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When we talk about youtube downloaders, they run on Windows and macOS only. Since Apple and Google App Stores follow YouTube restrictions, they will not allow users to upload such apps. Using these downloaders is also easy; copy the YouTube URL or any other video URL, paste it into the downloader’s search bar, and tap search. The app will locate the video and provide you with multiple video quality. Choose one, and it converts the video and starts the downloading.


You can also choose the downloading formats in these apps. The standard video format is MP4, but you can download it in MOV or MKV format. You can choose to download subtitles, and you can also download the audio without the video. Apart from just YouTube, these apps also support audio and video downloading from other famous platforms like Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, etc.


You can find these features in any YouTube downloader on the internet, as they advertise it in such a way. However, these options will be available or only disclosed after you download and purchase the app. It is an easy way to scam users because once you buy the app, the seller might stop responding to you.


Moreover, most online apps will not even provide a free trial, so you never know what they will offer unless you pay. To avoid these complications, we found the best YouTube video downloaders to download all your favorite YouTube videos.

Overall Best Youtube Downloader, Editor’s Choice


Leading Youtube Downloader


Top Platform To Download Youtube Videos


Our Top Picks For Best YouTube Downloader On The Market In 2023

Overall Best Youtube Downloader, Editor’s Choice

VidLoder is a popular video downloader tool that allows users to download videos from various online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface, enabling users to download videos in different formats and resolutions. VidLoder is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems, making it accessible to a vast range of users. The software is known for its fast downloading speed and ability to download multiple videos simultaneously, making it a go-to choice for video enthusiasts.




Multi Platform Support: The best thing about Vidloder is that now you don’t need to manually copy the media files to your phone. This app automatically integrates iTunes, Google Drive, Dropbox, and SkyDrive to sync the new media files with your mobile device. For Android, you need to sync with your desired cloud storage, and for Apple, iTunes will automatically sync the new media as you upload it. After syncing your device with cloud storage, you can watch and listen to the audio or video offline.


However, whenever you upload a new file, your device will have to download and save it. Make sure to have an active internet connection so you will not face any problems. To enable this feature, you must navigate to the app’s settings, click on sync, choose your desired cloud storage, and enter the credentials. If the data is correct, it takes around five to six seconds for the app to connect.


User-friendly interface: There are many youtube downloader in the market that doesn’t provide user friendly interface. VidLoder is a video downloading software that provides a user-friendly interface. Its interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to download videos from various websites with just a few clicks.


Some of the features that make VidLoder’s interface user-friendly include:


Easy-to-use design: The interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, with clear instructions and minimal clutter.


Multiple download options: VidLoder provides various download options, including selecting the video quality and format, enabling users to choose the best option that suits their needs.


Batch downloading: VidLoder allows users to download multiple videos at once, saving time and effort.


Built-in browser: VidLoder comes with a built-in browser that allows users to browse the web and download videos from within the application.


Customizable settings: VidLoder provides various customizable settings, such as setting download speed limits and enabling automatic downloads.


Overall, VidLoder’s interface provides a smooth and efficient experience for users who want to download videos from the internet.

Leading Youtube Downloader

SnapDownloader is our top pick simply because it has the most straightforward interface, is lightweight, and works quickly. Ever since YouTube restricted video downloading and would not allow a free YouTube downloader to download videos, this company decided to make a downloader that works on every video platform.


SnapDownloader has a team of professional and highly-trained staff that knows how the users want to download the videos, making it easy for everyone. This tool is the easiest one to use on our list. The best part is that this app is compatible with every Windows and macOS version. There is no need to worry about its compatibility even if you are running a 32-bit Windows.


It is 100% safe with no ads; since you will be paying for the subscription, the company is generous enough to offer an ad-free experience. Three subscription plans are available, and all offer the same thing, except that you can save tons of money on an annual subscription. There is also a lifetime plan for one and three computers, which you only have to purchase once without needing to pay again.


You can cancel the monthly subscription anytime. The company is willing to offer a 24-hour money-back guarantee on the monthly plan and a 30-days money-back guarantee on the yearly and lifetime plan.


SnapDownloader supports up to 900 video streaming platforms, even those which do not allow video downloading. There is no restriction on the video length; even if it is a four-hour-long stream, this app will download it in the best quality available. However, the processing speed takes a long time based on the video length and quality, which can slow down other processes on your computer.




Up to 8K Resolution Supported: Streaming an 8k video is a huge hassle because it eats up lots of data and takes a long time to buffer and stream; downloading such videos is better if you want to watch them. SnapDownloader supports 8k video downloading if the user has uploaded it on YouTube. All these apps process the video from the source; thus, they cannot download quality above the one available on the platform. If the person has uploaded a 1080p video, the maximum resolution this downloader will offer is 1080p. Most YouTube videos are available in 4k, but you will rarely find 8k videos unless you specifically search for them.


Convert Youtube Video to Other Formats: Not only can this app download, but it can also easily convert YouTube videos. Most mobile devices only support MP4 video format, so you must download and convert them. Instead of using an online or a separate converter app, you only have to choose the desired format before downloading. SnapDownloader will process, convert the YouTube video, and download it. Remember that not all video formats support 8k quality; if you want 8k, you will have to download the MP4 format. Moreover, if you only want the audio, this app extracts and saves the audio instead of the entire video. Choose MP3 or ACC while selecting the format to download. The best part is that downloading the audio will take less time than downloading a video.


In-Built Video Trimmer: Sometimes, people want to download a small part of the video. Since free downloaders have no trimming option, you are bound to download the entire video and edit it. SnapDownloader removes this hassle by offering a free built-in video trimmer. After processing the video, the app will present it on the dashboard, and you can adjust the trimmer to cut the parts you want and download them instead of the entire video. You can add multiple trims in one video and download them all simultaneously. It will not merge and download the video, so you will have to do it in a separate video editor. There is also an option to rename the trimmed files making it convenient to combine them later. Another noticeable thing is that this app will download the cut parts in the highest quality available on the source.


Free Trial For 48 Hours: As we said that we found apps with a free trial period. While 48 hours might not seem a lot, you can use it as much as you want within the time frame. If you like the software, pay for the subscription and keep using it. The free trial has some restrictions, like you cannot download a video above 1080p resolution. You can try the free trial only once on a device; even if you reinstall the app, it will give you the message to purchase before using it again.


24/7 Customer Support: SnapDownloader has active customer support ready to solve your issues 24/7. The problem with this app is slow processing; sometimes, the audio might be out of sync. In some cases, the subtitles are fine on YouTube but out of sync when you download the video. You can share all these issues with customer support, and a representative will help you until your problems are solved.


Affiliate Program: If you want to earn money, join the SnapDownloader affiliate program, and you can earn up to 65% of the total sales you do. The company’s minimum commission is 55% if your sales volume is up to $4,000. It keeps increasing to 65% if your sales exceed $10,000. You can withdraw your earnings once they are more than $100 via wire transfer or PayPal. The company will provide you with a custom username and link that you can use to sell this product.

Top Platform To Download Youtube Videos

Replay Media Catcher is a product of Applian Technologies, whose aim was to provide freedom to everyone looking to download videos from online streaming websites. While most other tools offer to only download, this tool has the option to record audio to add to the videos. If you are fine using a bit complicated interface with extensive features, this app is the best for you.


The best part of this downloader is its processing speed. Unlike other apps that take 5 to 10 minutes to process an 8k video, this app only takes a minute. You can also anticipate the processing time by checking the total playback time and dividing it by ten. If the video is 60 minutes, it takes around 6 minutes to process, and the downloading speed depends on your internet.


Instead of purchasing the subscription, you get to pay for this app only once, and the price is reasonable too. You have the option to purchase from two variants: Replay Media Catcher and Replay Media Suite. If you are only interested in downloading and converting YouTube videos, the Media Catcher is enough for you. However, if you want to create videos, add soundtracks, or edit them within this app, you should purchase the Media Suite version.


The Replay Media Suite is best if you are into video streaming and want to add different audio or video effects. You can also encrypt your media files so no one can access them without your permission.


The company also offers additional plugins and software; some are free, while some are available at a discount. Check their description, and if they are of any use to you, purchase them. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee without asking any questions or reasons for the return.




Phone and Tablet Support: No more need to manually copy the media files to your phone. This app automatically integrates iTunes, Google Drive, Dropbox, and SkyDrive to sync the new media files with your mobile device. For Android, you need to sync with your desired cloud storage, and for Apple, iTunes will automatically sync the new media as you upload it. After syncing your device with cloud storage, you can watch and listen to the audio or video offline. However, whenever you upload a new file, your device will have to download and save it. Make sure to have an active internet connection so you will not face any problems. To enable this feature, you must navigate to the app’s settings, click on sync, choose your desired cloud storage, and enter the credentials. If the data is correct, it takes around five to six seconds for the app to connect.


Automatically Name the Files: Every time you download a video, this app will automatically rename it the same as the video title. Moreover, if the video has a song, the app will recognize it, rename the audio based on the song and provide the artist and album tags so you can categorize it easily. If the video file has no music, the app will tag it with the channel name to make it easy for you to find the audio files again. It works even if you trim the video and download a specific part with music. You can also set the custom name options in the settings if you download the entire video playlist. The app will rename each video with a number to help you identify which video was downloaded first.


Scheduled Downloads: If you have limited data during the day and unlimited data at night, you can schedule video downloading. Replay Media Catcher will start downloading at night, and you can watch the videos during the day. If your internet disconnects when the downloading is ongoing, this app will pause them until your internet is back. That way, you will not get any errors, or the app will not cancel the downloads.


Explore Huge Media Guides: To fully use this downloader, the company has added some guides that help you find the hidden functions. Those functions can save you from many issues and help you process and download the videos faster. If you purchase the suite, the guide will help you make your streams better by improving your audio or video quality. Once you start downloading the content, this guide will suggest more based on your preference. You will get your desired content without manually searching for it. Since it supports all the famous video streaming platforms, you will get suggestions from all of them.


Free Demo: The free demo allows you to 100% download any YouTube video while downloading 50% from other platforms. Further, you will enjoy all the features, so you get a good idea of your purchase. The demo is only available for 24 hours, and you only get to download videos up to 1080p.


Discounted Prices: These products are always available at a discount, and you can save more by opting for add-ons with the main product. There is no subscription on any product; you only have to purchase them one time. However, if the upgrade brings new features, the company might ask you to pay a small sum to get the latest version.

Most Popular For Downloading YouTube Videos

If you want a small and compact video downloader, VideoGet is the best option. It will not take extra space on your PC and will deliver excellent performance. With an option to resume the download instead of starting over in case of a broken or expired link, this video editor can download files from even the oldest video streaming websites.


Most other downloaders do not allow downloading age-restricted videos from YouTube or any other platform. VideoGet will not restrict such downloading as long as you are logged into the app using your Google account. However, you cannot download country-restricted videos unless you use a VPN.


Another noticeable feature of this app is the ability to detect which platform is currently opened on your browser automatically. Moreover, you only need to copy the URL, which will automatically appear on the VideoGet’s search bar. You can customize the video as much as you want once the video is processed. It allows you to download the video in your desired resolution and framerate to fit your monitor if it has an odd resolution.


However, to change the resolution in editing, process the video in the highest resolution possible, like 4k or 8k, so you will not lose the video quality while editing.


If the app is not working properly, there is a troubleshoot button, which fixes the errors within seconds. It also notifies the Nuclear Coffee’s team so they can contact you and ask about the error you were getting. They usually release an update so people will not face the same error again. But, if it is related to your internet or PC, they will only guide you to solve it. Their customer support is also active 24/7, and the most common issues are already discussed on the website.




Download While Converting: This nifty feature helps hasten the process by converting the next video as soon as it is done with the one. It will not even wait for the first video to finish downloading. However, if you have slow internet, you better not enable this feature as processing also eats your data, which might slow the download until the processing is over. Since it happens automatically, you can stop the next video, which will prevent the entire queue from doing this. On the other hand, you can convert up to ten videos simultaneously if you have fast internet, but you will have to download them individually.


Dedicated Extension for Browsers: No more need to copy-paste the URL in the app to initiate the download. Instead, you can tap the extension button on your browser, which will start downloading. The browser extension comes free as you download the VideoGet, and your browser will detect it automatically and offer you to download the extension. Once done, activate the extension, and you will see a VideoGet icon in the extension bar. Tap on it, and the video will automatically load and start processing inside the app. The only problem with this extension is that it crashes sometimes, and you have to add it again in your browser.


Save YouTube Subtitles: If the YouTube video has subtitles, this app will capture and adjust them with the video properly. If the subtitles are unavailable, you can choose the language for the captions, and VideoGet will download and adjust them with the video. You can even extract the subtitles file separately and use them for other videos. For the video subtitles to work perfectly, make sure they are available in English. Additionally, you can check the official website to see which languages are supported by VideoGet so you can download the captions or subtitles in those languages.


Download Private Videos and Audio: Even if someone has made their video private on YouTube, this downloader will grab it. As long as you have the URL of a video, you can download it using VideoGet. Although, we do not recommend downloading private videos to avoid breaching privacy. The limit on private videos is that you cannot download them on 4k or 8k since VideoGet will only grab it with 1080p quality. 


Clean and Simple Interface: This app has nothing complex; a simple and friendly interface with everything clearly stated to help you hasten the process. Its interface resembles the old-school apps, where you have big buttons to keep things straightforward. You have five buttons on the top to add, remove, download, stop, and pause the ongoing operations. Five more buttons on the right side allow you to move the videos in the queue and delete and save the videos.


Desktop Notifications: If you have a long batch to download, there is no need to check them often. Instead, you can enable the notifications, and once the downloading is done, the app will notify you. Additionally, you can set notifications for each action to get a notification when a video is done processing or when the app is done grabbing the video.

How We Made This List For YouTube Downloaders?

Finding an app with a free trial was our priority, so you can get an idea of what you are buying. Even a small trail of one free video downloading was enough. It should download any sort of video, even 360-degree VR videos. Price was another factor we included, and it should allow playlist and batch downloading.


Since so many downloaders are available, we had to follow strict criteria. These are unlike typical video downloaders that feature many ads but cannot produce good results.

What We Looked For Youtube Downloader?

Price: With tons of features available, these apps are not available for free. Since they do not have annoying ads, you will have to pay money to use these apps. Depending on your use, you can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription. If you purchase an annual subscription, you will get up to 75% off, which makes our choice of apps the cheapest. You can cancel the subscription any time you want, and they also offer a money-back guarantee. However, once you start using these apps, you will not find a reason to cancel your subscription.


Support All Video Formats: YouTube is constantly improving, and we see new video styles or formats. Since people do not care what video format they upload, when people download them, they have a hard time playing it on default media players. So, we chose apps that can download one video in different formats. They even download VR videos so you can have the best virtual reality experience. These apps can also download any video resolution. You can download from 240p to 8k, as long as the video is available on YouTube in such quality. We prefer to download an 8k video only if your device can support it and you have lots of free data.


Cross-Platform Support: Usually, such downloaders are unavailable in apps as YouTube does not allow third-party downloads, and operating systems follow this rule. Our choice of apps runs without any issues on Windows and macOS. However, you cannot use these apps on your mobile; instead, you can copy and view the videos on your mobile.


Multiple Downloads: No one wants to wait for one video to download so they can start another one. So, we chose apps that allow simultaneous downloads or set a queue to download videos one by one.

Essential Factors To Consider While Choosing A YouTube Downloader In 2023

It would be best if you were extra careful while choosing a YouTube downloader, especially when paying for it. You will not see some small features at first, but they will come in handy later. Ensure that the app you choose has tons of extra features. Here are a few ways to get the best YouTube downloader so you get more bang for your buck.


  • Check Its Reviews


There is no better way to learn about the app than its reviews. Features will not matter much if the app itself is not performing well. You need to check out how fast the app functions, how it affects your PC, and how many videos it can process before slowing down. If you overload it, will it crash? These issues bother users the most; the company will not mention them as they made an app for general purposes. Check the negative or less than five-star reviews to learn the issues in the app.


  • Proxy Setup


Proxy is necessary if you want to download geo-restricted videos. Instead of using a VPN which will cost you extra, you can check if your desired downloader has proxy settings. SnapDownloader has this feature, which can grab and download geo-restricted videos in the best quality possible. It would be best if the downloader comes with an automatic proxy option, where it connects you to the best possible server to download the locked video. Additionally, ensure that turning on the proxy will not mess up the processing and downloading speed; hence, it is something to look out for.


  • Download Playlists


No one would like to add videos to the downloader one by one, and it will take lots of time if you want to download an entire playlist. While searching for a video downloader, ensure it downloads the entire playlist simultaneously. You only need to add the playlist URL, and the application automatically does the rest of the process. Moreover, it would be best if the app warned you about a video not available in the playlist and continued the process instead of stopping it.


  • No Pop-Up and Ads


Having a free YouTube downloader is fun until it starts showing annoying ads and pop-ups for no reason. What’s worse is that those ads will not go for at least 30-seconds before you can download the video. Some even go ahead and place an ad on every action, so every time you click, you will see an ad that you have to close before continuing. Some ads might close independently, but the pop-ups keep recommending other products. These pop-ups are so confusing that people usually reload the page since they cannot find the close button. So, if you want to use a downloader for a long time, consider getting one that has a premium version without ads and pop-ups.


  • Download the Highest Quality Available


YouTube videos are now available in 8k quality; not all of them, but you can find a lot if you search for them. It is best for those big LED displays that can support 8k quality. The only problem is the internet connection; since 8k video takes a lot of data, your internet might not stream it properly. If you want to watch 8k videos on your LED TV, you will need a downloader that can download a YouTube video of 8k quality. Additionally, you should get a downloader that can grab, process, and download the videos in the highest quality available in case 4k or 8k video quality is unavailable.


  • Check For Viruses


Windows Defender does an excellent job of finding the viruses, but it does that after you copy something to your PC. Some viruses are fast enough to start working before the defender can track them. Some are hidden in a different file format; your defender will not find them until it is too late. A video downloader should do a security check before saving the file on your PC, so you will get a warning that a particular file contains spam. Even if this facility is available at a bit of extra cost, we recommend getting it before a wrong file ruins your Windows.


  • No Personal Information Needed


The app should work without asking for any information from you. Even when you give details to purchase the app, the website should not ask more than necessary. You will be installing these apps on your PC; if they ask for sensitive information, they might contain some spyware that can access your sensitive data using that information. Even when downloading a restricted video, the app should only ask for a Google account to check your age. We highly recommend apps that do not require too much personal information or have a privacy policy that protects their customers. Your data should be protected and not distributed to third-party organizations without your knowledge.

FAQs About YouTube Downloaders

It is hard to decide since every person has different demands. Some people only want to use a free version, so they will never pay for it. Some are fine with payment as long as they get a good experience. We shared the three best YouTube downloads for those who are fine paying to unlock all the features. You can search the internet to find free apps that can download YouTube videos, but they will never be as close to the apps we shared. If you are unsure about finding the best downloader, choose SnapDownloader, and you will not regret your decision.

If you are okay with the ads and limitations that come with the free downloader, then you should go for the free apps. However, you will need a paid version if you have a channel and use multiple platforms to get content, combine them, and upload it on YouTube. It all depends on your usage, the free version is for those who want to download the videos rarely, and the paid version is for those who want to download them frequently.

There was a time when YouTube allowed video downloading, and you could use a downloader like IDM (Internet Download Manager) to download the videos directly. As time passed, YouTube changed its policy, and now you cannot download a video from YouTube directly. Your only option is to find online converters that can grab the video from the link and convert it into your desired video format so you can download them.

You first need a downloader that allows downloading from a YouTube URL. After that, open the YouTube app or visit your desired YouTube video on a browser. Copy the URL and paste it into the downloader you have. Every downloader will require a URL to fetch the video, so you will need to copy it. After that, you need to click the button that continues the process of video processing, grabbing, or fetching. Once that is over, you can trim the video if your app allows it and save it to download. If you have not selected the destination folder, your PC or laptop will save all your videos with your recently downloaded files.

Conclusion: Which Is The Safest YouTube Downloader?

Downloading a video is always convenient as you do not have to stream them again and use your data. YouTube has the most extensive database of videos and songs people love watching and listening to. A YouTube downloader can help you download your favorite songs and listen to them whenever you want.


We shared the best YouTube downloaders that are ad-free and can download 8k videos. In our opinion, Vidloder is the best, but if you have a slow PC, choose Replay Media Catcher, and if you have slow internet, VideoGet is the best option.

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