Best Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pens of 2021


If you enjoy consuming Delta-8 THC, you’d in all probability know how efficient a vape pen is in delivering the unique effects of delta 8. Although there are many different ways to consume cannabis products, vaping is the most popular choice.

Cannabinoid lovers worldwide enjoy vaping. Period.

We understand that, and that is why we have brought to you some of the nitty-gritty of the best pens for vape in the market.

For those of you wondering about the reason for this hype around delta 8 vape pens, well, there are too many reasons to cover in this article. So, we would simply say that this is the most discrete, yet the fastest and the most pleasurable intake method, especially if you enjoy the inhalable delivery option.

You can carry these pens anywhere you go, without having to carry herbs, bongs, and a lighter. There is no mess or effort on your part, either. Everything is ready to use!

Moreover, vape pens allow you to experience the effects of Delta 8 THC most effectively and quickly.

Besides, it looks really cool!

So, in this blog, we will talk about the top four Delta 8 THC vaping pens that cannabis lovers cannot get enough of.

Top 4 Delta-8 THC Vape Pens On The Market:

  1. Delta EFFEX – Strongest Overall 
  2. Bearly Legal – Best In Quality
  3. Poplar Creek Farms – Most Organic
  4. MoonWlkr – Most Exotic Flavors

Of these products, three are disposable, while the last brand also comes in a reusable variant.

But before we tell you everything about these delta 8 THC products, we’ll tell you how we derived from this top 4 list. Our experts have tried and tested a wide variety of vape pens from different brands and selected these based on certain criteria.

Keep reading to know more.

How We Determined The Product List

We chose the delta 8 THC products based on the following parameters. These helped us determine whether the vape pens are great or not.

Crucial Things That We Looked For Included:

Comparative Efficacy: 

One of the foremost things we look for while choosing a THC vape pen is its effectiveness. By effectiveness, we mean whether the product offers beneficial properties or causes side effects. Apart from using the vape pens ourselves, we went through many customer reviews of the products.

Hemp Source: 

The second thing that we researched is the hemp-derived THC delta 8. For that, we sorted out the brands that offered a transparent description of all their products. We included the brands that offered a clear description of the way they sourced the hemp. Only those brands that source organic hemp found a place on the list.

Third-Party Lab Test Results: 

The third aspect that we looked for while choosing the best THC vape pens is whether the brand offered third-party lab test results to its customers. Not every THC brand will display the results on their site. We included only the brands that do that. We researched and compared the third-party lab results of different brands to make sure that the THC levels in their products met the FDA guidelines.

Customer Service: 

The final aspect that we looked into was the customer service offered by the brand.

Top 4 Delta-8 Vape Pens [Full Reviews]

The vape pens included in the following list are all quite popular among Delta-8 THC lovers. These pens may differ from one another, but all of them have devoted users.

#1. Delta EFFEX – Strongest Overall 

Brand Overview

Delta EFFEX has been revolutionizing the intake of THC products ever since its inception. Even though this brand is quite well-known for both Delta-8 and Delta-10 products, today we will talk about their Delta-8 vape pen.

As the brand makes it a point to offer safe, pure, and high-quality products to its consumers, you can rest assured about the vape pen’s quality. The best part about these pens is certainly the flavors. This brand offers vaping pens in three flavors — Watermelon Zkittlez, Insane Punch Premium, and Guava Purp.


  • Great value for money
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Thorough testing by a third-party lab
  • All the flavors are popular and have a distinctive aroma.


  • Charges $3.89 to deliver any product within the US.


We chose these disposable Delta-8 THC vaping pens for the following reasons:

Delicious Flavors

All the flavors offered by the Delta-8 THC pens by Delta EFFEX are extremely good and distinct. Their mouthwatering aroma will remain with you for a long time. As the company uses different terpenes to manufacture these pens, their flavors are also vivid. Unlike other Delta-8 THC brands, all the flavors of this company are favored by every user.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Every Delta EFFEX product is tested in third-party labs. Moreover, the brand makes sure that you get the analysis report of every product on the company’s official site. In these reports, you will see the cannabinoid components of each product, including Delta-8 THC and the percentage of Delta-9 THC.


All the ingredients used to manufacture the Delta-8 vaping pens by Delta EFFEX come from hemp plants. No additives or artificial flavors go into these to accentuate the taste of these pens. Even the terpenes used to produce the different flavors in these pens are organically extracted. All the flavors available on the company website have Indica or Hybrid strains.

Reasonable Pricing

The delta 8 pens offered by Delta EFFEX are affordable. Unlike other CBD brands, this company does not charge you a monumental amount for their vaping pens.

Customer Reviews

People who have used the disposable THC vaping pens by Delta EFFEX have claimed to experience various positive effects. According to them, these delta 8 pens helped reduce their anxiety. Some even mentioned that these products helped them with their bodily pains.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX for the Best Discount

#2. Bearly Legal – Best In Quality

Brand Overview

The Delta-8 THC disposable vape bar by Bearly is gaining popularity among vapers because of its fantastic service. This vape bar is easy to use, as it comes pre-filled as well as pre-charged. Bearly Legal has been a prominent name in the field of THC products.

Like any other Bearly Legal Delta 8 product, this one, too, does not disappoint.

The most popular feature of this vape bar is its supreme puffs. You will produce one thick puff after another without any hindrance.

Moreover, the high viscosity of the Delta-8 distillate used in this product helps you experience the effects quite quickly.

Even though the Slim Delta-8 branch of Bearly Legal only offers one flavor, it has become instantly popular after its release.


  • Ingredients are 100% organic
  • Great value for money
  • All products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Each product is tested by an independent third-party lab


  • Does not come in a variety of flavors
  • The website does not mention a phone number or email address with which to contact the company


There are several reasons for choosing the Slim D8 THC Vape bar by Bearly Legal. Some of the most prominent reasons are given below.

Quality of Vapors

The D8 THC vape bars by Bearly Legal are immensely famous for producing high-quality puffs. Unlike other disposable vaping pens, this product makes sure every puff you take is dense and thick. The high-quality ingredients used in this bar make it so magnificent.

Ergonomic Design

Unlike many other pens for vaping found in the market, the Slim D8 vape bars by Bearly Legal are quite discreet. They are not only easy to use but also easy to carry around. Moreover, the design is so fantastic that none of the vape juice will leak into your belongings when you travel with it. The most efficient part about this pen is that despite being so discreet, it is quite sturdy.

Free Delivery

Customers of Bearly Legal keep coming back to them because of its delivery policy. If you order items above $50 from this brand, you will not have to pay any delivery fee. People appreciate this policy by the company so much that they will order from them again and again.


All the products offered by Bearly Legal are known to be manufactured by using high-quality hemp. The company even won the award for the number one indoor hemp grower in the US. That is why the vape bars by this brand are so good. All the ingredients used in the vaping pens are 100% natural. The terpenes are all organic.


Bearly Legal is one of the few cannabinoid brands that offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to its customers. Not every CBD company makes this kind of offer. The company also has a great customer support system. You will be able to reach out to them at any time of the day.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Bearly Legal for the Best Discount

#3. Poplar Creek Farms – Most Organic

Brand Overview

Poplar Creek Farms has been gaining a lot of attention in the cannabinoid community due to its effective yet safe products. Unlike many of its competitors, Poplar Creek Farms makes sure that its products do not contain harmful additives and artificial flavors.

Studies have shown that certain additives can cause harm to your body. Moreover, using pens for vaping that come with artificial flavors and additives is more dangerous to your lungs. That is why the Delta-8 Disposable vape pens by this brand are all devoid of artificial flavors.

According to the US Farm bill, these delta 8 pens are allowed in most parts of the US, as they contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. These disposable pens can hold 860 mg of Delta-8 THC.

The beautiful design of the pens helps people vape comfortably. Even though the vape juice in the pens does not have any flavor, people love using them for vaping. The Pyrex-glass canister, along with the pen’s stainless-steel body, makes it one of the best pens for vaping today.


  • Come in an ergonomic design
  • Offers to ship to the entire US
  • Contains no harmful chemicals for artificial flavoring
  • Affordable yet effective


  • Come in only a neutral flavor
  • Does not offer a money-back guarantee even in the case of new products


The following points grabbed our interest the most while choosing this brand for this list.

Third-Party Lab Test 

If you visit the official website of Poplar Creek Farms, you will find the lab analysis of each product quite easily. By downloading the results, you will find the percentage of hemp components present in the products. Poplar Creek Farms’ product analysis is done at Altitude Consulting, an independent lab. Providing all the test results of all their products is a great way for Poplar Creek Farms to let you know that it cares about you. In these test results, you will see that the vaping pens contain an acceptable amount of Delta-9 THC.

Product Design

Among all other CBD companies selling vapes, Poplar Creek Farms’ pens stand out. These pens are manufactured in the US and quite safe. All the pens are tested to examine if they contain harmful metals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead. Unlike some of its competitors, Poplar Creek Farms spends considerable time testing its vape cartridges and pens.

Natural Ingredients

Poplar Creek Farms cares about its customers’ health. Hence, it makes sure that its pens don’t contain any additives or artificial flavors. That is the main reason why their vape pens are available only in a neutral flavor. Despite being manufactured using 100% organic components, the pens are quite effective.

Customer Reviews

Customers of the Delta-8 disposable vaping pens by Poplar Creek Farms have heaped praise on the products. Many of them have posted their reviews on multiple social media forums stating their love for the pens. According to them, the pens help to treat, cure, or prevent joint pain. Some used these pens to release stress and relax.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Poplar Creek Farms for the Best Discount

#4. MoonWlkr – Most Exotic Flavors

Brand Overview

MoonWlkr delta 8 brand is one of the most popular THC vape pen brands in the world, as it offers both disposable and reusable pens. The company makes sure that its products are safe for consumption.

Unlike many other vape pen brands, MoonWlkr delta 8 brand offers four different flavors to its customers. The vape pens are quite sturdy, too, and great for those who love to reuse them. As these pens come with a 450mAh battery, you will be able to recharge them pretty easily.

Experienced Delta-8 THC users usually prefer these vape pens by MoonWlkr delta 8 brands. People love using them due to their high quality and durability.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee for unopened products.
  • Manufactured using natural ingredients.
  • Analyzed thoroughly by third-party independent labs.


  • The company does not offer its contact number or email on its website.


There are some specific reasons why we chose MoonWlkr delta 8 to be on this list of best Delta-8 THC vaping pens.

Variety of Flavors 

The vape disposables come in two flavors and the vape carts come in four flavors. These disposables’ flavors include Prometheus Strawnana and Mimas Watermelon ICED OG. The carts come in flavors, such as Grape Runtz, Orange Chemdawg, Sour Lemon Haze, and Strawberry Gelato. All these flavors have distinctive aromas. Strawberry Gelato is certainly the most popular one.

Affordable Prices

The vape pens by MoonWlkr are quite affordable, but they are even more affordable when you buy them in packs. The company allows you to buy the disposables in packs of 5 or 3. These combo packages can save you a substantial amount of money. MoonWlkr’s customers keep coming back to it due to their lucrative deals.

Effective Policies

MoonWlkr’s Delta-8 THC vaping pens and other products are immensely popular due to their fantastic policies. The company offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee on every product. Even though you will have to return the product untouched, people genuinely appreciate this policy.

Product Design

This delta 8 brand is one of the few companies that offer reusable vape pens to their customers. These pens are so durable that you will be able to use them for quite some time. As these pens are manufactured using high-quality ceramic heaters, silicone, and stainless steel, you can use them for a long time. Apart from the design, the free 510-threaded battery offered by MoonWlkr makes the pens even more popular.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoonWlkr for the Best Discount

Things You Must Know Before Buying Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens

To buy the best delta 8 disposable THC vape pens, you need to know some crucial aspects regarding Delta-8 THC. As all disposable and reusable pens included in this blog are for Delta-8 THC, we will talk about that compound only.

Even though Delta-8 is a variant of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, it does not affect people as Delta-9 THC does. Even though Delta-8 THC has some psychoactive effects on users, it is not as anxiety-inducing as Delta-9 THC.

Delta-8 THC is also sourced from cannabis, but it is present in the plants in very little quantity. Despite being less effective than Delta-9 THC, this component is becoming way more popular than any other cannabinoid component.

More and more people are preferring Delta-8 THC to other cannabinoid components because it makes them experience some effects of Delta-9 THC without being nervous and anxious. Among the different ways of intaking Delta-8 THC, vaping is the most popular.

Now, to genuinely enjoy delta 8 vaping, you need to know a few things about vape pens. In the following part of this guide, we will talk about some of the most common things you should consider before shopping for vape pens.

  • Ingredients

Wherever you go vape pen shopping, you might notice that most brands sell vaping pens in a large variety of flavors. Now, the options of different flavors might sound appealing, but in reality, most of these brands use synthetic chemicals to produce the flavors. These chemicals can negatively affect your body and make your vaping experience unpleasant.

That is why you need to be aware of all the ingredients used by a brand selling vaping pens. Most reputable brands include all details of their products on their company website. It would be unwise to start using a product without having in-depth knowledge about it.

  • Quality

To buy the perfect vape pen, you will have to consider the quality of the vape juice used by the brand and the quality of the pen itself. Many brands put very little effort into making delta 8 vaping pens of high quality, as they are disposable. But these low-quality pens will hamper your experience of intaking Delta-8 THC.

A reputable brand will always make sure that its vaping pens are sturdy and offer high-quality vapes. You can easily understand if the delta 8 vapes produced by the pens are of high quality by noticing their density, flavor, and aroma.

Apart from the said things, it will be better for you to check the battery life of the vaping pens you are planning to buy. Many buyers miss this part.

  • Transparency 

Always notice if a vape pen brand offers you all the important information regarding its products in detail. If a brand does not disclose the test results of their products on their website, avoid buying vape pens from them.

A good company will always offer the lab analysis results of their vaping pens on their website. By studying these test results, you will know all about the ingredients used in the products. Moreover, make sure that the company uses independent third-party labs for carrying out the tests.

Apart from the lab test results, you can also check the transparency of a company from its policies. A genuinely competent vape pen company will always disclose every policy to its customers. They will never offer you false promises regarding the efficacy and quality of their products.

FAQs About THC Delta 8 disposable Vape Pens

Q: Are Delta 8 Disposables safe?

Ans: You will be safe while vaping THC delta 8 if you choose a genuinely reputable brand of delta 8. No reputable brand will put more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC in its vape pens. Unknown or little-known brands might do it though. Intaking Delta-8 THC vape pens that contain more than the permissible amount of Delta-9 THC can be genuinely harmful to your health. So, stick with reputable brands of delta 8 for a safe vaping experience.

Q: How many puffs can I take while using disposable THC vape pens?

Ans: The exact number of puffs you can get by using any THC vape pen of delta 8 depends on the product. Usually, most pens give you around 200 puffs. This number can go up or down depending on the product.

Q: Are Delta 8 vape pens good?

Ans: Everything is good within a limit, It is always smart to be safe and stick to fewer puffs while using THC vaping pens. Usually, two to three puffs are recommended for any user who is not well-acquainted with THC vape pens.

Conclusion – What Is The Best Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen?

Shopping for the best THC vape pens can be tiresome. Users get confused with so many different brands of delta 8 on the market. That is why we created this blog to help you buy the perfect THC vape pen.

We have mentioned all the details about the top THC vape pens and how you can choose the perfect product for yourself. Even though it is up to you which vape pen you will buy, this review should help you figure it out. Our top pick for the best vape pen is Delta EFFEX.

Remember, no matter which vape pen you choose, it should be up to the mark when it comes to safety and quality.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this blog are based on personal experiences and not supported by scientific evidence. We would advise readers to consult with a doctor before using any cannabinoid product.


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