SARMs, the selective androgen receptor modulators, are the go-to for many people to build lean muscle. The FDA disapproves SARMs, and these compounds are illegal research chemicals primarily for other purposes. The FDA bans some, and all have substantial safety concerns.

Thus, many popular SARMs for sale have alternatives. This legal and safer option makes room for the supplement SARMs industry.

SARMs are for cutting and bulking. They have been in business for over a decade. They are popular in this niche among users and media fitness sites as one of the best SARMs companies in the market.

We like the information on supplements and their ingredients. Also, we prefer to see brands showing how these work and making information available for everyone. This article highlights safe and quality products from a reputable SARMs company.

Our Top 6 Picks For The Best Sarms Brand For Muscle Building

  1. Testol 140 – Overall Best SARMs For Bulking, Editor’s Choice
  2. Ligan 4033 – Highly Recommended Supplement For Muscle Building
  3. C-Dine 501516 – Most Popular Bodybuilding SARMs For Cutting Fat
  4. Stena 9009 – Best Premium & Supreme Quality Supplement For Cutting And Building Stamina
  5. Osta 2866 – Best SARMs Brand For Muscular Strength
  6. Ibuta 677 – Trusted Anabolic Steroids For Building Muscle 

#1. Testol 140 – Overall Best SARMs For Bulking, Editor’s Choice

Testolene is a popular product among users seeking male enhancement pills. Testolene, referred to as RAD – 140, was initially a part of research chemicals for breast cancer and muscle waste treatment. Still, before its legal release, it already served as one of the top products in the market for bodybuilders.

CrazyBulk offers a Testol 140, a healthier and all-natural alternative to this chemical. CrazyBulk terms it the ‘Strength and Energy’ supplement. Testol 140 contains a combination of key ingredients that is dynamic, efficient, and able to give you the result and gains of Testolene. Its natural composition makes it less harsh to work, increasing its long- and short-term safety.

It is one of the best SARMs for sale that helps with bulking as it helps build lean muscle mass without interfering with other hormone receptors. Thus, it increases rapid gains safely.


Ingredients: Testol 140 combines nine compounds to give its famed effects. These are magnesium (375 mg) and zinc (10 mg) in the form of zinc citrate. It contains Vitamin (1.4 mg) and vitamin D3 (5 mcg). Conjugated Linoleic acid CLA (1200 mg), which is famed for its testosterone boost, has been proven in many small studies.

Testol also uses fenugreek 4:1 (400 mg) and KSM-66 Ashwagandha 12:1 (300 mg) herbal extracts for their various benefits. Fenugreek may help improve muscle anabolism, energy, and focus.

It contains Ashwagandha, a common hormonal supplement to aid testosterone production.

SENACTIV (50 mg) and pomegranate (300 mg) for their abilities to enhance blood flow from powerful antioxidants. Also, it helps to fight fatigue and improve T_levels.

Benefits: The potential benefits you get from using this product are far-reaching as it works for overall body development and efficiency. It reduces muscle waste and improves your body’s recovery time and metabolism rate.

This increased metabolism, in turn, makes it burns fat faster, helping reveal lean muscle and providing sustained energy. It increases natural testosterone levels. The benefits that come with it. Testol 140 gives you the strength and endurance to power through your high-intensity workouts.

Dosing: Testol 140 is essentially a pre-workout dietary supplement. As capsules, SARMs are easy to dose compared to their liquid form in injectable SARMs. Take four capsules with water 30 to 45 minutes before your training routine. Take this time to allow it to come into effect before you start.

Is your weight lifting in the evenings? Then, take it at that time. Do the same in the mornings or anytime else. However, you should not exceed once in 24 hours. As with any dietary supplement, it takes time to see the results. Testol 140 requires you to take it for two to three months to see the best results.


  • Boosts testosterone naturally
  • Wide range of benefits
  • Fast effects
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Does not require a prescription
  • Easy to dose


  • First-time users may experience mild abdominal or stomach discomfort

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Testol 140

#2. Ligan 4033 – Highly Recommended Supplement For Muscle Building

Ligandrol, termed LGD-4033, is considered one of the best SARMs for use by many. It works as a strength improver and muscle mass form. This supplement is especially helpful if you are beyond your 20s. However, it poses serious health risks, especially with prolonged use. For example, it can prevent the body from producing natural testosterone.

Ligan 4033 is CrazyBulk’s alternative for this top SARM. Coined the SARM for bulking and lean muscle by the brand, it tailors to enhancing your muscular gains naturally. Among the SARMs alternatives from CrazyBulk, this works the mildest and probably the friendliest for new users.

The ingredients improve natural testosterone levels and are helpful for overall body enhancement without side effects associated with Ligandrol like T-suppression or insane headaches. It lifts up the total testosterone in your body and gives you more energy, stamina, and endurance.


Ingredients: The ingredient combination of this all-natural alternative is rare but efficient. It composes of six elements, three of which are very popularly used in supplements;

Vitamin D3 (5 mcg), added in the form of cholecalciferol, has been linked to lower T-levels when deficient. Beetroot 10:1 extract (400 mg) improves the width of blood vessels, and there is caffeine anhydrous (150 mg) that supports energy levels. Other ingredients are VitaCholine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, and Schisandra 10:1 extract.

Benefits: It is a very good bulking SARM and gives excellent effects for muscle strength. It increases stamina, energy, and endurance. It also helps lift T-levels naturally and improve the body’s recovery rate. Ligan 4033 are the perfect SARMs to build muscle mass.

Dosing: Its ingredients are carefully combined and measured for daily dosing. You should take four capsules a few minutes (20 mins) before your first meal of the day.

We recommend you to take it after meals. The brand recommends dosing for two to three months to gain optimal results.


  • Great bulking gains
  • Improve T-levels
  • New user friendly
  • No side effects
  • High-quality product


  • Contains caffeine
  • Requires daily use

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Ligan 4033

#3. C-Dine 501516 – Most Popular Bodybuilding SARMs For Cutting Fat

Cardirine is also termed GW-501516. While classified as selective androgen receptor modulators, it is more of a performance booster. Thus, how it works and the results differ a bit. It works as a PPAR(Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor). Therefore, its effects tailor mostly to strength enhancement than to muscle mass gain. While promising, unfortunately, it is one of the illegal research chemicals with adverse severe effects risks. Some clinical studies infer its potential to stimulate and increase the growth of cancer tumors, for example.

CrazyBulk offers a natural alternative to this in C-Dine 501516. It is an excellent product to manage body fat and improve weight. It works by firing up the body’s metabolism, significantly increasing the rate at which it burns stored fat. The burn serves as an excellent source of that extra energy you require. Simultaneously, it makes you look more lean and cut.

CrazyBulk adequately terms this supplement as the best for cutting and energy. You should use it when working out harshly and long as it keeps your body’s energy levels and provides recovery.


Ingredients: C-Dine contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. There are a total of 11 elements in C-Dine 501516. They are: vitamin C (80 mg), B2 (1.4 mg), B6 (1.4 mg), A (800 mcg). Also, there is Iodine (150 mcg).

It adds InnoSlim (250 mg) for its weight loss functions and Capsimax (100 mg) for extra body heat to burn body fat. It also contains chromium (40 mcg), Southern Ginseng (550 mg), iron (16 mg), and choline (400 mg) to improve body performance.

Benefits: As a performance booster, it improves the overall body functioning and athletic capabilities. Its primary use lies in fat shedding. The product helps you lose body fat and weight fast. It shows better muscle definition and boosts energy. Your stamina and body’s endurance also improve.

Dosing: You should take C-Dine daily for the continuous result. Like Ligan 4033, take four capsules 20 mins before your first meal of the day. Two months of consistent use will ensure solid results and effects.


  • High weight loss benefits
  • Top cutting SARM
  • Fires up metabolism
  • Fast results
  • It does not require a prescription


  • Little to no effect on T-levels and lean muscle
  • Requires constant, daily use

⇒ Visit the Official Website of C-Dine 501516

#4. Stena 9009 – Best Premium & Supreme Quality Supplement For Cutting And Building Stamina

Stenabolic, also termed SR9009, is SARM from research by Thomas Burris of Scripps Research Institute to increase max bioavailability (REV-ERB). It works by increasing the body’s circadian rhythm. This leads to many health and fitness benefits. Still, its illegality and adverse effects place it at the same level as anabolic steroids.

As a better alternative, CrazyBulk uses an all-natural formula for Stena 9009. It serves similar functions but legally and safely. It works by increasing the body’s ATP activity and metabolism rate by combining its key ingredients.

Thus, the overall body base functions improve from metabolism to mood to available energy. The fast fat burning rate also means those developing lean muscles will be clear cut and visible in a short time. It also means there is an extra energy fuel for boosted stamina.


Ingredients: It contains the mineral Magnesium in the form of magnesium oxide (375 mg), Vitamins C (80 mg) and B3 (16 mg), and three essential amino acids; Alpha-lipoic acid (600 mg), L-carnitine (600 mg), and L-Citrulline (600 mg). It also contains Beetroot extract (200 mg) to improve your blood flow and Capsimax powder (100 mg) to use its capsaicin heat.

Benefits: Stena 9009 ingredients combine to give you the best results for that clear-cut muscle definition and energy. It benefits your metabolism rate, increasing blood flow and fat burn. The higher energy and endurance levels ensure you don’t tire as quickly when training.

Dosing: When dosing actual SR9009 SARMs, there is a need for regular and increasing doses with each cycle. However, this is not a problem or measure to consider for Stena 9009. CrazyBulk states four capsules at most per day.

This dose has been measured to be a perfect amount for the body daily. The capsules should be swallowed with water 30 to 45 minutes before your exercise routine to give them enough time to take effect. While you may start noticing results from a few weeks to a month, giving it three months to work is best.


  • Great cutting benefits
  • Positively affects appetite
  • Improves metabolism
  • Easy to dose
  • Good quality


  • Contributes little to muscle development
  • New users may experience mild headaches at the initial stages

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Stena 9009

#5. Osta 2866 – Best SARMs Brand For Muscular Strength

Ostarine is also referred to as MK-2866. It works as an imitation of the male hormone testosterone; thus, these SARMs give similar effects. It attaches to specific and controlled androgen receptors, triggering the protein’s growth and retainment.

Osta 2866 is a healthier alternative to this research chemical, and its constituents work together to give similar results. These results are, of course, without the many adverse effects.

It is a good option for those lacking endogenous testosterone levels or who want to amp its amount and effects. Osta 2866 is a perfect alternative SARM to boost athletic capabilities and prevent wasting muscle mass while increasing the body’s energy.

It may require heavy sports like weight lifting to amass those muscles for best use. Since it also helps push at your limitations, it is perfect for high-intensity routines.


Ingredients: Magnesium (375 mg), Zinc (10 mg), Southern Ginseng (550 mg), Fennel 4:1 extract (400 mg), Cinnamon 30:1 extract (200 mg), and Reishi Mushroom Extract (200 mg) are all common minerals and herbal ingredients common to many supplements. However, their unique combination, in addition to Salacia (600 mg), gives excellent benefits that rival pure SARMs.

Benefits: Osta 2866 increases lean muscle, burns fat, and increases body testosterone. It improves energy levels, body strength, and muscle size.

Dosing: For extra energy, stamina and recovery, take four pills with water about half an hour before lifting. Do this consistently for the best noticeable results from a few weeks to 2-3 months.


  • Great weight loss benefits
  • Does not require constant dosing
  • Combines both bulking and cutting
  • Improves testosterone


  • Some users have reported having insomnia linked with ginseng

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Osta 2866

#6. Ibuta 677 – Trusted Anabolic Steroids For Building Muscle 

Ibutamoren, also known as MK-677, has a very peculiar SARM structure. Its principal function is to enhance the HGH, which is the Human Growth Hormone production. It improves total athletic performance and puts the user in a better state of mind. It works in the same way as the hunger hormone- ghrelin. However, it is illegal and has devastating adverse effects, especially on those with diabetic risks.

CrazyBulk, one of the best SARMs suppliers, offers an all-natural alternative in Ibuta 677. It has a significant edge over its steroid opposite as it has very little or non-existent effects on hormone levels.

While it still stimulates the production of HGH, it does so safely and naturally. Thus, there is little to no risk of hormonal complications or dysfunction. Its key ingredients boost muscle growth while improving focus and the body’s recovery.


Ingredients: It contains Zinc (10 mg) in the form of zinc citrate and Vitamin B5 (6 mg) as its mineral ingredients. Its formula boasts many amino acids that the body requires in appropriate amounts. These acids help promote recovery and direct muscle formation. The other components are necessary for improving and sustaining energy levels.

It contains L-Arginine HCL (550 mg), L-Glutamine (500 mg), L-Lysine HCL (450 mg), L-Tyrosine (400 mg), L-Ornithine HCL (100 mg), and Glycine (500 mg).

Benefits: Ibuta 677 improves mood and mental focus for the right state of mind during your workouts. It may enhance cognitive function and memory and boost appetite. It stimulates HGH production for rapid muscle gains and improves body strength and recovery.

Dosing: With MK 677’s use, there are restrictions. These are for any persons who are sensitive to insulin or have diabetes. It can cause harmful side effects like worsening symptoms and insulin resistance. However, when taken in its specified dosage, this natural alternative, Ibuta 677, has none of these side effects.

Take four capsules with water about half an hour before training. It works best when you keep it consistently for two to three months. It is a pre-workout supplement, so its use may not be daily.


  • Little effect on body hormones
  • Rapid muscles builder
  • Positively boost mentality
  • Daily use is not compulsory


  • May cause sharp increases in appetite
  • Little to no impact on weight

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Ibuta 677

How We Made This List Of The Best SARMs Brand?

With careful selection and consideration, we selected CrazyBulk as our best SARMs company based on the following criteria.

What We Looked For?

  • Product Range And Consistency: How extensive is their product range, and how consistent are they regarding quality? With a comprehensive product range, a broader set of people will find it easy to access the products they want. Also, when the offer is consistent, it becomes a regular stop for buyers. They trust the brand and know that what they get will be good. This makes the decision process less risky and more manageable.
  • Brand Reputation: Good products come from good brands. We checked the overall brand history, reputation, and certain similar products. We considered their values and if they take safety in high regard. In addition, we checked their standing in the industry and consumers’ trust to determine the brands’ value. The better the reputation, the higher the reliability.
  • Ingredients: No SARM is inherently the same. They all have varying constituents and give different benefits. However, these should all have research backing. Also, they must be transparent and available so that users can scrutinize them. We selected brands that featured only natural ingredients that are legal globally for their supplements.

CrazyBulk has no synthetic medications or components, preservatives, or dyes. Also, it does not contain steroids, so you can purchase it anywhere without restrictions. The supplements are 100% legal and contain natural compounds. Apart from the main compounds, there are several herbal extracts and vitamins. Science backs these and refers to them as improvers of body functions and overall health. All in all, it is a mix of minerals, vitamins, and herbs.

  • Customer Reviews: We wanted to know if the brand followed its claims. We read the opinions of users of the product who leave reviews. These show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, which tells a lot about a product. We chose a brand whose products observe high user praise and overall satisfaction.
  • Side Effects: A common fear of purchasing fitness supplements are their side effects. We checked to ensure the brand we chose had no adverse effects. There are no reports of side effects for CrazyBulk SARMs’ as all its ingredients have a natural base.

Athletes, bodybuilders, etc., can thus use it without much worry. There are cases, however, where your body may be allergic to a particular ingredient which you should check before buying.

  • Safety: We chose CrazyBulk for its safety index compared to many other options on the market and steroids.  Although it is not FDA-approved, this is a product of a regulated facility. It has premium quality ingredients that go through third-party testing. The brand is also very transparent about itself and its SARMs.
  • Consumer Policy: Potential customers may wonder if they offer returns or a money-back guarantee. We chose CrazyBulk because they are friendly to customers, too. Its policies show confidence in its products. Attached to each SARM product is a 14-day return policy for defective or damaged goods. And a 60-days money-back guarantee. You can get a refund on purchases within this two-month window if unsatisfied with the product.

This policy is advantageous and helps users purchase more confidently as there is a low risk of cheating. It is a global brand, so you can buy it from anywhere and get international shipping. It is important to mention that your orders get 100% free worldwide. As a plus, there are bundle discounts you can take advantage of and access an online community and forums.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying SARMs Supplement? 

CrazyBulk offers many SARM supplements that can be difficult to select from, especially if you are a new user. Below are a few things to consider to make better purchasing decisions. This guide also applies to other SARMs vendors.

  • Purpose

The key to finding the right SARM for you is knowing what benefits you want from it. What are your fitness and bodybuilding goals? The products each have an area it shines the most. For example, products focusing on high muscle gains or increase in strength differ from those focusing on weight loss or cutting.

  • Lifestyle

It is also essential to take your lifestyle and routine into consideration. Choose a SARMs product that suits these. While some act as a pre-workout supplement and thus may only be necessary for when you intend to do a routine, some require a daily dosage as a diet pill.

  • Medications

This alternative supplement does not require a prescription due to its natural constituents. However, we recommend checking in with your doctor before beginning a supplement. This advice applies to anyone who is on other drugs. Please refrain from using alongside without checking with a doctor, especially alongside other SARMs or hormonal drugs. Reckless use can lead to dire consequences.

Also, check who can use a product before purchase and who should refrain from doing so in case you fall into the category. These products are for men and women who are 18 and older, and they are also not for pregnant and nursing mothers.

  • High-Quality SARMs

You can observe this from the SARMs suppliers, ingredients, and user opinions from reviews. Check on the brand of the product and its reputation in this niche. A quick google search can help with that. What do news, reputable media sites, and unpaid reviews say about their services?

Checking users’ opinions is also a quick way to ascertain if the SARMs alternative does what it says. You can also infer possible side effects from the experiences of those who have used it before.

From the ingredient sections of CrazyBulk SARMs reviews, you can see a few repeating common ingredients, like vitamins, some amino acids, herbs like beetroot and ginseng, and minerals like Magnesium and Zinc. While in varying amounts, SARMs suppliers add them because clinical studies have repeatedly proven their effects in different areas. In choosing natural, high-quality SARM alternatives, you can always keep an eye out for them.

  • Customer Policy

It is established that many SARM providers sell defective alternatives with unwanted effects and some with none. It is vital to have a safety net for your money. SARM supplements are not cheap.

We recommend you choose the best SARMs companies like CrazyBulk that offer returns and guarantees in case of mishaps and dissatisfaction. Great customer service, such as fast, free shipping, is a bonus.

FAQs Related To SARMs Supplement

How Can You Tell If SARMs Are Real?

When buying SARMs, an easy way to tell if the SARMs supplement is real is by referring to the ingredient section. Check for common ingredients like CLA that third-party lab tests and studies have shown to boost t-levels for SARMs that focus on testosterone positively. For example, fenugreek for better metabolism, beetroot, and other familiar acids. The best SARMs companies are open with their products and processes.

Also, as a supplement, it requires time to work and effort from you for bodybuilding. Any SARMs suppliers that advertise otherwise are likely fake. Still, the biggest test to know if it’s the actual thing is if it works with use. You can check other user reviews (preferred) or try it personally to decide.

What Is The Strongest SARM For Muscle Growth?

Ligan 4033, Osta 2866, and Ibuta 677 are some of the best SARMs for rapid muscle gain. They contain many amino acids and minerals that help build lean muscle mass and prevent waste. They are perfect alternatives to Lingandrol, Ostarine, and other research chemicals.

Will I Lose The Results If I Stop Taking The Supplements?

SARM supplements design is to work alongside a good diet and workouts (exercise). These additions will ensure maximum and fast gains from the supplement workings. If, after a while, you are satisfied with your present state and are considering quitting it, you can.

You will also not lose the gains. However, it requires your effort. You must maintain the proper nutrition and exercise to maintain results and prevent a fallback.

To dose SARMs, it is beneficial to work out a SARMs cycle for safer results. In the same way, you may require post-cycle therapy supplements to mitigate adverse withdrawal effects.

Where Can I Buy The Highest Quality SARMs?

The highest quality SARMs tick off all the criteria, from overall quality to safety, to premium ingredients and efficacy.

The first step to getting the top quality is knowing what you want and identifying a brand that can give you that. Our leading brand is CrazyBulk which is trusted to produce only the highest quality SARMs supplements.

Secondly, select a SARM to purchase and ensure you do so from the parent site. For CrazyBulk, you can only buy from their online store, with no distributors or third-party sites. In this way, you avoid counterfeit or imitation products.

Lastly, use the given product according to dosage guidelines. The highest quality means nothing if it does not show results.

Can I Overdose On SARMs?

Yes, you can. Thus we recommend you follow dosage requirements to the utmost. Some of these, though natural, affect your body’s functions in various ways, and some even alter your hormone levels.

Taking more than is required can lead to unwanted effects. In its advantage, supplements are not liquid SARMs, so it’s easier to dose. While the dosing guidelines may differ for each, the most for the legal SARMs, max at four capsules per day. This amount has been tried and tested as what your body needs and can process with no side effects at this period. Any more will be an overdose and less an underdose.

What Is The Difference Between SARMs And SARMs Stacks?

A SARMs stack is a combo of some specific SARMs to enhance a particular benefit like cutting, bulking, etc. Therefore, it is more effective and expensive than regular sarms and harder to dose.

Wrapping Up: Where To Buy SARMs?

Of the top SARMs sellers, we chose CrazyBulk as our top pick. It is a top-rated and trusted SARMs supplier in the market today. They tick off all the critical factors, and their SARMs are good quality, safe, and effective. Whether the best sarms company is based in the United States or overseas, the whole SARMs industry follows guidelines to provide you quality products.

They have an extensive range of types you can choose from, and each sells in quick-dose capsules. Additionally, the customer service is excellent. The company ships internationally at no shipping costs and offers a money-back guarantee.

An excellent choice!

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