The 3 Best Gold Investment Sites & Companies Online In 2022

The 3 Best Gold Investment Sites & Companies Online In 2022

Investment in gold can help you lower your total risk, diversify your portfolio, and safeguard your wealth over time. Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in gold are one way to invest in precious metals. A self-directed IRA is required to invest in physical gold with a retirement account. These are the only Gold IRA accounts that let you buy physical assets like precious metals, businesses, real estate, and other investments. These Gold IRA accounts are required by law to have a “custodian” — a bank or other organization that keeps account records, handles disbursements, and reports to the IRS.

Many financial organizations offer gold IRA accounts, so you need to do your research before you decide to invest. However, you are in luck because in this article, we will compare and review the best gold IRA companies. All you have to do is stay tuned and keep reading, as we have done all the work for you.

Top 3 Gold IRA Sites

  • Goldco: Overall Most Trusted Gold IRA Company
  • Birch Gold Group: Best Precious Metals IRA Company
  • Noble Gold: Noble Gold Investments, Simple and Safe

#1. Goldco – Overall Most Trusted Gold IRA Company

Brand Overview

Goldco has been in operation for 14 years and specializes in gold and silver IRAs, as well as the acquisition of gold and silver bars and coins. The Better Business Bureau has given the company an A+ rating, while Trustpilot has given it a 4.8 out of 5 rating.

Transferring funds from an existing 401(k), 403(b), 457, pension, or Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account to a self-directed gold IRA is made simple by the company. Roth IRA rollovers and conversions are also available through Goldco.

Goldco’s mission is to educate clients about investing precious metals and protect their retirement funds. Clients are guided through every stage of the gold IRA rollover procedure by the organization. Gold and silver can also be purchased from Goldco for use outside of a retirement savings account.


  • Investing With Goldco

Consumers who wish to balance the volatility of the stock and bond markets can consider investing in a precious metals IRA to add a tangible asset to their portfolio.

The IRS collectibles regulation was modified by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, which allowed certain bullion and coins to be invested in IRAs. Goldco is familiar with the types of coins and bars that are acceptable for a retirement portfolio.

The entire rollover process has been handled by the customer support team for decades. As a result, you will get help choosing IRS-approved custodial and storage services, as well as precious metals.

In 2021, Goldco was recognized on a national level when it won the Stevie Award for Company of the Year at the 19th Annual American Business Awards. In recent years, the company has appeared five times on the Inc. 5000 list of the country’s fastest-growing private enterprises.

  • Resources And Support

For anyone interested in learning more about gold IRAs and precious metals, Goldco has a huge library of instructional resources. Price charts, videos, eBooks, articles, and FAQs are among the available resources.

The company representatives are very professional, and they will explain how a gold IRA would work and how a promotional offer for free silver at the time would be handled. Customers are also given a number of materials to help them learn more about the account before they start if they need them. We give our biggest praise to the company for both its instructional resources and customer service.

  • Goldco Costs

The minimum purchase required by Goldco is $15,000. Rather than charging a proportion of assets, the corporation charges a single annual cost. Goldco’s website does not include fees; however, it does offer frequent fee refund programs.

The cost of gold storage and custodianship is determined by the company you hire to provide these services (required by the IRS). Storage costs can range from $10 to $60 per month, or 0.35% to 1% of assets annually.


  • Gold and silver IRAs are their specialties
  • Over 15 years of experience with IRA rollovers into precious metals
  • With high ethical standards, they continue to develop their client base and revenues
  • Brokerage firm specializing in precious metals


  • Precious metals other than gold or silver are rarely sold

#2. Birch Gold Group – Best Precious Metals IRA Company

Brand Overview

Birch Gold Group, situated in Burbank, California, is a precious metal brokerage organization. Birch Gold Group, founded in 2003, manages Gold IRAs and Precious Metals IRAs for clients in the United States, holding silver, platinum, palladium, gold, or a mixture of these metals.

Some members of the Birch Gold Group’s senior management team are members of the Forbes Finance Council, which is highly regarded. Physical gold, platinum, silver, and palladium are available for IRA investments or personal possession.

The IRA Department at Birch Gold Group specializes in making the process of starting a Precious Metals IRA or rolling over retirement savings for customers as simple as possible.

Birch Gold emphasizes client education, making certain each client understands the benefits and dangers associated with their investment.


  • Investing With Birch Gold Group

Gold IRAs undoubtedly have a place in many investment portfolios. Gold IRAs can provide anonymity, liquidity, and long-term financial security. These benefits are achievable because the value of precious metals is not controlled by any government, financial organization, or the stock market.

Gold IRAs have a lot to offer for those looking for an inflation hedge or more. So, as with any investment, there are dangers. Wise investors conduct an extensive study and participate actively in their financial planning.

Precious Metals IRA users can also purchase gold bars from certified mints, as well as silver, platinum, and palladium. Birch Gold also provides gold and other precious metal bars, coins, and rounds for non-IRA investments that can be stored anywhere the buyer wants.

  • Resources And Support

Account specialists at Birch Gold Group assist you by taking an interest in your objectives, investing goals, and financial future. Birch Gold experts work hard to ensure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision and are always there to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you are starting a Precious Metals IRA for the very first time and still have a great deal to learn or are a seasoned investor, Birch Gold Group will educate you, answer your questions, and stay in touch after the transaction. So, if you would like to get in touch with Birch Gold Group, dial 844-515-2721.

  • Birch Gold Group Costs

There are fees linked with the IRA you will set up, as they are with any IRA, and charges vary based on the custodian and depository. For custodial services, Birch Gold Group largely collaborates with Equity Trust Company.

Annual fees for these two firms are $75 and $100, respectively, and include a $1 billion all-risk insurance policy that protects your investment in the unlikely event of theft. Birch Gold Group routinely runs special discounts. For example, depending on the order amount, a long-running promotion offers up to $10,000 in free precious metals.


  • Helps you choose investments
  • A high level of service is mentioned in customer feedback
  • Priorities include communication and education
  • Fees on transfers exceeding $50,000 are waived for the first year


  • The website cites setup fees and annual fees but does not specify the cost

#3. Noble Gold – Noble Gold Investments, Simple and Safe

Brand Overview

Noble Gold has over 20 years of experience handling precious metal transactions, providing its clients with much-needed security. Noble Gold aims to provide a safe and simple manner for their clients to purchase precious metals by providing friendliness, honesty, and an in-depth grasp of how to maximize their investment value.

The foundation of Noble Gold is to ensure their clients’ money is preserved. That is why they teach their customers about precious metals and how they can take advantage of them now and in the future. They make it straightforward for their customers to open an IRA, and it only takes five minutes.


  • Investing With Noble Gold

According to Noble Gold, clients can get their retirement plans diversified by putting a percentage of their money in gold. Filling out an online form is the first step in establishing an IRA. Fill out the form to the best of your ability, then submit it. A person will contact you to assist you in completing the application, or you may call the company directly instead of filling out the form.

The Noble Gold consultant will assist you in selecting precious metals that are IRS-approved for IRA investments. Clients can fund their Gold IRA with cash or a rollover from another retirement account or an existing IRA. Pensions are rarely eligible for a rollover, but they can talk to a representative about it.

Gold IRA funds, unlike ordinary IRAs, must be kept in a secure location. International Depository Services is Noble Gold’s storage partner, and assets are protected by Lloyd’s of London. Equity Institutional offers a private online account that allows you to access your holdings at any time, 365 days a year. Before you open a Gold IRA, inquire about storage and other charges.

  • Resources And Support

Noble Gold teaches its customers in a way that allows them to comprehend their investment in the best possible way, without the use of confusing jargon or sales pitches. Noble Gold is a firm believer in facts. They feel that expertise and understanding are essential factors in providing superior service to their clients.

Noble Gold does not just lean on skills. Noble Gold’s website has a lot of useful information, but you will need to phone a representative to register an account or set up a precious metals IRA.

Noble Gold provides information to potential clients to help them decide if precious metals investments are suited for them. The reps make it simple to open a Gold or Silver IRA or purchase genuine precious metals.

  • Noble Gold Costs

Noble Gold works with a number of suppliers to get the best precious metals rates for their customers. Noble Gold’s website provided us with transparent fee information.

The annual charge is $80, and your precious metals are kept apart from those of other investors for $150 each year, which includes insurance. Custodial costs are also paid by Noble Gold’s IRA clients. Prior to investing, it is critical to discuss prices.


  • Great selection
  • Fees for IRAs are available on the website
  • A wide range of precious metals investments are available
  • Quick setup and shipment of a gold IRA


  • No international gold storage

How We Made The List Of The Best Gold IRA Companies

The best gold IRA companies on our list were chosen after a thorough examination of the top companies based on a number of parameters. Below, we will take a closer look at these parameters.

  • Reputation And Reviews

Celebrity endorsements and well-known financial brands pique your interest, but we wanted to hear what ordinary people had to say about these gold IRA companies. Is it clear that the salespeople are looking to make a quick buck? Do they put their customers’ needs first? Do they help you understand the intricacies of a transaction, or do they go off on their own? If something goes wrong, do they fix it?

Each of the three gold IRA providers on our list will have a combination of starred reviews and glowing client testimonials. Each company received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. If you are drawn in by big names or media references, that is great. These golden firms have a good track record to back them up.

  • Costs And Gold IRA Fees

Costs and fees are one of the most challenging parts of a gold IRA company to discuss. These gold IRA companies are not being evasive or trying to hide anything. Because precious metals prices move so rapidly, organizations would rather supply you with cost information when you contact them than have you seek out outdated statistics on their or another company’s website.

Despite our research, we were unable to get current, accurate pricing for any gold IRA provider.

Commissions, setup fees, storage fees, and maintenance fees are just a few examples of what you might anticipate paying.

  • Gold And Silver Offer

All of the gold IRA companies on this list provide a variety of IRS-approved precious metals. Gold and silver are the most popular metals, but there is also an offer of platinum and palladium.

Client education is provided by all of our top picks for the finest precious metal IRAs. Use that knowledge to learn everything you can about precious metal IRAs, or do your own investigation.

Factors To Consider While Investing In Gold IRA Companies 

  • Reputation And Reviews

There is usually a reason for a company’s great or negative reputation. When looking for a gold investing firm to help you with your IRA, finding one with a good reputation in the market can help you have a good time.

Looking up a company’s reputation through the Better Business Bureau is one approach to do it. The Better Business Bureau is a website that allows customers to leave evaluations and, in some cases, complaints about firms. The Better Business Bureau also assigns an A+ to F rating to businesses, with A+ being the highest.

  • Easy Setup

Reputable precious metal IRA firms go to great lengths to attract new customers, namely by making the setup procedure as simple and painless as possible. These organizations offer competent guidance from investment specialists and allow new clients to set up gold IRAs in a matter of days or less.

  • Costs And Gold IRA Fees

The majority of gold IRA providers demand a fee for their services. These charges cover the costs of setting up your account, keeping it up to date, and safely storing your precious metals.

If an IRA firm offers its services free, you may not be likely to trust that it will devote the necessary skill and time to facilitate a secure gold IRA. Furthermore, organizations that offer free services frequently do not provide the added assistance and information that a higher-quality company would.

Companies that offer exorbitantly high fees, on the other hand, may not be trustworthy as well. These businesses may be more concerned with increasing profits than with offering high-quality services to their clients.

  • Gold And Silver Products Selection

Diversifying one’s investment portfolio is one of the reasons many people choose to open gold IRAs. As a result, working with a gold IRA business that offers a wide range of silver, gold, and other precious metal goods makes sense.

Some companies may only sell silver and gold coins, but they have a large selection of each type of coin. You can buy gold, platinum, silver, and palladium coins or bars from other companies.

  • Buybacks

If you have doubts about what type of precious metal to buy for your IRA or are nervous about the procedure, you might choose to work with a business that offers buybacks. Clients can sell their precious metals back to these companies without paying any further charges.

Buybacks are available from the greatest gold IRA firms, and the process is made as simple as possible. If you bought your precious metals directly from these companies, they might even offer to ship them back to their facilities for free. Several of the companies on our list offer simple and dependable buybacks, giving you a safety net if you plan to sell your precious metals to them again.

  • IRA Rollover

You cannot start a gold IRA from scratch with most gold IRA companies. Instead, you must transfer funds from an existing IRA or withdraw money from an existing customer account and deposit them in a new IRA. A gold IRA rollover is the name for the latter option.

The IRS has certain laws and restrictions regarding IRA rollovers. If you roll over assets from an IRA, for example, you cannot keep them in your account for more than 60 days before putting them in a new IRA. When you effectuate an IRA transfer, however, the money never touches your bank account before being transferred to your new IRA.

Transferring cash from one IRA to another is a simpler process than rolling over an IRA. On the other hand, rollovers are usually speedier than transfers, requiring 60 days or fewer in most cases. The organizations on our list can assist you with gold IRA rollovers, ensuring the process is as painless as possible and that you do not incur any additional fines as a result of erroneous advice.

FAQs Regarding Gold IRA And Noble Gold Investments

Q1. What Is The Minimum Gold IRA Investment?

The IRS does not specify a minimum investment amount when starting a gold IRA. On the other hand, many gold IRA firms have their own set of minimum investment costs that you must meet to deal with them. Augusta Precious Metals, for example, asks consumers to invest at least $50,000 in gold and other precious metals.

Other businesses have significantly higher minimum investment requirements. If your current retirement accounts have not gained much value since you started them, you might want to look for a gold IRA provider with a modest minimum investment requirement.

Q2. What Are The Advantages Of Investing In A Gold-Based Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?

Gold IRAs, like the stock market or almost any other investment, come with dangers, though gold has historically been a more stable option. The most significant advantage of a gold IRA is the potential to make a diversification on your retirement portfolio.

Although gold IRAs do not provide dividends like stocks, they do give some inflation and recession protection. As the value of paper declines, gold tends to rise.

Due to their more intricate structure, strict IRS requirements, and higher prices, several industry experts oppose the idea of gold IRAs or precious metals IRAs.

Moreover, they advise that you should simply buy silver or gold bars if you wish to acquire physical gold or other precious metals.

If you do not maintain these assets in an IRA, you will not have to worry about burdensome limits or depository requirements. Gold IRAs could be a wonderful investment if you want to shield yourself against economic volatility.

This is an alternate investment that you should put a tiny amount of your money into. When you start a gold IRA or precious metals IRA with a rollover, you will not be subject to the IRS’s $6,000 annual limit.

Q3. Is It Better To Invest In Gold Bullion Or Gold Coins?

Your account representative will use their experience in the sector to aid you in making your decision when you choose a firm that offers gold IRA services.

Coins have a number of advantages over bars. They are simple to sell and transport, and because coins are lightweight and require less security, they are less expensive to deliver. In addition, they are more difficult to forge.

One of the biggest advantages of bullion is that it more accurately reflects the current precious metals market price. Metal pays a greater commission than coins, so look for a gold IRA provider who pays a higher commission on bullion.

Any reputable gold IRA firm will not force customers to buy something they do not want just to make more money.

If you feel that you are being pitched too aggressively, you should think about changing agents or firms.

Depending on your own preferences, you must determine whether to purchase bullion or coins. Utilize the materials and user education provided by the top gold IRA companies. Speak with your representative and benefit from their previous expertise working with other clients. Then make an informed choice between gold coins and gold bullion.

Q4. How Can You Store Bullion In The Best Gold IRA Company ?

Personal storage of gold and other precious metals is severely prohibited by the IRS. The gold must be transported and stored in an IRS-approved vault. In most cases, your custodian already has numerous IRS-approved facilities where gold and other precious metals are stored.

There are no safes or lock-boxes in the house. This will only get you into difficulty and result in financial and legal consequences. Only a licensed custodian is authorized to buy, manage, and oversee your physical assets.

Q5. What Do Custodian Fees Entail?

Custodian fees are the costs imposed by custodians for storing the gold they hold. For transactions in the gold IRA account, the custodian also generates tax records.

Q6. Is It Possible For Me To Exclusively Keep Gold In My Gold IRA Account?

Gold bars and coins are not the only things you can put in a gold IRA because they are technically self-directed IRAs. Other precious metals, like palladium, platinum, or silver coins, can be purchased with your precious metals IRA account, or the funds can be invested in real estate, commodities, tax liens, partnerships, and more. For example, you cannot use it to buy collectibles, antiques, diamonds, stamps, or life insurance.

Concluding  – Which Is the Best Gold IRA Company You Should Invest In?

A gold IRA account is a terrific method to diversify your portfolio if you are seeking a means to do so. Gold’s price swings from day to day due to a variety of economic factors, but it tends to climb during times of uncertainty or turbulence. This can surely provide you peace of mind when it comes to retirement preparation.

It is difficult to accurately predict a reputable gold IRA company because there

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