Best Stock Trading Apps In The UK Of 2022

Best Stock Trading Apps In The UK Of 2022

The world of online services is constantly growing up, giving people unimaginable options and reshaping the global economy. Now you can buy your favorite perfume just with one clique, or pay your bills without waiting in a queue.

But technology is again one step further, introducing new job places in the stock market that have migrated online. Now you don’t have to be an educated broker to bid on Wall Street; you just need a wish, little effort, and lots of luck.

Introducing the best stock trading apps UK, we have made a narrow selection, including only the best in this field. We had in mind all the aspects a beginner and a stock trading enthusiast will need, like opening a free account, stock apps with multiple educational tools, diversity of instruments that can be traded, and the highest levels of security possible.

Best Stock Trading Apps UK Brands

  1. AvaTrade: Overall Best Stock Trading Apps, Editor’s Choice
  2. Etoro: Top Stock Trading App For Beginners, Runner Up
  3. Popular Stock Apps For Buying & Selling Stocks
  4. Skilling: Best Stock App For Mobile Trading
  5. Libertex: Good Stock App For Interactive Brokers

#1. AvaTrade: Overall Best Stock Trading Apps, Editor’s Choice

AvaTrade is a forex and CFD broker application, and the company, since its founding in 2006, has been held online and privately. AvaTrade is headquartered in Dublin but has countless offices throughout Europe and Asia. Their mission is to empower people in trading and to invest, glorifying the idea of boosting the economy through single-minded moves.

This brand offers forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, and you can approach the application from many device types, like a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.


AvaTrade is a global investor looking to educate more traders on the importance of investing in forex and CFD trading. The application is suitable for new and undercapitalized investors seeking to improve their trading skills. Moreover, new accounts can be opened for a small and minimal amount of money.

What’s more interesting is each account, no matter what jurisdiction it belongs to, has protection on achieving negative balance. Ava Trade’s customers can enjoy the benefits of social and copy trading thanks to Ava Social or Zulu Trade.



Brokers do not require commission trading, which means that when the ask/bid price is crossed, that’s when the application generates income. Experienced traders can qualify for opening a professional account, where the maximum leverage can be significantly increased.

Range of offerings

At the moment, AvaTrade provides more than 1250 financial instruments, such as forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options, bonds, indices, commodities, etc. The list of forex tradings included is paired with the standard prices, costs, and conditions of this industry. For instance, UK and investors from Ireland can open spread accounts with the leverage of full investment.

Customer service

AvaTrade’s customer care service is widely famous for its availability. Customer care representatives are open, and their advice comes in handy at each time of the day, meaning 24/7. You can reach them either by phone, chat or on social media. Just formulate the question and establish contact with the agents.


  • More than 1250 financial instruments available for stock trading
  • A full number of forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD offerings
  • The accounts are negative balance protected
  • Social and copy trading is available through Ava Social and Zulu Trade
  • An impressive amount of educational tools
  • Well-organized tutorials are available for beginners
  • Great customers service


  • Not FCA approved
  • The account opening is not free

=> Click here to visit the official website of Ava Trade

#2.eToro: Top Stock Trading App For Beginners, Runner Up

eToro was a stock trading company founded in 2007 inside the UK. Since the very beginning, eToro was known as a graphic forex trading platform that has also included the most trendy trading at the moment, with cryptocurrency.

Until now, more than 17 million users have used the trading services of eToro, in more than 100 countries. Although the company is headquartered in the UK, international customers can use the company’s assets, too.


eToro allows customers to exchange contracts and stocks by making a profit. The most central part of this application is that investors and traders have the option of copy trading. You can take the same steps and moves as traders who make enormous profits by trading stocks and follow low-risk moves.

By mimicking the actions of successful traders, beginners have an open opportunity in the secrets of what successful trading should look like.



Opening an application account can be pretty easy, and done via an online connection. It might take several days until you verify the account. The application is free for UK customers, while US citizens should pay $50. You must provide bank information to link the platform account to a bank account.

Trade experience

The trading experience with eToro is pretty simple, because it is smartly constructed with the help of a user-friendly interface. You simply put the trade by clicking the “trade” button, while there are “sell” and “buy” buttons too. Users have untied hands to create watchlists that further can be customized for mobile applications.

The mobile application might include lesser analytical capabilities, but placing a trade is simple as with the desktop version.

Order types

Multiple trading options are available with eToro’s stock trading application, among which cryptocurrency and forex trading have the leading roles. No limits for UK investors are placed, but if you are a non-UK customer then some restrictions do exist.


  • Desktop and mobile applications are almost identical
  • Numerous cryptocurrencies available
  • Forex tradings available
  • Traders can use the copy trading option
  • Free application for UK customers
  • UK investors aren’t restricted from using the whole application capacity
  • User-friendly interface
  • Highest levels of encryption used for the application
  • It is easy to make an account


  • Different rules apply for UK and US citizens

=> Click here to visit the official website of eToro is a relatively new stock trading account on the market, founded back in 2017. It, so far, has been regulated by the magnates of the industry like FCA, NBRB and CySEC.

The company is headquartered in Cyprus but offers the same conditions as in its home country, all around Europe. In case you are wondering if Capital is the right broker for you, just remember that it provides fast execution and optimal spreads.


Capital offers traders unique cutting-edge tools. Moreover, the application automatically makes trading analyses, and it has competitive commission prices that surpass its counterparts. The application is enlisted among the best in the stock trading industry.

The main features that determine if the application will succeed are the minimum amount of just $20, and the depositing options which are available in 43 different currencies and stocks.


Regulation and security

Since brokers who have regulated their business can give you more security and less potential for fraud, trading with Capital will be your ultimate investment experience. Moreover, all transactions are hidden under the protective PCI Data Security Standards. The brand keeps a clean regulatory record.

Trading options has a well-balanced selection of assets that exceed the number of 205. Besides this, the application gives you the opportunity to trade some exotic currencies, like Belarusian Ruble, Mexican Peso, or Hungarian Forint. Also, with Capital, traders can inspect the importance of the excellent value of CFDs.

Unique features features great research and educational programs, like Investmate, which is available for mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Also, a webcast offers answers to different frequently asked questions. You can take the quizzes that are provided after each of the five lessons on a particular topic linked to stock trading.


  • Great selection for forex and stock tradings, including cryptocurrencies
  • The application offers a competitive commission free trading environment
  • The application provides fast trading execution and quick withdrawal
  • Deep liquidity available
  • Regulated by FCA
  • An award-winning platform for proprietary trading
  • Investment is a high-quality educational section
  • Over 205 trading instruments are available


  • For international clients, the withdrawal and depositing methods are limited

#4.Skilling: Best Stock App For Mobile Trading

Skilling is a new broker that trades stocks, forex, cryptocurrency and CFD. The platform can be approached via desktop and browser applications, but Skilling has also made a convenient and user-friendly mobile application for devices supporting Android and iOS.

The platform was founded in 2019, and its founders are bold in their statements that they trade stocks differently than Skilling’s predecessors. Since they are part of the new generation, you wouldn’t be surprised how many incredible features are waiting for newly signed investors.


Skilling is an application that was designed to be simple to use. Their in-house platform offers over seventy indicators, with options like MACD and moving average, which allows both sides on the line to have a convenient technical analysis.


Analyzing trading via history browsing

Recently, they improved the application with the ability to analyze trading patterns made in previous exchanges and trading moves compared to other portfolios. Also, improvement has been made in other traders’ features, like more customized elements, filters, quicker data access, and the ‘Explore Markets,’ which can help match the right trader with the right investor.

Range of instruments

Skilling offers a wide range of instruments with which you can trade, such as forex, CFD, cryptocurrency, indices, stocks and commodities. The application provides two types of accounts: standard and premium, both suitable for beginners or experienced traders. With both accounts, spreads and competitive leverage is offered with minor, major, and exotic forex pairs.

Educational tools

Skilling came up with Skilling Academy as their educational support for customers. Different trading topics are being presented each day, and they often are part of these sections: Technical Analysis for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level, Fundamental Analysis, and basic lessons for trading, that can ease the process of adapting to the trading scene and learning some useful tricks for further trades.


  • CySec and FSA regulated
  • You can trade without a commission
  • Multiple platforms are available
  • Excellent customer support system
  • You can use a history browsing of your trading moves
  • More than 850 CFD instruments available for trading
  • Explore Markets help you filter the matching trader
  • MACD and moving average are offered
  • Premium and Standard accounts are available


  • Limited trader research option

#5.Libertex: Good Stock App For Interactive Brokers

Libertex is one of the oldest investment and trading softwares that is still active, since 1997. The company has so far earned positive feedback from somewhere over 2.4 million clients. Besides earning customer trust, Libertex earned an award from Forex Awards.

What makes Libertex such a special trading platform is its user-friendly interface, high-quality equipment and content-rich information about the trading market.


The company provides customers with analytical tools that are proven to give high results in the process of trading. Moreover, each customer can choose what’s closest to its needs, and customize tools from the ones offered.

The platform was first designed to be a desktop application, but now it is available for mobile devices that run on iOS and Android software.


Integrated platform

Apart from having its own sacred stocks trading platform, Libertex has merged some of its services with Metatrader. In addition to the existing platform, customers can choose to use MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.

Cryptocurrency trading

One of the most used trading instruments and stocks at the moment is cryptocurrencies. The best part of trading crypto with Libertex is that they provide trading of over 50 currencies, while zero spread is being involved in this process.

Account types

You can choose between a demo account and a live trading account. The demo account is suitable for beginners since they are risk-free, and perfectly simulate the live market conditions. The live trading account has a bigger risk and is recommended for experienced users.


  • Instant registration and free stock trading apps
  • It runs great on every device
  • The application has a convenient interface for each device version
  • You can exchange traded funds more than 250 different stocks-precious metals, gas, oil, forex, cryptocurrencies
  • Tight spreads are offered
  • CFD can be traded with a 0% commission
  • You can trade CFD, crypto, forex with leverage
  • Regulated and authorized by CySec
  • You can access MT4 and MT5
  • The demo account is followed by 50,000 euros trading balance
  • Direct access to real-time trading deals


  • Lack of technical indicators such as MACD and Bollinger Bands

Beginners Guide On The Best Stock Trading Apps UK

What to look after in the best stock trading apps UK

Just avoid the thought that there is something as the ‘best stock trading app’ because if there is, it won’t be considered as best for everyone. Some investors, when referring to the best, think about educational tools or stock research charts, while others are not keen on that, but want just a convenient and user-friendly interface.

You can’t satisfy everyone’s needs, but you indeed can find that peace where you can trade your assets according to your parameters. To ease your choice, we have made a list of things you should consider when entering the stock trading market.

A commission-free application

This means you will be able to do the trading without paying extra money for the service or the intermediate in the process. You can save a lot of money with this type of application, since if the application charges for commission, you should pay that amount (which sometimes differs from trade to trade) each time you are actively trading something.

The ability to buy fractional shares of stock

This is a great start for beginners. It means you can own a percentage of the stock even though you don’t have the money to buy the whole stock. For example, if some stock is sold for $100, but you only have $20, you can negotiate with the trader/seller and buy one-fifth of the stock, which becomes the shared stock.

Cryptocurrency trading

What is a stock trading application nowadays, if it doesn’t include space for cryptocurrency trading? Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto are just currencies that shook the stock market in a matter of a few years.

Everybody is investing; some are buying, others are selling. Yes, the best application should definitely include this type of trading.

Options trading

With options trading you can exercise your skills, since these options strategies allow you–as a participant in the process–to sell and buy stocks at a certain date for a specific price. Although experts advise that with a volatile stock market, options trading is very volatile, there are some healthy strategies you can adopt with low risk, and enhance your returns as an investor.

Competitive margin rates

For small investors, margin loan rates range between 1.6%-8%, depending on the broker’s will. But the rates of the stock market are linked to federal funds rates, which lead the cost of these margin rates to vary as time passes.

So, if you have good competitive margin rates given from trader to trader, you can freely decide which offer is the best option and opportunity for you. That way, you can save and even profit a little.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds are easy to buy from the financial company responsible for their trading. However, they are not that easy to sell, like stocks and ETFs. Even so, these are a good option for traders that want to buy shares and be part of some ownership that later can bring you better earnings.

User-friendly trading platform

The interface is one of the most important things for beginners. The website and application should be easy to manage and do not require visitors to be tech-savvy experts. On the other hand, it should provide the best encryption that will promise safe trading and secure personal information.

Sophisticated trading tools

This means that the application should provide research sites, chartings, margin loans, trading simulators, etc. This way, the investor can search the market and make a thorough analysis on which investment is the best opportunity at the moment, and which one is volatile and risky and can quickly crash.

Educational tools

Especially for beginners, educational tools can be of the most significant importance. Beginners slowly learn how to enter the matrix of stock trading by simply looking and educating through multiple indicators, including data about on-balance volume, average directional index, Stochastic indicator, and many more. The trading application should include some calculators and extensions that can help the investor have a more clear vision and approach to stock trading.

Benefits of stock trading

Takes advantage of a growing economy

When the curve of the economy grows, naturally, corporate earnings grow too. So when this process occurs, an economy that is growing fast creates more jobs and higher income. More zeroes on the paycheck, consumer demand increases, and the income comes in a position of leverage. The investors also have a much more extensive understanding of the business cycle, which is made of expansion, peak, contraction and trough.

A way to stay ahead of inflation

Knowing the stock market is like knowing how to read from the palm of your hand. You know when and where the tsunami of poor investment choices will hit, and you can prepare yourself for the worse.

Keep in mind that the stock market is the source of all world economies and trends–in translation, when buying and sharing stock trades, you are helping the economy survive at the top of its game.

Easy to buy

After setting your account on an application, you can buy shares and stocks in a matter of minutes. The stock market will even assist you in buying shares of companies and mutual funds. Two ways of purchasing are available, either through a broker or online. Some online brokers have a commission-free policy.

Two ways of making money

The strategy of most investors is buying low and selling stocks high. They typically invest in companies that аre featured with fast growth and have great stocking value. This particular strategy of trading is an attractive piece of mind for both day traders and buy-and-hold investors.

The group of day traders hopes for a quick outcome, meaning they usually sell the stocks in the short term, while the buy-and-hold investors expect long-term earnings where prices of these stocks will rise over time.

Both groups are armed with self-confidence, thinking that their skills will lead them to outperform the market.

However, in the shadows of these two most common ways of making money, hides the third group. These traders purchase stocks from companies that only pay dividends. They prefer regular income of cash flow, and the companies manage to grow to a more modern rate.

Easy to sell

You can sell your stock at any time. The trick is to sell it wisely. The stock market is referred to as liquid which is an explanation for a process where you can turn the stocks quickly into cash, with low transaction costs. But to do so, you should be willing to take a risk and prepare to lose your profit.

Stock trading disadvantages


It is not easy to trade with stocks–at one moment, you might be gaining astronomical revenue, and the next, you could lose everything. No one calculates the risk involved in the process, and everyone is blinded by the idea of big and fast money.

For example, a stock crash–like the one that happened a few days ago with the cryptocurrency market–can end your dreams for good. Investors will frantically try to sell the stock if something like this happens.

With selling, you lose the initial investment. And if you don’t want to lose the initial investment, you should buy bonds.


If you are buying stocks on your own, you should research the company’s conditions and decide whether or not it will be profitable for you to buy its stocks. At first, you might not know how to read annual reports and financial statements, but later, you surely will.

Check chartings and analyses; you must constantly track the market because even the best companies can have an incidental and immediate price falling due to market correction, bear market or a market crash.

Stockholders are paid last

For example, if a company goes broke, bondholders and preferred stockholders will be paid and indemnified first. This will be only the case if a company where you share stocks declares bankruptcy. To protect yourself, from being the last one to get paid, make a well-diversified portfolio.

An emotional rollercoaster

Since the stock market is one of the most unpredictable markets in this century, to stop frustrations and other adverse emotions that might blur your vision as a successful trader, you should check the market on a regular basis, not look at the price fluctuations.

Inexperienced investors buy high because of greed and sell low out of fear.

Professional competition

Professional traders and institutional investors have more money, skills and knowledge to invest in a healthy stock deal. They also own computer systems and sophisticated tools that raise their leverage against individual traders.

This race needs constant investment–not of money, but effort to learn how to survive in the world of the stock market and make it a profitable environment for yourself.

How We Made This List For The Best Stock Trading Apps UK

Diversity of instrumental assets

It is important for an application to have as wide a selection of trading instruments as possible. Apart from having forex trading, crypto trading is considered the most popular market at the moment.

Some people like to trade material goods like gas, oil, gold, silver, and other precious metals. Stocks, fractional shares, mutual funds investments are also a broadly spread choice for many people worldwide. All five applications offer over 250 assets.

Commission-free accounts

All of the applications used for our list don’t require a minimum deposit and are free for sign-up. Some of them use low fees for different transactions and trade deals. We chose them because if we make an assumption that most beginners will read the article, they will need a strong basis, especially on the matter of what application to choose.

This way, they can try all the applications without spending real money, and choose the one that suits their preferences the best.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

For our list, it wasn’t just important that applications have wide choices when it comes to trading goods, but that they also have a wide selection of deposits and withdrawals. This means the application gives you a chance to withdraw the money from the transaction when you’ve traded your crypto for fiat currency.

Security and availability

The five applications enlisted here have high-security levels that are used by bank providers. No one can access your account or your trading moves without your knowledge and approval, and no personal data, like a number of bank accounts, will leak outside.

The applications are equally available, with the same features for desktop versions and mobile use. You can access your stock trading account from every place, and see how the stock market is moving.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Stock Trading Apps UK

What is a brokerage account?

Similar to a financial account, a brokerage account gives you the opportunity to sell, buy, and hold stocks and other investment assets. You can deposit and withdraw money the same way you do that with a financial account, with the only difference being that this cash can be used to buy ETFs, stocks, options, forex, bonds, futures, mutual funds, etc.

What is the simplest explanation for buying stock?

By buying a stock, you are investing in a company. Described in other words, you are a partial owner of the particular company, even though you might own just a tiny fraction.

How to start investing in stock?

You should invest a small amount of money and then open a brokerage account on some of the applications we have reviewed in the article. The process of opening an account is simple and similar to opening a checking account.

How much will I earn if I invest in stock?

It is not a definite rule, since some people are becoming extremely wealthy and rich while others lose a lot of money. Let’s simplify it by investing a higher money amount; it is pretty standard that the gains and losses will be more significant.

For instance, someone who has invested in Bitcoin from the beginning and bought one Bitcoin for only $100 can now sell the Bitcoin and gain $38,000.

Are there any strategies that would help me lower the investment risk?

You can try to lower your risk by diversifying. In addition, we will present a few strategies that you as an individual investor can take advantage of.

By investment type

As we said before, a well-diversified portfolio can lower the risk in your leverage. To make such a thing you need to mix bonds, stocks and commodities. That way, you ensure taking the biggest gain of highest return with the lowest possible risk.

By the size of the company

There are three types of companies you could invest in: small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap. The short-form ‘cap’ stands for capitalization. It is calculated as a product between the total stock price times the total number of shares.

It is smart to invest and own shares in different sizes of companies because they perform differently in each phase of the business cycle.

By location

Diversification can help you stay out of the vulnerable line because you don’t own just one stock. Invest in companies in different time and jurisdiction zones, like in Japan, USA, Europe.

Through mutual funds

By owning stocks in mutual funds, you own hundreds of stocks all selected by the manager of the mutual fund. To diversify even more, you could use the index funds or ETFs index.

Can I start off trading with $100?

Today, many online brokers require no minimum deposit, offer commission-free ETF trades and stock and are open about the idea of fractional shares. This gives leverage to new investors who can start with just $100. And, if you feel the need to compare, use special tools for stock comparison.

What assets can I trade with these applications?

The mobile experience from application to application depends on the broker policy; meaning, the number and options of assets vary too. Some may go for assets, including precious metals, gas, and oil, while others vouch only for cryptocurrency and forex trading.

However, the five stock trading applications have numerous options of trading assets; that’s why we’ve chosen them particularly.

Are investing applications safe?

If FDIC insurance secures bank accounts, then the SIPC insurance secures money invested in brokerage accounts, in the maximum amount of $5,00,000. In fact, $2,50,000 of the total amount can be applied to protect the cash you still haven’t invested still.

We think it is good to mention that stocks can eventually fall in value due to stock market changes and fluctuations. This type of investment loss cannot be protected with any kind of insurance, since losing is part of the investing process.

What is the difference in experience between desktop applications and mobile applications?

Rather than making multiple different application versions to suit (for instance) beginners and experienced investors, trading companies thrive to balance the experience between mobile and desktop applications. They include sharing watch lists, alerts for possible increases or decreases in stocks, and sophisticated tools like portfolio analysis, stock screeners, and depositing checks on the account.

Streaming data is the newest addition for mobile applications along witheducational resources and advanced chartings. You can carry your business and keep the investment funds in your pockets, thanks to the portability of mobile devices.

The five stock trading applications presented in this article give customers equal experience with both, mobile and desktop/browser applications.

How to use a stock trading application?

Stock trading applications are easy to manage, and you can use them to sell and buy stocks or similar investment assets. You should make a brokerage account which if often free with some free stock trading app, meaning it doesn’t require minimum deposit. Although it is considered easier to sign up from your computer for the first time, a mobile device can do the job as well.

After you have created an account, download the application on your Android or iOS device, and log in. Now you can start buying and selling, but be careful not to invest in trades that you don’t fully understand.

How to correctly choose an application?

Everyone has different experience levels and trading goals, so it is essential to make a plan of your investments and look at the stock trading background you have.

You should look out for fees, assets that are being traded, account types offered and the platform’s ease of use. And if you still have doubts about what application to choose, you can try two or three different applications before deciding which one is your favorite.

Each of the selected applications on our list has no minimum requirements so that you can open an investment account for free. You can even check the funding settings on each application before investing real money.

Who should use a brokerage account?

Without a brokerage account, you can’t buy, sell, trade or invest assets, so it is crucial to make one. If you have open debts, it is advised to close the debts before jumping into the investing rollercoaster, which could aggravate your current financial situation.

Remember that most investors buy and sell stocks with the intention of making big profits, which sometimes, unfortunately, can end up in total failure if the stocks suddenly go down in value. Make sure that you understand the investing process fully, and you have considered every option linked to potential risks and return.

Conclusion: Best Stock Trading Apps UK

A lot of options for stock trading applications are available these days. The applications we used to build the core of this article have everything that a beginner trader will have inside his mind in the form of a question.

On the other hand, you can’t satisfy each one’s needs, and some applications might be more turned towards making the platform user-friendly, while others know that minimum money requirements and free sign-up can attract more investors.

Overall, we can’t hand over the throne to just one application that stood out as the best. We have a bold opinion that each trader is looking for something specific and special for his needs and preferences.

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