Best CBD Capsules & Pills Of 2022: Top 5 CBD Pills

Best CBD Capsules & Pills Of 2022: Top 5 CBD Pills

CBD has multiple benefits, including pain management and relaxation. CBD can help ease your mind and prevent any stress. This effect is perfect for any person that is carrying a lot of stress or working in a high-stress environment.

CBD can also help manage pain, whether it is mild, acute pain, or long-term chronic pain. Choosing CBD as an alternative painkiller is excellent because it does not cause any dependencies or have any side effects.

There are different forms of CBD. Some people prefer tinctures or salves. However, if you do not like hemp’s taste, choosing CBD pills and capsules may be best for you. CBD Capsules do not have any hemp taste and get absorbed quickly into your body.

Using CBD capsules is recommended for people who do not have a lot of time or are busy popping a capsule once a day or two can help you receive CBD’s benefits without needing a lot of time. The capsules are easy to bring as well for people who would like to use the capsules on the go.

However, finding the best brand of CBD capsules can be challenging. There are numerous brands out there that provide CBD capsules. Some brands are better than others. However, you must choose a trusted and reputable brand that can cater to your needs.

In this article, we will talk about brands that have the highest quality CBD capsules. These brands are convenient brands you can find online. We chose these brands because of how well they can accommodate their customer’s needs.

Top CBD Pills and Hemp Capsules To Buy Online In 2022:-

  • Cheef BotanicalsHigh-Quality Full Spectrum CBD Softgels & Hemp Pills Online
  • NuLeaf Naturals – Best CBD Isolate Capsules From Pure Spectrum CBD Brands

#1. Cheef BotanicalsHigh-Quality Full Spectrum CBD Softgels & Hemp Pills Online

Brand Overview

The main goal of Cheef Botanicals is to provide proper information on CBD use and inform the world of the benefits of CBD.  They are located in California, and they provide CBD products across the United States.

Cheef Botanicals offers CBD products that are great alternatives to illicit drugs like painkillers that contain harmful side effects. The brand also provides high-quality CBD that can help manage stress and pain.

This brand uses natural and organic hemp harvested from the farms of Colorado, USA. Cheef Botanicals ensure that there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides on their hemp plants and only use natural farming techniques.

A third-party laboratory tests Cheef Botanicals CBD capsules to ensure the quality and safety of the consumers. The products do not contain THC levels of more than 0.3% and contain no harmful additives or chemicals.

The products of Cheef Botanicals are completely vegan, including their laboratory testing. The products also do not contain any GMO or gluten, which helps accommodate any type of person’s needs. It is also voted as #2 brands for anxiety relief by Washingtonian.

Cheef Botanicals offers free shipping across the United States. If you are not satisfied with their products, you get a month of satisfaction guarantee. You can get a full refund on the products you do not like for thirty days.

Cheef Botanicals also offers informative articles that will introduce you to the CBD industry and how it can help with health concerns. The CBD capsules of Cheef Botanicals contain anywhere from 10mg to 100mg of CBD. They offer Full Spectrum hemp extracts.


  • Cheef Botanicals provide value for your money.
  • All of their products are vegan, including laboratory testing.
  • You can save money by buying their bundles.


  • You may need to buy in bulk due to the number of capsules in one bottle.
  • It can be hard to read some information on the website.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals

Levels of Potency

Each bottle of Cheef Botanicals CBD capsules has varying Levels of Potency. You can choose from 300mg, 750mg,1500mg or 3000mg of CBD. As always, we recommend beginners to start with a lower potency level and adjust it accordingly.

Customer Experience

Customers of Cheef Botanicals love the organic and natural hemp capsules they offer. The products do not contain any GMO or gluten, perfect for any person who does not want to consume any gluten.

The brand also helps educate the customers properly as well. Beginners have proper information about how to use CBD and its benefits readily on their website. Customers also feel safe seeing the transparency in providing the laboratory tests on the site.

Most customers who are experiencing insomnia or sleeping issues would typically take two capsules a day before they sleep. The CBD capsules are effective for relaxing your mind and de-stressing your body after a long day.

The CBD capsules are great for people experiencing pain as well. Any person experiencing acute pain like headaches or body ache may take two capsules a day. However, if you are experiencing severe or chronic pain, you may want to adjust the dosage according to your preference.

You can save a lot of money if you avail of their bundles as well. Cheef Botanicals offers bundles and bottles in bulk for your needs. Some customers say that you may need to buy more bottles or increase your dosages according to your consumption rate.

Cheef Botanicals provide high-quality capsules with discrete and speedy shipping across the United States. Their hemp came from the highly regulated farm of Colorado to ensure your safety and health.

Cheef Botanicals offers one of the more potent capsules and offers varying Levels of Potency. A full-spectrum capsule can help improve the effects and benefits you can get from CBD capsules as well. It contains secondary cannabinoids to help provide an entourage effect.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals for the Best Discount

#2. NuLeaf Naturals – Best CBD Isolate Capsules From Pure Spectrum CBD Brands

Brand Overview

This brand has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality CBD. Ever since their launch in 2014, numerous customers have been loyal to this brand, and with reason. The main goal of NuLeaf Naturals is to provide CBD for its health benefits and relax your mind.

NuLeaf Naturals uses organic and natural hemp grown from the farms of Colorado, USA. The company handles the process from growing to production to ensure that you get the highest quality CBD capsules available.

NuLeaf Naturals offers Full Spectrum CBD capsules to ensure you get all the benefits of CBD. The capsules contain CBC, CBG, and CBN that work well together and provide more effectiveness in your body. Using all three secondary CBD also helps improve the effect and potency of the CBD capsules.

NuLeaf Naturals provide consistent, high-quality capsules that are potent and effective. Proof of their quality is their customers’ trust. With over 20,000 high rated customer reviews, you can rest assured that it is a brand that you can trust.

You can find the laboratory results of the NuLeaf Naturals on their website. They offer a wide variety of potencies, and you can choose from 300mg,900mg, and 1800mg of CBD per bottle to suit your needs.

NuLeaf Naturals offers free and speedy shipping across the United States. If you subscribe to NuLeaf Naturals, you get to avail of discounts on their products. Subscribing in NuLeaf Naturals allows them to ship your orders automatically.


  • The bottles are designed to properly store your CBD capsules and let you bring them anywhere you go.
  • NuLeaf Naturals offers fast and free shipping across the United States.
  • Uses CO2 extraction methods to ensure safety and quality.


  • Each capsule only contains 15mg of CBD.
  • Would need to subscribe to receive discounts

⇒ Visit the Official Website of NuLeaf Naturals

Levels of Potency

You can choose from 300mg, 900mg, and 1800mg of CBD per bottle according to your needs. You can get 15mg of CBD per capsule, and you can adjust the dosage according to your needs. The capsules come in a soft gel form, making absorption easier.

Customer Experience

Customers love the effectiveness of NuLeaf Naturals soft gels. The gels are perfect for anyone having difficulty falling asleep. While each individual varies, 30mg of CBD per serving can help relax your mind and lull you to sleep.

However, customers who may be experiencing pain and would like to use the soft gels for pain relief may need to take more doses. A higher dosage per day can help relieve the pain you feel immediately.

NuLeaf Naturals soft gel is perfect for anyone who would like to relax their mind as well. Any person experiencing anxiety can take the soft gel to relax their mind and go through their daily tasks. The soft gels work well in dealing with anxiety and other forms of stress.

The soft gels are Full spectrum and contain three secondary cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN. The combination of these three Cannabinoids helps increase the potency of the CBD and provides more health benefits to your body.

Customers also love the travel-friendly design of the bottles. You can take the capsules anywhere you want and on the go. The capsules are made with organic hemp that is regulated by the brand from growing to manufacturing.

NuLeaf Naturals has one of the most potent CBD available in the market. If you are using the CBD capsules for pain relief, this may be for you. You can adjust the potency of the CBD capsules according to your preference as well.

NuLeaf Naturals also uses CO2 to extract the CBD and provide high-quality and effective capsules. You can avail of their free and fast shipping across the United States. Subscribing to NuLeaf Naturals also provides discounts on their products.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of NuLeaf Naturals for the Best Discount

#3. CBDistilleryBest Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil Capsules

Brand Overview

The goal of CBDistillery is to provide affordable and high-quality CBD products across the world. The brand raises a movement called #CBDMOVEMENT to provide CBD as an alternative to receiving health benefits and a balanced life.

CBDistillery also provides information about CBD and how to use them. You can find a user guide for beginners and podcasts that discusses everything about CBD. This feature is perfect for people who are new to using CBD.

CBDistillery also offers a wholesale option if you would like to buy in bulk. You can also become their retail partner by signing up on their website. They offer all types of CBD extract on their products to suit your needs and preferences.

You can choose from Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum for their soft gels. Both soft gels contain all the nutrients and health benefits of CBD. The only difference between Full Spectrum to Broad Spectrum is that it contains less than 0.3% THC levels.

All of their capsules contain 30 mg of CBD, and each capsule contains no additives or chemicals. The brand uses natural and organic hemp for its products. CBDistillery products contain no GMO or artificial chemicals.

The capsules are perfect for relaxing your mind and inducing sleep. You can easily bring your capsules anywhere and help reduce any stress that you feel. The capsules are perfect for anyone who does not want to measure any serving sizes and just pop a capsule for convenience. 

You can easily view the laboratory test results of CBDistillery on their website as well. The brand uses third-party laboratories to test their products and ensure no health risks or adverse effects. 


  • It offers a wide variety of options when it comes to potency and extraction type.
  • Available in physical stores
  • It contains multiple discounts for military veterans and people who are disabled.


  • The returns are only applicable on unopened products, and you must return them within a week of purchase.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBDistillery 

Levels of Potency

Each capsule of CBDistillery contains 30mg of CBD. You can choose from 750 mg to 1800 mg levels of potency in each of their bottles. They offer both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum on their CBD capsules.

Customer Experience

Customers love the convenience of the CBDistillery’s capsules. The packaging makes it easy to carry around and travel anywhere. The capsules are completely vegan as well and use vegetables as casing for the capsules.

The capsules are potent and perfect for anyone experiencing pain and would like to use them as a pain reliever. You can increase the dosage according to the pain you feel as well. The full-spectrum capsules are incredibly effective, as well.

People who do not want any THC can use their broad-spectrum capsules instead. The brand offers multiple types of products for its customers. Because the capsules contain secondary CBD, the effectiveness of the CBD capsules are more apparent.

The soft gels of CBDistillery help calm and relax your mind. Customers who use CBD for their anxiety or stress found satisfaction. Any person who has trouble sleeping uses CBD to improve their sleep quality as well.

The design of the bottle helps store your capsules properly. The CBDistillery also offers live chat support to help the customers in need. People who are new to CBD can easily access information on the website about CBD and how to use them properly.

The CBD capsules offered by CBDistillery contain no GMO and use natural farming techniques only. You can easily find the reviews of the customers who rate them highly due to the brand’s transparency and quality.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBDistillery for the Best Discount

#4. Joy OrganicsPopular CBD Softgels capsules

Brand Overview

Joy Organics is one of the new brands to come out for CBD products. However, the quality of their products lets them gain a trusted customer base. Joy Organics found much success and even has physical stores around the United States.

Joy founded Joy Organics after she dwelled in CBD for her insomnia problems. As a user who found relief in CBD, she aims to provide the same high-quality products for the masses. You can easily bring the soft gels anywhere you go.

The soft gels help improve your sleep quality and prevent any sleep disturbance. Taking a capsule relaxes your mind and body, inducing sleep. The soft gel form of the capsule makes it easy to absorb all the effects of the CBD.

Joy Organics offers broad-spectrum CBD capsules. Broad-spectrum allows you to get all the effects and nutrients included in the hemp plant without the THC. The secondary CBD included in the capsules makes it more effective compared to Isolates.

You can also choose to buy specific capsules. Some capsules are better suited to sleep because it includes melatonin. Some capsules are better suited for pain because it contains curcumin and helps relieve your pain better.

The source of hemp of Joy Organics came from the farms of Colorado. The brand uses a separation technique that helps separate any THC on the hemp plant and produce a broad-spectrum capsule.

If you are not satisfied with their product, you can get a full refund for a month with no questions asked. The brand also offers great customer service and will answer any questions or inquiries you may have.


  • Offers broad-spectrum capsules that do not contain any THC.
  • Capsules are specified for insomnia and pain relief. These capsules contain ingredients that better help with your condition.
  • Capsules are available in soft gel form, making them more effective and increasing bioavailability.


  • Specified capsules for pain relief and insomnia are more expensive.
  • Joy Organics is new to the market and may not have a lot of customer base yet.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Joy Organics

Levels of Potency

Joy Organics offers both 25mg and 10mg of CBD per capsule. If you are new to CBD use or prefer a low dosage, you can choose their 10 mg. All the dosages are adjustable according to your preference.

Customer Experience

Customers love the quick effects of Joy Organic’s capsules. The capsules for sleeping include melatonin and immediately helps people fall asleep. The added melatonin makes the capsules more effective in relaxing your body.

People who tested out the capsules for pain relief found positive results as well. The added curcumin helps improve the CBD as a painkiller. The capsules are effective in relieving the pain you are currently experiencing.

The website is easy to navigate, and you can easily find the product you want to buy. They also have great customer service. If you have any inquiries, you can contact Joy Organics, and they will answer your inquiry.

If you would like to shop in a physical store instead, you can visit their physical store around the United States. The soft gels do not cause any adverse effects and get absorbed in your body easily and quickly.

For the price, Joy Organics provides great value and high-quality CBD capsules. All the hemp used by Joy Organics came from the farms of Colorado, USA. The brand uses a separation technique to strip off any THC in the hemp product.

The brand offers broad-spectrum capsules. The secondary cannabinoids included in the broad-spectrum capsules helps give you the benefits of CBD without the risk of any THC levels. The capsules do not contain any THC.

Each capsule contains anywhere from 10 mg or 25 mg of CBD. You can increase your dosage according to your preferences. If you are not satisfied with their product, you can return them within a month of purchase.

You can easily find their laboratory results on their online website as well. Any person who would like to view the results can head on to the website’s learn tab. The brand uses third-party laboratories to ensure their health and safety.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Joy Organics for the Best Discount

Conclusion: Which CBD Capsule Should You Buy?

The recommended dosage for CBD is entirely up to you. You can adjust the dosages according to how your body responds or depending on what you need the CBD for. People who are new to CBD should start with low dosages and increase as they go on.

You need to listen to your body carefully and intake CBD responsibly. There are calculators online and some information on the websites to help provide the recommended dosages for you and your body.

However, here are some factors to take into account when taking CBD.

  • Weight. What is your weight?
  • Gender.
  • What is your reason for taking CBD?
  • How severe is your condition?
  • What form do you want your CBD to be?

You should also take into account the chemical balance of your endocannabinoid system. This system naturally produces cannabinoids that help deal with stress and pain. People who have lower chemical balance can take CBD to help provide more cannabinoids to their bodies.

Depending on the results of the calculator according to the factors above, you may take anywhere from 10mg to 30mg of CBD. The final dosage can also vary depending on your condition and how severe it is. 

When it comes to selecting the brand for the CBD Capsules, it totally depends upon an individual’s choice and their requirement that helps them in choosing the product. Like Exhale Well.


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