Best Stock Research Websites : Top 3 Stock Analysis Website In 2022

Best Stock Research Websites : Top 3 Stock Analysis Website In 2022

Experienced investors know just how vital stock market research is, and due to their experience, they know how to conduct it independently. However, new investors and those that want to dip their toes in stock trading will understandably have a more difficult time navigating the stock market. This is where stock market research websites come in.

There are also best stock advisors for picking best stock services. They are an excellent source for gaining the necessary knowledge one needs regarding investment funds. With the help of a research website, you will be able to find out what stocks are worth investing in. You will learn how to conduct your own research analysis and make money from your stocks.

In order to help you find the best stock research websites, we conducted thorough research to discover which are the most reliable. You can read all of our findings in this article.

Our Top Picks For The Top Stock Research Websites

  1. Mindful Trader : Overall Best Websites For Stock Research
  2. WallStreetZen : Top Rated Stock Analysis Website
  3. Morningstar : Foremost Platform For Stock Market Investing

#1. Mindful Trader : Overall Best Websites For Stock Research


The Mindful Trader website is a stock research and picking service that helps people who are interested in trading stocks to make informed decisions about their investments. The website was created in 2020 by Stanford University graduate Eric Ferguson. He runs and operates the service based on his twenty years of statistical research about finding trading strategies with a high chance of turning a profit.

Eric made the website as he recognized its need when he could not find another such service. Another reason was the chaotic state of the stock market, which can make it confusing for people to navigate successfully. On the Mindful Trader website, Eric posts opinions, stock picks, and future picks that are clear and easy to follow for his subscribers.

If you subscribe to Mindful Trader, you will access the creator’s watch list, which he posts daily. You will be able to learn his trading strategies. And by using Eric’s techniques, you will know how to make swing trades with a back-tested statistical edge without any prior trading experience.

To sign up on the website, all you need is a trading account and some money that you can invest. If you are not happy with the service you receive, you can cancel your subscription at any time, as it is billed monthly.


  • How Does the Mindful Trader Work?

Every data-driven trade lasts three to seven days on average. Although Eric’s swing trades are the main attraction for many, it’s also an excellent location to discover suggestions and information on options and futures. The program’s goal is to send out trade alerts to users, allowing them to participate in the same deal as Eric Ferguson.

Every trade alert is sent through SMS and email and contains the particular ticker he purchased, the price he paid, and the profit goal and stop-loss levels he determined. For a chance to make profitable swing trades, traders only need to buy and hold a few stocks per week. Another thing assuring subscribers of his services is the fact that Eric invests in all of the stocks that he sends out trade alerts for.

  • Trade Alerts

One of the main features of the Mindful Trader’s website is the trade alerts it sends out to its subscribers. With the trade alerts, you will be able to make fast and informed trading decisions that will help you build your investment portfolio and not to mention profit. Trade alerts are sent out to subscribers one to three times every day, often between 6.30 AM and 3 PM Pacific time.

Not many stock research services send out so many trade alerts, especially daily, so many people turn to it even though it is a relatively new service. You will receive your trade alerts via your phone or email, and they will consist of the ticker name, the price the creator paid, and the profit exit and stop loss.

Furthermore, the service will recommend closing out a trade if it does not reach its target price, so your investments will be protected. Ensure that you follow Eric’s lead, and your investment may turn a profit.

  • Direct Contact And Backtesting

Eric Ferguson not only puts his heart and soul into every trade alert he sends out to his followers, but he also invites contact. Anyone who joins Mindful Trader gets Ferguson’s email address. The creator enjoys interacting with both novice and expert traders and provides prompt email responses.

Eric Ferguson’s Mindful Trader program techniques are based on rigorous backtesting. The service’s backtesting covers two decades, giving customers access to a large amount of data. Few people in the business are ready to make such a commitment to having their stock market predictions thoroughly tested. Ferguson went to considerable pains to obtain and test this evidence, and it was not simple.

The option, stock, and futures picks are all carefully researched and based on trends and patterns Eric in stock market prices. Eric even wrote a code that tells when trade entries and exits are made.

  • Mindful Trader Cost

The subscription to Mindful Trader is billed monthly at $47. Mindful Trader’s expected returns are also in the middle of those other services. Therefore, the fee looks reasonable. Plus, Eric put $200,000 of his capital into building the business, so you’re getting a great price.

There is only one monthly plan available right now. You are not giving Mindful Trader access to your money or stock portfolio by signing up for an account. You only need your email address and no other critical information to make an account.

Mindful Trader’s main focus is data and giving swing trading alerts that you may replicate through your usual broker. Mindful Trader is entirely safe to use because it does not allow access to your portfolio. After your initial month, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want

  • Mindful Trader’s Educational Resources

Mindful Trader does not stop its help at trade alerts. It also provides subscribers with plenty of helpful educational resources and materials to help them better understand and make the most of their trades. You will have access to videos explaining swing trading, options trading, and futures trading. The educational materials are not only for new traders. Even those more experienced can use them to refresh their knowledge.

Furthermore, Eric also runs a blog named ‘Wealthy Heart Blog’, where he teaches his subscribers about the importance of mindfulness when researching economics. The blog’s tagline reads “emotions around money,” which is a great way to describe it, as Eric dedicates much of his time to providing calming strategies that help ease the minds of those feeling nervous about trading.


  • Reasonably priced stock research website
  • Excellent choice for beginner traders
  • Transparent and reliable website
  • A data-driven approach to stock trading
  • Receive trade alerts up to three times a day
  • Excellent educational materials
  • Easy to navigate website
  • It may have a high success rate


  • Does not offer alerts for penny stocks
  • Pretty new website
  • You can only cancel the subscription after one month passes

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mindful Trader

#2. WallStreetZen  : Top Rated Stock Analysis Website


WallStreetZen is another excellent choice for a stock research analysis aimed at beginners in stock trading and those that are only part-time investors. WallStreetZen is a stock research platform that focuses on simplicity. Complicated stock screeners and charts are fantastic for folks who know what they are looking at, but candlestick charts and advanced analytics are intimidating for many regular investors.

WallStreetZen comprises a team of engineers, passionate product people, and designers who want to provide beginners and independent investors with a better way of analyzing and researching stocks.

Professional traders make many other stock research websites for other professional traders to use, which can be difficult for beginners to understand. By using WallStreetZen, you will not only be shown data that you need to interpret yourself. The service will help you to interpret all the data shown to you.

Anyone can add a company that they want to research into WallStreetZen. The website will direct you to a page with basic information on the company, such as its stock price, capitalization, revenues, and price-to-earnings ratio. The easy-to-understand analysis is where WallStreetZen shines.


  • Zen Score

The Zen Score feature from WallStreetZen makes use of five categories according to which they rate stocks to help their clients find good investments. The five categories based on which the algorithm scores stocks are growth, valuation, financial strength, past performance, and dividends.

In each category, the stocks get points based on if they pass or fail the most often used key tests by fundamental investors. The tests in these categories measure whether a firm can manage to pay off its debts, if its profits are increasing every year and whether its price is above or below the company’s intrinsic value.

Every stock will get an overall Zen Score and a score assigned for each of the five categories. You will also be able to see the average industry score alongside the Zen Score.

  • Stock Screener

To look for investment prospects, you can use their free stock screener. These searches are customized to your particular filters, providing only your required information. Stock screeners are sometimes known as stock scanners or share screeners. They’re a group of stocks that let you select filters to browse stock lists that match your criteria.

The free stock screener tool from WallStreetZen narrows down all current stocks. These are calculated using specific variables such as revenues, market cap, profits, sales, operating profit, profit margins, and key financial ratios. Price-to-earnings ratios and many other metrics are included in this category.

On the other hand, qualitative elements are not something you can easily filter in stock screeners. The quality of its products, long-term business plans, disruptive technology, and other factors are among them. To achieve these, you should study these as part of your general stock research approach. The screener on WallStreetZen is straightforward to navigate and comprehend.

  • Intuitive Visualizations For Key Context

WallStreetZen emphasizes providing its clients with an excellent user experience, which shows that the stock research website understands the importance of sleek visual representation. It uses intrinsic data visualization alongside automated stock analysis to help its subscribers better understand the fundamentals of stock trading. You do not need prior experience in finance or be a trading expert to understand them.

WallStreetZen will provide you with instant snapshots of industry benchmarks and historical trends that you are seeking. And best of all, you will not need to spend hours of your day looking through tables.

  • Analyst Forecast

WallStreetZen’s ability to provide manageable and comprehensible analysis is the website’s shining spot. Besides offering a Zen Score for every stock, the stock research website enables its subscribers to make easier and faster decisions about purchasing or selling stocks by offering analyst price targets.

Despite the info being publicly available, the stock research website offers a few things that make them stand out amongst the other research websites. The client will be able to see every individual analyst’s target and find out why they have decided to upgrade or recently downgrade a specific stock while being able to filter analysts based on their ratings.

Furthermore, the website backtests each analyst’s historical performance, allowing them to single out their top performers. WallStreetZen offers its premium subscribers to see forecasts according to the price targets provided by the analysts. This will enable the analysts to have a more rounded estimate of the stock state in one year.

  • Stock Overview And Stock Ideas

By signing up on WallStreetZen, you will access a treasure trove of information regarding stocks. You will be able to track a stock’s price-to-earnings ratio, fair value, and price-to-book ratio over time. WallStreetZen also enables you to easily compare a company’s revenue and earnings growth against its competitors.

The website also provides business-specific data, making a significant difference when evaluating its future prospects. This kind of data is challenging to come by, especially on a stock research website.

Another thing the service offers is its stock ideas. Many of them are based on basic screens, such as lists of stocks with low P/E ratios or high earnings growth. But there are also lists only for premium subscribers with detailed analyses of why the analysts are recommending the specific stock.


  • A reliable stock research website
  • Free and premium versions are available
  • User-friendly website design
  • Price targets from the best analysts
  • Intuitive visualizations
  • Backtesting for every analyst
  • Free stock screener
  • Reasonably priced premium membership


  • No option to save custom stock screens
  • There is no mobile app
  • It may be a bit simple for professional investors

=> Click here to visit the official website of WallStreetZen

#3. Morningstar : Foremost Platform For Stock Market Investing


Morningstar is a stock, exchange-traded fund, and mutual fund rating service. It was created in 1984 and is located in Chicago, Illinois. It has established a wide range of independent studies, ratings, and tools during the past 35 years. Individual and professional investors alike trust Morningstar, which is now one of the most respected stock market analysis businesses in the United States.

It also manages around $215 billion in funds through its investment divisions. Morningstar offers trade and fund ratings and analyses. Its ratings are frequently referenced on other websites and in the financial press.

The website caters to fundamental investors. Fundamental analysis considers a company’s finances, management, industry, and growth potential. Technical analysis, on the other hand, utilizes charts to assess equities. Morningstar doesn’t have much to offer in terms of pure technical analysis.

Morningstar’s high-quality analysis will save any basic trader a lot of time. When you enter the ticker of a stock, ETF, or mutual fund, you will get immediate access to information that allows you to appraise the asset rapidly. You can then pick whether to move on to the next asset or go deeper into Morningstar’s discussion and other analysis features.


  • Portfolio Analysis

Morningstar Premium’s Portfolio X-ray service can assist you in creating a balanced portfolio by addressing this issue. Morningstar uses quarterly SEC disclosures from mutual funds to calculate your true asset allocation.

You may check how your portfolio stacks up and spot areas where you are heavily weighted with this type of analysis. With this knowledge, you may adjust your strategy and lower your investment risk while improving your profits. You will also see the sectors in which your positions are held and their geographical areas, interest rate vulnerability, valuation (expansion vs. value scale), and other information. You may see an X-Ray example here.

For example, you may own 10% of Apple (AAPL) stock but be unaware that you also own a fund that owns a considerable amount of AAPL. That means you have more than 10% of Apple in your portfolio.

  • Morningstar Fund Screener

The fund screener tool from Morningstar enables you to browse and select mutual funds by performance, sector, and rating. This makes it simple to locate and compare funds that meet your investment preferences.

Morningstar Premium allows you to filter funds by annual returns, volatility, Morningstar rating, yield, stability, and basic screening. You can also get a sense of the analyst grade ratings and utilize these to limit your options further.

Use the “Similar Funds” tool if you find a fund you’re interested in but want to see how it compares to other similar possibilities. It helps you to identify similar funds to the one you are looking at and compare them before selecting where to invest. You can use the information to compare specific equities and ETFs (ETFs). This information can assist you in making informed selections when purchasing a particular investment or constructing a well-balanced portfolio.

  • Investment Planning

Morningstar’s ‘Best Investments’ section might help people getting lost in the weeds of examining fund after fund. It gives you a starting point by selecting the finest funds for your portfolio based on the research of over 200 independent analysts.

You may look into and compare funds in several different categories, including Mutual funds, Stocks, and ETFs. Index funds are a type of mutual funds that invest in. Bond funds are types of mutual funds with a specific expiration date.

When you look at specific funds, you’ll see the fund’s analyst report, how it’s done over time, its pricing, etc. It will also provide insight into the fund managers, allowing you to obtain a behind-the-scenes peek.

If you seek a bargain, Morningstar maintains a list of five-star stocks or corporations with shares sold at less than the fair value. Using this list to examine and select a few corporations to add to your investment portfolio without sifting through SEC filings and quarterly reports can be a great time saver.

  • Costs

The Morningstar stock research website has both a free and premium version available for its clients. With the free version, you get basic stock research features. If you decide to sign up for Morningstar Premium, you will get a fourteen-day trial, during which you will be able to try out the service and its features for free.

After your free trial is over and if you decide to continue using Morningstar Premium, you should know that there are three subscription plans. You can choose a one, two, or three-year membership on the stock research website. The monthly cost is $29.95, meaning a full year will cost you $199, two $349, and three $449.

With Morningstar Premium, you will get full access to top investment packs, analyst reports, Portfolio Manager, Portfolio X-ray, the article archive, and fund screeners. However, if you decide to use only the free version of the website, you will get full access to the archive but a limited one to the fund screeners, Portfolio X-ray, and Manager.

  • Mobile App And Security

Morningstar has a mobile app that is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. It’s oddly titled Morningstar For Investors in the Apple App Store. Morningstar Portfolio Manager is the app’s name on the Google Play Store. You can get the Morningstar app for free if you have an iPhone or iPad. You will get quick access to your investment portfolio overview, but you will not get the same level of detail as on the website.

The app’s main benefit is that it allows you to analyze a stock or a fund quickly. However, you are best off logging into the website for most other needs so that you may enjoy the full capabilities. Furthermore, the Morningstar website is entirely safe to use. It takes serious security measures to protect its clients’ data. So, by signing up for Morningstar, you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands.


  • Reliable research website with 35 years of experience
  • Morningstar ratings that are regularly updated
  • Excellent fund screener tools
  • Breakdown of costs and fees of funds
  • Mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs
  • Best investment lists available
  • Morningstar Premium offers access to top-performing analysts
  • Morningstar covers more than 620,000 investments


  • Must get the Premium version to unlock all of the features
  • The yearly membership may be expensive for new investors
  • The free version has no access to top-performing analysts

=> Click here to visit the official website of MorningStar

How We Made The List Of Best Stock Research Websites? 

When we first gathered the information about the various stock research websites available online, we knew that we would need to be thorough in our research. Investment funds and stocks can be challenging to understand for new investors and those who do not know how they work. We compiled a list of the most important factors we considered when making our list of stock research websites. Some of them are listed down below.

Websites With A Good Reputation

The very first thing we wanted to make sure of was that the stock research websites we included in our list had a strong reputation among other investors. We tried to avoid services that did not provide enough information about themselves, as we figured they were most likely unreliable. After all, you are looking to make money, not lose.

We looked into how long the particular website has been present online, its working history, and whether its investment advice turned a profit for its clients. Reliable stock research websites make sure to provide their clients with timely and accurate info regarding investment funds and stocks.

Educational Materials 

Another critical factor was that the stock research websites we listed provided their subscribers with sufficient and valuable educational materials. Not everyone that is interested in investment funds is an expert. Many have difficulty understanding the various financial terms.

If a website is reputable and has its clients’ best interest at heart, it will provide them with plenty of educational resources explaining the financial terms. Also, the educational materials will help clients understand how to conduct research and analysis on a stock by themselves.

Reasonable Prices 

The platforms we have included on our list offer both a free version of their website and also several subscription plans that you can choose from. However, we wanted to ensure that the stock research websites we chose for our list do not charge exorbitant prices for their membership deals. That is why the websites you can find on our list charge reasonable prices for the quality of their services. We avoided services that came with a hefty price tag, as they were only looking to take advantage of young and inexperienced investors.

Client Reviews

And lastly, we made sure to read through client testimonials and reviews of the stock research website to see what the existing clients thought. We wanted to see if the clients had a positive experience with the websites or if they felt cheated.

We read the reviews to see if the advice of the research sites has helped them invest wisely and whether they managed to turn a profit from it. If a particular research site had too many negative reviews, we removed it from our list.

What You Need To Know When Looking For The Best Stock Research Websites 

The most important thing for those interested in trading stocks is understanding how they work. This is where stock research websites come in. However, you can not use just any website you find online. You must make sure that they are legit and have accurate info about stock trading.

Because stock research is essential to your investment performance, you will need to evaluate services objectively. If you want to make sure that the research website you choose is reliable and trustworthy, we have included below some of the most important factors to look out for.


We are beginning here because stock research apps can cost a few bucks to several hundred dollars a month. You should make sure that the cost of the service corresponds to the size of your portfolio. Do not go directly for a service requiring you to invest significant capital, especially if you are unsure how successful its stock research is.

You should also make sure that the website makes it easy for clients to cancel their subscriptions. You do not want to be stuck paying for a service that is not beneficial for you. The best research websites allow their subscribers to cancel their memberships whenever they want after one month.

Market Insight 

Trading is about a lot more than the corporations or funds you are putting your money into. Since every corporation or fund is affected by the general market or its specific industry sector, you will need a consistent and reliable understanding of what’s going on in that market.

Make sure that your chosen research website provides you with educational resources to understand better the inner workings of the stock market and investment funds. The most reliable stock research websites use researchers and analysts that understand the market and can make reliable predictions.

Investment Tools 

Regardless of your degree of investment skill, tools such as screeners and watch lists are helpful. The investment tools will assist you in keeping track of your current assets and helping you identify new ones as they arise. The stock research websites on our list provide a sufficient number of investment tools that will make it easier for you to identify stocks worth investing in.

You will be able to understand how investment funds operate without needing a prior experience in investment or a degree in economics. The investment tools will help point you in the right direction.

Daily Updates 

Ensure that the stock research website you choose provides updates regularly because knowledge is one of the most crucial elements you pay for while using any trading resource. In the investment world, news and information change fast, and you will need to know precisely what is going on with your funds as it happens.

Most of the stock research websites included on our list provide trade alerts to their clients several times a day. For example, Mindful Trader offers its subscribers trade alerts three times every day, which is not what many research sites do. You should choose a transparent service that puts its clients first.

Several Plans 

Many research sites provide free plans, which are ideal for beginning and modest investors. However, you will probably want to upgrade to a more detailed plan when your investing skills improve. This will be possible because of the service’s multiple plan levels.

This is crucial because once you have gotten used to a service, you will probably want to stick with the same company to retain consistency. And not to mention, once you build trust with one service, it may be hard to do the same with a new one. Because it takes a while to get used to and understand the way things work in a new space no matter your prior experience, the stock market will not wait for you to get acquainted with a new research website.

FAQs Related To stocks 

What Exactly Is A Stock?     

A stock is a broad term referring to any company’s ownership certificates. A share, on the other contrary, refers to a specific company’s stock document. You can become a shareholder if you own stock in a corporation.

We differentiate between two types of stocks: ordinary and preferred. The main difference is that the first type has voting rights that can be used to influence business decisions, whilst the other type does not. Preferred shareholders are legally entitled to a specific dividend payout before any dividends are paid to other shareholders.

Another type of stock is known as ‘convertible preferred stock.’ This is essentially a preferred stock with the option to convert into a predetermined number of common shares at any time after a certain date.

What Are The Risks And Benefits Of Dealing With Stocks?

Stocks provide the best long-term growth opportunities for investors. Investors who are willing to continue with stocks for a long time say 15 years, have typically seen high, positive returns. On the other hand, stock prices might go up and down.

Even if a company is not at risk of going bankrupt, its stock price might go up and down. You will lose money if you have to sell the shares on a day when the stock price is lower than the amount you paid for them. For some investors, market volatility can be unsettling. The cost of a stock can be influenced by variables within the firm, such as a faulty product or by circumstances beyond the company’s control.

Stocks are often a small part of an investor’s portfolio. If you’re young and saving for a long-term objective like retirement, stocks may be preferable to bonds. Bonds may be preferable to equities for investors approaching or in retirement. The risks of stock investments can be somewhat avoided by diversifying your portfolio. Investing in non-stock assets, such as bonds, is another approach to mitigate some of the risks associated with stock ownership.

What Are Stock Research Websites?   

These programs give you access to a wide range of information to decide how to invest your money. Everything you can imagine is included in the data, and then more. The earnings history of a firm, how it compares to peers, its historical stock price, management remarks, and much more. Both conventional and alternative data points all have the same goal in mind: to provide you with a competitive advantage in the stock market.

Stock choosing necessitates extensive research, and these sites and software might assist in making that process a little easier. When you have the right information, you can be confident that you will make the best decision possible. Also, these investing tools can assist you in determining your risk tolerance, budget, and investment goals.

Why Are Stock Research Websites Important?

You should not invest in any stocks without first conducting research. Knowing how a firm has performed in the past might help predict how it will do in the future. Although there is no sure way to correctly predict if a company’s stock price will rise, using tools supplied by investing research websites and software can assist you in making an educated guess.

Research is also significant since it can aid in the identification of trends. Is it possible that the business has a cash flow problem? Or maybe it has a significant debt load that has been steadily increasing over time? These are all warning signs that the company may be having major problems. However, you can avoid losing money by employing data-driven investing and investment research websites and tools.  

Final Word : Research Before Investing!

Knowing how to navigate the stock market is vital if you are a young investor looking to profit from investing in funds. If you are thinking of researching investment funds and stocks on your own, you may find it challenging to get info about a company past the basics. This is why you should sign up for a stock research website. 

We recommend that you use one of the services on our list, as our research has pointed us in their direction as the best stock research websites online. The services enjoy the trust of many new but also experienced traders and investors. Also, they provide their clients with a wealth of educational resources and materials. 

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