5 Best Phone Tracker Apps To Locate Your Phone [2022]

5 Best Phone Tracker Apps To Locate Your Phone [2022]

We all tend to forget where we put our phones. Sometimes, it is near, yet we can’t find them. Moreover, people visiting their relatives or going on a picnic have a chance of losing their mobile phone. At such times, a phone tracker app can track your smartphone or someone else’s smartphone. Some cell phone tracker apps are always working even without the internet. Therefore, you won’t have to use an active internet connection to find the lost device.

Some phone tracking apps use GPS to track the phone or any other device. If your lost device has location services active, you can easily track it. However, not everyone is a fan of Google tracking all their movements. So they close the location services when they don’t want to use them, which also saves the battery. So, we are sharing the best phone tracker apps that won’t consume your battery and won’t only rely on GPS tracking to track your phone.

A phone tracking app allows you to do more than just locate a lost device. You can use these apps to monitor a device and see the activity. If you have children and don’t want them to use harmful apps or websites, these tracking apps can help you keep an eye on them without them knowing.

You can also use Google tracking services, but they are limited and only work when your device is on and has an active internet connection. The companies can locate a switched-off phone if you pay for the premium services. Moreover, these apps are made to overcome the complications a person can have if they can find a phone. Therefore, you’ll find many useful features.

Some of these apps have a web interface so you can track and monitor devices from your computer. These web interfaces have many extra features that allow precise monitoring and even save the evidence you want to use later. However, you’ll need to authorize everything from the app for the first time to use these features.

While these apps are all great, there are problems with them. Some apps ask for unnecessary permissions and steal data from your device. Therefore, you would need to spend a lot of time finding the apps that provide quality service. To help you, we researched and found the five best cell phone tracking apps.

Top 5 Best Phone Tracking Apps [2022]

We managed to find five of the best phone tracking apps that fall into the criteria we set. These apps are lightweight, won’t take up much space on your device, and work without interruptions. Below, we’ll share the apps and why every app stands out. This makes it easy for you to decide which app to opt for.

  1. uMobix – Best Cell Phone Tracker For Parents
  2. Spyic – Best App for Social Media Tracking
  3. SpyBubble – Best for Secret Tracking
  4. GeoFinder – Track Anyone With Their Phone Number
  5. Spyzie – Best Tracking App for Android Devices

#1. uMobix – Best Cell Phone Tracker For Modern Parents

uMobix is the easiest-to-use tracking app among the ones we found. It provides all the features you want; thus, it stays on top of most people’s choices. uMobix stands out for being the best if you want to keep a strict eye on your child’s digital activities. You can get a clear insight into their life by checking their messages, phone calls, location history, call logs, and browser history. Plus, you can make changes to their device without letting them know. If they revert, you’ll get a notification to make the changes again.

You can install this app on iOS 8, Android 4, or above. Compatibility won’t be an issue here. Since it won’t eat the battery life, your children won’t be suspicious about an app running in the background. However, if they have some spy apps on their device, those apps can stop uMobix from working or warn them about another spy app.

uMobix keeps everything updated by sending the new information to its dedicated server. The server has no limit on data, so you can save as many files as you want. Moreover, you can access the data later from the web interface dashboard. A parent app is available for mobile, but it won’t be as convenient as the web interface. You can check stuff like messages and calls, but for total control, you’ll need a web interface.

If you wish to check the features of this app, you can try its trial period and if you are satisfied, purchase it. The trial period will unlock all the features which might only be available on the full plan. There are two monthly plans available; the basic and full plans. You can get a huge discount on the full plan if you choose three months or yearly subscription.


Discounts on Subscription: The basic plan is fixed ($29.99), where you have to refresh the monthly subscription. The full plan ($59.99) comes with a three-month subscription with a discount that will drop the price to $33.33. If you purchase it for a whole year, the monthly price will be $14.99. You have the trial period to decide if this app is suitable for you or not. Once you have made up your mind, it is better to opt for the yearly plan as it will save you lots of money. The full plan comes with multiple device support. You can install the target app on different devices and monitor them from one control panel.

Real-Time App Activity: uMobix outperforms many other phone monitoring apps by providing you with real-time app activity. That way, you can see what your children are doing now and stop them at the right time. You can also prioritize some apps so that the tracker will notify you instantly when your child uses them. Moreover, this app keeps track of usage time, when it was open, how long it was used, and when it was closed. You can find all this on the dashboard. One complication is that if your children can multitask at high speed, it might be hard to track what they are doing.

Easy-to-Install: This phone tracker is easy to install on any iOS or Android phone. However, this app is unavailable on the iOS store, so you’ll have to follow the guidelines on the website. It won’t take more than two minutes to install this app.

Remains Hidden: While installing, you can choose the app to stay hidden from the app drawer and list. No one can find it without access to the control panel.


  • Fast data syncing
  • Clean and user-friendly user interface
  • Relatively affordable
  • Undetectable


  • iCloud credential required for iOS
  • Some features are iOS-exclusive

=> Click here to visit the official website of uMobix

#2. Spyic – Best App for Social Media Tracking

If you find it hard to use modern apps but still want to keep an eye on your children’s social life, Spyic is the best app for you. It has an easy-to-use interface with dozens of easily accessible features. Spyic is made so that every person with different needs can use it without opting for a different app.

This can help you keep an eye on your children even if their phone is not active. You can use the mic to listen to what they are saying, track their location to check where they are, and even close the currently running apps on their device. This closing feature works best if your children are about to open something inappropriate and you don’t want them to.

Spyic is the best app if you want to keep a hidden eye on your spouse, as too many relationships are dead because of misunderstandings. You’ll know exactly what is happening, as you can read your spouse’s chat and activities. You’ll have all the information before making the right move. You know your partner is going through some trouble but are shy or uncomfortable sharing it with you. With this app, you’ll know about their condition and consult them about their problem.

Spyic is not limited to your family. You can use it to track your employees. You’ll know how they spend time and how much they work instead of streaming social media. This one can work in multiple ways, but you must pay $69.99 monthly to get the family pack with all these features. The basic plan is the best if you only want to keep an eye on the basics like monitoring, messages, calls, and media.


Call Tracker Online: Once the app is installed on the targeted phone, you can use the web interface to check the details of every call. Put some numbers in the priority list, and you’ll get an instant notification if that person is calling or someone made a call to them. There is no interception option at the moment, so you can only check the call logs and any active calls. By default, you can see the top five callers in the “Call” panel. To see more details, you can open it. These call logs will give you an idea of whether you should be concerned about your child or not.

Track SIM Card Location: This is one of the best features of Spyic since this works even if the targeted phone is off. You can track the SIM card to see where your mobile is, but there is nothing else you can do if your phone is off. However, if it is on but has no internet and the location services are also off, you can use the SIM to track it and send SMS commands to turn on the internet. Once the internet is active, you can make the phone ring for five minutes from the dashboard to find it in case it was misplaced.

Geofence Alert: Mark the restricted zone on the map you have on the control panel, and if the targeted device enters those areas, the app will notify you. You can instantly call the targeted phone and tell them to leave that place. This is a nifty feature if you don’t want your child to go to parties or bars.

Completely Legal: Spyic is legal if you use it on those you know. These include your family and employees under the agreement. However, if you use it on unauthorized people, they can sue you.


  • Wide variety of subscription plans
  • Plenty of features
  • Simple installation process
  • Runs on both Android & iOS


  • No remote install for Android devices

=> Click here to visit the official website of Spyic

#3. SpyBubble – Best for Secret Tracking

SpyBubble is best if you don’t have a PC to use the dashboard to track the targeted device. This app comes with a mobile dashboard allowing you to control everything. That mobile dashboard has everything you need to utilize the app properly, and you can even use it without the internet. While it has the same features, it works differently on iOS and Android.

It keeps running in the background without consuming too much battery power. Therefore, it is unlikely that it will appear in battery stats. Unlike other tracking apps, this one is a bit complicated. It has multiple unique features, and you’ll have to get used to them. Every feature has multiple features, so you need to understand them to utilize them properly.

One complication is that some cellular services won’t allow this app to track and record the calls. The worst part is that you cannot remove this restriction. The only way is to choose another app from our list.

SpyBubble also keeps track of real-time activity. If you have a curfew at home where kids are not allowed to use mobile or certain apps after a time, you can set that time on the app, and it will notify you if someone uses it. Moreover, it can also keep track of the bookmarks on the targeted device and keep on tracking even if your children use private mode on their devices.

The private mode blocks such apps as it acts as a separate space on the phone. SpyBubble automatically adds itself to that private space to keep an eye on what your child is doing. However, you need to check if your kid is using duplicate apps or not. This app might confuse the two apps making it difficult for you to understand the activity.


Message Monitoring: Most tracking apps only allow SMS tracking on some basic apps. If your kid uses other apps like Telegram and Line for messaging, those apps won’t track and keep a conversation record. SpyBubble keeps track of every message sent and received on the targeted device regardless of what app is used. You can find all these messages in the SMS category if you don’t want to check the individual apps for the messages. The downside is that the messages are shown in conversation mode by default. You must change its settings to see them in different threads to check them easily.

Compatibility: Most of these tracking apps are not available for MacOS. Those fans of the Apple ecosystem can’t utilize these apps properly. The web interface of such apps contains a lot of information that mobile apps don’t. A company can lose lots of customers if they don’t have support for MacOS. SpyBubble works the same on Mac the way it works on Windows. You can log in to the online portal and access all the features. The web portal on Windows and Mac is the same, so you won’t feel any difference if you switch from Windows PC to Apple Macbook.

No App Required for iOS: You only need the iCloud ID and password to track the iPhone. There is no need to install any app. While this is a huge convenience, it becomes a problem when the iPhone has no internet connection. Since no app is installed to receive the commands, you cannot make the iPhone work by sending SMS.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee: You have 14 days to try the app after getting the subscription. If you don’t like it, request a refund on the website. They’ll cancel your subscription and give you a 100% refund.


  • Full access to Instagram and Facebook
  • Shows app usage in real-time
  • Buy and start monitoring in seconds
  • Relatively lower in price than other apps


  • No free plan

=> Click here to visit the official website of SpyBubble

#4. GeoFinder – Track Anyone With Their Phone Number

GeoFinder is the most fun tracker application in our collection. You only need a phone number to track any mobile you want. However, you can only track the mobile location with the phone number. You’ll need to install the app on the targeted phone for additional features. The fun part is that you can even track random people or anyone on your contact list, especially your friends who lie about being elsewhere when you call them.

Mobile number tracking won’t need the targeted device to turn on the location services. Make sure the device is on and has the SIM card inside. If you lose your mobile and the person who took it removes the SIM card, your only hope is an active internet connection. The app is non-removable without admin privileges; the only way to remove it is via a factory reset.

Another useful thing about this app is the precise location. Unlike other apps that tell you about the accurate location up to 10-20 feet, this app tells you exactly where your device is. The measuring distance gets smaller as you reach the object, and when the object is very near to you, the distance will show in inches, and even the direction will appear to pinpoint the device. However, you’ll need the premium plan to utilize this feature.

It won’t take more than five minutes to create an account on this website and use their services. There is no free trial and demo available, which should have been there as the free service of finding the phone number is also unavailable.

The good thing is that GeoFinder only has one plan to unlock all the features. The price is relatively lower than other apps, but it also lacks some features that should have been there.


Track Any Phone Model: No need to worry if someone has a mobile model you have never seen before. This app supports every mobile phone. As long as the phone is not powered off and it has a SIM card, you can track it. Moreover, you can install it on any device you have, but one plan works for one device, so if you want to track more, you need to purchase more subscriptions. One problem with this phone tracking is that you might need to refresh the page multiple times to find the correct location, but this happens rarely.

Totally Anonymous: GeoFinder keeps your identity safe; even if someone knows they are being tracked, they can’t trace it back to you. This app uses an anonymous identity and IP to track the targeted device. If the other person has a service to get a notification from their carrier in such cases, your name won’t appear in the notification. Your device also won’t appear in the notification; instead, a fake name and device will show, and as you close the application, there is no proof of your tracking.

Remote Installation: You don’t have to physically approach the targeted mobile phones to unlock the GPS location services for GeoFinder. Instead, you can send them a message that will look like a message from Google or their carrier featuring a link. Once they tap on the link, it will allow you to track their location. However, you need to create a catchy message, so the other person is compelled to open the link.

Works Worldwide: Most of these tracking apps work within a specific region, while GeoFinder works globally. You can sit in any country and track a number in another country without any hassle or additional charges.


  • It allows for accurate location tracking
  • It reveals the target person’s location history
  • You can use it for location syncing
  • It doesn’t require the user to access the target device physically to work


  • You can send one message only within three hours

=> Click here to visit the official website of GeoFinder

#5. Spyzie – Best Tracking App for Android Devices

Spyzie is the best app if you want to protect your kids from cyberbullying. You can set to receive the message first before the targeted device; if that message is useful, you can approve it for the other device. However, you’ll need to add phone numbers or social media IDs in the alert list to get messages before the targeted device.

It only takes seconds to get all the data associated with the targeted device to your control panel. The only thing you won’t get are the deleted files before the sync, but Spyzie will save all the deleted files so you can view them once you start syncing. Even if your kid decides to delete the browser history or use private/incognito mode, the search queries will be saved in the Spyzie database.

You’ll get the apps after creating an account, as they are unavailable on the respective app stores. These apps have some features which are against the policies on Play Store and App Store. There is no need to download the app file to install them manually, as they’ll require an ID/password to log in, which you won’t get without creating an account first. The account is free to create, but you must purchase the app to use it.

There is no trial version available, only a demo, which helps you understand how this app works. It would have been good to add a small trial period so people could check what they’ll get, so that is one downside of Spyzie.

The control panel works on mobile and PC: the app will save the synced data into a cloud server so you can access it anytime. However, the mobile control panel has some limitations compared to the Web control panel.


Keylogger: If the targeted device is using multiple accounts on different apps, the chances are that they won’t save the password. Every time they are done using the account, they’ll log out and log in to another one. Since the password is not saved, you cannot access it like normal. This is where the keylogger feature comes in; activate it, and it will save all the keystrokes used on each app. The keylogger will store the keystrokes in the same manner they are pressed, so you’ll know which key comes first and which comes second.

Notification When the Sim Card Is Changed: If you are tracking the targeted device with its phone number, this feature can save you from an inconvenience. The app will instantly notify you about the SIM change, and you can use other methods to track the device. Moreover, if one of your children changes the SIM as they leave the house, you’ll have the record, and you can talk about it later.

Stealth Mode: You can easily hide the app from the targeted phone, and no one can find it even with third-party app tools. They won’t receive a notification about some spy app running in the background, and it won’t appear in the battery stats. However, remember to use it when you feel like it; some devices might heat up if this app runs in the background for long. The other person might change, or factory reset the device, which will erase this app.

WhatsApp Monitor: WhatsApp is the most famous social media chatting tool, and your kids will obviously use it. They can share all sorts of media without any restrictions. Spyzie helps you keep an eye on the targeted device’s WhatsApp messages and calls; you can even read the deleted messages.


  • Track smartphone remotely
  • Rooting not required
  • Monitor iPhone without jailbreak
  • Option to hide or keep the Spyzie icon


  • No free version
  • Poor support

=> Click here to visit the official website of Spyzie

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Phone Tracking App

Here are a couple of factors you should consider before choosing a phone tracker app:

  • Price and Subscription

Tracking apps are not cheap since they provide premium services, and companies tend to charge a lot for monthly subscriptions. Some of these tools don’t have different plans, bounding you to purchase the one with additional features you might never use. So before you decide to choose a tracking app, it is better to check its price and subscription plans. You won’t need more than a basic plan if you want minimal tasks like massage, call checking, and location tracking.

  • Customer Support

Not all the time; these apps work as intended. Sometimes people forget to provide specific permissions, or their device decides to block these apps’ functionality; you’ll need quick answers to solve such issues. Excellent customer support is required at such times so they can quickly solve the issue. It would be even better if that support is live, so the company representative should stay with you until you solve the problem.

  • Customer Reviews

Don’t purchase a tracking app without checking its customer reviews. The company might advertise that this app works on all devices without any problem; the customer reviews give a good idea of how such apps work. You can find hidden restrictions and information about the app that the company will never share. Moreover, these reviews contain the problems you can face while using these apps. Also, never opt for a phone tracking app with less than 4.5-star ratings. The app we chose for you has above 4.5-stars ratings and thousands of positive reviews from people around the globe.

  • Ease of Use

An easy interface on both web and mobile versions are what you should look for. An average user might not understand the complex commands making it hard for them to use the app. The app should have the basic menus to cover everything, and those menus should not extend to open more and more options. Instead, everything should be listed in simple and clear ways so you won’t require expertise to operate these apps.

How We Made This List

Tracking and monitoring are not the only features we checked in these apps. Although they were our priority, we also checked security and privacy, so the apps won’t make your device vulnerable to hackers. Moreover, we also checked that the apps are available for Android phones, iOS, and Windows.

Apart from these, a cell phone tracker app should not mess with the root of your OS and avoid modifying the system files. Also, it should not block any other apps and won’t eat excessive battery while running in the background. Keeping all these issues in mind, here are the factors we looked for while choosing these apps.

What We Looked For

  • Cross-Platform Support: We looked for apps that are available and supported by all major mobile operating systems. A GPS phone tracker should run on Android and iOS, so if someone has a different device, they can still track the other one without any issues. Moreover, for better support, these apps should be available on Windows and Mac or at least have a web interface that you can use on any supported browser. Also, our choice of apps doesn’t have any additional cost to use these features as they are basic and available on both free and paid versions.
  • Safe and Secure: An iOS and Android phone tracking app should not mess with your device’s security and operating system. Moreover, it should not ask for unnecessary permissions like checking your media, posting on social media platforms on your behalf, opening a camera, or making calls. Some people are quite serious about privacy and won’t use an app that requires many permissions. So, we chose apps that only ask for necessary permission when you want to use a feature. For example, if an app wants to use the location services, it will only use your device’s GPS when it is active.
  • Optimized: Such tracking apps will keep running and communicate with the targeted phone. While you won’t see them in front, they can eat a lot of battery while running in the background. We chose apps that won’t cause a massive battery drain on both the parent and targeted devices and won’t appear in the app list.
  • Monitoring and Restrictions: We chose apps that allow you to monitor the social media apps, call logs, and messages on the targeted device. Moreover, you can set a boundary limit and get a notification if the targeted device crosses it.

FAQs About Phone Tracker Apps

  1. How do phone tracker apps work?

You’ll get two apps after purchasing a subscription for these phone trackers. One is to install on the targeted iOS or Android device, and the second is to act as a control panel. The parent device, which has a control panel, can access the targeted device and monitor everything inside it, including messages, calls, media, apps, etc. You can also track the targeted device’s real-time location using these apps.

  1. Are phone tracker apps safe?

It all depends on the permissions asked by the app. Some basic permissions like using location and accessing contacts and messages are fine. But if the apps want to make changes, post on your behalf, or want to access all apps, these kinds of apps are not trusty. You might have banking apps installed on your mobile; if these tracking apps get access to them, they can steal money from your account easily.

  1. Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

Yes, you can; GeoFinder is a phone tracking app that allows anyone to track any device using a phone number. However, you have to purchase its monthly subscription to access this feature. The app will send an SMS to their device to improve their location services by opening a link. If the targeted device opens the link, you’ll have access to their location services, and you can track them anytime you want.

  1. Is it legal to use these tracking apps?

You can track your family using these apps without any problems, as your kids might be fine with you keeping an eye on them. However, having a conversation with them about their daily tasks is better, so they should feel open to sharing their problems with you. But if you feel like they are hiding something or are afraid to share that someone is bullying them, you can use these apps to keep track of their activities and take proper countermeasures.

  1. Should I track my employees with these apps?

You can only use these apps on your employees within the office timings to ensure that they won’t slack off or use their office time using social media apps. However, once office time is over, tracking your employee’s personal life is an act against privacy which is a crime, and the employee can sue you if you are caught.

Conclusion: Best Phone Tracker App For You

The digital world has brought a lot of convenience to the users by offering apps that can help them keep an eye on their loved ones. In this article, we have shared the best phone tracking apps to check the location and monitor the smartphones of your loved ones.

All these apps work the same and have the same interface except for GeoFinder, which has an exclusive phone number tracking feature. Make sure to have a nice talk with your children after monitoring them so they can share their problems.

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