Best Back Massager in 2022 | Buy Back Massager Online | Personal Massage Therapist Near Me

Best Back Massager in 2022 | Buy Back Massager Online | Personal Massage Therapist Near Me

Working from home, driving long hours, and sitting at a desk for lengthy periods can cause you pain and leave your back in a knotted condition. The best back massager is a low-cost, simple-to-use solution that you can use at home and even while working or driving.

There is hardly anything more annoying than back discomfort, whether you get regular aches and pains from sitting at your desk all day or hurting after exercise.

A professional massage therapist can be quite beneficial, but the expense can add up fast. As a result, it is highly worth investing in a back massage gadget that you can use at home or wherever you are on a regular basis.

But not all types on the market are made equal, and it is crucial to do your homework before buying one; of course, you should consult with a physician to make sure that using a back massager is safe for you.

With our choice of the best back massagers on the market, you can soothe your sore muscles.

5 Best Back Massager Brands

  • Trumedic : Overall Best Back Massager On The Market
  • Renpho : Best For Lower Back Pain
  • Life Pro Fitness : Most popular Massage Gun on the market
  • Snailax : Massage Chair for Relaxing Muscles
  • Zyllion : User-friendly Handheld Massager

#1. Trumedic Overall Best Back Massager

Allowing worry and suffering to keep you from enjoying life is a mistake. You can just simply relax and enjoy the many advantages of massage treatment without having to travel or make costly appointments. The Trumedic back massagers are a one-stop shop for all your massage needs.

Relax, de-stress and allow your body to regenerate. Truemedic’s MagicHands truShiatsu massager comes with an adjustable heat massage chair pad, and all you have to do is concentrate on the regions of your body that require the greatest attention. They may be used to relieve stress in the shoulders, legs, and other areas added to the back and neck.

Best features

  • Sleek design

Who said that the back massager could not be fancy? The Shiatsu massagers have a modern design with bright colors, and this is without any doubt the most attractive manual massager on our list. It’s available in blue, green, and orange colors with mesh breathability for comfort without causing any disturbance to the skin.

It’s created to function exactly where you want, safely targeting the muscles that are troubling you. But this back massager is more than just a pretty face. It has a patent-pending technology that mimics the feel of human fingers due to the four massage nodes that stimulate hands-on massage.

  • Double performance

Good neck massagers are hard to find, but not anymore. The truShiatsu is suitable for simultaneous performance with back pain and neck pain.

  • Handy and compact

Trumedic back massager runs on a lithium battery, and you can take it to the gym or on a long drive and get relief on the move, which corded back massagers would never deliver.

It comes with a patent-pending massage mechanism that will deeply knead and relax your muscles while providing an energizing massage. While in use, the ergonomically adjustable arm sleeves provide comfort. It contains a built-in infrared heater for added comfort.

What do we love about this Back Massager

The MagicHands massager is made to provide a high-performance massage in a sleek, trendsetting, and economical form. It’s designed of solid neoprene material, the same one that the deep sea divers use for comfort and durability.

The sophisticated massage gear is designed to deliver a profoundly penetrating Shiatsu massage that soothes aches and pains. You have total control over the intensity of your massage, thanks to the adjustable arm sleeves.

You can also use the heating feature to provide more relief. The massager is ideal for your neck, shoulders, back, or any other area where you want to get immediate relaxation.


  • Professional experience with sleek, high-quality design
  • Compact to get a massage on the go
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast pain relief
  • Easy and straightforward to use


  • Pricier than other brands

Customer experience

This back massager has already won a lot of fans, including Oprah Winfrey. This is the first product on her Favorite Things list. Customers claim it is an exceptional high-performance device that allows getting a powerful message wherever you are and that back pain kicks in.

It comes with a heating functionality to instantly relieve deep soreness as when you get it from a professional masseuse.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Trumedic

#2. Renpho Best For Lower Back Pain

Nothing can do a good shiatsu massage when it comes to back and neck pains. You can get an efficient alleviation for prolonged muscular discomfort by applying pressure to certain ports down and around your neck, spine, and shoulders. Renpho Shiatsu neck, back and shoulder massage let you relax your muscles anytime you choose in the privacy of your own home.

Renpho’s back massager is excellent for relieving weary and tense muscles. You can pick from three massage zones with this Shiatsu neck and back massager, whether you want to massage your entire back, upper back, or lower back with varied kneading nodes that target particular regions.

Best features

  • Muscle soreness relief

Renpoho beck massager allows you to enjoy the advantages of a professional shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own home, saving you both time and money. It comes with an ergonomic design and eight deep-kneading nodes that mimic human fingers, resulting in a very relaxing deep tissue shiatsu massage. You can use this massager on your back, neck, shoulders, and whenever you feel pain and discomfort at most.

  • Multiple heating function

The Renpho massager includes multiple heat functions that can help reduce muscular tightness and tension, knots, aches, and trigger points. Heat functions may be turned on and off separately.

  • Various levels of heat intensity and direction

With this neck massager, you won’t have to worry about sudden direction shifts after you have found the right area. It will continue to give you a shiatsu kneading massage in one direction until you tell it to stop. When you combine it with the three-speed setting and your pull, you will be sure to discover the optimum amount of intensity to ease muscular pain.

  • High-quality safety monitor

This shiatsu kneading massager comes with a high-quality copper motor. Overheating is prevented with a 15-minute auto-shutoff. It includes durable leather and easy to clean waterproof and breathable material.

What do we love about this product

This product is suitable for people of all ages that suffer from neck and shoulder issues. Soreness usually can be caused by improper sleeping posture or bad posture at work. Stretching, exercise and massage can help relieve chronic stiffness. You can carry it with you in the world whenever you require a neck in shoulder massage to give you immediate comfort.

The 3D spinning nodes can perfectly mimic the human hand, giving you the feeling of a professional masseuse treatment. The 8 rotating nodes can ease pains, knots, and muscular tension like a real shiatsu massage.

The heat feature offers an additional layer of relaxing muscle power. The heat function can be switched on and off whenever you desire. You can also switch to three speed levels: slow, medium, and fast, allowing you to find the ideal amount of pressure.


  • Professional massage experience
  • 8 rotating rollers with soothing heat function
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Auto shut off for safety
  • Durable leatherette and breathable mesh material
  • High-quality performance
  • Streamlined design for easy storage


  • It can give a too intense feeling when used for too long

Customer experience

The overall rating of this product is more than excellent. Clients who usually relied on professional masseuses said they had found a great substitute for their massage sessions, saving a lot of time and money. This back massager has been able to deliver the same level of relation and any time and for a fraction of the price.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Renpho

#3. Life Pro Fitness  Most popular Massage Gun on the market

The Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun is intended to help with musculoskeletal issues, including soreness and strains. This Life Pro Fitness product uses five different heads for deep and powerful massage to offer healing and pain relief to sore and tight muscles. It’s a highly recommended option for athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and everyone else who wants active muscle rehabilitation.

For active recovery and pre-workout warm-ups, this massage gun can provide waves of relaxation, activating comfort and ease. You can target the musculoskeletal condition at any pace with its strong motor, adjustable heads, and intensity levels.

It’s powerful enough to give the same benefits of its more costly concurrent as one of the most affordable massage guns on the market.

Best features

  • High intensity

With its 12mm strong message aptitude and 75lbs of stall force, this deep tissue massage gun for athletes penetrates your muscles and fascia, offering direct percussion massage relief where it is required the most.

  • Increase mobility and flexibility

This deep muscular massage pistol comes with eight replaceable massage attachments and 15v vibration speeds for personalized massage treatment. To ease joint pain and weary muscles, it sends waves of calm throughout your body muscles and joints.

  • Improving athletic performance

This deep muscle massager gun can be used for pre-workout warming and post-workout recovery, inducing myofascial release and improving your body’s capacity to rebuild itself. Set the timer for automated massage sessions in one-minute increments.

  • Portable and lightweight

This deep tissue massager is compact and lightweight enough to throw it in your bag for quick relief wherever you are. At moderate speeds, a single charge can last up to 6 hours, while at high speeds it can last up to 3 hours.

What do we love about this product

Life Pro’s gadgets are groundbreaking options to add to your training program. They effectively break up knots and release tense muscles providing exceptionally deep and fast muscle relief. It’s the ideal partner for your post and pre-workout routines.

This back massager is designed for people that want to overcome obstacles, rise above challenges and take on their goals head-on. Life Pro has developed a targeted approach to activate recovery that harnesses the inherent capacity of our bodies with its recovery mechanism and latent powers.

Life Pro Fitness wants to make sure that customers are delighted with the product. The brand first tests the performance and efficiency to ensure it is powerful and effective, providing a built-in lifetime warranty and live assistance from their support and care team.


  • High penetration powerful performance
  • Fast effects and long-term recovery
  • Suitable for athletes
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight, quiet and portable
  • 5 levels of intensity


  • Shipping only within the US

Customer experience 

Customers are impressed with the overall performance and design of the products. Being especially compact for carrying in the purse makes it a great option for everyone who struggles with back pain daily.

The massage gun comes with a great price point and multiple speeds, which are completely quiet without causing any discomfort.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Life Pro Fitness

#4. Snailax Massage Chair for Relaxing Muscles

If you spend a lot of time driving, you are undoubtedly used to the uncomfortable seats and bad posture, which may lead to backaches, neck discomfort, shoulder muscle stress, and worst of all, a numb bottom. When you combine it with sedentary labor, such as a conventional nine-to-five day job, you have a real prescription for catastrophe.

This neck and back massager uses shiatsu massage to relieve tension in the neck, shoulder, and back. It helps alleviate body fatigue providing the feeling of a professional masseuse. Wherever you are experiencing stress the most, this back massager gives you a deep tissue massage that goes all the way up and down your back.

Best features

  • Four different massage options

The four different nodes go up and down, soothing your entire back. There are three massage zones you can choose from. The back is divided into the whole back, upper back, and lower back.

  • Adjustable to accommodate body’s form

The massage nodes can be adjusted to a maximum height of 3mm to accommodate the body’s curvature for a more pleasant massage. The spot massage option allows you to focus on the leading on a specific spot for maximum relaxation.

  • Intensity control

The vibration seat massager with three degrees of intensity delivers a relaxing massage to your hips and thighs. The sitting section simply has vibration massage without heat, which can warm your back with soothing heat therapy.

You can select a milder or more intensive massage with the removable intensity control flap. If you still feel it is too intense, you can put a blanket or a towel between you and the massage to get a gentler massage.

  • Soft and comfortable fabric

The handheld massagers are designed with 100% ultra-plush, incomparably soft polyester that provides a nice and wonderful feeling for body contact. It stays in place with its non-slip rubber bottom. The dual adjustable wraps around the back chair seat and different massage modes help keep the cushion sturdy and secure.

The neck and back covers are great for providing comfort during a more intense massage and you can remove the neck and back covers and wash them in the machine.

What do we love about this product

With this massaging car seat pat, you can enjoy some pleasant heat treatment. There are four deep massaging nodes spaced out through three zones. You can choose the entire back, upper back, and lower back options. To generate a stronger or gentler massage, you can remove the intensity flap.

The nodes are flexible and changeable up to a maximum height of 3 millimeters, making it unique. To add to the calmer sensation, there are three degrees of vibration. The soothing therapy will relax and release your muscles.

To create the greatest comfort seat in the house, you can use this back massager on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair, or dining chair. The inbuilt strapping mechanism keeps in place on the search. Luxury leather with a sofa, silky mesh inside is especially soft to the touch.


  • For deep massaging nodes
  • Three vibration levels
  • Heat therapy
  • Adjustable to body curvature
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • 30 days money-back guarantee and full refund
  • Two years warranty


  • A bit noisy if you activate the neck part

Customer experience

The product comes for a price of one massage and a spa, and according to the customer’s claims, it brings even better results. The massager has multi-functional features, which makes it convenient to use. The massage levels can be adjusted to different heights to suit everyone, no matter the body proportion.

The four different massage area options make it easier to treat body pain in areas and offer complete relief and comfort.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Snailax

#5. Zyllion User-friendly Handheld Massager

This is one of the most popular massagers on Amazon with an array of overly happy customers. The Zyllion back massager is well-made and durable, with four spinning nodules that can support a person’s entire body weight. It comes with a pleasant plastic casing that is comfortable even for the most sensitive body areas like shoulders, but it’s an especially well-suited muscle area.

This massager has four rotating head nodes that work to relieve stress and tension while also getting deep into the knots in the shoulders and back. The nodes change orientation every few minutes, much like in a massage chair. This is the closest option to a professional massage at home without paying tons of money. It is also convenient to use while watching TV because it doesn’t drown out any audio or make it difficult to concentrate.

Best features

  • Relieves sore muscles and stiffness

The strong 3-dimensional deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes assist relaxation of overworked and stiff muscles, automatically changing direction every minute. The ergonomic tiny pillow massager fits precisely behind your neck and body curves in the low and upper back, abdominal, calf and thigh areas.

  • Overheat protection

The advanced heating function relieves aching muscles and is simple to turn on and off. It comes with a complimentary sleeve to reduce massage intensity and a vehicle adaptor to help you relax and enjoy your long commute to work or road vacations.

  • High-quality material

In terms of durability, the outside shell of the Zyllion neck massager is made entirely of vegan leather. Top in its class, this leather is cruelty-free and extremely soft to the touch, ensuring that it will be especially pleasant on the skin. Most importantly, the soft leatherette material is very durable and simple to clean, ensuring that it will last for a long time, even with low maintenance.

What do we love about this product

This massager is handy to carry wherever you go; it comes with a car adapter that allows you to plug it into a cigarette lighter. It’s particularly comfortable to place it behind your head, but be careful not to use it while driving since the nodes can cause your head to move around in an unsafe way while driving.

Zyllion wants its customers to be fully content; this is why they provide their customers with lifelong support. Zyllion products come with a one-year guarantee. If anything goes wrong with your gadget within the first year, they will send you a replaced model without any charge.


  • 3D bi-directional massage nodes
  • Full body functionality
  • Portable and lightweight to carry around
  • Affordable price
  • 90 days satisfaction guarantee
  • One year warranty
  • Great customer service


  • Not cordless

Customer experience

Users praise the Zyllion’s durability and ability to be used for extended periods, although they caution against applying too much heat on your skin. Buyers stated that the product is fantastic as it provides instant soothing and tension relief.

The majority of the reviews praised the product, mentioning that it reaches every portion of your neck and effectively relieves spasms. This clearly shows why the brand has been included on our list of the best back massagers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Zyllion

Buying Guide: Things to consider when buying a Back Massager

Usage purpose

It’s easy to become lost in the sophisticated preferences of the back massager market, which is flooded with an enormous amount of products nowadays. However, it is crucial to determine what your body needs; if you have occasional back discomfort, a low-maintenance massager can perfectly do the job.

The ease of usage of a neck massager is a key consideration when selecting one. According to various specialists, if you have pain radiating to the skull and producing headaches, you should avoid percussive massagers since they will only worsen thighs. If you have arthritis, you should avoid anything draped over your shoulders.

If you want a deep tissue back massager to relax those tense muscles and relieve back and neck discomfort, then Truemedic has one of the best selections to choose from.

Heating and cooling option

The use of heating and cooling therapies to relieve pain is always a commonly recommended method. According to various certified orthopedic surgeons, citing can help with issues just below the surface, but heat is often the best option for deeper tissue issues like neck pain.

Ensuring safety

It makes no sense to cure one alignment or condition by putting yourself in danger or getting another, so be cautious while using your back massager. When you buy a product, read the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure that you are using it correctly. Some massagers state they should not be used while driving or falling asleep.

If you pick a massager with a heating option, in order to avoid overheating, read the instructions carefully. Some hot back massagers have built-in safety measures such as automatic shutdown. If your massager doesn’t have those features, you will need to keep track of how long you use it to avoid damage and discomfort.

Finally, before you start with any type of massage therapy, you should always consult your doctor. If you are pregnant, you should request a recommendation for other massage treatment alternatives since some types aren’t suggested during expecting.

Finally, you should engage in massage therapy that is beneficial to your emotional and physical well-being.

Price and warranty

Back massagers are available in various pricing ranges, each with varying degrees of value, efficacy, and quality. Setting a budget will help you filter down the massager categories and features so you can choose the appropriate massager for you at a price you can afford.

On any electrical gadget, the longer the warranty, the better. Many back massagers come with a 24-month guarantee that covers any problems you may have while using the gadget. When shopping for back massages, check for those with longer warranties since this may entitle you to a free replacement if necessary.


Consider the sort of best massager you would find as the best fit for your individual discomfort and lifestyle while buying one. A massage chair or cushion, for example, may be a nice choice if you are searching for a method to relax on occasion.

A massage belt or mat may be helpful if you have overall back discomfort, but if you want a more specific massage on a specific part of your back, a portable back massager may be the best option.

Power and speed

Once you have decided on the sort of back massager that would work the best for you, consider the massager’s wattage and pace. In the end, everything comes down to personal choice.

Choose a device with power and speed settings if you want a versatile alternative that can help with a variety of aches and pains. If you like a deep tissue massage, go for a high-powered device that penetrates deeper into the muscles.


Why not take your massager everywhere you go? Some variants are lighter and easier to transport than others. If you travel frequently or you have a desk job, portability is an important element to consider when purchasing a new back massager.

If you spend your lunch break at your business desk, for example, why not get a back massage while you are there.

These are the most important aspects when it comes to portability:

  • The massager should have a small and compact design which will make it easier to transport or store in the car.
  • If you carry it in a bag or portable suitcase, the weight might be an issue. As a result, the lighter the massager, the better for carrying it wherever you go.
  • If the massager comes with an in-built handle, it will make it easier for you to carry it around. This way, you won’t need to pack an extra bag only for the massager.

How we made the list for the Best Back Massager

While we did the research, we found out that there is no clear industry leader or even a group of brands that are firmly connected with this category. Furthermore, there are literally hundreds of possibilities accessible on Amazon and other retailers.

In order to narrow down the list, we initially excluded any massagers that didn’t have at least four-star ratings. We have looked for those that received favorable reviews from customers.

One of our crucial conditions when evaluating the best product was how efficient it is in pain alleviation. We have selected only those products that claim to be able to provide muscle ache relief, decrease muscle tension and increase blood circulation.

FAQs about back and neck massagers

What types of back massagers are there?

There are many back massagers available to suit your unique demands, price, and level of comfort. Some of the best back massagers come in all sorts of formats and those are as follows.

  • Massage chairs

Massage chairs resemble recliners but provide far greater health advantages. Some of the main features that might be included are heat treatment, rolling massage, kneading massage, vibration therapy, air pressure, and shiatsu massage. All of these capabilities can provide different effects.

Massage chairs have been shown to be particularly helpful in reducing pain and enhancing the quality of life.

  • Chair pads

A chair back massager pad can provide functions like rolling massage, kneading massage, heat treatment, and shiatsu massage, including all the benefits of a massage chair without the cost or size of a new piece of furniture.

  • Massage Guns

This percussive treatment is applied to various body regions with portable equipment that can resemble a power drill. They come with attachments intended for different jobs for tissue.

Massage guns were proven to boost a person’s flexibility and range of motion in one of the recent researches.

  • Handled massagers

The handheld massager market has various options at disposal, including rechargeable infrared tools with multiple attachments, manual rollers attached to small wooden handles, and much more.

However, when choosing the best massager, it all comes down to your own personal preference. So, if you will use it specifically on the back, make sure that the tools can easily reach the region you wish to massage.

How to use the back massager in the right way?

Everyone has different needs, so the best way to find out how to use the back massager is to try it several times and see which way gives you more benefits. However, most medical care professionals suggest this method:

  • Warm-up your body

To locate your pain areas, first gently massage your skin and knead the region against your muscle. This will assist you in identifying the target location as well as warming up the body prior to applying the massager.

  • Sitting position

Make sure that you are standing with a straight back, and then put the massager directly to your back.

  • Put on the correct settings

With so many temperatures, rotations, and power settings, it is crucial to achieve the perfect balance of speed, intensity, and heat for a relaxing massage.

  • Don’t overdo it

Keep your massage appointment on a regular schedule. If you exercise for more than 20 minutes, you risk injuring your muscles.

  • Finally, relax

Take time after your massage to focus on how your back and body feel and stay with that calming sensation for a bit. Nothing beats a good massage for easing and relaxing a muscular strain, tight muscle or neck, and backache.

What are the main features of the back massagers?

There are several advantages to using back massagers. These benefits include money savings, enhanced blood flow, higher endorphin levels, increased skin elasticity and flexibility, joining treatment, and vibration massage effectiveness.

Each of these advantages has a more profound explanation. There are several characteristics to consider when selecting the best back massager. You can look through shape, size, and portability, as well as electric vs. non-electric, Shiatsu, heat, vibration, percussion, speed settings, wand, does, intensity settings, timer, etc.

You can also pick between a neck massager and shoulder massager and pillow massagers. It all depends on the goal you want to achieve with the high-quality back massager.

How much does the massager cost?

The cost of a back massager varies. An average portable massager costs less than $20 online, while a top-of-the-line massage chair can cost more than $8000. The good thing is that each massager category has different possibilities.

Massage chairs typically come at costs between $900 and $300. Expect to pay $50 to $150 for a multi-mode massage pad. Massage guns are around the same price as massage pads.

The handheld massager can cost between $15 for a modest battery-operated device to over $200 for a lightweight, cordless massager with many settings. A massage can usually cost between $20 and $30.

How often should I massage my back?

That depends on how you are going to use it, but moderation is always the best idea. You can use your massager 304 times per week for back, neck, and shoulder discomfort and keep the session to 15 minutes or less for the best benefit.

If you use the back massager only to relieve stress or relax, 1-3 times a week is sufficient. However, you can use it whenever you feel like stress levels are affecting your moods and behaviors.

Keep in mind that there is a possibility to overuse the back massager. You can regulate your sessions since most back massagers offer a 15-to 20-minute auto-shutdown. Many medical care professionals advise not using these massagers more than three times in an eight-hour period.

Exceeding the limit might worsen the existing injuries or result in the formation of new ones. It may also result in inflammation or damaged body tissues.

What are the benefits of a back massager?

  • Stress reduction

Work, parenthood, finances, health, family, and tons of other worries may wreck our backs. A back massager can help you feel less stressed and ease symptoms like muscular tightness and headaches.

  • Controlling anxiety

Back massagers can help you cope with worry and relieve bodily tension if you suffer from regular anxiety attacks.

  • Pain management

A back massager cannot replace the service of a massage therapist or other expert, but it can help relieve aches and pains and avoid further spinal tension, which can lead to more severe problems.

  • Improving mood

Because a back massage releases endorphins and those “feel good” chemicals in your body, it is a terrific method to enhance your mood, energy and make it easier to get through a long workday.

  • Relieve muscle soreness

Whenever it is because of an injury or stress, a tight back is a sore back. A back massager will instantly relieve all of that stress and agony, leaving you feeling ready to take on the world.

  • Improving circulation

A massage is an excellent way to improve blood circulation and improve the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

  • Make you sleep better

Since massage relaxes your muscles and relieves discomfort, it will be much easier for you to get a goodnight’s sleep and wake up well-rested. A back massager can help you with insomnia or if you are going through menopause.


Nothing beats pain relief on the run. Make sure that you understand how your massager works, whether you are working from home or need to pick me up after a gym. It might be battery operated, which is way easier to transport, or a plug-in option which is better for extended usage if you are mostly staying at home.

So if you are looking for a shiatsu back massage, check for goods that have a kneading massage cushion, shiatsu massager, or hot neck and shoulder massager. Generally, they are meant to ease and relax muscular tension and discomfort on your neck and back.

From the finalists, we have evaluated that the Trumedic Shiatsu Magic Hands comes as the finest mix of pain treatment, blood circulation, relaxed muscles, simplicity of use, and value.

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