5 Best CBD Vape Cartridges Brands To Buy in 2021


Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD) products are more popular than ever. CBD oil is known for reducing pain and anxiety with fewer side effects than regular pills. On top of that, the FDA has begun approving CBD cartridges for treating different types of medical conditions.

Now, something to keep in mind is that only certain types of CBDs are illegal, and not every company sells quality products that are safe to use. That’s why we’re here, to help guide you to the best of the best.

Now, why are we specifically covering the best CBD vape cartridges and the benefits of CBD? Simply put, inhaling one of the 5 best CBD vape cartridges is the fastest way to get CBD into your endocannabinoid system, letting you harness the medical and relaxing benefits of CBD faster than other methods of consumption.

Also, they’re quite convenient to use, come in a variety of flavors, and unlike smoking the plant, don’t involve inhaling smoke.

Overall, that’s quite a good set of traits. Of course, as we mentioned above, there’s a number of less reputable companies that sell substandard CBD cartridges or products.

So, with all of this in mind, let’s take a glance at the list of finalists, look at how we picked our favorite products, and go over the CBD products themselves.

Top 5 CBD Vape Cartridges & Vape Pens:

  1. Savage CBD – Best Overall & Editor’s Pick
  2. Funky Farms – Best Value CBD Vape Cartridges
  3. Just CBD – Wide Variety of CBD Cartridges 
  4. Extract Labs – New Cannabinoids and Strains 
  5. Secret Nature – Best Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges

How We Choose The Best CBD Vape Cartridges From The Market?

Now, before we get into the meat and potatoes, we have to start with the appetizer question of “What, exactly, is a CBD vape cartridge or vape pen?” A CBD vape cartridge or vape pen is a pre-filled disposable cartridge meant to be slotted into your vape device and used, whether at home or when out and about. They’re pretty easy to slot in and connect to the vape device/battery, depending on the specifics of the cartridge, and then just puff away.

Overall, CBD cartridges or vape pens are a very beginner-friendly product, not complicated in the slightest, and are a convenient way to take a hit and get a mood boost. What makes it different from other vaping liquids and products is what’s in the tank; CBD vape cartridges, as their name suggests, use cannabidiol inside their CBD cartridges. This provides certain medical effects and is, as we mentioned earlier, helpful in relaxing and easing pain/tension.

With the current state of affairs and the increasing trend in online stores, it’s often easier and more convenient to look at online stores instead of finding and traveling to brick-and-mortar shops.

When looking online and researching, you can find a variety of promises and upsides displayed proudly, though downsides tend to take a bit more digging. As such, we’re here to do that digging and evaluate a variety of CBD vape cartridges on a variety of factors, primarily the ingredients, the price, and the reviews given by the customers.


The first thing to keep in mind, and perhaps the most important, while figuring out a CBD cartridge is that you only want a few ingredients in your vape cartridge to get the benefits of CBD. Some brands use artificial additives to create tastes and aromas, which are not the brands you want to use due to a history of vape fluid additives ending up as carcinogenic.

For more info, read this article by Dr. Jahan Marcu, which goes into more detail on toxic additives. In addition, we want high-quality CBD cartridges acting as the source of the vape fluid. Given that hemp is a bio-accumulator that sucks up and stores contaminants, we want the highest quality CBD grown on organic plants for a nice and clean vaping experience.

Price Point

A CBD cartridge is typically somewhat expensive, given the nature of extraction from the plant, the care that must be taken while growing these strains of hemp, the taxes levied on them due to being a luxury product, and several other factors.

It should be noted that expensive does not always mean better when it comes to vaping fluids.

For example, let’s take two CBD products of equal quality, but one that is more potent and more expensive. If you know you like to take a number of hits at once, you probably want to use the less potent one, because otherwise it’d be a waste and shoot your tolerance straight into the sky. Or, if you really like the flavor and take hits to pass time then you’d also want a less potent blend.

User Reviews

In science, medicine, and reporting, one truth about information reigns supreme: first hand experience is best, followed closely by secondhand from a reputable source.

And who is more reputable than the users themselves? They don’t have a reason to lie. They simply receive a CBD product and rate it according to how much they’ve enjoyed it.

Or, conversely, they rated it according to how much they didn’t enjoy it if it was poor in quality. Generally, you’ll find reviews to be overwhelmingly positive for the great brands, but they’re still worth going over to learn more about the product and how it feels to use.

5 Best CBD Cartridges [Reviews]

Now, it’s time to dig into the meat and potatoes after going through the appetizer of basic info and reviewing how we cooked up our article on which vape cartridges to buy. It’s worth noting, as far as safety goes, that these 5 brands are basically the gold standard. With Certificates of Analysis done by third-party labs and glowing reviews, these brands topped our list of “vape cartridges to buy.”

#1. Savage CBD – Best Overall & Editor’s Pick

Brand Overview

Starting off the list, we have Savage CBD, the company whose goal is to “help every single person [they] can.” Moving forward while trying to give their customers what they want and need, they aim to ensure their products are made with high-quality CBD and consistently hit the mark every time.

With a focus on helping inform newer CBD enjoyers and providing high-quality CBD, Savage CBD is starting off our CBD cartridge list strongly. However, admittedly, every name on this list is a heavy hitter of the industry.


Like most brands on this list, Savage CBD grows organic hemp to ensure the highest quality and safety. Also, their focus on transparency has led them to create a page explaining their sourcing and extraction methodology. This includes how they run every new supplier through a full battery of tests. With sources from Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, and occasionally Europe, the brand only takes products that can be traced all the way back to when they were a seed. Quite an impressive effort that speaks volumes of their quality.

⇒ Click Here to learn more about all the Ingredients of Savage CBD

Price Point

The prices can vary greatly depending on the sale. They’re the cheapest on the list at 21 dollars per CBD cartridge at the time of writing but normally sit at 39 dollars per 700mg vape cartridge bottle. However, they have a 20% discount on the vape cartridge bottle if you subscribe instead of a one-time purchase. With their regular price, they tie at second place, only one dollar below the most expensive.

User Reviews

Again, like most of what we’ll be seeing, these are overwhelmingly positive. Out of 723 reviews, they have a solid 5-star overall rating. This brand offers one of the top CBD vape cartridges.

People love the effects and variety of flavors, with a number of reviews talking about how effective they are at relieving pain. Overall, Savage CBD has proven itself more than worthy of being the first covered.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Savage CBD for the Best Discount

#2. Funky Farms – Best Value CBD Cartridges

Brand Overview

Next up, Funky Farms is a solid overall choice. They don’t talk much about themselves or their extraction process, but Funky Farms aims every day to push industry standards as far up as they can with innovative products.


Funky Farms sources its hemp from farmers in northern Oregon. They regularly test their vape cartridge batches for potency and heavy metal/pesticide contamination to ensure everything is up to their premium standards. They grow their products sustainably, helping you know their vape cartridge is high in quality.

But more importantly, they have lab reports for every product so that you can know exactly what is in any of their given products. On the other hand, they also use MCT additives in some of their products, and the jury is still out on the safety of such oils at the moment, so keep that in mind.

⇒ Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of Funky Farms

Price Point

At $25 per 350mg bottle, they’re not the priciest, though they have a pretty nice discount of 12.5% with the 9-pack instead of the single cartridge and another 15% if you subscribe instead of buy.

User Reviews

While, again, not quite up to Savage CBD’s standard, they hold a very respectable five-star rating with 790 five-star reviews, 50 four-star, 11 three-star, and 3 each of two and one-star reviews. Of the six one to two-star reviews, two of them were bad ratings, indicating a mistake, and four complained of flavor.

Of the three-star reviews, one was mistaken, and the other ten were poor reviews of the flavor. Course, more people loved the flavor than hated it, so keep that in mind.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Funky Farms for the Best Discount

#3. Just CBD – Wide Variety of CBD Cartridges

Brand Overview

Just CBD is a company with the goal of spreading relaxation and helping people with their sleep and stress problems while spreading the truth about CBD products. It is one of the best CBD vape cartridge brands that come in a variety of flavors. With products legal in all 50 states of the US, they hope to encourage everyone to take advantage of CBD so that they can once again wake up refreshed after a good night’s rest.


While we couldn’t find anything on their sourcing or extraction process, it should be noted that they do mention their growing methodologies (no chemicals, such as pesticides or herbicides) and how they utilize several of the best third-party labs to test their products, ensuring that their potency is up to par and that they don’t contain more than legal THC levels.

⇒ Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of Just CBD

Price Point

At just $30 per 1000mg, Just CBD may be the most cost-effective product on the list, though it should be noted that they are no slouch in product quality and diversity, with their aggregate reviews being either a full 5 stars or 4.5 stars.

User Reviews

Just CBD has very positive reviews, with their products hitting, on average, the high end of 4-star reviews. There are no complaints on potency, just some notes about disliking the flavors. Overall, another great choice.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Just CBD for the Best Discount

#4. Extract Labs – New Cannabinoids and Strains

Brand Overview

Next up, we have Extract Labs, founded by a combat veteran who wants to make the world better with the medical properties of CBD. They have funded research on CBD’s health effects, they offer discount programs to those who need more affordable prices, and they keep advancing to spread the medicine around to those who need it.


Based in Colorado, one of the best places to grow hemp, they utilize CO2 extraction on their organically grown hemp, with no artificial additives or ingredients.

Also, they test every batch, and when you order any product you’re given a batch number so that you can see the exact data on your specific order.

⇒ Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of Extract Labs

Price Point

They’re quite expensive at $40 per 500mg, but, with lab testing on every batch, it’s to be expected.

However, they have a 50% discount for qualified customers, such as veterans, active military members, teachers, first responders, health care workers, disabled people, and people with low income. This discount slashes the price down to about $20 per 500mg – quite a reasonable price, especially with their high-quality CBD.

User Reviews

Unsurprisingly, they have overwhelmingly positive reviews – 5 stars after 5 stars cluttering the list. Customers praise their shipping, price, quality, potency, and just about everything else. In their reviews we found people complimenting every part of this site and company, which speaks quite well of them.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Extract Labs for the Best Discount

#5. Secret Nature – Best Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges

Brand Overview

Secret Nature is another great company. Their specific aim is to have the highest quality, bar none. One could consider them the luxury brand, though not ludicrously priced, though more on that later.


First, it is important to mention that these are full-spectrum CBD products made from organically grown hemp. Second, they are special in that they use small, tightly controlled indoor batches for maximum quality, unlike the other brands on this list, which use outdoor-grown hemp plants.

This means they have even better hemp, made in smaller batch sizes but with a higher cost, leading to less product produced.

⇒ Click Here to learn more about the Ingredients of Secret Nature

Price Point:

At $40 per 700mg bottle, they are by no means the cheapest option, given their focus on absolute quality. Of course, as a side effect of this price point, you can expect the best of the best with glowing 5-star reviews.

User Reviews:

Finally, the reviews. Naturally, and as already mentioned, their site is a aflush with 5 stars per review, with people praising the flavors, effects, and the way it feels to pull from the cartridge.

Overall, Secret Nature is an artisanal brand in pursuit of luxurious perfection that achieves its goal quite well.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Secret Nature for the Best Discount

CBD Cartridges General Info

Let’s end this article off with a bit of misconception clearing. For example, a lot of people think that CBD gets you as high as marijuana does. While CBD does have some effects on the mind, it does not make you high. Another misconception is that CBD can be used as much as you want, without consequence.

Considering even water can be overindulged in, it’d make sense that CBD, which has more effects on the body, also has a limit for usage. While it won’t kill you, once you hit a certain point, it’ll certainly be unpleasant.

The primary effects you get from consuming too much CBD range in intensity and effects. Typically, these vary according to how much over the reasonable consumption limit you are for your level of tolerance.

Among these side effects are tiredness, complete exhaustion, dry mouth, and for some, diarrhea. For your own sake, please be sure to regulate your intake; there’s typically a distinct feeling you get when you’re heading towards a particularly heavy dose, so if you start feeling strange, it is recommended that you stop, let yourself cool off, and grab some water.

Now, something else to mention would be the THC content, which is what gets you high with marijuana. “If THC gets you high when you take it in marijuana, how come it doesn’t get you high despite being present in CBD vape cartridge oil?”

The simple answer is, there’s simply not enough THC in CBD vape cartridges to do that. In legal oils, there must be less than 0.3% THC. Keep in mind, though, that THC is legal in some places, so you should always check how much THC is actually in there.

Now that we’re past the warnings and disclaimers, we can take a look at the positive effects of CBD. The most common of these would be how it is relaxing, reduces anxiety, stress, and pain can help improve mood and can help get better sleep.

Generally, its effect on mood is to relax you and make you feel happier, but different strains can have different effects. Some focus on helping you sleep, others focus on letting you relax and unwind, and others act as a booster for body and mind.

Now, to get into the less well-known benefits of CBD, we have a laundry list of medicinal positives from the ever-increasing bulk of studies on cannabidiol. Among these, the benefits of CBD most commonly quoted are that it functions as an anti-inflammatory, can help treat convulsions and seizures, and may have some neuroprotective functions.

It might even help slow down the spread and development of cancer. Of course, we recommend you don’t use this as your primary medicine. We also recommend double-checking studies to make sure that they haven’t been refuted by peers and that no information was lost during transmission from person to person through word of mouth.

All of these effects, and any other possible effects, depending on a variety of variables such as your general state of mind at the time, other drugs in your system, medical conditions, size/weight, tolerance, and your body’s ability to filter out cannabinoids from your system. Also, the dosage and method of consumption make a difference.

It is generally known among the community that inhalation is the best way to take CBD, as it is the best mix of effective and convenient. The injection is more effective at delivering CBD but is much less convenient. Ingestion is a bit more convenient but delivers less CBD.

Meanwhile, inhalation, with its 60% CBD absorption and ease of use, is quite attractive as an alternative. In addition to that, it is quite discreet – there’s no way for anyone to tell you’re vaping CBD. They only know that you’re vaping something, and you could even say you’re just vaping flavored fluid because it tastes good.

Will I Pass The Drug Tests If I Vape CBD Cartridge?

Short answer, probably. Here’s why: full-spectrum CBD vape cartridges still have THC in them. It’s just a minuscule amount, less than 0.3%. However, minuscule amounts still exist, meaning the test could feasibly pick up the tiny amount of THC still in your system.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t vape CBD if you have to pass a drug test. Remember how we specified “full-spectrum” CBD vape cartridges? Full-spectrum CBD means it has everything inside it, including some THC, but that’s not the only kind; there is also broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

Broad-spectrum CBD vape cartridges don’t have THC but still have all of the other cannabinoids inside, while isolates have only cannabidiol in them. In terms of the effect, full-spectrum CBD has the best, followed by broad-spectrum, then by isolate. There’s something called an entourage effect; simply put, the components in CBD that remain from the processing of the hemp plant boost the effects of the primary cannabidiols.

However, back to whether or not you can pass a drug test. In short, you will probably pass if you use a broad-spectrum or CBD isolate product. In contrast, however, there is a greater chance that THC will be detected if you use a full-spectrum CBD product since these can contain up to 0.3% THC.

How Does One Use a CBD Vape Cartridge?

There are a few things to mention about CBD vape cartridges, the first of which is how you actually take your first puff. Every product mentioned in this article is disposable with an internal coil and no battery. All it requires is a battery, and then you plug, screw, or slot in the disposable cartridge and take a puff.

Pretty easy, right? Now, it’s important to note that there are also refillable cartridges available. You have to fill these up yourself, and they require more work than the easy and simply disposable cartridges. They can also be messier if you aren’t experienced with them or don’t have steady hands.

Now, if you’ve kept reading instead of skipping on, it should be safe to assume you’re new to vaping, especially with CBD. So next, we’ll be going over how you should actually vape. First, you need to keep in mind what dosage of CBD you’re working with.

If you’re new and don’t have a tolerance, you should probably start with about 10-20 milligrams of CBD, which you can approximate by noting how much fluid you used up and how many milligrams of CBD is in the cartridge. Newbies are often tempted to take more and more without realizing that the effects take more time to kick in. Also, as a general rule, don’t take more than 200 milligrams at a time.

Now, if you have a special condition, are taking prescribed medicines, or have any other medical concerns, you should probably check with a doctor before vaping.

In addition, you can get more detailed info on what dosage you should be looking for because, remember, CBD is technically a drug, like caffeine. Too much caffeine is similarly bad for you, especially with certain conditions like a bad heart.

Now, as for how long your cartridge should last, you can expect about 40-50 puffs per 0.1 mL of fluid. However, there’s more to how long it will last than just the amount of fluid; it depends on how hard and long your puffs are, the viscosity of the vaping fluid, and the temperature/wattage.

What to Consider When Selecting a CBD Vape Cartridge?

When talking about CBD, you should keep a few things in mind. Firstly, there is a ton of jargon thrown around that will not make sense if you are new to the community. In addition, new brands and products are showing up fast. The general quality guidelines above also may seem unfamiliar, but we are here to simplify everything for you.

Altogether it might seem a tad overwhelming if you’re not already in the know. Here, we discuss everything else to consider when choosing CBD cartridges.

What Are CBD Isolates, Broad-Spectrum, and Full-Spectrum CBD Products?

Now, this touches on what we talked about for whether or not you can pass a drug test after vaping, but there’s more to it than what we mentioned there.

To go into a bit more detail:

  • CBD isolates have high cannabidiol concentrations but the lowest flavor of the bunch. They contain purely CBD, with all other cannabinoids and terpenes eliminated with prejudice from the mixture.
  • Broad-spectrum products have the full range of cannabinoids, with most of the terpenes but none of the THC. As we mentioned earlier, this is what you want to pick if you need to pass a drug test but still want to take advantage of CBD, whether for medical or recreational purposes.
  • Full-spectrum products have just about everything of value you’d find in the hemp plant. With all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant present, full-spectrum products tend to have the strongest flavors and strongest effects, and they contain less than 0.3% THC. However, if you have to pass a drug test, you probably want to skip this and enjoy some broad-spectrum vape juices. Anything higher than 0.3% THC would fall under another label, “illegal,” which we won’t go over in this article. Other than that, you should avoid anything with more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.


All of the brands mentioned here, along with some less reputable brands, use organic, natural, and, most of all, safe growing practices. This means that your vape juice is uncontaminated and safe for use. This isn’t something you should just trust, however; your lungs and health are at stake, after all.

Thankfully, there’s a pretty easy way to check the ingredients and benefits of CBD; check the ingredients label and the Certificate of Analysis. If you can’t find these, email customer support to ask for them, and if you still can’t get them, just don’t buy them. Generally, you want to avoid anything artificial because it’s more likely they’ll burn up and cause harm.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff: terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes are a pretty vital element for a good experience with CBD because they provide most of the flavor and fragrance.

Also, terpenes are present in a lot of other plants we eat, so this isn’t a CBD-exclusive term. In order to get terpenes, you need to use a broad or full-spectrum CBD cartridge, with the combination of the two aiding in absorption and amplifying the effects. Isolates only have CBD, meaning you don’t get the flavor, fragrance, or entourage effect.

Also, as a rule of thumb, you want 10-20% CBD. However, this changes depending on your usage patterns. If you want to take one absolutely massive puff and get everything you need, pick something with a super high CBD content. If you enjoy light usage throughout the day, pick something super light, as it’ll keep you from going over your CBD tolerance limit.

Location of Farms

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s crucial to have high-quality hemp as the source of your CBD product. No matter what the product, you should look for natural, organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free hemp. In the United States, you can find the best hemp in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon.

If you happen to live elsewhere, you can also find good hemp in the European Union. Now, how you find this info out is the next question, and thankfully we have a handy answer for that, too.

Generally, you’ll find it on their “About” page, though they may grow different strains in different places. If so, you’ll probably find this info on the product page. If the information is in neither of these places, check their blog and any other information-focused areas on the site.

Method of Extraction

Now, we have to realize something: as natural as we need our ingredients to be, in order to produce CBD vaping juice, especially broad-spectrum or CBD isolates, we need synthetic, chemical processing. The methods and thoroughness of processing have a massive effect on the quality of the end product.

There are a couple of ways you can process, and generally, reputable companies are open about their methods. The best methods are CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction, which help extract all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp without damaging them.

Specifically, CO2 extraction is said to be the best extraction method, with ethanol extraction being a close second. Remember, more detail is better because the more transparent a company is, the more confident they are in their quality.

Lab Testing and Results

You’ve seen us mention Certificates of Analysis before in this article, and this is where we dig deeper into them. A Certificate of Analysis is the report a lab sends about the hemp or product they were paid to test, with all types of information, such as relative cannabinoid and terpene concentrations.

This information is most reliable when it comes from an unrelated, third-party lab because they don’t have any reason to be biased.

Now, the reason this is so important is because of safety and efficacy. If the product is contaminated with heavy metals and mycotoxins, you’re in for a bad time as you will get poisoned every time you take a puff, and it’s only going to worsen over time.

This also applies to other contaminants, like leftover reagents from lower quality extraction methods. In addition, contaminants and high levels of THC can seriously hinder the effects of the cannabinoids, intensify them beyond what you want, or cause strange side effects. None of this is what you’re looking for in your vaping experience.

In Conclusion: Which CBD Vape Cartridge Should You Go For?

Hopefully, this article was properly informative. After all, the five best are just recommendations.

Of course, they are very good recommendations, but in the end, you need to be able to pick for yourself, analyze products/brands, and make a decision on what fits you the best. We hope this article will help you do just that. As far as our choice of selection goes, we personally liked the ones from both Savage CBD and Funky Farms.

These brands are all high in quality, reputable, and reasonably priced for the market, but your needs may be unique, favoring a blend high in flavor and low in CBD, or a brand that’ll truly knock your socks off with staggering CBD content. New or experienced, this information can be helpful for anyone who wants to learn about the best CBD vape cartridges.

Remember to always do your own research, keep your wants and needs in mind, and enjoy!


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