfaction rate in terms of relaxation, style, and comfort. While compiling the list, we referred to countless customer experiences and consulted various home and design experts.

Further, we examined various factors, including reclining function, frame construction, and quality of constructing fabrics. However, before these factors, we began by picking the most popular recliners, which helped us shortlist the various chair brands in the market.

What We Looked For?

In our research, we spent hours looking for key features in each recliner. Some of those features in were looking for include:

  • Controls: Mostly, there are two different types of recliner controls. First is the traditional recliner with lever controls, which apply a manual release lever by the impact of body motion and weight to move it in the right position. On the other hand are the modern electronic controls which are now booming. Although expensive, they are most effective since you use a remote to move them in your desired position. So, we prefer the modern electronic control recliners as they are easy to operate and hence ideal for all kinds of people, including the elderly. Also, they allow you to recline more slowly and often to whatever reclining positions you need.
  • Style: Recliners are available in various styles ranging from modern to classic and everything in between. However, despite some recliners claiming to be stylish, they don’t even seem to have reclining capabilities. Hence, our research looked for different recliner styles that attract and entice users like you. For instance, we chose recliners that have various reclining angles to suit the best style the user wants. We didn’t want to include a recliner that limits you on the recline positions you should assume while relaxing and seeking comfort.
  • Brand Reputation: Recliners are chairs manufactured by various brands. Of course, every manufacturer wants to make profits, but others are more into the business of minting profits without minding customer satisfaction. Such brands are careless, and they use poor quality material that doesn’t last, thus limiting the lifespan of your recliner. So, we investigated in-depth to understand which brand is making and selling the recliner. We looked at total sales against the customer reviews given to each brand. As a result, we chose recliner dealers with 100% customer satisfaction, as shown by a good rating by the previous buyers. Also, the brands that we extracted the recliners from are experienced in their field, as they have decades in making and distributing recliners.
  • Extra Features: The incorporated features define what you need in a recliner. If the recliner is loaded with various features, it is suitable to offer whatever style and comfort you want. In that sense, we chose the recliners in terms of the number of functional features it has. Although the furniture has many features nowadays, we looked for key features you can’t miss in the best recliner. For example, we selected recliners with swiveling, quality rocking and reclining, heating, and massage features.
  • Materials: Material is a big selection factor that you should never assume if you are looking for a long lifespan recliner. Having a chair with all other good features will be all for nothing if the material is low quality. Such chairs get torn easily and will send you back to the market within a short time to either repair or buy a new chair. Hence, in this criteria, we looked for the best recliner material, and that is none other than leather-made recliners. However, there are different types of leather that you should choose wisely. Some of our best leather considerations, in that case, include microfiber, PU leather, and genuine leather. Although genuine leather is expensive, it is of the best quality and offers the best service. However, the PU and microfiber leathers are affordable and still durable.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Recliner For Yourself

Maximum comfort, good features, and multiple functionalities make reclining chairs more popular than conventional sofas. Thus, everyone wants to own a recliner to unwind after a hectic and restless daily routine. However, deciding which type of recliner that best suits you is quite challenging.

Of course, to attain the maximum comfort of recliners, you must go for a reclining sofa that is good for your body. If you choose the wrong chair, it can introduce some health issues such as back pain. Hence, it’s good to consider some factors before purchasing any recliner.

We have some tips that can greatly help when selecting a recliner chair. Take note of these qualities when choosing a chair:

Room Space

The first step before you buy your recliner is to measure the space of your room. It will help you calculate the space your recliner will occupy. Recliners are of different sizes, and it’s advisable to have ample space to recline your chair and open it up. Hence, it’s wise to know how much space you have in your room so that you can buy a good recliner that will fit in the space.

Your Body Size

Some reclining chairs may be excellent, but not according to your body size. So, when choosing these chairs, spend some little time and try to sit on them before purchasing. If it’s online, go ahead and check the measurements. It will help you note how a recliner will contain your body size. You should make sure that your feet are touching the floor while sitting. Moreover, you must ensure that your head can rest comfortably on the recliner headrest.

Regardless, ensure that the space between the seat and the leg rest is not more than five inches. The footrest should also support your heels nicely, while the lumbar support should also be perfect. All these features are very important so you can have a good experience with your chair.


Ultimately, for any recliner you select, your budget will dictate if you will buy it or not. It’s good to note that a recliner is more expensive than conventional chairs. It is because they are crafted using more technology and design to ensure they are functional, durable, and comfortable.

In addition, the additional features included in most modern recliners attract a higher price tag. Thus, it’s important to budget your money before picking and choosing a recliner. In that case, you should purchase a budget-friendly recliner but not cheap chairs that are not worth your money.

Reclining and Swivel Mechanism

Recliners have different reclining mechanisms, and you must make sure that you test out your recliner. Before buying, test if the chair has a good and functioning reclining mechanism. Also, be keen to see the swivel mechanism of your chair. It should have a good swiveling motion to reduce difficulties when getting out of the chair.

Upholstery Quality

Most recliners come in two upholstery types; fabric and leather upholstery. There are several factors to examine in a recliner cover before purchasing. Firstly, fabric recliners are much more comfortable than leather ones. However, leather recliners appear luxurious and more fashionable than fabric recliner chairs. They also give off a brilliant finish in your living room.

In addition, leather recliners are much easier to maintain because they are hard to stain, unlike fabric recliners that stain easily. Although both upholsteries are durable, leather recliners age in a more attractive way. Lastly, you should know that leather recliners are expensive compared to fabric recliners. It is because leather is a natural and expensive raw material. Having that information, you will decide the type of upholstery you would like your chair to have.

FAQs About Recliners

What is a recliner?

A recliner can be defined as a sofa or a type of armchair. In other words, it is a type of chair that reclines when the person occupying it lowers their back and then lifts the front part of the chair. The recliner has a tilting backrest and a footrest that can be easily extended by using a lever on its side. Similarly, the footrest can extend automatically when the back of the chair is reclined.

What are the benefits of recliner chairs?

Recliner chairs have been in existence for a long time and for a very good reason. Everyone wants to enjoy every moment in these reclining sofas with soft cushions. It is because they come with extra features, bringing more benefits to its users.

Recliners have benefited those with back problems, arthritis, and stiff joints. It is because they can lift you up and fully recline up to a sleeping position. So, this is helpful for those with back problems.

In addition, you can unwind from your long day while relaxing on these power chairs or sit on them while watching your TV. You can use them in offices, living rooms, hotels, and other places. Recliners have become favorite chairs for everyone, with extra functions such as massage and heating, thus, providing extra comfort.

How do recliners work?

Recliners have different designs and mechanisms. Most of them have a headrest, lumbar support, and leg rest. The backrest tilts backward, and the front part becomes a raised leg rest or a footrest. They usually recline by raising the front part and lowering the back.

Can I sleep on a recliner? 

A good recliner can be very relaxing to spend your time on. You might even wish to spend your night in a recliner. But is it okay? Recliners can be an excellent solution for people who find sleeping comfortably in a typical bed difficult. For example, most pregnant women may sometimes find sleeping on a conventional bed hard. For that reason, a recliner can help them catch more sleep. Similarly, sleeping on a recliner can ease discomfort for people who recently had surgery. However, we don’t recommend them as a lasting substitute for a bed.

How do I adjust the seat positioning of my recliner?

You can adjust most recliners, but it’s good to seek help from an expert if you need to make permanent adjustments. It’s good to know that many adjustments require dismantling some important parts in a recliner. So if you try to adjust them, it can result in more serious damage.

Can I remove the back of my recliner?

If you want to dismantle some parts of your recliner, you must always consult the recliner manufacturer. The manufacturer will help you find out how you can do it correctly without posing serious damage to your reclining sofa or warrant problems. Similarly, you can consult an expert.

Also, numerous guides on the internet explain how you can dismantle the parts of a recliner which you can also use to complete the procedure. However, not all online materials are trustworthy and legit. Thus, it would help if you were careful when finding solutions on the internet. It will help you find a good solution that is safe and suitable for your recliner.

How long can recliner motors last? 

Most reputed manufacturers always ensure they fit their recliner chairs and sofas with durable motors. Thus, a quality recliner motor can serve you for more than ten years before you replace it.

However, the durability of the recliner motor will majorly depend on the manufacturer’s honesty and zeal to serve its customers well. If the manufacturer has no interest in satisfying its customers, the chances are high that the chair will fail to function after a short time. Also, the recliner motor lifespan depends on how cautious you are. You should keep the chair away from direct water contact or spills as much as possible to improve the motor lifespan.

How do I choose a good size for my recliner?

Before choosing the right size for your recliner, first check out the space in which you intend to place your recliner. Ensure there is enough space for your chair to recline fully without hassles. If you have a large recliner, you should leave at least a small space between the wall and the chair, like one foot. It will help to avoid damage to the fabric or the leather when reclining. But, always buy a recliner that will fit in the space available.

Conclusion: Where Can I Get The Best Recliners In Canada? 

Choosing the best recliner is important if you want to unwind your day comfortably. For that reason, we have spent numerous hours sampling recliners in this guide. We believe that they are go-to chairs that offer optimum comfort, style, and decor.

For example, we ranked the Costway home massage gaming recliner chair as the number one recliner. It contains unique features that make it good for various stylish decorations and relaxing needs. Also, the other three recliners that follow qualify as the best as they have similar enticing features and are also cost-effective.

However, keep in mind that when choosing a chair, you have to consider several things. In that case, use the simple buying guide explained in this guide. That includes considering key factors such as your body size and room space and then matching it with key features such as swiveling mechanism and upholstery quality of your perfect recliner chair.

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