5 Innovative Ways to Advertise for Your Business


Because customers receiving thousands of advertising messages a day, it can be challenging to make your business stand out among the noise. People have become so adept at tuning out ads that you must be creative when it comes to attracting and retaining customers.

If you are struggling to come up with an innovative advertising plan, here are 5 ways to advertise this year:

  1. LED Screens

LED screens are a great tool to use outside your establishment or on a billboard. These screens will allow you to change your messaging periodically to keep it current and engaging. These screens are also environmentally friendly because you don’t need to create a whole new billboard every time you change what your ad.

You’re also able to incorporate moving images and animations to attract the attention of a passerby. VisualLed display screens help businesses reach their target markets with the most engaging content possible.

  1. Sponsor City Maps

If your target demographic includes tourists, then sponsoring a city map may be a smart move for your organization. Tourists who are unfamiliar with a new place are likely to trust sources provided by visitor bureaus and other similar institutions.

If a visitor doesn’t know much about the area and its businesses, then they will be likely to pay attention to an ad about a nearby shop that they might be interested in.

  1. Pay Attention to Trends

Virality helps get many businesses on the map, but you don’t need to come up with a viral trend to benefit from increased sales. That puts a lot of pressure on you to achieve numbers and it doesn’t always work out the way you wanted.

Instead, pay attention to what is already going viral. If you tailor your content based on trends, then you are much more likely to engage to your audience.

Be mindful of which platform is best suited for your target audience in terms of customer acquisition and retention. If you can figure out whether Facebook, Instagram, or print ads are best, then you can capitalize on that information and focus on advertisements that will yield higher returns on investment for your business.

Historical trends, as well as current trends, can be immensely helpful in planning successful advertising campaigns.

  1. Start a Blog or Podcast

Blogs and podcasts are creative ways to engage your target audience. Today’s customers want exciting content in addition to helpful products. If your company can provide both, then you will be much more likely to establish a loyal customer base.

Blogs and podcasts help you to impart detailed information about your company in a way that is not forceful. Your audience will feel connected to your company and be much more likely to support it by making purchases.

  1. Make a Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filters provide an engaging way to reach younger demographics. This branded content is easy to develop and employ. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Another plus is that Snapchat filters convince others to advertise for you. Every time someone uses your branded filter, there is new potential for customers to learn about your business and its offerings.

Advertising can be tricky because you never want to seem too forceful, but you always need to get your message across at the same time. Engaging in these creative advertising methods will help people learn about your organization and potentially become customers without pressuring them to buy.

The best way to build a loyal customer base is to build relationships with your customers rather than treat them as transactions.


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