Whatever you might be doing during the day, chances are you are spending more than 12 hours per day looking at a screen that is emitting very strong blue light rays. These are called HEV rays and they come from the glow emitted from our screens, like our laptops, smartphones, and TVs. They can cause serious damage to your skin by breaking down collagen hence you might experience premature skin aging, cystic acne, and uneven skin pigmentation. Here are 5 strategies you can implement right now to help you and your skin look and feel better.

No Screens Before Bed

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for beautiful, youthful skin. But did you know when you expose yourself to blue light in the evening, it will spike your levels of cortisol which in turn till worsen the quality of your sleep? This, in the long run, can cause heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Therefore, if you have a habit of playing online casino games before you go to bed, such as casino.netbet.co.uk, or you tend to scroll through Facebook until you fall asleep, you should consider putting that habit to rest.  It’s also important to note that if you’d like to see any improvements, you should give yourself a break from all digital devices at least an hour before going to bed.

How To Prevent Blue Light Damage

In your daily cosmetic routine, try to incorporate cosmetic products that are specifically designed to protect your skin from HEV light. You could try products from the FIXMD collection by Dr Anson.

While it might be on the pricier side, it is specifically designed with the purpose of rejuvenating and protecting your skin. Naturally, you can look for more affordable options, but you need to consider that only products that are rich in antioxidants will effectively counteract the damage from UVA, UVB and HEV light.

Reduce the Damage

It is also very important to work on reducing the damage done to your skin so far. One study has listed three types of plant extracts that reduce the damaging effects of these blue rays. They are Marrubium vulgare, Leontopodium alpinum, and Plantago lanceolata. Plantago lanceolata is especially helpful in lightening dark spots and it also makes the skin smoother. So, when you are looking for skincare products look for these three important ingredients.

Blue Light Screen Shield

Blue Light Screen Shield will work as a barrier from the blue light emitted from your phone or tablet. For your computer consider buying an anti-blue light screen protector. It’s a cheap and easy fix and there are plenty of options online for all your digital devices. You can also check if your smartphone has a special feature that disables blue light. This feature is often called night mode or nightshift mode it puts less strain on your eyes, it’s much gentler and it can be a useful way to prevent skin aging.


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