Best Weed Pens of 2023 – Top 5 Brands Reviewed

Since cannabis became legal in the USA, many companies have made different products, including oil, gummies, and vapes. Vaping is quite common among the youth since they want to enjoy smoking without adverse side effects. The absence of nicotine in the best weed vape pen makes it an excellent option since it won’t affect your lungs. On the other hand, vape pens are a great alternative if you want to get rid of traditional cigarettes.

Moreover, portable oil vape pens come with pre-filled e-juice; if they contain artificial ingredients, they might cause health issues. So we share the weed pens or vape pens to help you get the best and safe products.

On the other hand, taking CBD or THC via smoking has the quickest effects. Another reason why most people like using vapes compared to other edibles is. Let’s go ahead and see how we find such brands offering the best weed vape pens.

Top 4 Weed Pens In 2023

We took an extra step and shared the brands we chose with their best traits. So, before you check their reviews, this list will give you an idea of which brand is the most suitable for you. We found five brands offering the best vape pens based on our criteria.

  1. Exhale Wellness – Best Overall Weed Pen, Editor’s Choice
  2. DopeBoo – Highly Recomended THC Vape
  3. BudPop – Amazing Brand With Most Types Of THC Pens
  4. Hollyweed CBD – Best Smoothest Weed Pen

#1. Exhale Wellness – Best Overall Weed Pen, Editor’s Choice

Compared to many other brands, Exhale Wellness is relatively new, but with its quality products, it became one of the best brands in no time. This brand is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to do a lot of searching to find out the best weed vapes. Moreover, they keep their products at reasonable prices so everyone can enjoy them. They also have a vast collection of multipurpose vape pens, helping people to relax, sleep properly, or survive the day without tension.

All their vape pens support 510 threaded vape cartridges, making them convenient for changing. Such vape pens only require you to remove the head, attach another vape cart, and continue smoking. It won’t take more than ten seconds to change the vape cart. You can find many natural flavored vape carts on the website, so you don’t have to search elsewhere.

One drawback of this brand is that it only works online; thus, you have to wait to get the products. The brand offers quick delivery across the USA, except for states where THC vape is banned. There are no charges for free shipping, but the product might take up to five days to reach you.

The expedited shipping can cost you around $5, but you have to order above $50 to get this facility. If THC is not banned in your state, the company will deliver the parcel to your doorstep. Otherwise, you can let them know, and they’ll arrange a place for you to pick it up.

You have 30 days to return the product with its original packaging and receipt to avail of a refund. Ensure the product is unused or without any damage; otherwise, the company has the right to reject your return.


Straightforward And Sleek Design: Apart from being easy to operate, Exhale Wellness vape pens are sleek and minimal in design. They are small, lightweight, and compact; thus, they easily fit in a pocket and are a good option for traveling. The company decided not to use heavy designs or patterns to attract customers.

Since they want to provide reasonably priced products, they kept the design so that it won’t cost a lot to the company and won’t increase the price. Their vapes are also easy to change, just remove the oil tank, attach another and start vaping.

Easy To Charge: Unlike most other vapes that require a dedicated charging cord, you can charge Exhale Wellness vapes using a USB port. You can even charge it via your laptop since they don’t require more power. It won’t take more than three hours for the vape pen to charge completely, and you can use it for up to 300 or more puffs.

If you want the battery to last long, don’t take puffs longer than three seconds. Shorter puffs can also keep the e-liquid from burning and enhance the vape coil’s life.

Easy To Use: Exhale Wellness vape pens are easy to use as they only have one button. Press the button three times to turn on the vape, and press and hold the button to smoke. Don’t keep the button pressed if you are not inhaling, as it will burn the oil inside the cart. Always turn off the vape if you don’t want to use it for four to five hours.

Long Battery Life: On average, one charge can last up to 300 puffs, but you can increase the battery timing by taking short puffs. Moreover, charge it when it reaches 20% and stops charging when it reaches 80%,


  • It offers a perfect high feel
  • The vape won’t burn the flavor easily
  • Compatible with all 510 thread carts
  • Easy to refill


  • Only available in black color

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. DopeBoo – Highly Recomended THC Vape

DopeBoo is a brand for people who have experience in vaping. This is the best brand for you if you want vapes with multiple features and have enough money to spare. DopeBoo is an old weed brand, but it gained lots of popularity in 2017 when it became the first brand to offer weed vapes and vape carts. Their huge collection of vapes will keep you searching for a long time. Their website has an easy interface so people won’t get confused while searching.

Instead of finding a particular vape, which will take a lot of time, you can search by category on the website. Their vapes are available in four different categories, and if you want a simple and cheap vape pen, we recommend checking their “Pens” category.

You can find all sorts of vape pens on this website, from simple straight designs to fancy digital designs and even large-size vapes for heavy smokers. The only problem is that this brand doesn’t offer vape carts, so you’ll have to search the internet for them. However, some of their vape pens support 510 threaded carts, so you can grab a fancy vape from DopeBoo and get vape carts from another brand on our list.

DopeBoo has physical stores in some states, and you can order the vapes online. It takes around 24 hours to process the order, and you’ll get the product within three to four days if there is no physical store near you. People having a physical store in their state can get the products within 48 hours after processing.

Returning the product or asking for a replacement is easy. Visit their store, tell them why and they’ll change the product. However, it must not show any signs of damage and have original packaging plus the original receipt.


Affiliate Program: If you want to earn while using DopeBoo products, they offer an affiliate program where you can earn up to 35% commission on each sale. You can earn lots of money from this program if you have an active Instagram/Facebook page or a YouTube channel.

The company will give you an email or a link or a URL that you can share with your fans or anyone else. If a person uses your link or promo code to purchase something from the website, 35% of the entire sales belongs to you. Create an account on the website to monitor your sales and earnings.

Huge Discounts: DopeBoo offers discounts on each product; these discounts can range from 10% to 50% on holidays. Moreover, they also offer daily discounts on many products so those who are new can easily purchase.

A new customer also gets a discount of 15% on the entire purchase. Combine all these discounts, and you might get away with only spending half the original price. The only thing missing is the bundle discounts, so you might have to search for products to get them at a reasonable price combined.

Lots of Variety: This brand has a massive collection if you want to look through many weed vapes before deciding. They don’t just offer vape pens but also desktop vaporizers for those who like to smoke with a group. Desktop vapes don’t require charging. Instead, you must provide them with direct power to heat the coil.

They might be expensive, but these desktop vapes are convenient for a group of six to seven people.

Outstanding Service: Contact customer support if you have any problems with the vapes. Their tech team is always available to help out those who require help in using their vapes.


  • Highly curated
  • Secure vapes
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Prices are a bit high without discount

=> Click here to visit the official website of DopeBoo

#3. BudPop – Amazing Brand With Most Types Of THC Pens

BudPop is the newest brand we added to our collection. This company started its business in 2021 and is now among the top hemp brands. The secret behind their success was the potent e-liquid carts they offered. Among all other brands, BudPop offers the most potent hemp products.

Even their vapes are filled with potent e-juice that is solid enough to give you a strong buzz, even when you take short puffs. You can check their lab reports to see the actual potency. The lab reports are available on the website with each product to give you more details about them.

Even the lab reports have mentioned that the actual potency might be more than what is written. So, if you want a solid vaping experience, BudPop is your brand.

This brand has simple vape pens that support 510 threaded carts, and you can find the carts on the website. Each cart contains around 1ml of illiquid with 800 to 950 mg of delta-8 THC. You can easily attach the carts to the vape head and start smoking through the cart’s mouth. Make sure not to overheat the vape cart as it might burn your lips.

BudPop’s shipping time is around five to seven days, but you can grab the product within three days with expedited shipping. Usually, they process the orders on the same day, but it can take up to 24 hours if many orders are in the queue.

Returning products to BudPop is easy as they have the most effortless returning process. Fill out the return form and share images of the product. They’ll check the photos and let you know if you are eligible for the return. This saves you time and money to return the product only to learn that the company won’t accept the return.


Bigger Battery: Compared to other brands’ vape pens, BudPop has the largest battery capacity. It can last up to 700 short puffs on one charge, and it only takes around two hours to charge completely. The intelligent charging mechanism will stop delivering the power to the vape once fully charged.

You can charge it overnight and use it throughout the day. However, using it frequently will deplete its battery life, so ensure not to finish the battery daily. Moreover, vape carts are expensive, so you’ll have to plan the usage so that a cart lasts for more than two weeks.

Voltage is Adjustable: This is another nifty feature of BudPop’s vape pen. The bottom of their vape pens has a rotatable disk that allows you to adjust its voltage. Lower voltage helps convert less liquid to vapors; thus, you get less smoke, increasing the battery and cart’s life.

If you want only one puff for the entire day, we recommend using the vape pen on high voltage to get lots of smoke. Otherwise, keep using it on lower voltage and use it three to four times a day. With such high potency, their vape carts will give you enough relaxation with two or three puffs.

Secure Platform: BudPop takes pride in offering a secure platform to save their customer’s data. Since you’ll be putting your credit card numbers for purchases, this platform keeps the hackers away. Moreover, their tech support checks for security daily to remove any chance of a security breach. In case of a data breach, the company is liable to recover your loss.

Straightforward Discounts: BudPop offers flat discounts on each purchase, unlike other brands. You can get 15% on your first purchase and an additional 15% after your subscription.


  • Quick charging supported
  • It easily fits in your pocket
  • One button for all the functions
  • 510 thread cartridge support


  • The battery might swell after excessive usage

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#4. Hollyweed CBDBest Smoothest Weed Pen

The founder of Hollyweed CBD has a huge role in legalizing cannabis in the USA. In fact, he was one of those who showed the positive benefits of weed and hemp to the world. The brand was started a decade ago but got everyone’s attention in 2017 when hemp was legalized, and this was the only brand with authentic hemp products. Hollyweed CBD has the best portable vape pens, making it the best brand for newbies.

This brand chooses to manufacture their weed vapes more delicately, giving them a soft touch with vinyl. The only problem is that their rechargeable vape pens are available in white color only. So, the chances of them getting dirty are high. On the other hand, due to the rubber and vinyl texture, the vapes are quite hard to clean if you spill the e-liquid on them.

Another noticeable thing about this brand is the low prices of portable vapes. The company is generous enough to offer every flavor in their portable vapes, so if these vapes win your heart, you know which flavor it was. They don’t offer dab pens or a dry herb vaporizer since this brand only deals in THC e-liquid, which is suitable for their vape pens.

Their rechargeable vape pens support 510 threaded carts, which are available in ten flavors on the Hollyweed CBD website. The company takes around 48 hours to process the orders and ship them within the next 24 hours. So, on average, you might need to wait five days before getting your parcel. Standard shipping might take up to seven days to deliver the product.

The company offers easy returns within 30 days, but you won’t get a refund on a damaged, used, or portable vape pen.


25% Off on Subscription: If you want to save money at Hollyweed CBD, the best option is to become their subscriber. Their subscription requires no fees, and you get a flat 25% off on your entire order. Moreover, if you want automatic delivery each month, you can enable this option after becoming their subscriber.

Another benefit of the subscription is quick customer support. This brand prioritizes its subscribed customers and attends to them first if there is a lot of load on customer support.

Solid and Smart Vapes: Hollyweed CBD vapes are built with strong material so they won’t break quite easily. Moreover, it has a long battery life that can last up to 500 puffs on average, and the smart coil system won’t let the liquid burn. You need to keep your mouth on the cart head for the vape to work.

Otherwise, the vape won’t provide power to heat the coil. This saves your vape pens if your children get their hands on them and start pressing the power button. The coil will heat the liquid and turn it off automatically, saving it from getting burned.

Complete Analysis of Each Product: Hollyweed CBD is a transparent brand with lab reports proving that all its products are safe for consumers. Since their vapes come pre-filled with e-liquid, you can find a lab report with each product. You can cross-match the ingredients in the lab report with the ones on the label to see if the company hides something or not.

Multiple Strains Available: Their portable vape pens are available in different strains, but the rechargeable vape pen comes empty. You must buy a vape cart from the ten flavors available to use it with the weed pen.


  • Shipping is free
  • Excellent customer service
  • Bright indicator lights
  • Single-button activation


  • You can’t adjust the hot air flow
  • There is no international shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

How Did We Choose These 4 Weed Pen Brands?

We set some factors as standards before choosing these products. Any brand that passes our criteria by a mile made it to our list. Since these are weed vape pens, not vape carts, the requirements were a bit different. Instead of only checking their ingredients, we also checked their physical properties for the best experience.

The first thing was to check their optimum concentration of THC. We don’t want anyone to get addicted to these vapes. Secondly, we chose products with the best battery life since vapes should be used on the go and should last long.

Another thing we considered is the vape performance offering precise temperature control. Finally, we checked for their price and only chose the brands offering a THC oil vape pen with considerably lower prices.

What We Looked For:

  • Brand Reputation: Checking the brand reputation gives an extra edge as one knows a reputable brand offers premium products. These weed vapes are consumer-grade products that are not cheap; checking the brand integrity is necessary. Chances are that buying products from unknown brands might cost you a fortune and ruin your experience.

So, we chose brands that have been in this business for a long time and earned customers’ trust. They provide safe, premium products and are always ready to help their customers. Moreover, they also share correct details about their products for customers’ well-being to facilitate their purchase.

  • User-Friendly Operation: People with a vaping experience might not have problems using any vape, but a newbie can get confused. We chose vapes that are easy to operate and come with a manual to help out new users. Moreover, you can easily change the oil tank to refuel.

These vape pens work by burning the e-liquid in the cart using a coil in the heating chamber. These brands offer easy-to-disassemble vapes to replace their coil. On the other hand, these brands also offer dry herb vape pens and wax pens for those who desire a rich experience.

  • Cost: Vape pens can cost hundreds of dollars, and a person trying them for the first time might not be comfortable paying such a high amount. So, we chose brands offering vape pens at lower prices or offering discounts to reduce the prices of their premium products. Moreover, they also offer portable vape pens for those who like to get a taste of vaping first.
  • Build: Most people use vapes as they travel, so a vape pen must have a strong and light build. The brands we chose offer compact vapes for those who like traveling while enjoying light smoking.

Buying Guide: What To Look For When Buying A Quality Weed Pen?

Here are some factors you should consider while getting the best vape pen. You’ll be spending money on vapes, so it is better to do some research before your money goes to waste.

  • Vape Size

Here is a thing, you cannot vape everywhere without people staring at you. If you get a big-size vape and smoke in public, you’ll gather a lot of attention. On the other hand, you can use any vape at home since there will be no one else to ruin your experience. So based on where you want to vape, the vape size matters a lot.

A compact vape pen would be sufficient if you want to enjoy light vaping. If you go on a trip where you might not find the power to charge the vape, get a vape with a big battery that lasts up to five or six days.

  • Support for Vape Cart

There is no universal size of vape carts you can buy, attach with any vape pen, and start smoking. THC carts have different connectors, and you must find the right vape pen; otherwise, you’ll waste the vape carts.

Some brands offer vape carts on their website that you can easily attach to their vape pen, but some brands only offer vape pens, and you have to search for the carts. So, before you decide on a vape pen, ensure that it supports such carts, which are readily available in multiple flavors and potencies.

  • Battery Timing

Battery timing is crucial for people who vape a lot; they don’t want the battery to finish when they are vaping. If you are one of those who travel a lot, you need to get a vape pen with long battery life. On the other hand, you can also get a vape pen that supports USB charging, so you can charge it while driving and use it while resting.

Also, remember that vapes with bigger batteries are much more expensive than slim vape pens with average battery size. So if your budget is less, we suggest you get two small vape pens and use one while the other charges.

  • Your Budget

You must decide on a price point before purchasing a vape pen. There is no need to buy an expensive vape if you want to vape once in a while. On the other hand, if you regularly vape, you must increase your budget and get a vape that can survive if you use it a lot daily.

  • Multi-Purpose Vape or Single-Use

Some vapes only support e-liquid, while others only support wax or dry herbs. However, some vapes support both of them without ruining the quality and experience. If you want to vape for a prolonged time, you’ll quit using e-liquid and switch to dry herbs or wax for more potent effects. Before purchasing, you must keep this in mind so you won’t have to buy another vape pen if you get tired of using e-liquids.

  • Maintenance

Vapes require cleaning every week if you use them without care. The wax or liquid always spills out while refilling, which involves cleaning; otherwise, it starts to smell. On the other hand, you must disassemble it to clean the coil and remove any liquid that might get inside. It is better to purchase a vape pen that is easy to open and reassemble to maintain without complications.

  • Buy From a Respected Seller

If you want to avoid complications with your vape pen after purchasing it, we strongly recommend buying it from a respected seller. The companies we mentioned above offer the best vape pens and help customers solve issues with their vape pens.

This might not feel like an important factor, but the company from which you bought the vape knows more about its functions than any third-party repairmen. It is better to seek their help since they can save time and money and guide you properly.

FAQs Regarding Weed Pens 

Which company is best to offer a THC oil pen?

A THC oil pen is an average vape pen with e-liquid containing THC. You can find these vape pens on multiple websites and many physical stores. But if you want the vape pens, we recommend purchasing it from the abovementioned brands. They offer the best vape pens at reasonable prices and natural flavored THC-filled vape carts to improve the vaping experience.

Does vaping have any side effects?

If you use vaping without nicotine and use CBD or low-concentrated THC in your vapes, you won’t feel any adverse side effects. However, THC in higher concentrations is addictive, which can cause side effects like anxiety, nausea, and headaches. On the other hand, prolonged smoking can affect your lungs, so we suggest not using vapes more than three times a day. This means that you only take three solid puffs throughout the day.

How long does a weed pen last?

On average, a premium weed pen would last around six to eight months before you need to replace all of its parts. A cheap weed pen would last for two months, and you might have to throw it away and get a new one. Portable weed pens only last until they run out of juice. However, the main factor that enhances vape life is how often you use it. If you don’t use it regularly, the vape pen might last more than a year.

Can I get a vape pen with preset temperature settings?

Yes, some vape pens allow you to set the temperature presets, so you don’t have to change the temperature based on how much smoke you want. Just select the preset, and the vape will do the rest. However, such vapes are costly and might cost you more than $200.

Conclusion: What Are Weed Pens Used For?

Vaping is getting popular among youngsters and won’t stop in the coming years. Those who want to quit smoking are also engaged in vaping; thus, many companies are offering vape pens. We shared the best brands offering the best weed vape pens at reasonable prices.

While vaping sounds fun, its smoke can damage the lungs after prolonged usage. On the other hand, the THC in vape wax or liquid can have side effects on your body. If you use a vape pen for the first time and get a headache or experience vomiting, stop using the vape and contact your doctor immediately.

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