6 Compelling Reasons to Buy a Used Car This Year

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Used cars are a great way to get a bargain. Many people swear by used cars and would never consider buying one new from the dealership – and understandably so. A used car can offer all of the benefits of a brand-new car at a heavily reduced price. Even if the make and model of the car you want were registered the very same year, you buy it, and the mileage is low – just by buying it used, you will get a bargain on it. Rather than buying new – why not just buy used?

This page will hope to tell you six compelling reasons to buy a used car this year rather than splashing out on a brand-new car from the dealership forecourt. Providing a used car is in good shape, there is no difference between the two, and the people that admire you as you whiz by indeed won’t know. Ensure when buying a used car than if you are buying online, you buy from respectable and honest sellers. Many sophisticated fraud gangs steal cars and sell them on as used to unsuspecting buyers.

Here are six compelling reasons to buy a used car this year!

Value for Money

We are currently experiencing a global recession as a consequence of the SARS-CoV-19 virus. Because of this, many people are out of work and are unable to support themselves. This has led many very wealthy people to sell their cars for heavily discounted prices. Many people, all around the world, are now buying cars that would ordinarily go for tens of thousands – for thousands. If you have the money and have job security, now is a great time to buy a used second-hand car. Shop around on second-hand websites, and you’re guaranteed to find a deal.

Spread Out Your Payments

Most used car dealerships will offer finance to their customers. Finance is, essentially, almost like a loan. You will pay monthly installments on the car until you have paid off the original cost when a small amount of interest is added. The car specialists of motorsonwheels.com explain that buying a used car is no different to buying a new one – they will stay firm and robust for as long as you take care of them, and can last you a lifetime. With the aforementioned in mind, and heavily discounted monthly payments, what’s more, to want? Finance is a great option, even for the wealthiest among us. It is much better to pay in smaller installments than one huge payment.

Troubled Economies

Many economies are still reeling from the aftermath of the SARS-CoV-19 health crisis. It is not the best time, for most, to be buying brand new cars. If you have lost your job – or are out of work but need a car – buy it used. Buying a used car can mean you save a lot of money. Some people prefer newer cars, and understandably so, but buying new right now is a bad idea. It is best to buy used so that you can save money.

Money Spent Elsewhere

In line with the last point, buying a used car will mean you have the opportunity to spend money elsewhere, while still buying yourself a car. At the moment, we are experiencing uncertain financial times, so by saving money to be spent elsewhere, you are doing yourself a huge favor. It is not the best time to be making frivolous purchases that could be used to greater benefit in other areas of your life. Be sensible, buy a used car, and spend your money where it needs to be spent.

More for Insurance

As buying a used car will save you money, it means you can spend more money on your insurance (even pay it all at once), so you do not have high-interest insurance payments to deal with every single month. It is always a good idea to pay for your insurance at once rather than add interest and pay for it over the period of a year. Buying a used car can mean you have the insurance money sat there, so you will be able to just pay for it all at once.

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The Future

People love vintage cars. If you have managed to score a deal on a used, older car, then that’s an investment worth holding onto. Buying used cars is a great way to make money in the future – for as the car matures, people will begin to search for them, and their value will go up. Thanks to the help offered by this page, you probably want to go out and buy a used car, don’t you? Well, why not? Used cars are a great way to save, spend, and make money!



  1. Thank you for elaborating on how buying a used car is much more affordable than purchasing a new one. I need to buy a vehicle so that I can drive to work, so I’m thinking about buying a used car to save money. I’m going to search for a good business in my area that can sell me a used car.

  2. Thank you for your advice! So far I am more inclined to rent a car. The total payment is lower than when buying a new car. Rent payment is also much lower than a loan and it is much easier to get a rental agreement than a whole car loan. The cost of car maintenance is close to zero. Perhaps next I will buy a car, but so far I like renting and the fact that each time I can choose a different car models.


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