Best Background Check Services For Criminal Records & Finding People of 2021

Best Background Check Services For Criminal Records & Finding People of 2021

What if you could discover anything about almost anyone in the USA? You could track down your long-lost childhood friends and reconnect. Or, you could get to know everything about your first date before actually meeting them. 

In the past tracking down old schoolmates or checking for a person’s criminal records or even finding out the birthplace of a person was a time-consuming and expensive task.

But with the advent of the era of the Internet, running a background check on a neighbor or exploring the history of a neighborhood has become exceptionally easy with the help of online background check sites.

Whatever your reason may be for searching for a site like this, we have ransacked the internet and chosen the best background check services which may help you find all the necessary information that you are looking for!

Best Background Check Services [Reviews]

#1. Truthfinder – Fastest & Best for Criminal Records

Brand Overview

If you wish to reconnect with family and friends or want to look up the criminal record of your next date, Truthfinder might be your one-stop answer. 

Truthfinder is a Public Record Check Service that claims to provide data from all over the web. Truthfinder promises that with just the first name and last name of a person, it can help you access a detailed information report on almost anyone.  

It offers unlimited searches to pull background check reports on family, friends, exes, flatmates, dates, business associates, and potential neighbors. 

Launched in 2015, with the major goal to provide users instant access to 1000s of public records on almost everyone in the USA, Truthfinder is one of the most trusted brands of background checks in the USA. 

It provides premium services to its members, using which you might be able to access any private or public records or database to get information on a person you want to track down.

Truthfinder scans millions of available public databases, social media records and data, photos, criminal and police records, arrests, civil judgments, contact info, and much more. 

You may also use these same features to access all the information on the internet about YOURSELF too, utilizing the self-monitoring tools available on this site with unlimited searches and checks. 

Truthfinder is very open and clear when it comes to the limit and scope of its services. It provides clear information on how its services can be used and when and when not they should be used. This website cannot be used for screening of employees, domestic workers, tenants, professional services or to determine someone’s credit history. 

The detailed background report issued by Truthfinder is very thorough and may contain information like – birth and death records; possible relatives, associates, friends, roommates, and even exes; location history; contact information; criminal, arrest, and traffic records; education record; employment history; social media and dating profiles; assets and much more.


  • More than 14,000 5 star reviews. On google play
  • One of America’s most trusted background check services
  • Provides an easy way to look up criminal records
  • Scours the dark web for information
  • Offers detailed personal information and advanced background checks
  • A+ rating by Better Business Bureau
  • Has a mobile-friendly app as well
  • Available at affordable prices


  • Cannot be used to screen employees before hiring
  • No free trial is available
  • You need to have a membership before using this service
  • Not FCRA compliant

Visit the Official Website of Truthfinder for the Best Discount

Best Features of Truthfinder

Truthfinder offers many exciting services which are unique to this site. It promises to provide the following services and features- 

  1. People Search – This feature can help you find people fast. You can look up anyone by just their name or phone number or address. You can use this basic information check for free. This matches pre-existing public records to the individual you searched for, in one report. With the free tool, you can find names, ages, possible relatives, and possible locations. 
  2. Background Checks – Through this feature, you can find background reports that include names, age, date of birth, location, known friends, photos, jobs, education, relatives, associates, relationships, criminal records, sex offender information, contact information, etc. 
  3. Criminal Record Checks – Truthfinder claims that its Criminal records Database contains real crime data from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and other agencies in the USA. All these crime databases can be accessed if you want to check your or someone else’s criminal records. 
  4. Public Records Checks – You can access public records, arrest records, or other information using Truthfinder. Sensitive information like court documents, birth, and death records, bankruptcy documents can be looked up.
  5. Reverse Phone Lookup – Using this feature you can identify the user of a number using the phone number itself. You can unmask a scam caller or identify if someone is harassing you via calls. 
  6. Dark Web Monitoring – Using this feature you can decrease the risk of data breaches of your personal information. You can monitor bank accounts, SS numbers, Passport numbers, and much more using this feature. Truthfinder promises to provide you with quality data protection.
  7. Family Tree Lookup – Using Truthfinder’s access to public records you can find out your family history, hereditary medical conditions, and lineage. 

User Friendliness

  • Well structured and informative website
  • Easy to Navigate and customer friendly interface
  • Apps available for both Android and Apple
  • Completely transparent about the scope of use
  • Members get unlimited searches
  • Have access to both public records and social media records

How Much Does it Cost?

You can avail the membership of Truthfinder at $29 per month with a simple click! If you opt for a 2-month membership at a discounted rate of $24/month. 

Other than this, if you would like to search a person by his/her phone number that’s an additional $5. However if you “just” want to make a quick phone number search, then this feature is pretty cheap in comparison to other websites. 

Truthfinder does not offer any free trial, which is a bit disappointing but they do charge a meager $2 for generating and downloading reports. 

Customer Satisfaction

Truthfinder garnered 4 out of 5 ratings from its customers. Members use Truthfinder to reunite with their friends, family and stay safe online and even in real life. 

Customers are highly satisfied with the detailed background check report provided by this site. They are also happy with the customer support system of Truthfinder. The only complaints about the customer service were that the users received too many promo emails. 

Also if you need to cancel your subscription you cannot do it via email or their website and you have to call them to unsubscribe. 

⇒ Click Here to visit the Official Website of Truthfinder

#2. Instant Checkmate – Best for Social Media Checks

Brand Overview

Instant Checkmate is for you if you just wish to access minimum information about any relative or friend. It provides you with all the reports and info that Truthfinder provides but Instant Checkmate is a tad bit cheaper.

Based in California, USA, Instant Checkmate is a public record search service. IT was created with a goal to provide its users with the most detailed, thorough, useful, and important information on just about anyone. 

Instant Checkmate takes their reviews very seriously and the customers come first. They say that they go through each feedback provided by users and appreciate the reviews, be it negative or positive. Instant Checkmate strives to continuously change and evolve to help provide the users the best services.

This website promises to make it easy for you to know about your family, friends, exes, or flatmates. Instant Checkmate puts the privacy of the consumer first and claims to not disclose any personal data to the public.

This website might come in handy when you just want to run some background checks on someone as a one-time thing and never again. For example, if you are just curious about where your blind date is from and where he got his education from, Instant Checkmate might help you out!

It offers almost all features provided by many popular background check websites but at a very pocket-friendly price. 

Instant Checkmate also supports a non-profit and charitable organization called “Together We Bake” which provides workforce training to women in need. So your contribution to this website may not just be about personal gain but may actually help a person in need too.

With Instant Checkmate you get quick and easy access to criminal and police records, which might take days to get your hands on via the police directly. However, it is important to note that the accuracy of the information provided by this site can vary.


  • Offers an affordable 5-day trial
  • Criminal reports include sex offender record
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Provides less time-consuming instant searches
  • Over 70,000 5 Star reviews
  • A+ rating from BBB
  • Dedicated customer privacy policy
  • A faster way to get the information that you want


  • Mandatory membership
  • Cannot be used for consumer reporting

Visit the Official Website of Instant Checkmate for the Best Discount

Best Features of Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate puts forward a number of excellent features which you can use to access the information you need. These features and services promised by this site are – 

  1. Unlimited Background Reports – With the Instant Checkmate membership you get unlimited access to as many background reports as you want with detailed information about the person you are searching for. 
  2. Location and People Search – You can find out the location, employment details, and much more using a person’s name and get to know all about the history of an address or location via Instant Checkmate.
  3. Reverse Phone LookUp – You may be able to identify a person using just his/her phone number. If someone has been pranking you for days, it’s finally time for him to get uncovered.
  4. Email Search – You may get to know a person’s name, address, phone number, and location history via their email address.
  5. Inmate Search – You may even be able to locate an inmate, prisoner, or convict using Instant Checkmate. You can find out if the person is in jail using his/her name and last known location.
  6. Instant Checkmate Glossary – While going through the background check reports there may come some terms with which you are unfamiliar. Instant Checkmate provides a solution for this with their Glossary of most commonly used words in the reports to help you understand them better.
  7. Criminal Records Database – With this background check site you may easily be able to perform a criminal background check instantly through its public arrests records search.

User Friendliness

  • Friendly and reliable 12 hours customer support
  • Hassle-free user-friendly website interface
  • Provides a cheap trial period
  • Prompt responses to user queries
  • Instant Criminal Background check reports
  • Affordable 

How Much Does it Cost?

For only a single dollar, you can get access to all the services provided by Instant Checkmate for a 5-day trial period. You might have to take a pause on the checkout page and wait for a pop-up that appears at the page, offering the discounted price. 

However, once your trial period expires, Instant Checkmate requires membership to access its services. For a single-month membership, the price is $35 only. But if you take a quarterly membership for 3 months you get it at a discounted price of $28 per month. Also, the phone number search feature requires a small amount of $5 only. 

Customer Satisfaction

Instant Checkmate takes pride in its responsive, helpful, and polite customer care representatives who are always prompt and eager to help the users. 

Instant Checkmate has obtained a 5-star rating from thousands of happy and satisfied customers. The users appreciated the information provided by this site about their family and friends. Although a few users reported that the information provided was a little outdated, overall they were content with the services. 

Click Here to visit the Official Website of Instant Checkmate

#3. Intelius – Best for Quick Checks

Brand Overview

Intelius has made a name for itself with its fast pass to instant background check reports and public records. 

Intelius is one of the leading providers of public and criminal data about people and their potential connections. 

Founded in 2003, Intelius offers the best and most reliable services to search for people, phone numbers, email addresses, location history, background checks, criminal records, and more.

You may use Intelius to reconnect with old friends and family members, separate genuine callers from spam calls, check criminal and arrest history, review property and assets and find out about the relationships of your ex or future dates. 

Intelius collects data from the most reliable sources to provide its users valuable and secure information. 

It may help you keep your online data safe by quickly providing you the information you need. Intelius might be a trustworthy source for your searches as it claims to not leave any footprints or tracks about the search.

Another plus point is that Intelius has an enormous database, which you can easily access after membership. This site also provides access to a cheap trial plan using which you may be able to get access to basic information about a person. But for a more detailed review and check you need to get a membership.

However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided by Intelius, which may ring a few alarm bells for some people. But this service might still be used for locating friends and family members instead of more significant reasons.


  • Provides cheap subscriptions to various services
  • Access to Intelius Connection Engine
  • Premier people search tool
  • Honor Roll status from the Online Trust Alliance
  • All searches are private and confidential


  • You may require to pay extra for a few services
  • Not all customer reviews are positive

Visit the Official Website of Intelius for the Best Discount

Best Features of Intelius

Using Intelius you may find anything on anyone without leaving any trail behind. The numerous services it offers are- 

  1. Intelius Connection Engine – You get access to this engine as a part of every person’s search report. You can click on each connection and get the additional information and may get to widen your possible contacts.
  2. Premier People Search Tool – Intelius empowers you with the information you need with just a few clicks using their reliable and thorough search tool. using this tool you can search billions of records anonymously. Intelius proprietary data aggregation engine may provide detailed and comprehensive search results.
  3. Public Records Report – Information in these reports includes phone numbers, address history, age, email address, social media profile links and photos, divorce records, relationship analysis, and much more. Using this service you can avoid the tedious task of searching for information in every public record separately.
  4. Reverse Address Search – Before buying a new home yourself, you should always know about the history of the house, its previous owners, and also the history of the neighborhood. Intelius reverse Address search might be able to help you do all this and more.
  5. Background Checks – This might be the smartest move if you ever need to know about a person’s past and present without his/her knowledge. Intelius provides secure searches with quick results.

User Friendliness

  • All searches are anonymous and are kept private
  • Cheap subscriptions
  • Access to 20billion public records
  • Quick results
  • Customer privacy is prioritized
  • Access to unlimited searches
  • Provides a cursory and general trial plan

How Much Does it Cost?

Intelius offers many services, prices of which are – 

  • $30 for a Premier Plus package
  • $20 for a Premier only package
  • $40 for a background check(which is a little steep)
  • $30 for a country-wide criminal records check
  • $1 for access to reverse phone search
  • $1 for access to people search

Customer Satisfaction

Intelius customers reported that their customer support system is satisfactory but the phone support requires improvement. They need to add more representatives in their customer support system to tend to the queries and problems of their users.

Customers did not face any issues while canceling the services, the cancellation was done quickly overcall. Intelius has recorded only 5 customer complaints out of thousands of users, on BBB which can be taken as a positive sign.

But overall Intelius has not garnered a positive response from its customers. Users were unsatisfied with reports during the trial period. So if you wish to get a detailed background check report you might need to get their membership.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Intelius

#4. US Search – Best Checks on a Budget

Brand Overview

US Search might be your solution for finding addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. It does not require membership for you to run searches. 

US Search is a simple public record search site that provides easy access to name, phone numbers, and address searches. You can also avail yourself of optional background and criminal checks. 

It is an affordable search tool for running as many searches as you want in a month. However, if you need to use the US Search for background checks of possible employees then you may get disappointed. This Background check site cannot be used for this purpose and it is not FCRA compliant.

But US Search does provide you a list of results when you search for a person, free of cost. You can scroll through all the results, and view them without having to pay anything. But if you require a detailed report on any of the results, you have to subscribe to their membership. 

While other sites charge a hefty amount for reports, with US Search you may print these reports for free. 

However, the information provided by this site may not always be accurate. Sometimes they create a partially correct report containing incorrect information about addresses or names. 

They also lack clarity about the scope of their services and unlike other sites, they do not clearly mention the rules of Dos and Don’ts on their site.

Most background check sites provide detailed information about legality, how to and how not to use their services, but US Search does not share any details in this regard.


  • You can do searches without opting for membership
  • Comprehensive and detailed report
  • Free report prints
  • Access to billions of public records
  • 20+ years in business


  • The website doesn’t give many details about its features and services
  • It doesn’t have an option for free trials
  • No transparency about the scope of services

Visit the Official Website of US Search for the Best Discount

Best Features of US Search

US Search promises to offer the best services and features which are Background Checks, Social Network Search, Reverse Phone Lookup, People Search, Email Search, Property Records, and Criminal Records.

US Search does not offer as many features as offered by other sites in this review. It really has a lot of room for improvement in this area. The services it does offer are pretty basic, albeit affordable. 

You may be able to find out the address, phone number, property, or criminal record of the person you are searching for but no dark web scanning is available, nor any detail about what its various services do and how they work. 

User Friendliness

  • No membership required
  • Access to basic reports free of cost
  • Hassle-free easy search options
  • Satisfactory customer support

How Much Does it Cost?

US Search may provide free background checks and searches, however, to get a detailed analysis of all the results you have to get a membership. Following are the different prices offered by US Search for their services – 

  • $40 for Background Check
  • Criminal Record Search in a Single State at $15
  • $20 for a monthly subscription
  • $2.45 for People Search

Customer Satisfaction

Customers have recorded that US search often delivers incomplete and incorrect reports, so you shouldn’t rely on this search tool for critical information. However, you may easily use it to get information of location, address, phone number, social media profiles, etc of anyone in the USA.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of US Search

How Did We Choose These Background Check Sites?

We scoured the internet and exhausted all available resources to select these sites for your assistance. To help mitigate the risk of falling prey to farce websites that cheat the users with fake reports and inaccurate information, we evaluated each site on the basis of the following factors – 

  1. Site Popularity – A site’s reliability and genuineness are directly dependent on how popular the website is among users. With so many background check sites popping up every day claiming to provide the best services, trying out all is not an option. However, relying on customer reviews, checking the site’s legal detail, policies and reputation can surely get you a step ahead. 
  2. Customer Reviews – It’s pivotal to check for the online reviews of the customer base of a website before selecting it. User ratings and reviews help make sure whether the site stands up to the expectation of people and actually meets their demands. We selected these sites on the basis of positive customer reviews and ratings and only chose those websites which actually fulfilled the promises they made to their users.
  3. Background Check Thoroughness – How quickly can a site provide a report? How comprehensively did they formulate the report? Do their reports are well planned and detailed? All these factors make a brand reliable and trustworthy. We kept in mind all these points while choosing the best background check sites.
  4. Affordability – Not all services are priced the same. Different sites offer services at varied prices. Don’t just go for the most affordable one. Explore its return on investment. Cheap does not always mean good. We carefully evaluated sites on the basis of which services they offer and at what price. Whether or not their background check services are worth the price they are asking for.
  5. User Friendliness – An over-complicated and confusing website can only make the entire process more difficult and unpleasant for its users. We selected only those sites which provided a seamless user experience for their visitors. All sites are well planned and formatted and easy to navigate.
  6. Features Offered – Apart from the above points, it is also critical to know the different features offered by the sites. The in-depth scans and searches they do and whether or not they offer deep and dark web searches, which are extremely handy while looking for information. While creating this list of background check sites, we made sure to include the ones with the best features and facilities. 

FAQs About Background Check Sites

Q. What Are Background Check Sites?

Background check sites may help you verify whether a person is who he claims to be. These sites strive to provide you with the opportunity to check a person’s criminal record, education history, birthplace, employment history, and many other activities in their past to identify them and make sure they are valid. A background check website aims to help employers identify a suitable candidate for a job at their firm. Employers may use a background check site to assess the character of the candidate. 

Background check sites may also help you find your long-lost friends. They might help you judge the character of a blind date. You can also use them to know about a new neighborhood you are thinking of moving in before actually doing so. These sites might even help you find out about the people living in that neighborhood, the history of the house you may want to buy, and who your neighbors will be. 

Q. Are Background Check Sites Safe and Legal?

Federal laws and State laws are different when it comes to the legality of background check sites. Laws on the use of background checks by employers are tricky. In order to reject a candidate for the job after running a criminal record check, the employer must check the gravity of the crime committed by him/her, how long ago was the crime committed, and if it’s actually relevant for the job. Also as per FCRA(Fair Credit Reporting Act), an employer may have to get the consent of the candidate before running a background check.

Some states go as far as banning background checks by employers, before making a job offer, so make sure to check your State laws before selecting a site.

Q. How Can A Background Check Site Help You? 

A background check report may help you receive all the necessary information about a person or place. You can even get to know all about a person through his/her phone number/address/email. 

A background check report may include – person’s name, people associated with them, relatives, social media profiles, possible location history, arrest records, criminal records, property details, possible email addresses, date of birth, known aliases, possible photographs, jobs, education and much more.

Q. How to Choose the Best Background Check Site?

There are thousands of sites offering reliable background check reports, but to really make sure that they deliver on what they claim, you should always do your own experimentation and exploration. 

Before choosing the site for you, make sure to read its customer reviews to better understand the services and satisfaction offered by the site. It can help you get true feedback on the site, its workability, and accuracy. 

In addition to this, do examine the meticulousness of background check reports, site reputation, and whether the services are worth your time and money.

Conclusion – Which Is The Most Accurate Background Check Service On The Market?

In this ever-changing and fast-paced world of the internet, we sometimes may lose track of our friends and family in real life. But it’s never too late to reconnect with your old buddies or relatives. Especially when there are trusted and efficient Background Check websites available that may help you access basic information of anyone effortlessly. 

In this article, we reviewed the most popular background check sites – US Search, Instant Checkmate, Truthfinder, and Intelius, each with its own unique features and facilities. We discussed in detail the Pros and Cons of each site, and how they may help you refresh your relationship with your loved ones or create new ones with your neighbors or roommates. After all this analysis we have chosen Truthfinder as the best amongst all.

However, before using any of these services make sure to do your own research, read up on the legal and privacy policies of each site, and only then make a well-informed decision. We do hope that we have hit the nail on the head with our unbiased and thorough review. Glad to be of help!

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