Amsterdam Travel Tips: Best Places to Visit and Things to Try


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Hitting the road to Amsterdam is like extra toppings on the cake. The pleasurable journey begins from the capital of romance to the culture-rich stateside giving one a wholesome experience. 

Yet for the first-time visitor to Amsterdam, the experience can be strange and overwhelming. And I’m sure you do not want to spend so much with so little experience to show for it. Especially if you do not know what to do to have fun and have a limited time in Amsterdam. But first, let’s begin with your journey from Paris to Amsterdam.

First bear in mind that you can get to Amsterdam from any part of the world. But I assure you it is more fun if you go from Paris to Amsterdam by train. Taking a Thalys bullet train from the Nord to Centraal Station is an experience you can’t afford to miss. The three-hour-plus journey is one to look forward to I assure you.

First, onboard the Thalys bullet train, you enjoy comfort at whatever grade you can afford. Not only is it a high-speed train it is fully air-conditioned with Wi-Fi. There are also power sockets to keep you engaged with your devices, no train changes and it is pocket friendly. You can book a ticket online. But what do you do when you get there?

Maybe you should begin with things to bear in mind before getting to Amsterdam. Find here under the tips below:

1)You will need more of pants and trousers

Amsterdam is the most bicycle-friendly country in the entire world. It has a reputation of having more bicycles than citizens. And as a first-time visitor, you may love to have a bicycle tour. Therefore avoid skirts and long dresses. Denim would do. 

2) Who says you can’t enjoy Amsterdam on weekdays?

Of course you can create time to visit and enjoy all that Amsterdam has to offer on weekdays. And this is cost-effective in terms of getting suitable accommodation. Hotel prices spike on weekends than on weekdays. Then again you could avoid tourist crowds and have pleasurable moments alone. 

3)Don’t forget to carry a rain poncho

Incredibly the Amsterdam weather is unpredictable. An hour is enough to send the rain down on you and keep you soaked for a while. So you gotta prepare and don’t forget to bring along some shoes so keep your feet dry. Because when it rains it pours.

4) A reusable bag can help you cut down expenses

Yes you got that right pack a reusable bag especially if you intend to go shopping. This will help you save up the little 0.05 euros you may spend on shopping bags. 

5) Know the difference between a coffee shop and a coffeeshop

Please don’t mistake a coffeeshop for a coffee shop or cafe. Why the former serves drugs like marijuana the later can give you an expresso. So you wouldn’t seem out of place if you ask for a cup of coffee in a coffee shop. 

6) Always carry your identification cards with you

I know you wouldn’t get into trouble but it’s good practice to have your identification card on you. Although the police in Amsterdam are friendly, red eyes or a stoned look can attract them to you. So at this point, it is wise to have an identification card on you. 

7) Get your allergy pills if cats are your allergy

Yes, cats. They are everywhere and they are not stray cats. They have owners and homes. But they are free to roam around. Either way, you now know what to do if your allergy is a cat.


Visiting Amsterdam: Best Places to Visit and Things to Try

  1. Museums

Amsterdam is rich in culture and history. To get more information about its historical antecedent you could visit the Van Gogh, Anne Frank museum, and Dam square. Also, there is the Stedelijk Museum, Rembrandt House, Zaanse Schans museums, and other open-air museums. There is also the Royal Palace.

  1. Entertainment and Concerts

Of course, you don’t want to miss the Rozentheatre and DeBakkers Winkel. And of course, any other concerts going on around you. Don’t forget to see the EYE film museum. 

  1. Food and Flowers

Try roadside food vendors if you want to have a taste of torti or bara. Rijsttafel is a spicy meal and you can get this at the local food shop called tokos. And don’t forget to visit the brown bar.  For flower lovers, you can check out the Keukenhof Garden to see the 7 million Tulips bloom.

  1. Canal cruise

While I would suggest you spend less time on the canals but you could take a cruise and be careful. You can simply replace this with a bicycle cruise which is safer. 



It is a bon voyage from Paris to Amsterdam when you are well prepared with a bucket list of places to visit. And going by train makes the journey all the more incredible and the experience memorable. 


Enjoy Amsterdam. 



  1. I try to travel to Amsterdam every March as a gift for my birthday. I already discovered the difference between coffeeshops and coffee shops. People have to be aware of it, for sure, once they´re in Amsterdam. Last time I was lucky to have fun there with my best friend and rent a bicycle to have a whole-day ride around the city. Oh, I’m in love!


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