Best Background Check Sites & Services of 2022

Best Background Check Sites & Services of 2022

A simple way to check in on someone you have lost touch with maybe using a background check service. You can find your long-lost childhood friend or a relative that you have been close with.

Background checks allow you to reignite past relationships and not only that. They help you strengthen new ones. If you are not sure about someone, you can always run a search on them and find out if they have a criminal past. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Just remember to be careful when choosing a website to run a search. You want to choose a safe and reliable one. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best background check services and reviewed them one by one.

The 4 Best Background Check Services for 2022

  1. Truthfinder: Overall Best For Background Check
  2. Instant Checkmate: Easiest & Budget-Friendly Background Checks
  3. Intelius: Most Accurate Background Checks
  4. US Search: Best Value Background Check 

#1. TruthFinder: Overall Best For Background Check


  • Detailed reports
  • Unlimited searches
  • Android and iOS compatible app
  • Dark web scan
  • Information on how to use the reports
  • Helpful customer support


  • No free trial
  • $2 fee for downloading reports

What Do We Like About TruthFinder?

TruthFinder is a public record search service that collects information from all over the internet and allows you to look for information about people in your area. TruthFinder was created in San Diego, California, in 2015 and has since been acknowledged as the top phone number lookup service.

TruthFinder is at the top of our list and is regarded as one of the best background check services for a reason. Their background checks are really thorough. They will locate it if it’s on the internet, as this service searches both public and private databases.

Because many other background checks rely solely on public records to gather information, the information you receive is frequently outdated and useless. TruthFinder gives you the most up-to-date information possible based on the most recent data accessible online.

How Much Does It Cost?

TruthFinder offers a lower billing plan than other services out there, at $29 a month. They also provide a discount of 20% for the first two months, meaning you will only have to pay $24 a month.

The phone number search is a separate subscription costing $4.99, which is pretty cheap, especially if you look at the quality of the information you are getting. However, they don’t offer a free trial, and if you want to download your report, there is a $2 fee.


The dark web scan is one of TruthFinder’s most significant features. TruthFinder visits the dark web for you since it might be a terrifying place to visit on your own. They will search every corner of the dark web to give you relevant information.

You can use the dark web scan to see if your identity has been stolen. It’s best to be sure because this happens to a lot of folks. Because TruthFinder values transparency, they will also tell you if the information may put you at risk of breaking the law.

You can do a background check on almost anyone and get information such as residence history, social media profiles, driving records, arrest records, and contacts, among other things. It is great if you are looking for old acquaintances, family members, or even yourself, you can find out what people have to say about you.

Customer Service 

Because TruthFinder’s customer service representatives are available 24/7, you can expect a prompt response to your issue. You can reach out to the service by a toll-free number or email if you require help.

They have excellent customer reviews that are overwhelmingly positive. They send lots of promotional emails, but you can ask them to stop sending them by email.

=> Click here to visit the official website of TruthFinder

#2. Instant Checkmate: Easiest & Budget-Friendly Background Checks


  • Five day trial for $1
  • Wide range of data sources
  • An app for Android and iOS devices
  • You get unlimited reports with a subscription
  •  Information on how you can use the results


  • Membership is required
  • You can’t buy a single report

What Do We Like About Instant Checkmate?

Instant Checkmate is a public search service situated in San Diego. It is a less expensive version of TruthFinder, featuring a free trial and high-quality information.

The platform is easy to use and provides a wealth of information, such as contact information and criminal history. Instant Checkmate allows you to find people using only their name, city, and state.

Instant Checkmate only searches public records, so you won’t find any information that you can’t get elsewhere. On the other hand, the platform casts a wide net and includes information in its reports regarding properties, automobiles, previous addresses, family members, marriages, and bankruptcies.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Instant Checkmate exclusively offers unlimited report subscriptions. Instant Checkmate offers a five-day trial for $1, as well as unlimited searches. You can sign up for one month for $35 or three months for $28 each month. There is no opportunity to purchase a single report for a single person.


Norton Symantec protects the website of Instant Checkmate, and all payment information is transmitted using 256-bit encryption.

Because all of the information on the site is accessible through public records, there isn’t much of a need to keep reports secure. However, you can rest easy knowing they do provide protection regardless of need.

The service will also include in the report if the person you’re looking for is a known sex offender. When you conduct a search, you’ll get a list of possible matches and the option to get a detailed report on any of them.

The site is ideal if all you want to do is perform just one search. If you need a more in-depth investigation, you can hire one of their private investigators on a one-time basis.

Customer Service

Customer feedback is excellent, and they provide phone and email service from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Better Business Bureau has given Instant Checkmate an A+ rating. You can go to the online help center for their tutorial videos and answers to frequent problems if you’re having trouble signing up for the service or finding a report.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Instant Checkmate

#3. Intelius: Most Accurate Background Checks


  • Detailed information
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Provides information on education and work history
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Unique features


  • It requires a cancelation fee

What Do We Like About Intelius?

PeopleConnect, a Seattle-based corporation, owns Intelius, a people search service that was created in 2003. This platform allows you to conduct general background checks as well as a variety of reverse searches. When you use their services, you can also remain anonymous. All of your searches will be kept private.

Intelius is a unique website, not because of its services but because of the number of individuals who use it. People visit Intelius primarily for personal reasons. Therefore the website has carved out a niche for itself in this incredibly competitive market.

Intelius offers seven different types of background search services, ranging from phone directory lookups to full-fledged background checks. You’ll need to join up for a long-term membership to access any of these, regardless of which one you choose to use.

How Much Does It Cost? 

The seven background searches at Intelius range in prices as follows:

  • The cost of a reverse phone lookup and a people search is $1. However, these searches include a free trial of Intelius Premier Plus. If you cancel the trial while it is still running, you will be charged an $8 cancellation fee.
  • Address lookup is $15
  • Criminal record search is $30 for all 50 states, and a single state is $15
  • Background checks are $40
  • Intelius Premier is $20
  • Intelius Premier Plus is $30


First, there’s the standard search, which returns a wide range of results. To begin, they offer reverse phone lookup, which allows you to obtain information such as the caller’s name, address, age, and possible family members.

Next, the people search provides you with information such as their age, address, email address, social media profiles, and educational background. Then there’s the address lookup, which provides details about their residence, contact information, and nearby sex offenders.

Finally, their criminal record search determines whether or not they have a criminal past and their background check, which provides a complete search of public data, including their financial and criminal record.

Customer Service 

If you have any questions or concerns about the platform, you should contact the company’s support team by phone or email. Staff members are available Monday through Friday during PST working hours, so your question should be answered shortly. Additionally, you can cancel your subscription on their website.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Intelius

#4. US Search: Best Value Background Check 


  • You can run searches without a membership
  • Lots of details in the reports
  • You can print your report for free
  • Unlimited searches with membership


  • There is no free trial offered

What Do We Like About US Search?

You don’t need to sign up for a membership to get a background check, and you can also print results for free with this service. In addition to background checks, US Search takes you back in time on a nostalgia trip: the site has the appearance and feel of Yahoo in 1998.

However, the lack of a site design budget appears to have allowed US Search to invest more in vast search choices and competitive pricing. You can search for people using their name, phone number, address, or email address, and US Search will return a long list of results to assist you in finding the person you are looking for.

How Much Does It Cost? 

  • Background checks cost $40
  • A monthly subscription is $20
  • People search $2.45
  • Criminal records search $15


US Search has a website with a simple design and easy to navigate interface. When you first visit the site, you have the option of searching for someone by name, phone number, or address. People Search, Criminal Records, Background Check, and more tabs are available. You can search for free as they do not hide behind a paywall, so you will be able to scroll through your results until you find the right one.

The reports include relevant info such as family members’ names, previous addresses, properties possessed, and any criminal records. In addition to phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles, US Search provides any known phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles so you may contact the person you’re looking for.

Customer Service 

US Search protects your search results and account information using 256-bit encryption. You can contact the customer support staff via email, or phone between 10 am and 8 pm Eastern Monday to Friday. They are accommodating and fast in answering your queries. The customer feedback is mainly positive.

=> Click here to visit the official website of US Search

#5. PeopleFinders


  • Three day trial for $3
  • You can run a search without a subscription
  • App for Android and iOS devices
  • You can buy a single report
  • Easy to use website


  • There is no social media data
  • A cancelation fee of $8

What Do We Like About PeopleFinders? 

PeopleFinders is a background check service that has been around for quite some time. It has a reputation for being extremely thorough and providing excellent customer service.

It’s a simple online tool for learning more about someone using public records. PeopleFinders searches public databases to help you identify someone using only their name, phone number, email address, or address. You have the option of purchasing a single report or purchasing unlimited access to conduct as many searches as you wish.

They are one of the more cost-effective options for background checks but keep in mind that they only perform basic searches. Property records, bankruptcy filings, and other records linked to personal or business history will be checked by PeopleFinders.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can acquire a three-day trial for $3, and it will cost you $30 each month if you opt to subscribe. A single search report will set you back $1.95, while a background report will set you at $9.95. However, there is an $8 cancellation fee if you want to terminate your subscription.


PeopleFinders also has iOS and Android apps, which have a considerable number of options that aren’t available in the web interface. The PeopleFinders app, for example, will scan incoming phone numbers and perform a fast reverse phone lookup.

If the phone number matches PeopleFinders’ exclusive spam caller list, the call will be automatically blocked. The mobile apps also allow you to share reports, which isn’t possible with the PeopleFinders web interface.

The website is simple to navigate. To search, simply enter the person’s phone number or name, as well as the city in which they live. PeopleFinders will locate all pertinent information.  However, it lacks social media data and is only available in the United States. If you need to use it for a longer time, it is one of the most cost-effective solutions.

Customer Service

PeopleFinders protects your account information and searches using standard SSL encryption. The PeopleFinders customer service team can be reached by phone or email. It’s available from Monday through Friday, from 7 am. to 6 pm Pacific, and Saturday and Sunday, from 7 am to 3:30 pm Pacific. A catalog on the company’s website also covers the most basic billing and interface questions.

=> Click here to visit the official website of PeopleFinders

#6. PeopleLooker 


  • Five day trial for just $1
  • Apps available for Android and Apple devices
  • Easy to use website
  • Transparent about the information they provide


  • Request can be pretty slow to process

What Do We Like About PeopleLooker?

PeopleLooker is a service that prioritizes customer privacy and transparency. Therefore all searches are kept private, which is why they’re regarded as one of the top background check services available.

They have a large number of databases to choose from, so you can receive your information quickly. You can search by entering their first and last name, address, phone number, or email address.

Once you’ve supplied this information, the site will go through mountains of data and cross-reference many records to get the closest match. They also educate you on utilizing and not using their information to avoid getting into legal issues.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • PeopleLooker offers a $1 five-day trial to its users.
  • A one-month subscription will cost you $23 if you choose this option.
  • A three-month subscription will set you back $19 per month.


There are two unique features that PeopleLooker has:

  • Court Runner: This will show you someone’s criminal history by combing through court records, public arrest records, misdemeanor records, and outstanding warrants, among other sources, to ensure you are viewing what someone truly did, rather than a mix-up due to similar names.
  • Property Check: You can use this to learn about your prospective property’s ownership history, as well as its square footage, construction date, and taxes. You can also get a good sense of the area, including its schools, demographics, and attractions.

Customer Service  

They appear to be receiving a lot of great customer reviews. Customer service is available from 6 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. They may be reached by phone or email and are quite helpful in answering any issues you may have.

#7. Been Verified


  • Wide range of data input
  • With membership, you get unlimited searches
  • Unclaimed Money Search
  • Apps for Android and iOS devices


  • No free trial
  • You hit a paywall before your search results

What Do We Like About BeenVerified?

This service is ideal for first-time consumers because of its simple webpage, which guides them through the entire process. They also provide a variety of search options, allowing you to look for almost anything. So, if you can’t recall someone’s name or phone number, you can utilize any other information you have.

BeenVerified allows you to conduct an informal background check on anyone in the United States using public data records. To search, you can use a name, address, phone number, email address, social media account, or vehicle identifying number.

The site then displays a list of possible matches, with the option to get a full report for any of them. Contact information, property records, criminal records, and social media information are all included in the report.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Their monthly subscription is $23, and their three-month subscription is $15 per month. However, they do not offer the option of purchasing a single report.

Furthermore, if you wish to cancel your subscription, you may find it difficult. To turn off auto-renew, you’ll need to contact the company’s customer service department or write them an email. You must request cancellation far ahead of time to not be charged.


Been Verified’s Unclaimed Money Search is a unique feature that allows you to see if you have any unclaimed money or property in your name.

You can see whether any companies owe you money, if any payments have been overpaid, or if any bonds have been misplaced. Things that are very easy to overlook, and if you do, you will lose your money.

With the Unclaimed Money Search function, you can find out who owes you money and receive their name and phone number so you can collect it.

Customer Service 

Their customer service staff are really helpful and kind, which is always a bonus; they can be reached via email, which is available for 17 hours a day. They usually respond within a couple of hours, and it is extremely rare for them to take more than a day to respond. The customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

#8. GoodHire 


  • Wide range of resources available
  • They are compatible with most HR software
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Great design


  • It is quite expensive
  • The wait time can be long

What Do We Like About GoodHire? 

Another prominent source of employee background checks is GoodHire, which covers common topics including criminal convictions, credit checks, drug testing, and identity verification.

This background check service is oriented more toward employers and is significantly more expensive than the others on this list. GoodHire enables organizations to do thorough background checks on potential workers in order to identify potential red flags.

For example, finding out if the possible employees have a history of civil or criminal offenses or credit history anomalies. It also contains information about their educational background and personal details.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are three subscriptions to choose from:

  • First, the Basic Plan costs $30 for each search and responds within a day. It comprises a trace of a person’s Social Security number, a criminal database search, and a check of the Sex Offender Registry.
  • The Standard Plan, which costs $55 and takes one to two days to finish, is the next option. It includes all of the searches included in the basic plan and checks of county criminal court records and seven years of court records.
  • The Premium Plan is the final option. This one will set you back $80 per search and take two to four days to complete. Everything from the previous two plans is included and verification of the subject’s education and work background. All of these programs have a $50 account verification cost in addition to a domestic watchlist search.


Their background check procedure is very transparent. They propose that the individual who is being screened request the check to ensure that the person is aware that they are being vetted and prevent legal ramifications.

Even if the candidates did not request the screening, they receive a copy of the results automatically. Candidates can also add context for any records that may appear during the background check using their Comment For Context tool.

Basic searches can be completed in a day or two with GoodHire, whereas motor vehicle and county court records might take up to a week.

They also let applicants use the True Me platform to do a background check on themselves. Though there is no mobile app, the GoodHire website offers a very modern and colorful experience that is easy to use. The website, on the other hand, is mobile-friendly.

Customer Service  

The customer service is excellent. You can get in touch with them via email, phone, or live chat. The representatives are pleasant and swift in responding to your questions, and they will even provide you with connections to their website, where you may find helpful information.

The customer reviews are positive, with the customers being very satisfied with the service they receive.

#9. RentPrep


  • You can choose from 2 different plans
  • Criminal report that covers 50 states, including DC
  • Good choice for HR departments
  • Great design and user interface


  • There is not much information about the tenant’s income
  • It costs extra to get a tenants credit information

What Do We Like About RentPrep?

RentPrep is a background check service for landlords that focuses on screening future tenants. The landlords have a choice of two options.

The first plan is a variant of TransUnion’s SmartMove tenant screening service that they offer to landlords. There aren’t many distinctions between the two plans, though RentPrep allows you to search for judgments and liens.

The second option is a RentPrep background check, which is less comprehensive than the first. The RentPrep background check includes information about former homes and bankruptcies, as well as a check of the national sex offender registry.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two different options available. You have the option of paying $19 for a background check or $38 for a SmartMove Full Credit Report.


They have a criminal record check that shows if a potential tenant has been arrested. Following that, it provides information on their credit score.

It also shows you their income and whether or not they have filed for bankruptcy in the previous ten years. Finally, the lease default prediction uses an algorithm to determine a tenant’s reliability.

Customer Service  

Customers are very pleased with the detailed reports they are getting, leading to them leaving reviews praising the service.

Monday through Saturday, you can reach out to their representatives via email or phone. They are pleasant and well-informed.

#10. PeopleSmart


  • Seven day trial for $1
  • A website that is easy to navigate
  • You can save your reports and download them
  • Transparent company


  • They don’t search criminal records
  • You will have to check the results yourself to find the right one

What We Like About PeopleSmart 

You may use PeopleSmart to search using a variety of approaches. It enables you to perform a reverse phone lookup on someone using their social media account, name, email, and phone number.

PeopleSmart is an open and honest firm when it comes to providing you with information. What will they look for in the background check that they won’t look for? They will not look for criminal records, which can be inconvenient for some users.

Furthermore, the information you get cannot be used to determine someone’s job eligibility or learn about their financial situation.

How Much Does It Cost?

They will give you a seven-day trial for $1, and if you decide to enroll, it will cost you $30 per month. If you do not want to purchase a membership, you must cancel your trial or be charged.


When you join PeopleSmart, you will be given an account where you can access all of your information, including your order history and ID number. You can save your reports and access them later under “Recent Reports,” download them, and even remove them from your list if you have a subscription. A function allows you to keep track of your reports; you can track up to 10 reports at once. You will be notified through email if there are any updates or changes to them. Plus, there are also the standard features that every other site has.

Customer Service  

When it comes to customer service, they provide 24-hour support, another distinguishing feature of their company; they are courteous and helpful. This means that you may contact them whenever you have an issue, and someone will always be accessible to assist you.

Conclusion: What Is The Most Accurate Background Check?

There you have it. These are the best background check site on the market today, according to our extensive research.  We assessed them based on the accuracy of the information they supplied and their honesty.

So if you are thinking of acquiring a service to run a background check, we implore you to use one provided on our list, as they are safe and your information is not at stake with them.

As long as you do your own research, too, you will find what or who you are looking for in no time. Hopefully, we have been able to help you make a decision.

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