5 Best Metabolism Boosters Of 2022 To Lose Weight & Burn Body Fat

5 Best Metabolism Boosters Of 2022 To Lose Weight & Burn Body Fat

Calories – it’s a word we encounter every so often these days. We go to the gym to burn them; we check how much is in our drinks before we crack the cover. Both fitness nuts and the average Joe are concerned with calories you burn these days – and for good reason. Obesity is nobody’s friend, and we know that a healthy weight is attainable when our bodies have a fast enough metabolic rate. This fact explains the growing popularity of metabolism booster supplements.

In a simplified sense, metabolism refers to all the processes occurring in our bodies that convert the calories in our food into energy our body needs to function. These processes are decentralized and occur in every cell of our body. Our body’s metabolism runs round the clock, whether we are awake or asleep. These metabolic processes are responsible for providing energy for cell growth and repair, blood circulation, and other essential functions.

Some people have a slower metabolic rate than others. Slow metabolism would mean that the body will take longer to convert calories to energy. This would lead to our bodies storing many calories we consume as fat. Metabolism accounts for a large percentage of weight loss in the body. Physical activity (exercise) and diet are other things that primarily determine or aid weight loss.

Scientists have not yet figured out why exactly different people have such varied metabolism rates. However, there are some factors responsible for a person’s metabolism. The first of those factors is genes. If one or both of your parents have a slow metabolism, your body’s metabolism is very likely to also be slower than average. Another thing that could have an effect on your body’s metabolism is hormones.

For example, if your thyroid function is overactive or underactive, it might release hormones that affect your body’s metabolism. Moreover, age is a great determinant of a person’s metabolic function. As we age, our metabolism rate declines like many other processes in our bodies. This change would mean that food takes longer to metabolize in our bodies.

Metabolism boosters are food supplements that claim to help speed up your body’s metabolism and thus help with weight loss. There’s been a lot of controversy concerning the claims of metabolism booster supplements in the market. However, some study trials showed that the ingredients present in many high-quality metabolism boosters have some fat-burning effects. People take metabolism boosters to amp up their body’s metabolism to burn calories quicker.

There are dozens of brands marketing several metabolism booster products these days. We did some research to round up the best metabolism boosters on the market. Here’s how we decided on these five products.

Best Metabolism Booster Pills To Burn Belly Fat (2022)

  1. PhenQ – Overall best Metabolism Booster Supplement For Weight Loss
  2. PhenGold – Top Rated Pre-Workout Metabolism Boosters
  3. PrimeShred – Natural Weight Loss Pills for Burning Stubborn Fats
  4. LeanBean – Most Effective Appetite Suppressant for Women
  5. Instant Knockout – Best Metabolism Booster For Pro And Amateur Athletes

#1. PhenQ – Overall best Metabolism Booster Supplement For Weight Loss

PhenQ is the leading metabolism booster and fat-burner supplement on the market. This innovative diet pill targets not one but five different body functions to aid weight loss. Fast metabolism increases the effectiveness of exercise and dieting on the body. For this cause, Wolfson Brand (UK) Limited created a “five-in-one” diet pill that claims to speed up your metabolism by increasing the body’s thermogenic rate. The thermogenic process is a heat-producing process in the body that burns fats and burns calories supplied by food.

In its short time being on the market, PhenQ has quickly gathered a customer base of nearly 200,000, and for good reason – the product works. PhenQ works by targeting your weight issues from several different angles. Besides just burning up body fat, some ingredients present in this metabolism booster supplement actually curb fat production in the body. In addition, PhenQ also suppresses hunger cravings to help users not to overeat. This remarkable blend of ingredients also boosts energy and helps get users into an improved mood. These energy boosts can lead to users feeling and being more active, thereby aiding the weight loss process all the more.

PhenQ contains several active ingredients, including caffeine, chromium picolinate, and capsimax powder. However, the elixir of this supplement is α-Lacys Reset which is a trademarked blend of potent ingredients individually proven to burn fat quickly. These ingredients have a potent synergistic fat-burning effect on users as a blend. The α-Lacys Reset is a potent blend of magnesium, cysteine, and thioctic acid (known as Alpha-lipoic acid). Extensive studies have shown the effect of these ingredients in aiding weight loss and body fat reduction.

This metabolism booster is our number one pick for several reasons. Besides its science-backed claims, the ingredients in PhenQ are natural and mostly plant-derived. These and many other outstanding features have earned PhenQ the first spot on our list of top metabolism boosters. You can check this PhenQ review by Island Now to learn more about this appetite suppressant.


Clinically-Tested Ingredients: All the ingredients present in the PhenQ formula were picked carefully and backed by science. The ingredients have also undergone tests to ascertain that they’re of the best and purest quality.

Aids Quick Metabolism: PhenQ is most widely known for its trademarked blend of ingredients, the α-Lacys Reset. This potent blend speeds up the body’s metabolic rate and increases the body’s heat-generating functions. This causes a more thorough fat-burning and also takes care of stubborn fats in the body.

Stops Fat Production: PhenQ claims that its blend of ingredients not only burns fat but stops the formation of new fats in the body.

Formulated in FDA-Approved Facilities: The brand prepares this potent supplement in an FDA-approved facility to ensure the highest possible production standards. This assures customers that they are getting the safest and most potent metabolism booster formulated to the highest standards.

Potent Nootropic Ingredients for Mood and Focus: Several of the ingredients in PhenQ have nootropic qualities. These ingredients help users stay in good spirits and energetic enough to keep up with physical activity.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: PhenQ is guaranteed to have fantastic effects if used as prescribed. However, if for any reason the product does not satisfy users, there’s a 60-day window in which they can return the product and get a refund.


  • Research-backed ingredients
  • Suppresses appetites
  • Speeds up overall metabolism
  • Boosts mood and energy
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Formulated in FDA-approved facilities
  • Bulk buying discounts


  • Expensive supplement

=> Click here to visit the official website of PhenQ

#2. PhenGold – Top Rated Pre-Workout Metabolism Boosters


In some quarters, the introduction of metabolism boosters to the market was met with much distrust. However, it is difficult to ignore testimonials from a brand like PhenGold. With thousands of positive reviews and photo testimonials of its efficacy, this brand has become hard to ignore in the market.

A relatively new player in the game, Phengold has established itself as a metabolism booster worth our money and trust. With a blend of highly potent natural ingredients, PhenGold not only stimulates your body’s metabolism; it also affects several other mechanics in your body that aid weight loss and prevent weight gain.

The exclusive formula containing vitamins B3, B6, and B12, green tea, Rhodiola Rosea, and L-tyrosine affects a natural process of fat-burning in the body. Other ingredients in the PhenGold formula include cayenne pepper, L-Theanine, green coffee, and DMEA.

This supplement’s formula boosts your resting metabolic rate, i.e., your body’s metabolism when you’re physically idle. Because of its all-natural ingredients, PhenGold claims that its product has no side effects, and they also claim it to be certified safe for prolonged use. The best way to see the effects of PhenGold is to take three capsules half an hour before breakfast. It is also best to take these before your morning workout for quick results.

PhenGold is most effective when paired with regular exercises and a controlled diet. To aid discipline for effectiveness, PhenGold contains cayenne pepper, caffeine, and vitamins that have been proven to suppress hunger cravings. It also contains dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) which boosts your mood and keeps you motivated. These ingredients will put you in a better state to eat healthily and work out. By so doing, PhenGold becomes super effective.

PhenGold is suitable for all genders. Users can take PhenGold to achieve short-term body goals, like trying to fit into an outfit for a special occasion. PhenGold can also be used long-term to aid the metabolic process and maintain a healthy weight.


Potent Natural Ingredients: All ingredients in the PhenGold formula are completely natural. These ingredients are also present in very potent doses in each capsule.

Workout Companion: PhenGold is the perfect companion for your workouts. If taken minutes before workouts, users can experience a massive boost in energy and motivation to keep going. Thus, many users have hailed PhenGold as the perfect workout buddy.

Positive Customer Reviews: Customer reviews with pictorial evidence on the PhenGold website are outstanding. Reviews of PhenGold on other platforms are equally positive, with many claiming the supplement helped them drop down several sizes.

100-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Users have a whopping 100-day period to return the product if they are not impressed with it. This prolonged period shows how much PhenGold cares about its customers and how certain they are of their product.

Free Shipping: The option of free shipping is available for users who purchase this product from the PhenGold website.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Suitable for vegan use
  • Enhances muscle building
  • Gluten- and dairy-free
  • Fantastic discounts for bulk purchases


  • Only available on the website

=> Click here to visit the official website of PhenGold

#3. PrimeShred – Natural Weight Loss Pills for Burning Stubborn Fats

If you want to cut down excess fat in your body and look ripped like a professional athlete, PrimeShred is a sure bet. PrimeShred is an all-around formula for speeding up your metabolism and getting in your best shape. Following extensive research, medical and fitness experts created the PrimeShred formula using only science-backed ingredients. This metabolism booster has gained a lot of reviews for burning excess stubborn body fat.

PrimeShred observes a three-pronged approach in aiding metabolism for weight loss. First, it triggers the process of lipolysis by intensifying the release of some specific hormones. This process of lipolysis breaks down lipids/fats and sends them to your bloodstream. Ingredients such as L-tyrosine, caffeine, and green tea cause an increase in the body’s production of hormones such as epinephrine that have some fat-burning qualities.

The capsaicin in the cayenne pepper also improves digestion and aids quicker metabolism. It also increases lipase levels in the body to cut down stubborn fat. After the fat is released during lipolysis, your metabolic rate determines how fast it gets burned. Some studies have revealed that caffeine can boost your body’s basal metabolism rate by more than 10%. The vitamins present in the PrimeShred formula also aid the body’s conversion of calories to energy, rather than storing them as fat.

PrimeShred’s maximum is most effective when combined with proper diet and exercise. This diet change would mean fewer carbs and calories, which might put you in a grumpy mood. Lethargy and low energy levels could thus set in. That’s why the formulators of PrimeShred included potent nootropics in the formula that can amp up brain function, focus, and energy levels.


Burns Stubborn Fat: PrimeShred is loaded with ingredients that help speed up your body’s metabolic process. The ingredients are so potent and have been shown in many studies to increase fat-burning during exercise. Furthermore, it also aids the production of special enzymes and hormones that are instrumental to fat-burning.

Packed with Potent Nootropics: The PrimeShred formula contains powerful nootropics that help to keep the mind alert and focused. The nootropic ingredients help users of this supplement to remain motivated to stay active and shred fat.

Transparent Formula: PrimeShred insists on letting users know every part of its formulation process. The packaging also clearly shows each ingredient and its dosage in each capsule and serving

100-Day No-Question Money-Back Guarantee: The PrimeShred guarantee is hassle-free and does not require users to jump through hoops just to get their money back. Instead, users who are not impressed with the product can simply return unused bottles of their PrimeShred within a hundred days and receive a full refund. This window is one of the longest money-back guarantee windows in the market.

Vegan Capsule: The drug capsules used in PrimeShred are made from vegetables instead of gelatin. This option of a vegetable capsule is a preferred option for those who do not wish to consume animal products. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians. It digests perfectly and slowly releases the blend inside the capsule efficiently. Also, it’s a better option for individuals with religious dietary requirements, as it’s certified halal and kosher.


  • Packed with lipolysis-triggering ingredients
  • Controls food cravings
  • Boosts focus and mood
  • Less expensive supplement
  • 100-day money-back policy


  • Products seem to be best suited to men

=> Click here to visit the official website of PrimeShred

#4. LeanBean – Most Effective Appetite Suppressant for Women

Its manufacturers specifically tailored the ingredients included in the formula of LeanBean to the dynamic female body. LeanBean has become the metabolism booster of choice for many women with this potent blend. Whether you are seeking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, LeanBean is perfect for you. The formula in this metabolism booster is most effective when paired with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Unlike many metabolism boosters in the market, LeanBean does not claim to be a magic pill that does all the work for you. However, it assures that if the users take the supplement as prescribed with the necessary adjustments in diet and physical activity, the results would be amazing. This diet pill supports fat metabolism in the body with its natural blend of thermogenic ingredients.

New studies show that there’s some evidence that women are more likely to indulge in their food cravings than men. The producers of LeanBean put this finding into consideration during the formulation process. Glucomannan, an appetite suppressant, is therefore present in the formula in a very potent amount. This dietary fiber works by giving your stomach a feeling of fullness and thus reducing hunger cravings. This, in turn, reduces your food intake and aids the weight loss process. Glucomannan is present in three grams of the LeanBean daily dosage. Other ingredients contained in LeanBean are acai, konjac, turmeric choline, chloride, chromium picolinate, and green coffee extract. LeanBean also contains zinc and vitamin B complex.

The vitamins present in LeanBean help give users the necessary energy boost to help them stay motivated for an active lifestyle. Choline, an active ingredient in LeanBean, is potentially effective in metabolizing fat and homocysteine. As a result of its role in the body’s breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, chromium picolinate is also potent for speeding up metabolism and aiding weight loss.

All in all, the eleven ingredients in LeanBean are all beneficial in some way to the weight loss process. This supplement may not be the cheapest on the market. However, if you care about potency, quality and safety, LeanBean is a sure bet. Hundreds of positive reviews on the LeanBean website seem to prove their claims. Reviews for LeanBean on third-party websites as well are mostly positive. These and a couple of other features make this supplement stand out from the rest.


Ultimate Appetite Suppressant: One of the most active ingredients in the LeanBean formula is glucomannan. This dietary fiber has been used for decades to simulate a feeling of fullness in users. Glucomannan is present in a highly potent dose in each capsule of LeanBean. Each serving of LeanBean contains three grams of glucomannan, a dose higher than every other competitor. It thus helps users drastically reduce their cravings and thus, consume fewer calories.

Tailored for the Female Body: The LeanBean formula considers the peculiarities of the female anatomy. Thus, the formulators carefully included and dosed its ingredients to fit the needs of women.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee for “Complete Bundle” Orders: LeanBean offers a three-month window for users to return the product if they do not see changes and receive a refund. Only users who purchase the “Complete Bundle” are eligible to get a refund after these three months. Additionally, users who buy the complete bundle get a free one-month supply of LeanBean as well as free shipping. Users can also return other unused products within seven days of receiving the item for a full refund.


  • Potent formula for women
  • Significantly reduces hunger cravings
  • Energy booster
  • Complete bundle includes workout guide and meal prep
  • Free of harmful stimulants
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Only available online

=> Click here to visit the official website of LeanBean

#5. Instant Knockout – Best Metabolism Booster For Pro And Amateur Athletes

The Instant Knockout Cut is the best bet for those trying to get shredded or those simply trying to lose body fat. Trusted since 2014, this metabolism booster is also the choice of several pro athletes for achieving and maintaining a shredded physique. The ingredients in this supplement are not only potent in themselves but are present in optimized doses for the most effective fat-burning results. They are also all-natural and backed by scientific research.

The formulators also source their raw ingredients from the highest quality sources in the USA. The supplement is formulated and produced in FDA-approved facilities, so you can be certain of its purity and safety. The formulators behind Instant Knockout Cut state that one of their missions allows users to gain control of their bodies. Thus, they claim that teaming up this supplement with a healthy diet and exercise will reveal your most toned body. Testimonials from pro-athletes and regular users have hailed Instant Knockout Cut for its fast-acting effects on the body and mind. Several reviews showed that the pills also helped users manage their appetites and boost metabolism and their moods.

Although originally made for athletes and men involved in combat or active sports, Instant Knockout Cut is also suitable for women and men who just want to shed pounds and reveal a toned body. The Instant Knockout Cut formula is safe for long-term and daily use and suitable for vegan use. This Instant Knockout formula sure packs a punch with just nine potent ingredients. Glucomannan, an extract of the konjac plant, is one of the potent ingredients in this blend. This appetite suppressant teaming up with the other vital ingredients (vitamins D3 and B12, cayenne pepper, and L-Theanine) helps speed up the body’s metabolic rate and helps you get that sculpted dream look.

Also, Instant Knockout Cut provides free shipping for selected offers on its website. Purchasing a three-month supply of this supplement gets you one month’s supply free of charge.


Builds Muscle Mass: Many testimonials from customer reviews claim that using Instant Knockout Cut helped them burn fat while preserving and building muscle mass.

One of the ingredients in this supplement (vitamin D3) was shown in a study to help build more muscle mass. The study (with older male test subjects) showed that those who consumed a drink containing vitamin D retained more muscle mass than those who consumed a placebo.

Great for Bodybuilding: Instant Knockout Cut is one of the top choices for active men who want to get a ripped, toned body. It is used by pro athletes and endorsed by some famous combat sportspersons. That said, women and non-athletes can also use Instant Knockout Cut to achieve faster metabolism and weight loss.

Actively Suppresses Appetite: The ingredients present in this product help users minimize hunger cravings. Glucomannan, the active appetite suppressant in the formula, is present in an amount of 1.8 g in every serving.


  • Actively suppresses appetite
  • Helps users attain athletic build
  • Transparent formula
  • Composed of purely natural ingredients


  • More expensive
  • The caffeine dose in each serving (300 mg) might be too high for some users

=> Click here to visit the official website of Instant Knockout

How We Made the List Of Appetite Suppressants

With an increased demand for these metabolism boosters came a decent wave of products to the market. With so many brands available, we had to hold them to certain standards to know which ones would make our list. After eliminating dozens of metabolism boosters we deemed substandard, we carefully looked through the others to pick our top five. Here’s what we looked for.

What We Looked For

After eliminating the products we considered below grade, we still had to cut our list to the absolute best. Thus, from the dozens of products that we scrutinized, we considered the following factors to ensure we picked the best five metabolism boosters in the market. Here are the factors we considered:

  • Honest Advertising: According to the CDC, over forty-two percent of American adults are overweight (using data from 2017-2018). Since then, that figure has climbed, and some statistics show that more than 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.

Armed with these statistics, advertisers of metabolism boosters for weight loss might want to go overboard with their promises. This is why we took out time to examine the claims of the advertised products versus the actual effects. A company with claims that seem too good to be true may not be trustworthy. On the other hand, companies that advertise factually are more likely to deliver on their promises. Before making our list, we ruled out all brands with over-the-top claims that didn’t hold up against customer reviews.

  • Advisory Board: To ensure the formulas and ingredients of these products are well-researched, we checked to see if these companies had a team of advisors. We only chose brands whose teams consisted of medical and fitness specialists.
  • Ingredients Used in Product Formulation: The efficacy of these metabolism-boosting supplements depends entirely on the ingredients used in their formulation. Before making our list, we thoroughly examined the ingredients used in these formulas and their dosages. All ingredients in the supplements listed below are not only potentially beneficial for weight loss but are also of the purest and highest quality.
  • Company Reputation: The history and reputation of a brand matter a lot. It can be a pointer to ascertain its product’s trustworthiness. To make our list, we checked on public platforms to see what people’s opinions were about the brand. Thereafter, we picked out only companies whose names were of good repute.
  • Customer Reviews: We looked through reviews everywhere we could find them to see what users had to say about these products. Only products with decent reviews and ratings got through our first screening. Thereafter, the products that had the most excellent reviews and ratings on major review websites made our list.
  • Transparency: Nothing puts us off a brand-like shadiness. The more transparent a brand is with its formula, processes, and ingredients, the more likely they were to make our final list. Thus, the brands included on our list are brands that have their product ingredients and doses available to be viewed on various platforms. We generally avoided brands with shady proprietary blends

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying a Metabolism Booster

Popping a pill to end all your weight problems seems like the stuff dreams are made of. However, there’s so much in the fine print and a few important things to note. While a metabolism booster might be fundamental to reaching your weight loss goals, you must ensure you make due considerations before purchasing. There are a whole lot of things to think about before choosing a brand, and here are a couple of those factors to consider.

  • Your Needs

Before buying any metabolism booster, you must ask yourself what you aim to achieve. After deciding what your goal is, research the product that is best suited for those needs. Knowing your specific goals will help you make a better decision.

  • Product Cost

As you might observe from our roundup, some metabolism booster supplements cost more than others. Therefore, you might want to consider your budget before jumping in. Another thing to note is that substandard products might cost a lot less than average. So before making a purchase, you must ensure the products meet up to their advertised effects, and the manufacturers did not cut corners in their formulation.

You might also want to go through the bulk offers on the company’s website. The brands on our list provide discounts for more than one product unit purchase, which might help you save some money.

  • Manufacturer’s Reputation

Before opting for any metabolism booster, ensure you do some work of vetting its manufacturer. A company with favorable reviews from its users on public forums is a company you can trust.

  • Ingredients in formula

Try not to get carried away with the promises of some metabolism boosters that you forget to look through the active ingredients in its formula. Ensure that you look through and research the ingredients present in the supplement and the amount per serving. It is also important to check if the supplements include substances you might be sensitive to.

  • Interaction With Other Medicines

Before taking any metabolism booster supplements, you must consult your doctor. Although these supplements contain natural ingredients, there’s a small chance that they may not interact well with other medications. Therefore, you must ensure that you seek medical advice if you are on other medications.

  • Possible Side Effects

Check to see if there are any side effects of the supplements before purchasing them. The company might publish some possible side effects on the bottle or its website. You can also look out for patterns of side effects reported by users on the website or other platforms.

  • Customer Reviews

Checking customer reviews is the easiest way to know a product’s effectiveness. Go through review sites to see both positive and negative reviews of brands you wish to buy from. These reviews would help you make a more informed decision.

FAQs About Metabolism Boosters

Q. Are metabolism boosters safe?

Like the ones on our list, most metabolism boosters contain only natural ingredients. These ingredients derive from naturally occurring plants that we likely already consume. Therefore, metabolism boosters are considered safe, except if you are allergic or sensitive to some of its active ingredients.

Q. How long till I start to see results after taking a metabolism booster?

These metabolism booster pills are most effective when accompanied by an exercise regimen and a healthy diet. To cut down on fat, you need to burn a large percentage of the calories that you consume.

In general, you can begin to see changes in your body after consistently using the supplements for about sixty days, while some other products might take up to ninety days to see changes. Since our bodies and lifestyles are all different, some people will observe changes way earlier than others. Therefore, you should consistently use these supplements as prescribed for at least eight weeks before making any decisions.

Q. Can I use a metabolism booster while pregnant?

No. Medical practitioners advise against the use of metabolism booster supplements for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.

Q. Can I use a metabolism booster while trying to get pregnant?

It’s also not advisable to use these metabolism boosters when trying to conceive. Since these pills are not certified safe for use when carrying a fetus, users who intend to get pregnant should not use them. On the flip side, it is safe to take if you are on contraceptives.

Q. Can metabolism boosters be abused?

Manufacturers of metabolism boosters like those on our list have thoroughly researched and tested these supplements. Therefore, for optimal results, you must follow the prescriptions to the letter. Ingesting more pills than prescribed in a bid to see faster results is abuse and will do more harm than good.

There are several ways in which users can abuse these supplements without knowing—for example, taking a metabolism booster while medically underweight. Also, combining different metabolism boosters or combining them with illegal substances such as methamphetamines.

Doing any of these can cause serious health issues, even fatal organ damage. Therefore, stick with the prescribed dosage and avoid experimenting with other substances or supplements.

Q. What if I don’t lose weight after taking metabolism boosters?

You must note that taking these supplements consistently takes some weeks before you start to see visible changes. Also, important to note is the fact that metabolism boosters are not some fat-melting magic wand. Taking these supplements must go with an exercise regimen and a controlled diet for maximum effect. As long as you keep to the prescription and are consistent with your regimen, you should see changes in some weeks. If not, consult with your doctor for advice.

Q. Does the FDA approve metabolism boosters?

The FDA does not deal with dietary supplements with the same regulations as food or drugs. Consequently, supplements do not require FDA approval before being sold or marketed. Since the FDA does not get to approve the safety and effectiveness of these drugs, consumers have to carry out all the homework themselves. However, all the metabolism boosters on our list are manufactured in facilities approved by the FDA.

Q. Do metabolism boosters have side effects?

No matter how natural a product is, it might sometimes present side effects in certain individuals. Often, new users of a metabolism booster can experience mild side effects. These include constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, dry mouth, and others. However, these mild side effects are likely to not last, and if it persists, discontinue use.

Conclusion: Do Metabolism Boosters Really Work?

Metabolism boosters are here to stay. Many people use them for different purposes. Some for weight loss, while others use it to build muscle. Whatever your reason for needing metabolism boosters, there are many things to consider and know about these supplements. In our roundup above, we included the highest-rated metabolism boosters on the market. However, these products are not magic pills, as they claim to work best with a protein-rich diet and an active lifestyle.

So, if you are looking to form a healthy lifestyle and shed some pounds, and you need a little come-up, metabolism boosters might be all you need. Go through our roundup and might just find one that’s perfectly suited for your needs. Remember to do some research on your own to check for ingredients and brand lab tests before making a decision. Happy bulking!

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