4 Best Sleeper Sofas In Canada For 2022

A sofa bed, whether referred to as a sleeper, sleeping sofa, or sleeper couch, is one of the most versatile and important pieces of furniture you can possess. It’s a long way from being the claustrophobic, insomnia-inducing horror it once was. In fact, some high-end couch beds are just as comfy as a normal bed. Furthermore, adding a nice sofa bed to any space can transform it into a bedroom or guest room. If you have the area and the cash, you might think about getting a proper bed for overnight visitors, but if you don’t, there’s always a hands-me-down inflatable mattress, which you must have used for ages.

Thus, we have made your work easier for you. In this article, we have done proper research on some of the most popular selections to help you choose the best product while paying great attention to elements like features, durability, and value.

By reading this review, you will find the top sleeper couches for instantly converting any room in your house into a bedroom.

Top 4 Brands For Best Sleeper Sofas In Canada 

  1. Jaxx Zipline Convertible Sleeper Sofa – Overall Best Sleeper Sofa, Editor’s Pick 
  2. United Furniture Industries – Top Furniture Brand For Budget Friendly Luxury Furniture 
  3. Homerest 3-In-1 Sofa Bed – Most Popular Brand For Furniture Within Budget
  4. Gus Modern Rialto Sofa Bed – Most Recommended Brand For Comfortable Sleeper Sofas

#1. Jaxx Zipline Convertible Sleeper Sofa – Overall Best Sleeper Sofa, Editor’s Pick 


The Jaxx Zipline convertible features a sleeper sofa that comes with three ottomans. This comfy couch can be converted into a flat bench, 3- seater sofa, footrests, or a California King Bed. It has a micro velvet material with a leather body that blends support, durability, and comfort.

Furthermore, the filling is made up of polyfoam, which is supportive and durable. It is a comfortable sleeper sofa bed with removable and washable covers. Moreover, the zippers are childproof. This sofa bed is ideal for small spaces, trailers, offices, or guest rooms. You can easily pull out couches and convert them into standard sleeper mattresses. It comes in eight different colors to perfectly complement your interior.


Sectional: This sleeper sofa bed can be placed in different sections. You may adjust it in your preferred structure for sitting, sleeping, or use it as a twin sofa.

Child-Friendly Zip Lockers: It has got child-friendly stylish black zippers. These zippers allow you to easily remove the covers and clean them while also ensuring that your child won’t be able to do so.

Washable Covers: You do not need to worry about spills or stains. You can remove the covers through the zippers and wash them anytime. Furthermore, the covers are machine washable which further saves you time and effort.

Warranty: Jaxx sleeper sofas feature a one-year warranty. You may avail a full refund or replacement within this period.


  • Machine-washable covers
  • Zippers
  • Available in seven different colors
  • One year warranty
  • Gets converted into many different settings


  • Poor warranty

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#2. United Furniture Industries  –  Top Furniture Brand For Budget Friendly Luxury Furniture 


United furniture is one of the leading furniture brands in the United States. It promises its customers the best sleeper sofas with premium bonded leather and upholstery options. The brand takes pride in producing quality, hand-crafted living room furniture.

United Furniture’s queen sleeper sofa is genuine leather-based furniture at an affordable price. You can use a traditional pullout couch in your guest room or small spaces. The armrests and seating portion are covered in leather. It has a prominent bun-foot effect and deluxe roll arms with box-stitched cushions. You may convert this sleeper sofa into a queen-size mattress to accommodate your guests or have a cozy movie night.


Leather-Based Furniture: This sleeper sofa is made of genuine leather, confirming the sofa bed’s durability. The leather cover adds a chic look to your interior while also protecting the sofa from spills.

Overstuffed Pillow Arms: This arm sofa bed features overstuffed pillow arms which give you comfort and practicability.

Fluffed Seat Cushions: The miracle saddle sofa bed has traditional leather back cushions. You can also convert it into a standard sleeper mattress with a pullout mechanism.


  • Made up of genuine leather
  • Overstuffed soft back cushions and armrests
  • 30- days return policy
  • No restocking fee and hassle-free returns


  • Can be heavy

=> Click here to visit the official website of United Furniture Industries

#3. Homerest 3-in-1 Sofa Bed – Most Popular Brand For Furniture Within Budget


If you’re a single person looking for a sofa chair, bed, and lounger, then the Homerest 3-in-1 sofa bed is the ideal choice for you. It has thick padded high-density foam for a comfortable lying experience. A highly sturdy metal frame supports the homerest sofa bed. What’s more interesting is that this sleeper sofa bed has moving wheels on its legs so you can pull out easily. The legs are made up of wood that adds extra stability and strength.

Overall, the sleeper sofa weighs 330 lbs, which makes it easy to transport. This sofa bed is perfect for adding to your lounge for a movie night turned good night’s sleep. This affordable sleeper sofa is one of the best one-seater sleeper sofas on the market. It is ideal for a small apartment which doesn’t have the space to fit a sofa, bed, and lounger at once.


Adjustable Backrest: You can adjust the bed chairs into three levels, so you can have three different positions to rest and relax. This pullout sleeper sofa has handy straps and wheels to make a mattress as well.

Breathable Fabric: The seat cushions come with breathable fabric which ensures a high level of comfort.

Minimalist Design: This sleeper sofa has a minimalist design with simple lines and neutral colors that can easily match any of your home decors.

Easy to Assemble: This best sleeper sofa bed is easy to assemble. It comes with two pillows, one sofa, and instruction manuals.


  • 3- level adjustable backrest
  • Sturdy frame
  • Breathable mechanism
  • Suitable for any situation
  • Easy to assemble


  • Has a regular chair height

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#4. Gus Modern Rialto Sofa Bed – Most Recommended Brand For Comfortable Sleeper Sofas


Rialto sofa bed is one of the best-designed sofa beds you’ll ever get. The sofa is curvy, large, and visually appealing. This sleeper sofa bed also accommodates an ample space. The interior is kept minimal, and it is pleasing to the eyes. The bed interior defines also hides a steel bed frame. It folds effortlessly to an innerspring mattress with support and bent plywood straps. This sofa bed is an excellent choice if you want a good couch with a pullout mattress. This couch is a little more expensive than the other sofa beds we have mentioned, but it will look great in whichever area you put it in.


Sleek Design: It has knife-edged french seams with upholstery options like cushions and panels.

Seat Cushions and Back Cushions: Seat cushions are firm polyurethane foam wrapped in Dacron wrap. Similarly, back cushions are firm polyurethane foam wrapped in a poly envelope.

Rolled Arm Sleeper Sofa: This sleeper sofa has a rolled arm mechanism that helps the couch easily fold into a memory foam mattress.


  • Minimalist and sleek design
  • Highly resilient back and seat couch cushions.
  • Easy pull-out mechanism


  • Not recommended for daily use

=> Click here to visit the official website of Gus Modern Rialto Sofa Bed

How We Made the List Of Best Sleeper Sofas? 

Choosing a sleeper sofa is more than just picking something that looks nice or goes with your decor. You have to take care of many factors because the sofa beds come with various mattresses and configurations. We have chosen those sleeper sofas that add to your sleeping comfort, sitting surface, and space planning while creating this list. Here are some features we looked for in our list of the best sleeper sofas.

What We Looked For?

  • Customer Reviews: Since a customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself, we scoured the internet to gather honest customer feedback on different sofas. We have chosen four of the best sleeper sofas based on their five-star rating and positive customer reviews.
  • Type: There are different types of sleeper sofas. We have chosen the most comfortable, budget-friendly, and durable ones out of all the varieties available. We have analyzed various sofa bed options, such as a typical sleeper couch with a fold-out mattress, a sofa bed with a fold-down back, and a futon that folds flat.
  • Fabric Options: When selecting materials, it’s crucial to think about your lifestyle. Most of our sofa bed choices have a stain-resistant fabric. This feature is essential if you have children or pets. If not, you might be able to get away with lighter colors and more fragile textiles.
  • Durability: We have researched all the materials used for the sleeper sofas. One of our choices consists of a sleeper sofa having furniture-grade plywood. We have also chosen not to choose a sleeper sofa made of softer woods like pine.
  • Good Quality Mechanism: A suitable sofa mechanism swiftly raises in a single motion. It does not creak the sofa’s material. We have inspected the sleeper sofas’ opening mechanisms, ensuring that they are well-built and that their pieces do not readily break or come away.

Buying Guide: Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Sleeper Sofas

There are varieties of sleeper sofas available on the market. The final choice, however, depends on your personal preference. You have to select something you prefer that fits and adds to your space and is also budget-friendly. Thus, before getting yourself a sleeper sofa, you should ask yourself the following questions.

Mattress Size

Sofa beds are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. They range from ottoman pull outs to sectional sofa beds. Even if you have small spaces, a full-size sleeper sofa bed is what you need if you have to use it every night. A twin sleeper may be too small and confining for adult use. If two people use it, it may not be comfortable enough.

The size of a full-sized sleeper sofa for sitting is somewhere between a couch and a loveseat. It is similar to an apartment sofa, but still, it is an intelligent choice for tiny spaces and apartments.

Sleeper Sofa Mattress Options

Consider your needs and functionality of the sleepers before purchasing one of the sleeper sofas. You have to look at the type of mattress that comes with the sofas as it will be your primary sleeping surface. Sleepers now come in a wide range of mattress styles, such as queen-size innerspring mattresses, so it is now easy for you to locate your ideal memory foam mattresses.

The standard thickness of a sleeper sofa is 4-5 inches. Some of the varieties of sleeper mattresses available include Polyurethane Foam which is a high-density foam mattress topper that is also cost-effective. The other is a Gel Memory Foam mattress which combines firm yet bullion cushion effects. It provides a more relaxed sleep than traditional memory foam. Although, conventional memory foams are much better for pressure point relief.

There is also Innerspring, a typical coil mattress with padding for sleeping couches that is only used occasionally. Moreover, the Air Over Coil also called an air mattress, provides a more comfortable and personalized sleep as it has an inflatable air bladder. However, this foam requires more maintenance. Finally, there is Latex which is created from environmentally friendly materials and has a strong solid texture.


Sleeper sofas are versatile furniture that may be used as a good investment for your place. However, it is essential to select the proper size for your room. You must consider facts such as if the sofa beds will fit into your space when they are fully extended.

When choosing a sleeper sofa, consider the size of the space.

If you have a tiny area, a twin bed will be the best sleeper sofas option. They are also called chair and a half mattresses. Twin-sized mattresses are less than 5 feet wide and can fit one person. The twin sleeper is usually 39 inches wide. When fully opened, the length of the twin sleeper usually becomes 54 inches wide. Although, they are not as inexpensive as other sleeper sofas.

Similarly, if you have adequate space and budget, a queen-size bed is the most common option. A queen bed is readily available in a variety of styles and fabrics. A queen-size mattress may easily accommodate two to three people. The width of the sofa is usually 84 inches. Depending on the item design, the sofa bed may measure 90 inches long when the bed is opened up.

Different Sofa Beds Types

There are different sofa beds that you may choose from such as the Sofa Bed which covers into bed by simply folding down. However, unlike pull-down mattresses, sofa beds do not have cushions.

There are also Pull Out Couches which are the most common types of sleeper sofas. These sorts of couches have actual mattresses. You may easily remove the cushions and pull the handles out to lift the couch into the sofa bed. Newer pull-out sleeper sofas also have locks, while expensive ones have advanced power mechanisms. Pull-out couches are available in both small and large sizes.

Similarly, the Sectional Sleeper sofas are ideal for larger rooms and may include a foldout sleeper or a pull-out trundle bed. Queen-size or even king-size mattresses are commonly found in these sleeper sofa types.

Finally, there are futons that can be folded flat and used as a sleeping surface. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from twin to queen, and are composed of metal, wood, or a combination of the two. Futon mattresses are available in a variety of thicknesses, and if the futon will be used frequently for sleeping, a thicker mattress, around 8 inches or more, is recommended. If a pull-out sofa is expensive for you, you may consider buying a futon. It is generally less expensive than other sofa beds.

Easy Set-Up

A higher-quality sleeper couch usually has a superior inside mechanism that makes it easier to open and close. If possible, test it out several times on the store floor before buying. Furthermore, if you live alone, it is also best to ensure that the sofas can easily be folded in and out by a single person.


Take the time to consider how your sleeper sofa will be used once you’ve brought it home. You should think about whether you’ll be keeping it in the living room for daily use or only use it occasionally. You might even use it if someone in your family is sick and needs to sleep in a separate room to avoid infecting others.

If you are planning to use it regularly, make sure that it’s comfortable to sit for long periods of time, easy to get up from, fits the rest of the room’s furniture and decor, and suits everyone in the family. Furthermore, ensure that the material isn’t the type to wear down quickly during daily use. Also, make sure the mattress is comfortable to sleep on. Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to sleep because your mattress is too thin, lumpy, firm, or too soft.


New sofa beds come with better mechanism systems. They offer innovative features such as anti-tilt design, minimal bars and springs, better decking material, and solid and manufactured wood legs. You can choose the ones with a mechanism that you can easily operate.


Look around the space where you’ll be putting the sleeper sofa to see what color will work best, as well as whether you want one with a pattern or design. A solid hue goes with almost any decor, and you can add some vibrantly patterned cushions for a pop of color.

FAQs Regarding Sleeper Sofas

Are sleeper sofas still a thing?

Yes. Sleeper sofas are still a thing. Even now, better and more comfortable sleeper sofas are available to bolster up your basement or to provide an office or guest room with restricted space. These are also ideal as an impromptu sleeping room in your home where you have limited room to sleep.

Is there any such thing as a comfortable sleeper sofa?

Yes, most sleeper sofas are highly comfortable. One such example is a sofa bed with a queen size innerspring mattress inside, constructed with soft cushions and a foam-based seat with two-sided blown fiber to maintain a shape.

Can we sleep on a sleeper sofa every night?

A sleeper sofa turns into a normal mattress type when you convert it into a bed. Some of the sleeper sofas are even cozier than an actual mattress. So there is no reason why we can not sleep on the sleeper sofa every night.

How long will a sofa bed last?

Sleeper sofas come in many types and varieties. It totally depends upon the quality and features of the sleeper bed. Usually, a typical sleeper sofa can last up to 13-15 years. As long as the sleeper couch is not exposed to constant wear and tear mechanism, you’re good to go.

Is there any difference between the sleeper sofa and sofa bed?

Although these terms are used interchangeably, they are two different types of sleeping couches. A sofa bed is more similar to a futon. It does not have a traditional mattress and lies flat when we lay it. On the other hand, sleeper sofas have a built-in mattress within the furniture. You may easily fold or unfold it when needed.

What is the best material for sofa beds?

Memory foam mattresses are one of the best and most popular materials for sofa bed mattresses. They add high-quality comfort to the sofa beds and will offer the best support.

Are sleeper sofas uncomfortable to sit on?

Sleeper sofas are comfortable to sit and lay on. When they are closed, they are as firm as a regular sofa.

How much does a sleeper sofa weigh?

It depends upon the type of sofa you are getting. Usually, a twin sleeper sofa weighs about 250-300 pounds, and a regular-sized sleeper sofa weighs double that.

What is the best way to open and close a sleeper sofa?

Remove your seat cushions from a classic pull-out couch bed to open it. You should see a handle below, and some sofa beds include straps that hold the system in place, which you’ll need to undo next. Pull up or out on the handle, guiding its support legs to the floor. Finally, unfold and fully expand the mattress by pulling the front of the bed frame.

Reverse these procedures to close the sleeper. Fold the mattress in two by grabbing the edge of the mattress and folding it up. Raise the foldable mattress upwards, then lower it at an angle so that it rests against the sofa frame. Once it’s in position, push it down until it’s flat, and re-strap it. After that, you may put the seat cushions back in place and utilize the couch as usual.

Is it possible to leave sheets on a couch bed?

If you want to fold a sleeper sofa, you can leave the sheets on the mattress. This does not affect the bed’s capacity to be folded up, and it’s typically more convenient if the bed will be used for several days at a time because you won’t have to recreate the mattress every night. If you aren’t using the mattress for a while, you’ll want to remove the sheets because linens can get musty or unclean if folded up on the sofa.

Conclusion: Where Can I Get Good Quality Sleeper Sofa? 

If you want to welcome overnight guests, you’ll need a place for them to sleep, whether you live in a studio apartment or a four-bedroom house.

Sure, you could get an extra mattress or a large-sized comfortable regular sofa, but a sleeper sofa is the best option for providing maximum comfort to friends and family. They’re also great for making guest rooms out of home offices or playrooms.

While there are some high-end sleeper couches on the market that cost several thousand dollars, the good news is that you can acquire one with a comfortable mattress in a variety of styles for a much lower price. We have listed four of the best choices. You can follow our suggestions and advice to get your dream sofa bed at your place.

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