5 Best Robot Vacuum Brands Of 2022 For Cleaning Appliances

Ruchi Jaiswal  - Content Editor At The Island Now

Robot vacuum cleaners have become some of the best equipment for cleaning the house. Once upon a time, you could not find efficient vacuums to clean the house. Nowadays, all you have to do to get your house cleaned is deploy a robot that will clean everything in its cleaning path.

What’s more interesting is that you don’t even need to get off your couch to tend to your robot vac before it does its job. These robot vacuums automatically remove dust, pet hair, and other dirt and debris from your home without you having to lift a finger.

Unlike your traditional stick or canister models, robot vacuums have sensors, intelligence, motherboards, and Wi-Fi to move around your home and do their work efficiently. Although these robot vacuum mops are helpful, getting your first robot vacuum could pose a serious problem.

Thus, we have curated a list of the best robot vacuums you can pick from in 2022.

Our Top Picks For The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners On The Market 

  1. 1,200mAH Home Wireless 3-In-1 Anti-Drop Robot Cleaner – Overall Best Robot Vacuum, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Smarterik T2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner With Excellent Suction Power
  3. Tesvor X500 Pro Robot Vacuum – Most Recommended Brand For Robot Vacuum 
  4. Refurbished iLife A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Most Popular Brand For Cleaning Appliances  For Outstanding Features
  5. Eufy Clean L35 Hybrid+ – Good Navigation System – Highly Rated & Prime Quality Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Home 

#1. 1200mAH Home Wireless 3-In-1 Anti-Drop Robot Cleaner – Overall Best Robot Vacuum, Editor’s Pick 


Buymyloves Limited is a relatively new brand in the robot vacuum business. However, the brand has distinguished itself by producing some of the best robot vacuums. With its headquarters in Yongxinhui Industrial Park in China, the brand is one of the fastest-growing robot vacuum companies.

The brand ships its robot vacuums to several countries, including Germany, France, and others. The multiple cleaning modes are good for this brand’s robot vacuum. The cleaning mode allows you to clean different surfaces with varying textures without a sweat. Additionally, this product has several other interesting features that make it stand out from all else.

You can use the multifunctional cleaning tool for cleaning dust bunnies and small hair. A robot vacuum is also a good option for pet owners who want to remove dog hair or other pet hair.

Furthermore, the robot vacuum works well for hardwood floors, floor tiles, carpets, and other grounds. Another interesting feature is the 3-in-1 feature that allows the robot vacuum to perform several activities simultaneously.

If you need a convenient household robot vacuum that helps you to sweep, mop, and suck debris at no extra cost, you need to consider the 1200mAH Home Wireless 3-In-1 Anti-Drop Robot Cleaner.

The mini size makes it a perfect option for anyone who wants to access every corner of the house easily. Also, the machine, mostly black, has a durable battery life and other features we will discuss in the product’s highlights.


Multiple Functions: This brand’s robot vacuum has several functions suitable for household use. First, the robot vacuum helps you to clean floating dust, debris, hair, and other small rubbish. The robot vacuum also works well for hardwood floors, carpets, hard floors, and other textures.

3-in-1 Feature: The robot vacuum from this brand has a tri-functional feature that allows you to sweep, mop, and suck. Unlike other robot vacuums, this device effectively sweeps pet hair using state-of-the-art sweeping technology. Additionally, the robot vac has a mopping pad that helps to mop your room efficiently. The device also has excellent suction power to suck up debris, pet hair, and other small rubbish. Another interesting thing is that this robot vacuum comes with a clean side brush, a replaceable mop, and an extended bilateral brush.

Convenient: If you want to clean your house conveniently, this device is one you must not pass up on. This vacuum cleaner has a small size which makes it easier to access every corner of your house to clean and provide dust-free floors for you. Furthermore, the robot vacuum also carries out its activities using automated commands. Thus, you don’t need to monitor the device while it cleans your floors.

Durable: This robot vacuum has a long battery life (1200mAh). Hence, you can enjoy long hours of floor cleaning without worrying about frequent charging. Additionally, you will find a USB port in the charging dock where you can charge your device using a USB port. This robot vacuum has a working time of over 90 minutes.

Smart Mapping: This robot vacuum has a smart mapping feature that allows it to detect objects and obstacles in the way intelligently. Hence, the device takes a detour instead of colliding with such obstacles.

Low Noise: This affordable robot vacuum has a low noise feature that allows you to enjoy cleaning. The robot vacuum only makes noise of about 40 dB, which is just about the same noise made by your humming refrigerator. Additionally, the robot vacuum has a strong suction power that absorbs pet hair, paper, and dust and reduces pollution.

Climbing Function: The device has a 10 mm climbing function and can climb objects 1 5mm high. Furthermore, you can enjoy the one-button start and sweeping function on the robot vacuum.

Free Shipping: The brand has free standard shipping for devices that cost $99 and over. Since this robot vacuum costs more than $99, you will enjoy free standard shipping when you purchase it. Additionally, you will enjoy a return policy if you do not like the product you ordered from the brand.


  • Affordable robot vacuum
  • Smart mapping feature
  • 3-in-1 feature
  • Low noise
  • Free shipping
  • Excellent refund policy
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Strong suction power
  • One button start
  • USB charging dock


  • May not clean solid pet waste

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#2. Smarterik T2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner With Excellent Suction Power


Smarterik’s T2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is another outstanding option on the market. This device is one of the advanced robot vacuums you can enjoy for an affordable price.

Unlike a basic robot vacuum, this device has many extra features that make it stand out. The product comes from another reputable brand called Smarterik.

Smarterik launched in 2012 and is one of the popular brands in the robot vacuum industry. The brand has outstanding customer service and is known for quality and affordable home appliances.

You will typically enjoy affordable and unparalleled innovative features when you purchase the brand’s robot vacuum. The brand has a Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuum that helps you to pair with your smartphone while enjoying a wonderful cleaning performance.

Pet owners will love this vacuum cleaner because it helps them remove pet hair shed by pets. Additionally, the device saves you time and energy while performing your cleaning for you.

The cordless power cords on the robot vacuum make it easier to charge the device without connecting to a charging dock. What’s more interesting is that this device also has multiple cleaning modes that make spot and edge cleaning seem easier than ever. Is it free cleaning or U-shape cleaning you want to enjoy? The robot vacuum will help you execute it without issues.

The device also has a good suction power compared to other robot vacuums you will typically find on the market. The device weighs just 1.8 kg, making it lightweight enough to carry around.

Additionally, you do not need to worry about cleaning tight corners because the robot vacuum has a compact shape that makes it easier to reach out to the tightest corners of the house. The result is a squeaky clean house free of pet hair, dust, small debris, and other solid waste particles.

You also do not need to worry so much about charging because the device has an excellent battery capacity and charging time. Once charged, you can enjoy our vacuum for a long while.

While the vacuum may not have an Alexa and Google Assistant function, it does allow you to enjoy full control from your smartphone. Also, the device has mop pads that make removing debris from cloggy floors easier.

This vacuum also cleans dirt from all floor types, including a medium pile carpet, low pile carpet, or any other surface you want. If you need a budget vacuum to help you clean the house without issues, you must consider purchasing one of Smarterik’s robot vacuums.


Multiple Cleaning Modes: With this device, you will typically enjoy a multi-function cleaning mode that helps you clean dirt from multiple floors. This device allows you to enjoy spot, edge, free, U-shape, and other cleaning types. Additionally, the cleaning bot has several features that help it remove dust bunnies and other debris better than most robot vacuums. The device has a mop and sweeping function that combine to improve cleaning efficiency in your home. Your house could become a better, cleaner place if you use this device.

Excellent Features for Pet Owners: This device is the perfect companion for pet owners. If your pet sheds heavy amounts of pet hair daily, you need to save time and energy using this vacuum. The vacuum removes pet hair from your surfaces while saving you the headache of going through such a rigorous process.

Wi-Fi Feature: This vacuum has a Wi-Fi feature that makes accessibility easier. You can access your vacuum cleaner right from your smartphone. All you need to do is download the “Tuya Smart” application from the App store, and you are good to go! With the Wi-Fi control feature, you can perform any function from the app as you would have done manually.

Cordless: This device uses a cordless module that makes it easier to control. Since the device has a rechargeable battery, you will not find power cables hanging from the device. Furthermore, the device has an excellent voltage consumption of 8.4v, which is good enough compared to some robot vacuums on the market.

Outstanding Charging Time: This device has an excellent charging time, which takes five to six hours for regular charging, and six hours for first-time charging. After charging, you can enjoy a battery life of 90 to 120 minutes, which is outstanding compared to some robot vacuums you will find on the market.

Good Cleaning Performance: Your Smarterik T2 robot vacuum has a suction power of 2.5 kPa, which is more than some robot vacuums. Hence, you can expect the device to perform better than some premium models with lower suction power. Additionally, this device has a good dust box capacity (0.35L), making it easier to remove dust in your home. However, the vacuum could make some noise since it has a noise capacity of up to 65 dB compared to our previously reviewed vacuum. But, the noise is still within the acceptable range.


  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Reasonable charging time
  • Cordless device
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Good dust box capacity
  • Lightweight design
  • Removes pet hair and other debris
  • Cleans hard floors and all floor types
  • Pairs with smart home devices


  • No opportunity to test robot vacuums before buying

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#3. Tesvor X500 Pro – Most Recommended Brand For Robot Vacuum 


The Tesvor X500 Pro is one of the best robot vacuum devices you can find on the market today. This device is a budget vacuum and an upgrade from the previous model – the Tesvor X500.

The device has a stronger suction power than its older model but does not have a high noise level. The suction power could go as high as 1800 Pa to allow the robot to pick up large debris easily.

Another interesting feature of this product is that it has a good navigation system that creates a cleaning path for the vacuum. Hence, it is quite possible to manage keep-out zones since the vacuum only sticks to the map path while cleaning your floors.

The device also has a better cleaning pattern than some robot vacuums that randomly clean your floors without a predetermined plan. Instead, the Tesvor X500 Pro does not leave any area on your floor uncleaned.

Unlike the old Tesvor X500, the Tesvor X500 Pro version has a water tank in the box. Additionally, you will find the remote app handy when controlling the device from your phone.

The vacuum also allows you to pair with Alexa and Google Assistant and has other extra features. Some other features you may enjoy with this device include real-time mapping, faster cleaning time, etc.


Google Assistant and Alexa Functions: You can pair your Tesvor X500 Pro to your Google Assistant or Alexa to enjoy wireless controls. Other in-app functions you could enjoy include interactive mapping and real-time tracking. The device also comes with a remote control that makes it easier to clean your house with just one push of the button.

Excellent Functions: This device has several special functions you can enjoy. The device has automatic docks and recharges to make charging easier. Additionally, you can enjoy the scheduled cleaning function, which you will not find on some robot vacuums from other brands. The device has voice control, app control, Google Home, and stair and object sensors.

Gyroscopic Mapping: This device utilizes a gyroscopic navigation system that creates a map of the cleaning path it took. However, the device does not save the cleaning path but creates a cycle in-app to show you where it navigated. Compared to robot vacuums using LiDAR navigation, this device may not perform well considering the cleaning path.

Keep Out Zones: You can obtain a magnetic strip that helps to implement the keep-out zones within your house. Once deployed, the magnetic strips serve as keep-out zones or boundaries to prevent your vacuum from following that path when cleaning your floors.

Outstanding Cleaning Pattern: This device has a pre-programmed cleaning pattern that makes it easier to clean your floors compared to some robot vacuums you will typically find on the market today. The device uses an “S” cleaning pattern, making it more efficient than robot vacuums from other brands.


  • Water tank available
  • Efficient cleaning pattern
  • Higher suction power
  • Affordable
  • Low profile
  • Quiet
  • Can vacuum and mop
  • For multiple rooms


  • No security camera
  • The magnetic strip comes separately

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#4. Refurbished iLife A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Most Popular Brand For Cleaning Appliances  For Outstanding Features


Another outstanding device you will find on the market is the Refurbished iLife A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The device has a robust cleaning performance and works well for hard floors and low-pile carpets.

Additionally, the device cleans with aplomb, has voice control, and features a support app – all at affordable rates.

If you are looking for an affordable vacuum that you can control with your mobile device and voice, you should consider the Life A9 as one of your solid options. The device has outstanding features only found in premium models. Such features include Amazon Alexa voice support, Wi-Fi connectivity, home mapping, and others.

The device also has an outstanding design that works well with any home you want to clean. Much like the pricier robot vacuums, you can also enjoy excellent brand policies when you patronize this brand’s robot vacuum.


Low Profile Design: This product has a low-profile design since it measures only three inches in height. Hence, it is easier for the device to easily navigate its way under beds, couches, and other household furniture. The device is shorter than other robot vacuums on our list, except for the Eufy robovac devices, which are quite taller.

Several Cleaning Modes: This device has different cleaning modes to help with efficient cleaning. This device will find the Ege, Auto, Max, and Spot cleaning modes. The Auto cleaning mode uses an organized path to clean your floors by making straight lines as though you were mowing your lawn. On the other hand, the Edge mode works well for borders, while the Max mode has extra suction power for smaller areas containing dust bunnies.

Voice Control: This device has the Amazon Alexa voice support that offers hands-free control while automatically vacuuming.

Two Main Brushes: The device has two different main brushes with a pre-installed bristle brush for less soiled areas. Additionally, you will find a rubber brush for heavily soiled areas. The device also has an extra pair of side brushes and a clip sensor that prevents the device from easily falling down the stairs.


  • Quiet
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Good battery life
  • Supports voice and app control
  • Low-profile design
  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to use


  • It does not work well for medium-pile carpet
  • Max mode may drain the battery faster

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#5. Eufy Clean L35 Hybrid+ – Highly Rated & Prime Quality Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Home 


Eufy robovac cleaners are renowned for their quality and class. The brand produces some of the best robot vacuum devices with excellent cleaning performance. This Eufy robovac allows you to enjoy more than 60 days of hands-free cleaning with its self-emptying dock with 25,000pa suction.

One outstanding feature of this Eufy robovac is its excellent performance. The device is right at the top with robot vacuums like Roomba vacuums, including the Roomba i3 and the roborock s7 maxv. Additionally, the device ranks alongside reputable devices like iRobot Roomba j7, Roomba j7, and the likes.

The design of this device makes it easy to clean specific rooms with tight spaces. It does not matter how tight the room is because the device has an outstanding ergonomic design and a high suction power. Hence, it is easy to reach any part of the room you desire.

This Eufy robovac cleans bare floors and has a mopping pad that works well with a vacuum of high cleaning power.

This self-emptying robot vacuum does not require much maintenance like many robot vacuums you typically find on the market. Interestingly, the Eufy robovac cleans pet waste faster and more efficiently than most robot vacuums. To enjoy the best robot vacuum at an affordable rate, you must consider this Eufy robovac.


App and Voice Control: This Eufy robovac has app and voice control like most robot vacuums from pricier brands. You can enjoy this hands-free feature if you do not want to stress yourself while cleaning your house. You get to enjoy Alexa and Google Assistant while using the hands-free feature on this device.

iPath Laser Navigation: This self-emptying robot vacuum has an iPath laser navigation system that uses enhanced LiDAR technology to navigate your home. Hence, this device can efficiently clean your house and avoid solid pet waste that might temper with the cleaning power of your Eufy robovac.

Controllable Water Tank: Eufy’s self-emptying robot vacuum makes mopping easier with its controllable water tank. The ultra-strong 3,200 Pa suction makes it easier to mop and clean hard floors and other floor types within your home.

Prevent Bacteria Growth: This device can prevent the growth of bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and other bacteria that would typically grow on your floors.


  • Prevent cleaning in specific rooms
  • Google Assistant and Alexa voice control
  • Relatively affordable
  • Clean hard floors and other floor types
  • Remove pet hair and other small debris
  • Excellent battery life
  • One of the best robot vacuum devices


  • No room to test the device before buying

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How We Picked Our Best Robot Vacuums For Cleaning Appliances?

Getting a robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best decisions ever. On our part, we wanted to make the decision easier for you by picking out the best robot vacuums from which you could pick.

We, however, discovered it was easier said than done because we found several options on the market. Furthermore, each option seemed like the right one, and it was quite challenging to pick one.

On a closer look, we discovered that some of these products did not satisfy their clients and came from brands without a reputation. Hence, these products promised the best vacuuming but did not deliver in that regard.

We thus eliminated such products from our potential list but found many robot vacuums from reputable brands. To help us make wise and informed choices, we decided to list all the best products and look at their features.

We found some exciting products which still made up a long and overwhelming list. Somehow we had to narrow the list down to five choices. Thus, our team decided to pick certain criteria to help us get the best robot vacuums from a list of potentially good vacuum cleaners.

What We Looked For In Our Robot Vacuums?

There were several criteria we deployed to help us select the best robot vacuums from a list of potentially suitable choices. We compared factors like brand reputation, pricing, the purpose of use, battery life, and other features. We will discuss these criteria to help you understand how we made our picks.

You should know that we gave each robot vacuum an equal rating before our investigation. Thus, the choices on our list came from unbiased research.

Here are the criteria we considered when looking for the best robot vacuums:

  • Brand Reputation: One of the most important features we noted while picking the best robot vacuums was the brand reputation. We found different brands offering various robot vacuum cleaners on the market. However, on a closer look, we discovered that some of these brands did not produce quality robot vacuums. Hence, we did not include such brands in our list of the best vacuums. Instead, our list consisted of brands that garnered a reputation over time in the robot vacuum industry for producing high-quality vacuum cleaners that did a nice job. While we gave equal room to up-and-coming and reputable brands, we discovered that people felt more comfortable obtaining premium models from reputable brands. The products on our list come from reputable brands with excellent track records.
  • Customer Reviews: The customer review section proved essential in helping us discover the best hybrid floor cleaner from a potentially long list of reputable products. Our team scrutinized each product’s customer review section to determine the brands that offered the most positive reviews. The positive reviews indicated how satisfied the customers felt after using their robot vacuum cleaners. Ultimately, we picked products with more positive user reviews over those with lower customer reviews. In addition, we considered the user satisfaction quotient by comparing the user ratings on each product. Higher user ratings translated into higher user satisfaction quotients. We picked products with higher user ratings and positive reviews over those with lower and negative user ratings. We arrived at this list of best vacuum cleaners after carefully considering the user reviews for each potential product.
  • Pricing: We discovered that pricing was a big factor for most homeowners who needed to add a robot vacuum to their list of smart home devices. Hence, we considered robot cleaners from various price ranges. We compared affordable robot vacuums with the pricier options. Ultimately, we came up with the best robot vacuum list that covers budget robot vacuum cleaners and pricier options. We included options from all price ranges to allow people to get a robot vacuum cleaner to work with.
  • Cleaning Performance: Our team considered the cleaning performance of each product on the market before compiling this list. We ensured that the robot vacuum cleaners on our list had a vast cleaning cycle. These devices could clean medium pile carpeting, multiple floors, low pile, and medium pile carpets. Additionally, these robot vacuum cleaners could clean dog hair, hardwood floors, and bare floors and remove dust and pet hair with mopping pads. We included only robot vacuum cleaners with excellent cleaning power in our roundup.
  • Features: One thing we discovered while compiling our best robot vacuum cleaner list is that most homeowners loved products with many cool features. Thus, we considered several features while making our list. We looked for products with smart mapping features to make vacuuming easier. Additionally, we chose products with Alexa and Google Assistant features in our roundup. We also considered self-emptying robot vacuum cleaners to make cleaning and maintenance easier. Further, our team considered robot vacuum cleaners with targeted room cleaning features. Other features we considered included a water tank, security camera, own dustbin, ability to create virtual walls, etc. Ultimately, we came up with this list of products with the most outstanding features.
  • Brand Policies: Although most people tend to overlook this criterion, we included it because it makes shopping easier. We included brands with customer-centric policies. Such policies allowed users to enjoy discounts, free shipping, refunds, and other rewards. The products on our list come from brands with excellent user-based policies. Thus, you can use these products to enjoy a good shopping experience.

Buying Guide For Beginners: Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Robot Vacuums For Home 

Buying a robovac cleaner is a good choice for any homeowner. However, getting the best robot vacuum to use in your home could pose a serious problem.

While you can find several robovacs on the market, not all of them will satisfy your needs. Hence, to help you to make the most informed decisions, we have outlined this detailed buying guide.

You can use this buying guide to obtain a cleaner that meets your demands. Here are some things you need to consider when buying a robovac.

  • Consider the Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is always essential when looking for the best robovac for your home. It is better to buy your robovacs from reputable brands that have built a reputation for themselves in the industry. The chances remain that you will enjoy better products when you buy from reputable brands.

  • Purpose is Important

You need to understand the reason for purchasing your robovac. Understand that it is not all robovacs that have similar functions.

Thus, you must look for a robovac that satisfies your demands. You can get such a device by looking at the product features before purchasing.

  • Leverage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an important aspect of any product purchase pathway. The customer review section of each product gives you an insight into what you can expect when you purchase that product.

Always ensure that the product you choose has positive user reviews and user ratings. If not, you may need to find other products.

  • Consider the Features

Robot vacuums work with several features that make them outstanding. Such features may include voice control, suction power, mapping, etc. You must look for a robovac with the best features you need in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Robot Vaccums 

  1. What is the best self-emptying robot vacuum?

The self-empty dustbin feature is one of the best in the robot vacuum industry. The development of models that can empty waste bins shows how the robot vacuum industry has progressed.

Besides the convenience of not manually cleaning your home, with newer models, you don’t have to empty the robot’s waste bins. This advancement significantly reduces your exposure to dust which is a big plus if you suffer from allergies.

A few years back, it was very difficult for you to get a self-emptying vacuum cleaner for under $1,000. However, with the expansion of the industry and the entry of new manufacturers, you can now find such smart vacuums going for $600 or lower.

We have included several robovacs in our review. You can utilize any of them to enjoy a wonderful vacuuming experience. Other products you can consider include Wyze robot vacuum, Roomba i3, Roborock s7, ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo, Roomba j7, irobot Roomba j7, Roborock s7 maxv, and many others.

  1. Which robot vacuum is best for pet hair and hardwood?

All vacuums on this list can effectively work with hardwood floors and vacuum pet hair without breaking down. If you have a hard floor and some areas covered with a carpet, you may want to consider buying a hybrid vacuum cleaner.

A hybrid vacuum cleaner can multitask and work as a vacuum and mop. Vacuums such as Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo and the Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry are good examples of vacuums that can do this.

Standalone robot mops don’t qualify to be presented on this list because they don’t have the suck-up dirt and debris feature. However, they can get your hard floors well polished.

To properly pick up pet hair, you want to go for a robot with strong suction power—companies in this industry brand the power of their products in pascals (Pa). The more power your robot vacuum cleaner can manage, the better the cleaning process.

  1. What features should I consider when looking for a robot vacuum for my home?

You could consider many features when picking a robot vacuum for your home. Features like voice control, remote control, low-profile, low noise, and others help select your device.

However, the most suitable features depend on your preferences, the type of floors in your home, and several other factors. It is best to compare robovacs before you pick your final choice.

  1. How much does a robot vacuum cost?

Robot vacuums have varying prices depending on the brand and product you pick. There are budget robovacs you could get with special features. However, you could find pricier options on the market as well. Your vacuum type should depend on your budget and desired features.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Robot Vaccum? 

While testing the best vacuum robots for homes, we generally have these points in mind: battery life, obstacle avoidance, navigation, the setup process, and suction power. If these vacuum robots support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, we also check the app experience for these smart gadgets.

A lot of people don’t want to babysit a vacuum cleaner. If you’re one of such people, you are in the market for a vacuum cleaner that can commute across different floor types and perform its duties.

Some low-level cleaners with infrared sensors can mistake a dark flooring for a ledge and refuse to go to such areas. To get the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home, we test vacuums on different surfaces and rugs to see how well they perform and transition across different floor types.

Battery life is also an important factor if your house is a big one. Most robots run between 60 to 70 minutes, enough for small houses and apartments. If your house is significantly bigger, robot vacuums that last up to 90 minutes are ideal.

To test the battery life, we fully charge the vacuum cleaner battery and start a cleaning cycle. We set a timer to document how long a robot runs before it requires docking.

After testing the robot’s battery life, we test how easy each robot is to set up in a household. Some robots only require an initial battery charge, while others require you to install side brushes and batteries.

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