5 Best Pre-Approved Credit Cards For You In 2022

5 Best Pre-Approved Credit Cards For You In 2022

If you’ve received pre-approval credit card offers from several companies recently, you might be wondering what they are and whether they are legit. Companies send out these personalized offers to you after reviewing your credit profile. Pre-approved offers are often sent to those that, according to the company, are more likely to get approved.

Pre-approved credit cards are those offered by issuing companies that guarantee approval. When you apply for a standard card, the financial institution issuing the card usually conducts a hard inquiry of your credit to check your eligibility. These hard inquiries may also affect your credit scores.

However, many companies offer pre-authorized cards using their pre-approval methods to secure your score from taking a hit. Pre-approved credit card companies conduct only a soft inquiry of your credit to check your approval odds. When you formally apply for the pre-approved card, some companies may run a complex background check on you.

Though the name suggests otherwise, a card with a pre-approved offer still requires you to submit a complete application for the issuance. However, it is generally more straightforward than standard credit card applications. Receiving the pre-approval offer means you have cleared the first screening step for card allocation. Most applications need your social security number, employment status, mailing address, any monthly rent or mortgage payment, and your total annual income.

These pre-approved cards generally come up in two kinds; secured and unsecured. You can apply for secured cards with a high credit score and an excellent credit history. However, you can apply for unsecured cards if you have a deteriorating score and financial history. Unsecured cards usually have higher annual fees, security deposits, and annual percentage rates.

Furthermore, credit cards with pre-approval have numerous benefits and easy availability. A limited credit line by the company will help you rebuild your credit profile. The primary screening for these cards does not bring down your score. It is also a great way to save cash.

If you pay your monthly payment on time, companies offer you several bonuses, rewards, and other financial perks.

Due to hundreds of different money issuing companies available on the internet, it is hard to find the right one. Fortunately, we have listed the top five best companies offering pre-approval credit cards with the highest approval odds to help you choose the best credit card company.

List of Top 5 Best Pre-Approved Credit Cards

Here is our list of the top 5 best companies offering pre-approval credit cards.

  1. First Access Visa Card– Overall Best Credit Card With Pre-approval, Editor’s Pick
  2. FIT Platinum Mastercard– Premium Card With Higher Credit Limit
  3. Indigo Card– Best Card With Excellent Designs
  4. Milestone Gold Mastercard–  Top Pick For Guaranteed Approval For Bad Credit
  5. Destiny Mastercard– Most Recommended Unsecured Card For Beginners

#1. First Access Visa Card– Overall Best Credit Card With Pre-Approval

The First Access Visa Credit Card is designed for people with bad credit records to rebuild their credit. The First Access Card is an unsecured card built especially for people who need some financial space to repair their credit.

Issued by the Bank of Missouri, the First Access Visa card is an actual credit card and is completely legit. It deposits and sends your monthly credit report to all three major credit bureaus. The Bank of Missouri has a clear-cut privacy policy regarding card consumer data sharing, which you can quickly check on their website.

Apart from that, you can get a pre-approved First Access Visa credit card through an effortless and straightforward procedure. You must fill out the application form on their website to apply for the card. The application includes basic things like your personal income, mailing address, employment status, phone number, full name, email address, social security number, etc. Moreover, having perfect credit is not necessary for a First Access Visa card, and you can get your card approved even if other platforms decline.


Card Acceptability Across USA: A sound card allows you to perform day-to-day transactions anytime and anywhere. As it said, the First Access Visa credit card is acceptable all over the USA.

Since it is a Visa card, you can use it while shopping, paying a bill at a restaurant, purchasing movie tickets, and even for online shopping and transactions. The First Access Visa card is accepted at millions of ATMs and brand stores both online and nationwide.

Premium Card Designs: Nowadays, people try to customize every gadget according to their desire and personality. People also like to customize the design of their bank cards. Some people like their cards in traditional and simple colors, while others prefer multi-color card designs. Some people like their bank card designs to show off their personality. The First Access card provides multiple card designs and colors to choose the best for you. Whatever card design you need, you can get it from First Access cards.

Secured Website: Applying for a credit card can be lengthy and exhausting. Many credit card issuers and banks require you to fill out long application forms and provide personal identification proofs along with background check reports. Providing all this information, people are concerned about the security and safety of their data.

However, the First Access card has a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it easy to apply for a card. Apart from that, the company also has a secure information protection system to ensure the safety of your data.

Quick and Responsive Customer Service: Fast response matters a lot when it comes to customer care services. The First Access card has 24/7 online customer support service to answer consumers’ queries.

Apart from that, the company also claims a speedy response to your online card application. You can get a response within 60 seconds of your online application submission.


  • Does not require a collateral deposit
  • Reports to all leading credit agencies
  • Pre-qualification offers are available
  • Acceptable all over the US
  • Straightforward online application


  • One-time starting fee
  • High annual percentage rates (APR)

=> Click here to visit the official website of First Access Card

#2. FIT Platinum Mastercard– Premium Card With Higher Credit Limit

The FIT Mastercard by Continental Finance is a solution to your financial problems. This card can be helpful to people with bad or limited credit histories to repair and rebuild their credit. The FIT credit card can be equally beneficial for people who want to establish good credits or re-establish their good financial history.

The FIT Mastercard charges a one-time activation fee at the time of account opening and an annual fee along with some monthly charges. Moreover, on the downside, this card does not offer rewards or other financial perks.

Furthermore, the FIT card is an authentic Mastercard, acceptable everywhere in the US. Moreover, the card is accepted at millions of ATMs nationwide and for online transactions. You can make your everyday purchases anywhere and anytime using the FIT Mastercard.


Double Your Credit Limit in Six Months: The FIT Mastercard allows you to increase or double your credit limit within six months of its activation. If you want to double your credit limit, you must pay your first six months’ payments on time. This card motivates its user to do better with their credits by offering an increase in their payment limit. You need to consistently pay on-time payments, maintenance fees, and first-time application fees every month to increase your credit limit.

Data Protection: The Continental Finance Company has a safe security system that people can rely on. Moreover, the company’s website is designed with data encryption to protect your personal information from cyberattacks. According to ‘own proprietary website rules,’ the company is obliged to keep your information confidential, and you have the right to get your provided information back at any time.

The company uses 128-bit data encryption technology to ensure the security of your personal information when you use their website or apps. You can verify that by checking a lock symbol in your web browser’s upper left corner.

Monthly Reporting to Credit Bureau: Another good thing about the FIT card is that the company sends your credit report to all main credit agencies every month. These bureaus include the main three bureaus of America; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Reporting to these consumer reporting agencies may positively impact your credit score and history. It allows you to add constructive credit information to your credit report, making any negative information look less significant. To take full advantage of this opportunity, make sure to pay your monthly payments on time and keep your spending balance below your credit limit.

Minimum Credit Required: To apply and get a standard card, you must have at least a good credit score with excellent credit history. Banks usually conduct a hard check on your credit history to determine your eligibility for the card. However, some issuers offer pre-approved credit cards to those with bad or no credit. One such card is the FIT platinum card which you can get even with poor credit.

Bank Account Required: Like many other major issuers, the FIT card also requires its consumers to have an active bank account for monthly payments of bills on their credit card account.


  • No security deposit required
  • Does not require a healthy credit record
  • Credit limit doubled after six months
  • Reports to main credit agencies


  • No rewards or bonuses
  • On-time fees required

=> Click here to visit the official website of FIT Mastercard

#3. Indigo Card– Best Card With Excellent Designs

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is an excellent option if you are building a credit score and if you want to add positive information to your credit record. The Indigo Card charges you annual fees, which is worth paying as it is the best emergency credit card that helps you to repair your credit.

In addition, the Indigo Card is equally helpful for students and people with no credits. People with bankruptcies can also apply for the Indigo Card as it does not require a credit check. Even though this card has no rewards and bonuses, it is a great option to borrow some money for emergency use.

Apart from that, the Indigo Card is available with both pre-approved and pre-qualified offers. This pre-approval card does not affect your credit scores. Moreover, the application process is simple and requires minimum information to get a card.


Provides Opportunity to Reconstruct Credit: The primary focus of the Indigo Credit Card is to help you reconstruct your credit. A bad credit record can hinder your financial growth and connectivity in society. The Indigo Mastercard Card helps you improve your credit history by sending a positive credit report to the major credit bureaus.

Moreover, Indigo does not require you to submit a security deposit to activate it. Unlike many other credit cards, you don’t have to add money to your Indigo Card account to make it safe for your day-to-day use.

Link Card for Authorized-User: The Indigo Platinum Mastercard allows you to link your account with multiple cards. You can join an authorized user to your Indigo Card account without any charges.

The authorized user can get a card with their name printed on it and perform transactions using your credit line. The user-authorized card has a direct linkage to your credit account. When you have two cards linked with one account, you must pay card payments of both cards and all the other purchases made from them.

Pre-approval With a Soft Inquiry: The Indigo Card’s pre-approval process allows you to check if you have a high chance of getting approved for the card. The company sends you pre-approval emails after a soft credit inquiry to let you know if you are eligible for the card.

Knowing that you are qualified for the card, you can submit the issuance request to get your card. Knowing that pre-approval doesn’t mean you’re already qualified is essential. The company is sometimes quite specific about eligibility requirements. The company may still conduct a hard credit inquiry to determine your eligibility.

User-Friendly Interface: Many companies’ online application for cards is lengthy and confusing, which can also be time-consuming. However, the Indigo Mastercard has one of the most straightforward application processes. Additionally, their website is easy to use. Even the first-timers can easily understand the interface and proceed with the application process. The process of applying for the card takes a few minutes.


  • No need to submit a security deposit
  • Pre-qualification without a hard check
  • Sends reports to three major credit bureaus
  • Speedy and responsive application process


  • Relatively low credit limit
  • No bonuses

=> Click here to visit the official website of Indigo Card

#4. Milestone Gold Mastercard– Top Pick For Guaranteed Approval For Bad Credit

If your credit is less than stellar and you need to rebuild it, smart use of a credit card can help improve your credit situation. The Milestone Gold Mastercard can be an excellent option for improving your credits and achieving financial stability.

The Milestone Mastercard is an unsecured card for those who need credit without submitting a security deposit. It is an excellent way to boost your finances. Moreover, qualifying for a Milestone card is significantly easier than other cards available in the market.

In addition to its easy approval, the Milestone Mastercard is beneficial in handling emergency expenses. Additionally, this card has lower fees than many other credit cards available in the market.


Fraud Protection: It is a fact that your bank cards can get stolen or can be lost. If you lose your card, it is essential to ensure it is secure and locked. Therefore, choosing a card that promises full-fledged security protection is crucial.

The Milestone Mastercard provides complete fraud protection for stolen or lost cards. It protects your money within the card.

Limited Spending Power: Another feature of Milestone Mastercard is that it allows you to spend limited monthly credit. The limited spending allowed can have both negative and positive impacts on you.

It can hinder you from spending more than your needs and saves you from damaging your credit score. On the other hand, the amount given may not be enough to satisfy your financial needs, and you may have to get installment loans.

Low Feeses as Compared to Other Cards: Most card issuing companies and banks charge you hefty amounts of fees for credit card services. However, the Milestone Mastercard does not demand you to pay monthly or one-time activation fees.

Milestone card only charges an annual fee which is also less than many other cards. Moreover, you can upgrade to a cheaper card after one year of consistent payments.

Best Unsecured Card Available: It is pertinent to mention that no unsecured plastic money is all that good. However, Milestone Mastercard is better than the other unsecured cards available if you need a credit card for your emergency expenses.

In addition to its effectiveness in emergencies, the Milestone card is an excellent choice if you have deteriorating credit. The company does not conduct a hard inquiry of your financial record if you are eligible for the pre-approval card.


  • No monthly or activation fees
  • Relatively low annual percentage rates
  • Helps in reconstructing credit
  • Does not require a complex background check
  • Available even for bankrupts


  • Balance transfers are not allowed
  • Do not offer authorized-user card

=> Click here to visit the official website of Milestone Card

#5. Destiny Mastercard– Most Recommended Unsecured Card For Beginners

Destiny Mastercard can be your best financial partner to help you move forward even if you acquire lousy credit history. It is issued by Genesis Financial Solutions company of America. Genesis Financial Solutions and their other cards offer Destiny Mastercard with pre-approval and pre-qualified offers.

Destiny Mastercard is an unsecured credit card that can help you repair your credit. It reports to the US’s three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian) about your financial situation and progress. This way, it helps add positive information to your finance record to improve your score.

You can also get your pre-approved Destiny Mastercard through a straightforward application procedure. To apply online for the card, you must fill out the online application form on their website. Moreover, it is not necessary to have perfect credit to apply for a Destiny card; you can get your card approved even if your financial situation is not stable.


Multiple Card Designs: Destiny Card has a privilege over many other cards regarding colorful card designs. The company offers this card in various designs and colors. You can get a design of your choice after the card’s approval.

You can also ask the company to customize your card according to your design choice. Your Destiny Mastercard can reflect your personality if you customize it according to your choice.

Higher Credit Limit: The Destiny card provides its cardholders with a higher credit limit than many other cards. However, this increased limit does not mean you can immediately spend the available amount, and it comes with some spending limitations.

Pre-qualification Without Hurting Your Credit: If you’ve received pre-qualify offers from Destiny, it means the company has already conducted a soft check of your background without affecting your credit. A soft check does not affect your score.

However, if you apply for a Mastercard, the company may run a hard inquiry of your credit to see if you’re eligible for the card. A hard inquiry usually hurts your score temporarily.

Rewards and Bonuses: Unfortunately, the Destiny Mastercard does not offer rewards and perks over its use. However, it is significantly helpful in emergencies.


  • Send finance reports to major credit agencies
  • Data security
  • No need for security fees
  • It helps improve the financial situation


  • High APR and feeses
  • No perks or benefits

=> Click here to visit the official website of Milestone Card

How We Made Our List

Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to get instant cash, especially if you have a bad credit score or history. These cards provide financial aid to millions of consumers in a state of emergency.

Due to dozens of different cards available in the market today, it is hard to find the right one. Moreover, the wrong card will only worsen your financial situation. Fortunately, there is no need to worry, as we have analyzed dozens of credit cards to come up with a list of the best pre-approved credit cards.

While making our list, we considered various aspects like monthly fees, annual fees, security deposit requirements, annual percentage rate (APR), and other benefits credit card issuers offer.

What We Looked For

We looked for the following vital factors while compiling our list of the best pre-approved credit cards:

  • Annual Fee: Most credit cards charge you a yearly fee. You have to pay this fee along with the total amount of the bill and the annual interest rate (APR) applicable on your purchases. While adding credit card issuer companies to our list, we looked for the companies with low yearly fees.
  • Transparent and Quick Pre-Approval Process: People use credit cards for easy and quick financial solutions. However, if a card issuing company has a long pre-approval process, the card might not offer any solution to financial problems. This lengthy procedure can be a nightmare if you need a card in much less time. We selected companies whose pre-approval process was simple and quick. Moreover, we also searched for the company’s requirements for the card to ensure transparency in service. We only added companies with transparent processes and requirements.
  • Annual Interest Rate: The yearly interest rate is the interest you pay to the bank or credit card issuer for the borrowed money. You have to pay an annual percentage rate on the card if you don’t pay off your monthly bill. We preferred adding companies with low-interest rates and easy-to-understand APR policies to protect you from scams and negative impact on your credit score.
  • Benefits and Rewards Programs: Most pre-approved card companies offer you multiple rewards and benefits throughout their activation period. However, knowing which company is offering legitimate rewards is vital.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider While Choosing Pre-approved Credit Card

The internet is full of such companies offering pre-authorized credit cards. While some companies are legit, some scam companies are still in the market. Knowing which company is right for you before ordering a card is essential.

You may be wondering the most crucial things one should remember while choosing a pre-approved card. Luckily, we have assembled some of the most important guiding factors to remember while selecting a pre-authorized card.

  • Issuer’s Reputation and Credibility

When you request a card, the credit card issuer typically takes other factors into account. It conducts a hard inquiry or what’s known as a “hard pull” on your credit report to determine if you are eligible for the card or not. These hard inquiries can affect your credit scores temporarily.

However, multiple issuers offer pre-approval processes that allow you to avoid hard credit inquiries. These issuers run a ‘soft’ credit check to look at your credit information and eligibility for getting a card. Soft credit inquiries do not affect your scores.

When you apply for a card, remember your credit score and history to determine which type of issuer is best for you. If you have a low credit score and a bad record, we advise you to opt for the one which runs soft credit checks.

  • Reporting to Credit Bureau 

Since most prepaid cards do not include borrowing money, they are not affiliated with credit agencies and do not report them. A credit card cannot improve your credit score if the issuer does not report your payment activity to the bureaus.

There are three major credit bureaus in America: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. You should select the card that reports your payment activity to at least one credit bureau. Choosing a card that reports to all three bureaus is even better.

If your card issuer regularly reports your payments, the consistent credit payments will show up on your report over time and can help improve your credit score. You should always consider choosing that card that allows you to boost your credit score and history.

  • Card Acceptability

It is essential to know that some stores and restaurants only accept cards from specific companies. However, a card from a good company is acceptable in various locations.

You should always check the card acceptability before applying for any card and the affiliation of the issuer with different transaction networks. Always select the card that you can use in various places.

  • Chances to Upgrade

Some secured card issuers allow you to upgrade to an unsecured card after a good payment behavior of several months. You don’t have to open a new account to apply for credit graduation once your credit improves.

Opening and closing new bank accounts for a card can damage your credit scores and undo your hard work. You should always opt for a card that allows you unlimited easy-upgrading opportunities.

FAQs About Pre-Approved Credit Cards

  1. What is the difference between pre-approved and pre-qualified credit cards?

The issuers often use two specific terms, “pre-approved” and “pre-qualified,” in the emails sent to consumers. The difference between them is unclear and can confuse someone applying for the first time. However, card issuing companies often use these terms interchangeably; there is a thin distinction between them.

A pre-approved offer suggests that the company has run a credit check on you and given you a green signal for card approval. It is essential to know that a pre-approval offer is not a confirmation message from the company; you still need to apply for the card formally. When you formally apply for the card, a creditor may conduct a background check to know whether the income stated in your application comes from a separate maintenance income, alimony, or child support.

A pre-qualified offer suggests that the company has initialized your credit information and determined that you’re eligible to apply for the card. Pre-qualification means you have a better chance of getting card approval if you formally apply.

  1. Can I get a pre-authorized credit card with bad credit?

A credit card is an economic instrument that allows you to use the money you have not yet acquired. Applying for a prepaid card with bad credits increases the risk of failing to pay back your credit amount.

To apply for a standard cash card, you must have a high credit score or a specific annual income to get your application approved. However, there are some companies that offer cards to people with bad credit.

You can get a card with low credit, but you will have minimal choices when choosing the card type and monthly balance. If you have a low fico score, between 300 to 499, you still have card options like the First Access Visa cards, Chase credit cards, Blue cash everyday card, Indigo Card, Discover credit cards, and capital one credit cards.

  1. What is an excellent Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a credit card?

A good APR is one that is at or below the steady average interest rate applicable to the card balance. Your APR for the card generally depends upon the current situation of your credit.

If you have good credit, you can get a card at or below the average interest rate. But if you have bad credit, you are likely to get a card with a higher than average annual percentage rate.

  1. What are the advantages of pre-approved cards?

A Pre-authorized credit card provides you with multiple benefits. First of all, you don’t need to search for a potential card as the lender offers you a card. You may attract issuers with great card benefits and rewards if you acquire good credit.

Second, cards with pre-approval usually require a soft credit check which doesn’t affect your score. However, you should carefully choose the card-issuing company to ensure the safety of your credit score.

Third, card companies also provide you with the opportunity to rebuild your credit. Paying your credit payments on time will show up on your credit report and help improve your credit score. However, always avoid such companies with high-interest rates as it can become difficult for you to pay the bills on time.

  1. Can I do a balance transfer with bad credit?

Unfortunately, you can only get a card with a balance transfer feature if you have a high credit score and a clear history. If your score is low, you will not be able to get a card with a low-interest rate or with a feature to do a balance transfer.

A card with a balance transfer feature allows you to obtain lines of credit from other bank accounts. Through this service, both the issuer and the customer can get benefits related to business and finance.

If you have a low credit but still want to get a card with a balance transfer feature, a personal loan may be a favorable option for you. Or, you can also speak to a credit counselor to get help to pay your debts and improve your credit score.

  1. Do pre-approved offers affect my credit score?

Before offering a pre-approval card, issuers take into other factors like your income. They conduct a soft check of your credit, but that check does not affect your credit score. If you accept the offer and apply for the card, the financial institutions will run a hard inquiry of your credit, which can temporarily lower your credit score.

Therefore, checking your credit report and history before applying for any pre-authorized card is crucial. You should also understand the terms and conditions of a company to know how bad it will affect your scores.

Sometimes card companies have some hidden rules and charges, which can be problematic for your credit and your ability to pay the credit bills. Therefore, it is crucial to know the annual fee, interest rates, and any hidden charges before applying.

  1. How can I get a pre-approved credit card?

Getting a pre-authorized card is easy as pie. All you need to do is fill out the application form at the bank. After conducting basic background checks, the bank will inform you if your application was approved or not. You will receive your card a few days after the approval of your application.

Fortunately, you can also apply online for the card using the bank’s online portal or any of the companies mentioned in our list. You don’t need to go to the bank and do all the hassle when you can apply from your phone or laptop.

  1. In how much time can I get an already approved credit card?

Getting approved for the card and getting your card are two different things. Application approval usually takes three to seven days, depending upon the rules and regulations of an issuer. Some companies automatically approve your online application after conducting a soft background check. If you have a meager credit score, an issuer can manually review your application and run a hard check, which can take time.

Once your card application is approved, it usually takes five to 14 business days to deliver your card via mail. It is essential to check the approval time of a company before applying for the card, as the time may vary from company to company.

Conclusion: Which Should Be Your Choice For A Credit Card?

The internet is full of pre-approved credit card companies, and the numbers are increasing day by day. However, not all of those companies offer cards that can satisfy your financial needs. Knowing which card is best for your needs is crucial before applying for one.

Most card issuers have incredibly high-interest rates or hidden charges that they add with monthly and yearly payments. However, the cards mentioned in this article are some of the best credit cards available with pre-approved offers and pre-qualified offers. The cards listed in this article not only provide you with the best credit deals but also allow you to improve your score.

We also included our buying guide, which outlines key factors that you should consider when choosing pre-approved credit cards. We hope this article was helpful in understanding credit cards with pre-approval and pre-qualification offers, and now you can choose your card more efficiently.

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