5 Activities for Couples to Do at Home During Their Forties!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Covid-19 preventive quarantine is necessary and important, but it can get boring for couples in need of action and romantic escapades. Perhaps you are tired of the routine and want something unusual and different? Play at the casino together, using CasinoChan login? Repaint the bathroom and lay new tiles?


We have prepared for you some suggestions of original activities that you can do as a couple without leaving home!

1. Treat Yourself to a Massage Session

You deserve it and, after all, massaging your partner is such a sensual and enjoyable activity! It’s simple: choose the quietest, most noisefree room in the house and then exhaust it as much as possible.

2. Have the Restaurant Delivered to Your Home

Romantic outings to the restaurant will be greatly missed by couples in this period of quarantine. To make a change from the usually cooked dinners, have your romantic dinner delivered to your home, and treat yourself to a gastronomic evening without having to make the slightest effort!

3. Camping in the Living Room

In this time of quarantine, it is difficult not to find the decor of one’s home redundant and boring in the long run. Camping in the living room is definitely the big winner of this huge Covid19 challenge!

Take out all the sheets, brackets, ropes and ties that you will find in your cupboards. Set up a tent in your living room with a variety of cushions, small mattresses and strings of lights. Bring a small bag with your books and lunches (yes yes, you have to be a total camping fan, it’s the rules!) 

4. Invite Friends for Dinner…on Skype!

Your social life as a couple takes a sudden turn for the better part of 40 years, no need to draw a picture! Going out with friends or with our couple of friends is nonexistent, and it is obvious that this kind of activity is a plus for a couple! But don’t panic, technology is there for you!

5. Make a Movie Night

Movie nights are a great classic for a romantic evening at home, especially if you’re in your forties! To add a little spice and nuance to your movie night, opt for a program of themed movies (by style, decades, actors).


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