Basic Equipment Every Surfer Needs

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Surfing is a very popular sport that those lucky enough to live close to the beach take part in. You can do this activity anytime of the year, no matter the season and it is a great way to stay fit, and meet others with similar interests to you.

No matter how seasoned you are in this area, you should know that surfing requires a lot more than just a board and yourself. Especially, when you are starting to take it seriously and travel many miles to encounter the most amazing spots to get the best waves. In this article, we will advise you on the basic equipment every surfer needs, so that you can fully enjoy your time catching waves.

The Surf Board

This may not come as a surprise, even if you do not know anything about surfing, as the name advises, you will need a surfboard – without one, it will not be surfing, you would be swimming. There are different types of boards, made up of different materials and even developed for different styles and different levels of experience. It is often advisable that you get different surfboards so that you can interchange between them as required. It can be overwhelming when you are not sure what to look for, therefore go to different stores and ask professionals for advice as well as other experienced surfers, who may be able to guide you in the right direction.

The Paraffin

Paraffin wax is sold in most surfing shops, as this is a required item for any surfer to have in their bag! Surfers use this wax to spread it all over the board and so that it becomes less slippery. As you can imagine, balance is essential when surfing, so that you can stay on the board – if you keep falling off, you may not get to catch any waves. The combination of your wet feet and the board makes up for a very slippery situation. Paraffin allows for some resistance to take place and you are less likely to slip and fall off. 

The Wetsuit and Additional Clothing

You may think that this is not really a necessity, however, every surfer should have a wetsuit as part of their basic equipment. As mentioned previously, surfing does not only take place on hot days in the Summer, and you may find that the temperature in water significantly decreases. Even though it is warm in land, you may still get cold. You want to be catching waves, not the common cold. The wetsuit helps protect your body temperature, just make sure that you get one that does not restrict your movements. Therefore, try them on in the store, if possible.  Moreover, you also should invest in additional clothing that you should carry with you. As a surfer, you can imagine that you will be getting wet and covered in sand. Having additional items of clothing, such as rip curl Australia, is essential so that you can change easily if there’s a need. Always have a spare outfit in your bag, so you do not have to stay in your wet clothes for long periods of time, particularly during colder seasons.

The Leash

A very important piece of equipment you will require as a surfer is the leash, also commonly known as the invention. This is a rope that physically attaches you to your surfboard. It can be very easy to lose your surfboard, especially if you go to places with massive waves and strong tides – the ocean can easily ‘steal’ your board away from you. If it is not attached to you, you will be encouraged to swim after it, although this is not advisable as it can put you in a dangerous position. Make sure that you get the leash, to ensure that your surfboard does not go anywhere without you.

Sun Protection

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As a surfer, you must not forget the importance of carrying sunscreen with you. Oftentimes, individuals simply assume that because they will be in the water all day that the sun does not affect them and they won’t be needing sunscreen at all. This is a dangerous myth. UV rays reflect off of sand, snow, and water, meaning that at the beach you are always at risk of getting sunburnt, even if you are constantly emerging in water. Always have a bottle of sunscreen with you and reapply numerous times during the day.

Board Cover 

You should want to make sure that your surfboard is well looked after at all times – particularly when you are not using it. Make sure that you invest in a board cover, as this will refrain the board from being unnecessarily damaged. When you are done at the sea, clean your surfboard and you can then put your board away safely after every surfing session. 

Surfing is extremely fun and activity-filled with adrenaline. If you want to get started, obtain all the basic equipment every surfer needs, and make sure that you remain safe in the water – above all, have fun! 



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