AGATE awards the Toula J. Halperin Scholarship to 5 Schreiber seniors


Each year AGATE awards the Toula J. Halperin Scholarship to several Schreiber High School seniors who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement coupled with the passionate and dedicated pursuit of a talent, skill or interest.

On June 10, AGATE’s scholarship was presented virtually to Cheryl Chang, Priya Rajesh Chainani, Jeannie Ren, Adam Harris Salzman, and Maansi Shroff. Congratulations!

AGATE is a home-school association that works with parents, teachers, administrators and other organizations to advocate for the unique needs of diverse gifted students and other advanced learners from pre-kindergarten through graduation.

At AGATE, we believe all students deserve an appropriate and challenging education designed to help them achieve their fullest potential.



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