Readers Write: ‘Aiming in the Right Direction on Gun Safety Laws’


I was truly disappointed to read The Island Now’s editorial, “Aiming in the Right Direction on Gun Safety Laws.” The piece took a ludicrous turn as the author(s) attacked Sen. Jim Gaughran’s letter to the owner of The Inn At New Hyde Park. Was this an attempt to create a bit of titillation in an otherwise humdrum article? The whole thing seemed desperate.

Senator Gaughran’s letter to The Inn at NHP was factual and spot on. Last year, The Inn cited a contractual obligation concerning going forward with the NRA fundraiser and gun raffle. Now here we are a year later and the group is back, The Inn lied. Senator Gaughran’s letter simply holds The Inn accountable.

One statement in this editorial, rudely explains The Inn at New Hyde Park is a business and as such can rent its space to whoever it chooses. We all get that. However, Senator Gaughran asked The Inn’s owner to hold himself to a higher standard. The Senator asked the owner to look past the dollar signs and to be a better neighbor. You see that’s the problem, we value money over ethics and power over children’s lives.

Thanks to Senator Gaughran and the democratic leadership, NYS now bans bump stocks, has comprehensive background checks and regulates weapons of war.

The debate is over, The NRA is a dangerous, tax-exempt, propaganda machine. Those who profit from them will be met with protests and boycotts. And well, editorial staff, I am a Nassau County mom and I have the right to peaceful assembly. It’s called democracy.

Ellie Musmeci


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